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What do John Hathcock, PhD of the Counsel for Responsible Nutrition, Henry I. Miller, MD of Stanford University, Todd Cooperman,MD, and William R. Obermayer, Ph.D. of Consumerlab all have in COMMON?????

ANSWER: They all RECENTLY left FDA, and are EACH playing SIGNIFICANT roles CLEARLY INTENDED to help pharmaceutical interests get complete control of the dietary supplement industry, not only in the USA, but world wide.


ANSWER: We'll never know for sure if any of them "left" FDA with the INTENTION of serving in that capacity, but they might as WELL be plants based the fact that they came from the FDA and based on their ACTIONS which deserve very close scrutiny as DSHEA and the supplement industry world wide comes under attack, (especially in the EU and Canada) and it appears that it will come under VERY heavy fire in the coming Congress judging from these people actions as well as from a slew of negative press articles attacking the supplement industry in the past year. From what I can see, we're being methodically set up, in part through the actions of these 4 people (and no doubt others that we haven't discovered yet performing similar "roles",

HERE IS HOW WE'RE BEING SET UP: See (1)(2)(3) Below and conclusion...

FIRST: Read the outrageous article "Death By Dietary Supplements" published in "Policy Review" (an inside the beltway magazine published by the Heritage Foundation which influences members of Congress) by Henry I. Miller, MD formerly of FDA and now of Stanford University, (but his former affiliation with the FDA is conspicuously missing from the article so no one reading it would realize this unless someone told them.) "DEATH BY DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS" By Henry I. Miller, MD (formerly with FDA)

You will see that this outrageous article is intended to cast very serious doubt on the safety and efficacy of dietary supplements, strongly recommending various possible "solutions" to the alleged "problem". This article is intended to be read by policy wonks all over DC and to aid in a calculated campaign thats undoubtedly being VERY CAREFULLY planned to introduce legislation intended to repeal DSHEA. (God help us if the Democrats should regain control of the House, which would put John Dingle and Henry Waxman back in control of the committee and subcommittee that all health legislation goes through, because they have vowed to make repealing DSHEA their "Number One Priority" if they regain power. Dingle and Waxman were the supplement industries worst enemies back when the Democrats last controlled the House.

Note that in his article, Dr. Miller mentions an entity which sprang out of nowhere, with no way of knowing how it got its start up money, called "CONSUMER LAB"

SECOND: Check out (so called) "Consumer Lab" at (STARTED BY 2 Former FDA Scientists!!) (Should Change Name to "FDA-ALLY-LAB"

This brand new business has received MASSIVE media coverage due to its negative statements about the quality control in the supplement industry, while NNFA has received comparitively little coverage for its TruLabel Quality Control initiative through which it is encouraging member companies to focus more on quality control. It sure comes as no surprise to me to learn that Todd Cooperman, MD (Consumerlab President) and William R. Obermayer, PhD (VP) each previously worked at FDA. When I called them today I spoke with their PR spokeswoman, Lisa Sabin. I expressed surprise that they call themselves "Consumerlab" when they charge $900. for each of their technical reports about dietary supplement products that they analyse and find lacking. I told her I couldn't afford to spend that kind of money to see what their conclusions were about specific products. Her response was that I should only buy the products that they have favorably reviewed on their website. So I asked her if she thought the supplement industry should be forced to full HACCP GMP regulations (pharmaceutical good manufacturing practise regs) and she said "yes."

I informed her that if this were to occur, many very good vitamin companys currently engaging in superb quality control would be forced out of business by gross regulatory overkill. Her response was that to state that so many of the products they'd tested showed grossly sub standard quality control that she just could not agree. My view after examining their site is that they have not tested a wide enough range of products to be able to make such sweeping statements, and given that Cooperman and Obermayer came from the FDA, I find it very difficult to trust "Consumerlab" which I think should be named "FDA-ALLY-LAB" or "FDA-PLANT-LAB" instead. "Consumerlab" has issued numerous negative press releases all of which attack the supplement industry and are clearly intended to foster attacks on DSHEA.

THIRD: Check out Counsel for Responsible Nutrition (Note the huge number of pharmaceutical members

John Hathcock, PhD CRN's Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs formerly worked at the FDA alongside Dr. Beth Yetley. I recall Hathcock from when he used to work at FDA because he spoke at a press conference at the Beyond Deficiency Vitamin Conference in 1991 at which there were eminent scientists from all over the world extolling the virtues of dietary supplements, citing study after study, irrefutable scientific evidence attesting to the safety and efficacy of numerous dietary supplements, including folic acid in the prevention of neural tube defects which cause babies to be born with crippling defornities such as spina bifida, which condemns them to lives of ill health, sometimes so paralyzed they can't even move their hands or arms or even speak. I heard Hathcock condemn all of these scientific studies and say to the news media that "None of them were honored by the FDA, and the FDA would allow no claims based on ANYTHING that had been said at the conference." I felt nauseus upon hearing this, and when Hathcock left the building, I followed him onto the Metro train, but when I sat next to him and attempted to question him, he got up and moved to another seat, refusing to answer any questions.

