Subject: Fuse is LIT: Save Vitamins in EU & Globally By December 6: How and WHY! IAHF Analysis of H&K Anti Vitamin "EU" Paper: Suggestions for EU Vitamin Consumers: How to Write to Your MPs and MEPs
From: John Hammell
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 04:29:22 -0400

October 21, 2000
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IAHF List, and Vitamin Consumers World Wide:

The fuse has been LIT on the Global Destruction of our access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range. This is a "Pearl Harbor" sneak attack. Can we put out the FIRE in TIME by December 6th 2000? (UKs Ralph A. Pike, Director of National Assn of Health Stores says we MUST ACT by then)

IAHF SAYS WE CAN, and VERY EASILY..... if enough people world wide pay careful attention to the information in this article, ACT on it, and pass it to others TODAY!

The article below provides all the information EU Vitamin Consumers Need to write a well informed letter to their MPs and MEPs totally OPPOSING the planned EU Vitamin Directive found at Vitamin Consumers world wide must mass forward this analysis of the Hill and Knowlton anti vitamin paper to people in the EU immediately!

Specific ideas for comments to the EU Parliament are provided at the end of this article, and time is of the essence! The horrible EU Vitamin Directive threatens to destroy health freedom world wide due to its impact at CODEX with the last chance to voice opposition coming as quickly as December 6, 2000 according to Ralph A. Pike, Director of the National Assn of Health Stores (UK)

This despicable EU Vitamin Directive threatens to force all EU nations to walk in lockstep with Germany (against vitamins) to set up a push for "consensus" against consumer access to therapeutic potency levels of vitamins and minerals at the next Codex meeting of the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use in Berlin in 2002. The EU and Codex measures threaten to impact vitamin consumers world wide through the despicable UN/WTO "process" of "HARM-onization" ("harmonization".)


For this reason, vitamin consumers world wide, especially those in the English speaking countries must alert friends and family in England, Holland and throughout the EU to pass copies of this article out at health food stores all over the EU in order to stand in solidarity with their fellow vitamin consumers world wide.

The European Commission hired PR firm Hill and Knowlton (which has done spin control for the CIA and Tobacco Industry) to write a paper titled "Study on Nutritional Health and Ethical Claims in the European Union" intended to serve as the "basis" for the EU Anti Vitamin Directive. This article is a concise analysis of the 486 page paper which can also be viewed in pdf format at

The primary purpose of the H&K paper is very clearly to advocate a rigid, pharmaceutically biased, EU wide system of requiring the "preclearance" of health claims on dietary supplements ostensibly to "protect consumers" from "misleading claims." This is clearly an effort to block vitamin manufacturers across the EU from being allowed to truthfully report to consumers the healing properties of their products, and the paper also attempts to foster harmonization between EU law, and Codex. Americans must encourage everyone in Europe to rise up in direct opposition to this EU madness by encouraging people in England, Holland and all EU nations to write to their MEPS (members of the European Parliament) INSISTING that they have a RIGHT to learn the TRUTH about the healing properties of vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements, and that they strongly oppose pharmaceutically induced efforts to SUPPRESS THE TRUTH about the healing properties of these substances.

Given that the paper is ostensibly "only" intended to influence the pending EU Vitamin Directive which the Pharma Cartel is attempting to shove down the throuts of vitamin consumers all over Europe, I find it most interesting that this paper included lengthy sections devoted to a detailed analysis of current AMERICAN and CANADIAN vitamin laws.


There can only be ONE explanation for this: the Pharmaceutical interests who funded the H&K paper via the European Commission intend for it to be applied not only towards the so called "harmonization" of vitamin laws within the EU, but ALSO towards a long range harmonization of American and Canadian laws to the Codex vitamin standard that the efforts currently unfolding within the EU are clearly intended to HEAVILY INFLUENCE!

The paper attempts to cast "doubt" on the ability of current American dietary supplement laws to protect consumers, and very subtly spins out this message against a backdrop of providing a historical overview of how American dietary supplement laws came into being. The article keeps making reference to alleged "concerns of consumer groups" about American vitamin laws (but never IDENTIFIES these alleged "consumer groups.") Clearly the paper attempts to set a stage for legislative efforts in the coming Congress to attempt to repeal or at least "modify" the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act to bring it more into conformity with what they're attempting to force upon the EU via the pending vitamin directive and via CODEX.

The overall tone of the 486 page paper can be clearly seen in the following paragraph:

"An amendment to the Misleading Advertising Directive will not resolve these trade barrier problems. In our view, these problems could essentially be resolved through an amendment of the Labelling Directive 79/112. It would be necessary to clarify the scope of its article 2 and align it with the developments taking place within Codex Alimentarius as well as national voluntary codes on health claims."

The paper includes tables which compare and contrast each EU countries current supplement regulations as they pertain to product claims, with the obvious intent being to foster so called "harmonization" to increasingly restrictive standards allegedly "favored" by supposed "consumer" organizations (which go unnamed throughout the paper.)

