Subject: AGENDA for CODEX MEETING COMING UP IN GERMANY: Please Give to Dr.Rath!!
From: John Hammell
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 19:10:59 -0400

All Webmasters: Please post!

Everyone: Please forward widely and check this out carefully: your life may depend on it!


I'm going to the District of Criminals tonight (Washington DC) for the preliminary Codex Vitamin meeting tomorrow between 1-5 pm at Rm 1813 FDA Office Bldg 200 C.St. If any of you live in or around DC and would like to attend it would be great to see you there! Take the Metro's Blue Line to Federal Center, walk one block towards the mall- the building is right there but the entrance is around the corner. If anyone needs to reach me in DC I'll be at, 301-588-8387.


I will have written comments prepared in advance of the NEXT preliminary Codex meeting on May 28th, but didn't have time to complete them prior to this meeting.

Upon going over the agenda for the meeting in Germany which will be from June 19-23, I discovered a lot of serious GARBAGE that we'll need to generate comments to.

Especially see: (

Agenda Item #2: Preliminary Report on Recommended Nutrient Intakes-Developed by Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Human Vitamin and Mineral Requirements FAO, Bangkok, Thailand Sept. 21-30 1998. Notice how they held this meeting in Thailand making it almost impossible for American consumers to participate (I couldn't afford the trip.) Some dangerous garbage in this paper. Will have to go over it with a fine toothed comb.

Agenda Item #5: Vitamins and Minerals, including the Discussion Paper generated by the USA,Canada,Brazil,Mexico, and the EC. The USA illegally participated in the drafting of this paper, which they had no business even PARTICIPATING in given that the PURPOSE of drafting it was to push for CONSENSUS on this Agenda Item which the USA by law should VEHEMENTLY OPPOSE, (not do ANYTHING to try to build CONSENSUS so that the agenda can advance when on this one it must immediately STOP!!! In this paper the USA continues to lend credence to the NAS Risk assessment paper which they illegally put on the table at CODEX contrary to current US law and against the direct written wishes of Congress, so FDA continues to break the law as usual in their zeal to set us up for "harmonization." In this discussion paper they discuss the possibility of creating both negative and positive lists of supplements-- when NEITHER plan is any good since EITHER ONE would limit our access!!

Agenda Item #9: Discussion paper on review of provisions for vitamins and minerals in Codex standards: vitamins and minerals for special medical purposes. Contains some serious garbage.

Agenda Item #10: Discussion Paper on the Scientific Criteria for Health Related Claims: Prepared by the USA, Germany, France, and Denmark---contains some serious GARBAGE.

If any of you would like to ASSIST me in pouring over these reports, please let me know. I just downloaded all of the agenda items and have them in a loose leaf notebook with dividers for eas of access. They create a pile of papers over 2" thick, so I've got my work cut out for me and welcome any help from anyone anywhere in the world in reviewing it for the sake of generating written comments with sufficient time for our comments to be sent to Germany to be translated to all the different languages the meeting will be held in.

Thank you for your donations to help me get to the meeting in Germany and to help me afford lodging, food, and cab fare once there.

I will participate in Dr.Rath's demonstration against the meeting as well and am emailing this to him so he can look at the Codex meeting agenda himself. I'm sure he'll be disgusted. We all owe Dr.Rath a debt of gratitude for the great job he's been doing to rally consumers in Europe against the Codex guidelines for vitamins and minerals! Two years ago when I was in Berlin for the meeting, it was uplifting to see Dr.Rath's anti Codex Billboards and hanging banners all over Berlin condemning the meeting, and he had a large demonstration as well.

We're going to have to hold an even BIGGER demonstration this year! So if you're in Europe, especially Germany, please spread the world and if you'd like to translate this into German you can do so using the software on the IAHF website at

Many thanks for assisting me in doing this work. Together, we're going to stop the Codex juggernaut. Go to Rath's website at and from there you can send a form letter to all Codex delegates opposing the vitamin proposal.

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In Your Corner,
John Hammell