Subject: Codex Vitamin Issue- Help For Your College Paper from IAHF & Vitamin Consumers World Wide
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 11:57:05 -0400
CC: Debbie Anderson, Anthony Rees,
Stuart Thompson, GAIA Research cc,
Matthew Pinkerton,
Josef Hasslberger, Tara,
Ron J Birckhead, Sato Liu
Boris Dragin

IAHF Webmaster: Put this under breaking news, and under Codex Oversight

IAHF List: Some of you may wish to assist me in providing information to this college student from Sam Houston University to assist him with his paper on Codex. (See my response to his or her questions below, and I urge you to join me in providing input.)

Perhaps he or she will share a copy of the completed paper with us for inclusion on the IAHF website, and perhaps more college students will also generate papers on this important issue. Perhaps more of you will write articles about it for your local newspapers and also alert their editors. Perhaps more of you will join me in keeping this issue before the public by doing public speaking on radio and TV programs as well as before groups and to your elected officials. We need to be locating spokespeople- high profile celebrities, athletes, movie stars and others to help us in our efforts. It will take a team effort to win this battle- no single person or group can win this one alone.

There is a lot of information here that may not only be useful to the student who queried me, but to others on the IAHF list. I especially encourage some of our foreign allies outside the USA: Debbie, Anthony, Stuart, Matthew, Josef, Satu, Tara, Ron, and Boris to consider providing input and that you please cc me with it when you do for the sake of greater cohesiveness. There is a need for tighter collaboration amongst all role players in this movement. Thanking you in advance for your assistance. I encourage everyone on the IAHF list to visit the websites of the health freedom organizations listed below, as we are all working together and sharing information (or should be.)There has been a gross and disgusting lack of unity as well as infighting and downright laziness within this health movement, I'm fed up with it, and things are going to have to change or we will not succeed in stopping the Pharma Cartel's crooked agenda. Action Talks, and theres no time like the present to get busy! The EU is threatening to come out with very restrictive vitamin standards next year, and at the next CCNFSDU meeting they'll be in sync with each other: 15 nations plus the EU itself, along with countries allied with them voting as a block against health freedom..... unless we ALL get BUSY and JOIN FORCES! Please forward this mssg to others. Anyone can be on the IAHF list via

At 07:49 PM 9/26/00 -0400, you wrote:
I am doing a research project on Codex Alimentarius and I am specifically looking for information of who supports the organization and who disagrees with the organization. Can you help? Do you know where I might find this information? The topic is so braod I am finding or seeing everything but this info.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.

Sincerely, a student at Sam Houston State University

Dear Sam Houston Student and people on the IAHF email distribution list: (Anyone can be on this distribution list via or by sending email to

The Codex Alimentarius Commission has a website which presumably you have
already visited. As you can see, there are a huge number of different Codex Committees, each deliberating on creating international standards for a host of different food items. My suggestion to you is that you narrow the scope of your paper to focus strictly on the Codex Vitamin Issue discussed herein.

The reason I suggest this is that it would not be possible for you to generate a paper covering the very broad topic you have selected unless you had far more time than I'm assuming you do in order to do your research. Also, the vitamin issue is big in the USA because in 1994, legislation was passed here to protect consumer access to vitamins and Codex threatens to undermine that legislation which was the Proxmire Vitamin Act of 1976 and the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. (Bear in mind that in '94 when DSHEA was passed, Congress received more letters from the American people than they have on any issue in the history of the US Congress. Also bear in mind that not even the sponsor of DSHEA, Senator Hatch, grasps the threat posed by Codex to undermine his legislation, due to the complexity of the issue.)

At Codex I have only been closely following the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use (CCNFSDU), and my specific interest regarding this committee is primarily limited to their deliberations on vitamins and minerals. Recent research breakthroughs in the field of nutrition involving dietary supplements render the vast majority of pharmaceutical drugs superfluous, and for this reason the Pharma Cartel seeks to suppress consumer access to vitamins world wide because they cut into the sales of patented prescription drugs. Dr. Rath explains this quite well on his website at Dr. Rath holds a US patent on a nutritional protocol for the successful treatment and prevention of the world's number one killer disease, cardiovascular disease, and this information is being massively suppressed by the drug companies who stand to lose a huge amount of money unless they can suppress the use of vitamins. (The sale of heart drugs is the largest sector of pharmaceutical profits and Rath's discoveries massively threaten this, hence the effort to suppress his information along with access to vitamins, which is why Rath has been so active in protesting against the Codex vitamin meetings.)The report from the most recent meeting of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use can be found at (Scroll down to it, its in PDF file format.)

