Subject: Emergency Alert: EU Vitamin Directive Going With RDA Levels Instead of Basing it On SAFETY Unless OPPOSED To Dr.Rath c/o Dr.Niedzwiecki, Also Alert: Dr.Hoffer c/o Steven Carter: Please Coordinate With Ralph Pike in the UK IAHF Seeks Experts to Explode Hill and Knowlton Paper Which Was Basis for Dangerous EU Vitamin Directive
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 15:52:52 -0400

All Webmasters: Please post.

IAHF List: We presently have a dire emergency unfolding in the EU which could effect vitamin consumers world wide. I especially need Dr. Matthias Rath to read this message because there is nothing on his website to alert EU vitamin consumers to the need to lobby their MEPs in opposition to the horrible EU Vitamin Directive. See the mssg below from Ralph Pike, Director of the National Assn of Health Stores in the UK, and my response to it.

URGENT! IAHF seeks scientific and medical experts to assist by analyzing and rebutting the paper generated by CIA and tobacco industry spin doctors Hill and Knowlton on which the horrific EU Vitamin Directive is based. (see urls below for source documents) The EU vitamin directive must be opposed by consumers world wide no later than December 6th, and unless vehemently opposed it stands to be finalized at a Plenary Session of the EU Parliament in January. If passed it will cause all EU countries to walk in lockstep with Germany, and will set up a very dangerous situation at Codex in 2002 which could impact vitamin consumers world wide via forced harmonization to international standards. IAHF will be providing updates on this situation as it unfolds. Please forward this information widely, time is of the essence.

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Message text written by John Hammell I will slog through the Hill and Knowlton report and will try to get some friends to help too.<

Hi John,

I would suggest that you confine your efforts to the US and Canada sections - which we could really do with some input on. Ideally all countries should do their own internal analysis. Unless you are familiar with UK legislation it may be difficult to understand why the report is crap, but feel free to help if you can.

Also, have you tried contacting Rath's UK office to touch base and see if he can help spread the word on this? Seems to me the more people to help generate a protest the better, don't you think?<

Not yet - but the shit hit the fan yesterday and I think that all hands are needed. There was a meeting of the Council of Member States yesterday - all countries apart from the UK and Portugal support a change to the Food Supplements Directive to make it RDA based instead of safety based.

Even Holland, Finland and Sweden support this, and have changed their position recently. We have to arrange massive activity lobbying all MEP's to lodge protests by December 6th or Europe may very well be lost.

I just discussed the EU situation by phone with Alexandra Niedzwiecki, PhD who runs Dr. Rath's California office, and she is going to alert Dr. Rath. I am emailing Dr. Niedzwiecki at and will forward this to her so she can forward it to Dr. Rath's private email address. They have to screen email to him because otherwise he'd be overwhelmed. I will also provide her with the following urls to further assess the situation:

1. EU Website showing dangerous EU Vitamin Directive which is scheduled to be finalized in January following a plenary session of the EU Parliament unless stringently opposed (if adopted this Directive becomes law in all EU nations, threatening to make England, Holland, and Sweden as restrictive as Germany and France are now:

2.This dangerous EU Vitamin Directive was set up by a Hill and Knowlton report commissioned by the European Commission: "Study on Nutritional, Health and Ethical Claims in the European Union."

Dr.s Rath and Niedzwiecki:

In case you don't realize it, Hill and Knowlton are a very pricey PR firm which has done a lot of work for the CIA, as well as for the tobacco industry. They fabricated the story that got us into the Gulf War which was that invading Iraqui soldiers had murdered Kuwaiti babies in hospitals by pulling the plugs on their respirators leaving them to die on the cold cement floor. That NEVER happened, it was pure CIA spin! I need the help of competent experts to rebut the Hill and Knowlton spin piece because what is happening in the EU threatens to impact consumer access to dietary supplements world wide, including even here in the USA, due to the impact the EU situation could have at CODEX.

How this could impact the USA:

Unless stopped, the EU Vitamin Directive will force all 15 EU nations to walk in lockstep with Germany, and they will then come into the next Codex meeting of the CCNFSDU in Berlin in 2002 and be able to force the Cartel's agenda via consensus, making it much harder to continue holding them off. An obvious move is afoot within the EU to set the stage for the next Codex meeting in Berlin enabling the Cartel to blow past the current impasse, enabling them to once again push towards finalization of a very restrictive Codex vitamin standard.

In theory, US laws are protected from harmonization by an exemption clause within the Federal Statute that implements GATT, but the reality is that this exemption clause is nothing more than a "paper tiger". This is illustrated by a paper titled "Dispute Settlement" written by attorney Jeanne Grimmett of the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress. In her paper she discusses the 7 instances where the USA has lost trade disputes, and she emphasizes that in all cases our laws were indirectly forced to be harmonized due to the threat of trade sanctions being imposed on us if they weren't. Even state and local laws have been forced to be harmonized. This explodes any contention that the exemption clause actually affords us any real protection, and it is due to these reasons that Congressman Ron Paul has introduced the American Sovereignty Restoration Act which would remove the USA entirely from the WTO and UN so as to stop any further erosion of our sovereignty. Paul's Bill has 18 cosponsors, a fairly large number given how controversial his bill is. They wouldn't have signed on if they didn't have good reasons to, and they DO and this situation will only cause his bill to have even MORE cosponsors, especially as I intend to alert them.

What we must do is have a team of qualified people world wide take the time to RAPIDLY read and dissect the Hill and Knowlton report at in order to write a very solid scientific REBUTTAL to it.

IAHF will attempt to get such people as Ron Law from New Zealand involved, as well as others such as Dr. Rick Malter, as they are a couple of people with sufficient writing skills and scientific background who could really help a lot in this regard. I will also call it to the attention of Dr. Abram Hoffer, Editor of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. I just called his editorial office in Toronto in an effort to call it to the attention of Steven Carter, his managing editor. I will forward this email to them at