The section on the USA presents a solid overview of current American dietary supplement laws, how they came into being, how they're still being shaped by ongoing legal disputes--- but the tone of the section is clearly intended to subtly cast doubt on the ability of the FDA to protect American vitamin consumers from supposed "misleading" health claims, and to encourage regulatory action in order to "rectify" things by repealing or at least "modifying" DSHEA to go more in the restrictive direction of the EU Vitamin Directive and Codex.


Two Examples of the Spin Against Current US Law: (Note that they don't identify the alleged "consumer groups" making the complaints against the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994):

P. 445: "The number and strength of the administrative and judicial enforcement mechanisms available under the US system would suggest that the level of consumer protection is quite high. Indeed the FTC and FDA can bring to bear a wide and impressive range of sanctions and leverage against offending companies, and judicial remedies include cease and desist orders, consent agreements forcing the company to refrain from certain action and even court ordered compensation to affected consumers. However partly due to resource limitations, regulators tend to seek such remedies only in cases where a company has demonstrated a pattern of misconduct. Morevoer there is considerable concern that enforcement capabilities resources are inadequate to cope with the sheer number of products and claims being made for them. This concern became increasingly acute because of a recent surge in the marketing of such products on the internet, especially of dietary supplements." (p.445)

[Note: The clear tone of the US section is that there is some "need" to "keep a lid" on the proliferation of dietary supplements and the information being made available about them ostensibly to "protect consumers"....... but I keep thinking back to the infamous words of Gary Dykstra of the FDA who flat out announced that in 1992 that FDA's intention was to "insure that dietary supplements did not become a disincentive to new drug development.".....


Clearly the REAL PURPOSE of Hill and Knowlton's paper "Study on Nutritional Health and Ethical Claims in the European Union", (and the EU Vitamin Directive) is to attempt to BLOCK the making of truthful claims on dietary supplements supported by the proliferation of such scientific studies as this one from the LANCET:

"Secondary Prevention with antioxidants of cardiovascular disease in endstage renal disease (SPACE): randomized placebo controlled trial" (The Lancet. Vol. 356, October 7, 2000)

After all..... it just wouldn't be a "good thing" now if consumers stopped having heart disease by consuming unpatentable dietary supplements, now would it? I mean, it just wouldn't do now if a lot of pensioners started living way past age 65 now, would it? Any fool can see that the EU Vitamin Directive is a Genocide Agenda, and every vitamin consumer in the EU should simply ask their MEP if they wish to support GENOCIDE, or do they support the public HEALTH???



Deadly side effects of prescribed pharmaceutical drugs have become the third leading cause of death in the US after cardiovascular diseases and cancer, according to The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), April 15, 1998.

24,000 pharmaceutical drugs currently prescribed in the US and other industrialized countries are without any proven therapeutic value, according to European health insurers.

More than one hundred billion dollars in health insurance benefits and public health funds are wasted in the US each year for covering the costs of ineffective and dangerous drugs, while effective and safe natural health therapies are not reimbursed.

Worse, despite the documented health benefits of vitamins and other natural therapies, the Federal Trade Commission is organizing a witch-hunt on natural health information on behalf of the Pharma Cartel.


Isn't it high time members of the European Parliament were flooded with personal letters, email, phone calls and visits from vitamin consumers all over the EU? Isn't it high time vitamin consumers in the EU stood en masse against this pharmaceutical tyranny by exposing the truth and the veiled intent of the Hill and Knowlton paper? Isn't it time that every member of the EU Parliament realized PERSONALLY that they don't HAVE to die of heart attacks and strokes, that these and all other diseases can be safely and effectively prevented and treated using simple vitamins and minerals which currently render most pharmaceutical superfluous???

At the beginning of the 16th Century only 20% of the people in Europe knew how to read. All of this changed however due to the advent of the printing press, and despite the efforts of the ruling elite at that time to suppress literacy by attacking book publishers in an effort to try to suppress the supply of books, people simply did what had to be done, they taught each other how to read and by the end of the 16th century, 80% of the people knew how to read and the criminal efforts of the ruling elite to keep them in the dark failed miserably. As the truth keeps circling the globe regarding the healing properties of vitamins and minerals and other dietary supplements, the CIA and the ruling elite who pull their strings will NO LONGER be able to SUPPRESS consumer access to dietary supplements or to the truthful health information about them.

Please forward this article to others, especially friends in England, Holland, Sweden, and the other EU nations. Let all of us, Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, and vitamin consumers from all the nations on earth stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in the EU to ENCOURAGE THEM to rise up, united, in open REBELLION against the CIA, Hill and Knowlton, the FDA, MCA, MCC, TGA, Bgvv, UN Codex Commission, and all other bastions of alleged "AUTHORITY" who seem to "think" they "know" "whats best for us"......


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