Regarding that specific Codex issue, IAHF strongly opposes the German proposal pending before this committee to create a highly restrictive international standard governing vitamins and minerals, because it would pose a huge threat to the public health of people world wide by denying access to therapeutic doses of vitamins and minerals, as well as to any dietary supplement that doesn't have an RDA (all herbs, amino acids, coenzyme Q10, bioflavanoids, probiotics, and many other substances don't have RDAs), except by prescription. IAHF also opposes the American proposal on the vitamins issue as you can see by studying the information in the footer that follows this message, as well as from our website at

This regulatory proposal is actively being opposed by consumers from all over the world, but the UN Codex Commission ignores the views of consumers, who have no voice in the proceedings, which is why there have been massive street demonstrations against them. See,,,, for more information. Also see the footer following this message for current specific information on the Codex vitamin issue. You should be aware that this is a sovereignty issue. The Codex vitamin issue threatens to undermine American dietary supplement laws that protect consumer access to these substances in this country, (as well as undermine consumer access abroad.) This is explained more fully in the footer below. IAHF supports the American Sovereignty Restoration Act due in part to the Codex vitamin threat.

IAHF does not trust the UN, having attended 2 UN Codex meetings in Germany, and having been banned from a third due to efforts as a whistleblower to expose the Codex vitamin scam. The UN, along with the WTO are totally controlled by the ruling elite who don't have our best interests at heart, they're only concerned with profits. We have no voice and no vote inside these grossly undemocratic meetings, which make a mockery of our whole system of representative government. This is why we had the huge street demonstrations in Seattle last year, and in DC this year. I was there, and was also in the demonstration against Codex in Berlin Germany in June. See the photos and videotape from the Berlin demonstration on Dr.Rath's site at The three people listed after the cc also have insight into the Codex vitamin issue, all four are health freedom fighters, the first, Debbie Anderson is in Canada; the other two, Anthony Rees and Stuart Thompson are in South Africa, Matthew Pinkerton is in Chile Josef Hasslberger is in Italy, Sato Liu is in England, Tara is in Denmark, Ron is in Norway, Boris is in Sweden. Vitamin consumers all over the world have joined forces through IAHF to fight this menace, and that in and of itself might make an interesting story. Thank you for your interest in the Codex vitamin issue. It really is important that more people join our efforts to awaken others. Most Americans are asleep on this issue due to corruption within the dietary suppelement industry as pharmaceutical interests buy their way in, and dominate the vitamin trade associations, keeping the rank and file membership in the dark as to what is going on. Most health food store owners have no clue as to what is happening at Codex on the vitamin issue and we need people's help to wake them up.

Perhaps you can help us. Do you use dietary supplements? If not, you might want to check out and particularly examine the information there about the cognitive enhancing aspects of such supplements as Ginkgo Biloba, DMAE, Vinpocetine, and others. If you want to fine tune your brain for doing really well in school, all I can say is check it out!! If you call the Life Extension Foundation at 800-841-LIFE and tell them I sent you, they'll be glad to send you a free copy of Life Extension Magazine, and you can request a back issue that has a good article about cognitive enhancement. Would be good information for any student to be aware of. You might also tell your friends there at Sam Houston about this, and tell them to use my name if they join LEF or buy any products from them. I'd especially recommend supplementing with antioxidants if you do any appreciable amount of drinking or smoking, since both will deplete you nutritionally. Also, stress puts added demands on people nutritionally, and theres plenty of it at any college, especially if you live in a dorm where people do crazy stuff that messes with your sleep. Guard against the colds and flus that often sweep through college dorms by megadosing on vitamin C and by taking extra B vitamins. To really get a good sleep try using melatonin. LEF sells it, and so do most health food stores. If you have questions about any particular brands, please let me know.

Hope this helps.
John Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom