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Subject: Bulletin: FDA Not Able to Establish Upper Limits on B-Vitamin Supplements; Leibovitz: Whole Concept of "Safe Upper Limits" for Vitamins is Scientifically Worthless
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 18:41:39 -0500

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IAHF List: Shocking expose below in Bill Sardi's timely article. Today the EU Parliament's supposed "Scientific Committee on Food" met as part of their ongoing effort to destroy access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range, except by prescription. In the Council for Responsible Nutrition's recent press release at, the announced that at the TABD meeting recently in Cincinnati, a decision was made between EU and US multinational corporate interests to "harmonize" all dietary supplement regulations between the EU and US. CRN refuses to discuss this press release in any detail, but from the information unearthed by Bill Sardi, and from an important Editorial by the late Brian Leibovitz, PhD, it is clearly seen that a grossly unscientific effort is currently underway to literally STEAL our high potency vitamins, and to arbitraily BLOCK our access to high potency vitamins within the therapeutic range. This is going to condemn large numbers of people world wide, including myself, to unecessary suffering and in some cases death if not stopped.

Please diseminate this information widely, especially to Senator Orrin Hatch, and to Congressman Burton who has reneged on his promise to hold a Codex Vitamin Oversight Hearing due to pressure from CRN and NNFA, which are caught in an unequivocal conflict of interest. Consumers world wide must complain bitterly to all elected officials. Americans must lay SIEGE to their Senators and Congressman's office regarding this. If you are a member of CRN, NNFA, so called "Citizens for Health" or any other controlled opposition group which is doing nothing to alert the consuming public to this immense threat, please quit, they are robbing you! Please assist IAHF in catalyzing global opposition to the Pharma Cartel's nakedly obvious efforts to destroy health freedom world wide. IAHF PO Box 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA 800-333-2553

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Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 15:07:02 EST
Subject: Bulletin: upper limits

Exclusive release to: IAHF, John Hammell

457 W. Allen #117 San Dimas, California 91773

For immediate release: 12.6.2000

Contact: Bill Sardi


While efforts are being made by the Transatlantic Business Dialogue and the Council for Responsible Nutrition to "harmonize" doses of vitamin and mineral supplements, and to establish "tolerable upper limits" for these same nutrients, a just-released US Food & Drug document reveals that current optimal limits on mega-dose B vitamins cannot be determined from available scientific data.

On November 28, the US Food & Drug Administration conditionally approved health claims for B vitamins (folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12) in the reduction of homocysteine, an undesirable amino acid in the blood circulation, as a factor in the reduction of cardiovascular disease. The health claim for B vitamins must also be accompanied by wording that includes information about low saturated-fat and low-cholesterol diets, as well as homocysteine, as part of a total program to reduce cardiovascular disease.

In the discussion, the FDA concedes that "it is well recognized that folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 can lower homocysteine, but neither the 'optimal' intakes of these vitamins relative to homocysteine lowering nor the target homocysteine levels is currently known."

FDA indicates significant reductions in homocysteine were achieved with regimens of dietary intake or supplements as follows:

FOLIC ACID: 400 mcg to 10,000 mcg (10mg)
VITAMIN B6 0 to 300 mg
VITAMIN B12: 6.5 mcg to 1000 mcg
"These data do not allow a determination of a recommended or optimal intake to achieve reduction in homocysteine because dose-response curves cannot be developed from these data." [FDA Docket No. 99P-3029, issued November 28, 2000]

Thus the establishment of "upper limits" of B vitamin supplements, as espoused by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, and in development by the Transatlantic Business Dialague, would be premature and not based upon any credible science.

Furthermore, due to genetic individuality, or variable absorption among human species, a significant percentage of the population may require these essential B vitamins in doses that exceed even the most liberal "upper limits" now proposed.


The late Brian Leibovitz, PhD former Editor of the Journal of Applied Nutrition exposed the whole concept of creating "Safe Upper Levels" for vitamins and minerals as patently absurd in an article which rakes Hathcock's methodology over the coals. Leibovitz reminds us that ANY substance, even WATER is toxic at SOME level (ingest too much and it will BURST THE STOMACH WALL and kill you!) Leibovitz derisivly wondered when the so called "National Academy of Science" was going to "create a UL for water"?

Be sure to read his scathing criticism of Hathcock's nonsensical alleged "science" in his editorial