Then- in '98, all of a sudden Hathcock reappears in front of me once more, this time on staff at CRN, at a meeting of the US Codex Delegation the day before the Codex meeting in Berlin began, and he JUMPED quite VIGOROUSLY to the defense of Dr. Beth Yetley of the FDA when I was sharply CRITICAL of the fact that Yetley was IGNORING a letter from 5 members of Congress (see it under letters from congress at which told her NOT to put the grossly unscientific, pharmaceutically funded paper generated by the National Academy of Sciences titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Safe Upper Levels for Nutrients" on the table at CODEX. (See this outrageous paper, which calls the deadly toxin fluoride an "essential nutrient" and which calls for a "35 mg UL" on Niacin (because niacin causes some very sensitive people to experience flushing at low doses, and NAS considers that to be an "adverse drug side effect" when A) Niacin is a food, not a "drug" and B) The flushing is not the least bit "dangerous", all it means is that the niacin is working, that its improving circulation by causing capillaries on the surface of the skin to dilate which causes a mildly irritating burning sensation that is no means "dangerous" I've taken megadoses of niacin for 20 years, and I'll be DAMNED if I'm ever going to get a Dr.s prescription for my high dose niacin! A complete discussion of the fraudulence of the NAS paper can be found on the IAHF website in a paper written by Dr. Rick Malter which was published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Second Quarter, 2000 Vol.15, Number 2. Additionally, additional criticism of Hathcock's unscientific methodology, (which NAS used) to develop the paper can be found in an editorial by Brian Leibovitz, PhD, Editor of the Journal of Optimal Nutrition titled "The ABC's of Confusion as a Weapon" also see and hear Liebovitz in a radio interview denouncing the FDA's annonymous adverse reaction Medwatch "Reporting System" (The only way FDA can "proove" that vitamins are "dangerous") at

Hathcock's involvement in developing the methodology which NAS has intentionally misapplied in order to create a pharmaceutically funded utterly biased "safety standard" for vitamins, constitutes an effort to set up the dietary supplement industry to lose in a trade dispute before the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body. The paper defines the safety of vitamins (in a very biased, unscientific way) and the only legal basis by which a country can not agree to harmonize its laws to the emerging highly restrictive Codex vitamin standard is on a basis of safety.

FDA has argued that IAHF's contention that Codex could impact US dietary supplement laws is "false" and as "evidence" they site the Federal Statute which implements the GATT Trade Agreement, which contains an exemption clause which in THEORY on PAPER "protects" our domestic laws from harmonization to international standards. The big LIE which FDA/CRN/NNFA/ and so called "Citizens for Health" are promulgating is that whats happening at Codex "can't" impact our US dietary supplement laws, but this is proven FALSE by an article by Jeanne Grimmett of the Congressional Research Service titled "Dispute Settlement" which documents the 7 Trade Disputes the USA has lost and the fact that in each case, our domestic laws were indirectly forced to be changed under threat of trade sanctions by the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body.

My efforts to get Congressional Oversight Hearings on the Codex vitamin issue have been blocked by the pharmaceutically dominated CRN, and NNFA which have told Congressman Burton simply that "oversight hearings on the Codex vitamin issue aren't necessary". (Despite my efforts to point out the gross conflict of interest situation inside both CRN and NNFA, Burton has STILL not held oversight hearings and the American people must rise up and DEMAND them by calling his office at 202-225-2276 Warning, Burton has an aide named Beth Clay, who shows all the earmarks of a plant. She has IGNORED all evidence brought before her as to what is really going on here.

For this and similar reasons, Congressman Ron Paul has introduced the American Sovereignty Restoration Act HR 1146 which would get us completely out of the UN and out of the WTO, and this is the ONLY thing that would truly protect our dietary supplement laws from the outrageous orchestrated scam currently unfolding at CODEX.

Conclusion: We are being SET UP like bowling pins, and unless a lot more people WAKE UP and assist IAHF in bringout out the truth, your health freedom will be destroyed. Currently IAHF is sending copies of "Let Truth Be the Bias" (copyright APMA) the award winning documentary produced by Kevin Miller over to several European Health Freedom Fighters, to encourage them in their battle against the horrible EU regs (see because if they pass next year, all EU countries, including England, Holland and Sweden which have at least some health freedom now, will all be forced into a regulatory situation as bad as Germany's is. (For collaboration on my assessment see the website of the British health freedom group Society for the Promotion of Nutritional Therapy at entering "EU Vitamin Directive" in their search engine brings you to which explains just how dangerous the situation is in Europe right now.

This is VERY dangerous to Americans, because at the next Codex meeting of the CCNFSDU in Berlin in 2002, all 15 EU countries, plus the EU itself, will be coming out in a BLOCK in favor of finalizing a VERY RESTRICTIVE Codex vitamin standard, originally proposed by Germany. Dr. Matthias Rath held a huge demonstration against the Codex meeting in Berlin in June, and I was there. See the videotape and photos from this demonstration at It would be great if Rath's optimistic conclusions about what happened at the meeting were accurate, but they were not, and he was grossly premature in declaring "victory". The Pharma Cartel and Codex aren't "DEAD" unless vitamin consumers world wide rise up in open rebellion, and get behind IAHF's campaign to bring out the truth.

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