Subject: Health Freedom Anti Codex Radio & TV: Bush Telegraph Now on the Web To DEMAND That All Action on Codex Vitamin Issue CEASE COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY!!!
From: John Hammell
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 19:21:49 -0400

All Webmasters: Link to the url below and list this announcement!

Everyone: Please forward widely. Anyone can be on the IAHF list just by emailing me with the word "add" in the subject line. We are a decentralized global grass roots vitamin/herb consumer network of the royally pissed off, and our ranks are growing daily! ;->

IAHF LIST: This just in from Dr.Anthony Rees, host of a new web based health freedom radio/TV station: BUSH TELEGRAPH

I'll be taping a news broadcast with him tomorrow for everyone to listen to about the Codex International Battle for health freedom, and theres already an interview with Suzanne Harris on Codex on his site now. You can download Real Player for free at the url below. Please join us in making this new station a success! Some of you may recall the web radio that Rees ran when he was in South Africa, well this new one from Canada will be even better as he's better equipped now with all the gear needed to upload video programs of our creation to the web along with the audio. Soon we'll have some clips for you from the Codex meeting in DC that I just filmed, so we've bypassed all the stinkin' mainstream pharmaceutically owned networks and their gummint' stooges, and the FDA and their International counterparts better yield to our demands now, because we're not takin' any damn prisoners!

I am forwarding this to FDA and HPB officials just so they realize we're not messin' around.Kindly forward it to the MCC turkeys in S.Africa, the MCA turkeys in England, and any other elements of coersion in your own countries. When we tell them we want all deliberations on the CODEX VITAMIN ISSUE to CEASE COMPLETELY, we really MEAN IT, and we intend to videotape their criminal actions and put them on the web for the bloody damn WORLD to see.They can buy off Judges and the mainstream press, but we're not for sale and we will NOT be censored!

They can RUN, but they can't HIDE because the TRUTH will find them out!Support IAHF and Bush Telegraph up in Canada like your LIFE depends on it.... because it literally DOES!!