Subject: Questions for Dag Poleszynski of the Norwegian Codex Delegation to the CCNFSDU
From: John Hammell
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 17:20:37 -0400

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Dear John!

I understand that people get pissed off. I have now received well over 100 e-mails, even though I am the most active anti-drug cartel nutritionist in Norway. It is a waste of time to convince me of something I have been convinced of for more than 20 years! Therefore, I would appreciate help in stopping these e-mails to me, so that I may use my time for the benefit of this worthy cause instead of having to delete mails for hours on end...

Dag Viljen Poleszynski, PhD

Dag- If you think I'm incorrect about any of the following, please respond specifying where you think I may be incorrect, because I really don't think I am about any of the following, but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Are you truly, as you say " the most active anti-drug cartel nutritionist in Norway"? In Bonn in '96 Alex Schauss made a concerted effort to try to steer me away from Ron Birckhead, of the Norwegian Health Institute as a Norwegian source, and to you instead. He was quite DESPERATE to do this, I feel because he felt that Birckhead "knew too much" and he didn't want me to be in a position to "spill the beans." I'm sure you must recall the conversation that you Alex and I had in the hall during that coffee break at that Codex meeting of the CCNFSDU in Bonn in '96?

I have a photographic memory for visual scenes and recall that conversation as if it happened yesterday, to a point that I can recall pretty much verbatim what Alex said, what you said, and what I said. Please correct me if you feel that my memory is faulty in ANY particular.

I had quit Citizens for Health a few months prior to the Bonn meeting and when I did, Alex and I had a pretty nasty confrontation on the phone after which he made a concerted effort to try to use his influence to get me fired from my job. (That effort failed.) Strike 3 on Alex came when he refused to give me the name of the guy in Norway who was running the Norwegian Chapter of Citizens for Health (Ron). I wanted the guys name and number, because I wanted to write a long article about whatever was going on in Norway so that more people world wide could be aware of it. (I'd seen a one paragraph blurb in Citizens for Health's newsletter which said (in essence) "Health Freedom is under attack in Norway- but never fear- Citizens for Health has a chapter there and we'll be providing you with updates as this situation unfolds."

Well that seemed like newsworthy information to me, so I wanted to generate a much longer article about it for Life Extension Magazine. When Alex refused to put me in touch with the guy running the Chapter, it made no sense at all to me. His "reason" was that the guy "had to keep a low profile" and that if I wrote about him he might get attacked by the Norwegian FDA. That smacked of bullshit, and I said to Alex "OK Alex, I don't have to use his real name, or even know it, just give me his phone number and let me call him and we'll leave it up to him whether or not he feels comfortable about me using his real name, after all, he is somewhat in the public eye already."

When Alex angrily kept refusing, I quit CfH, of which I had been his most active member. That was strike 3- the third time he had done something that was grossly inconsistent with the stated purpose of CfH, which was looking more and more to me like a controlled opposition group.

So... I hadn't seen Alex or talked with him in months and we end up in Bonn together on the US Codex delegation to the CCNFSDU. Last time we'd talked we'd had a shouting match and I slammed the phone down on him.

So... in Bonn... all of a sudden, Alex pretends to be "Mr.Friendly" "John!" Says he in his most put on tone of feigned friendship. "I tell ya what, buddy- you'd have no way of knowing this if I didn't explain it to you, but I'm going to do you a big favor. You really shouldn't be communicating with Ron Birckhead." (I'd gotten in touch with Ron over the internet after Alex refused to give me his name.) "You see" Alex says "Ron doesn't understand the way things are done over here in Europe, but you're very fortunate, because I'm going to introduce you to a guy on the Norwegian delegation- his name is Dag, and you're gonna like Dag, and you're gonna wanna work with him INSTEAD of with Ron." (Practically DRIPPING VENOM his anger towards Ron was so great.)

I said nothing, just took all this in, truly believing that his attack on Ron was wholly unwarranted.

Next day, at a coffee break, you came up to me and started shmoozing me like a used car salesman,telling me everything you thought I'd want to hear, and you handed me your business card, encouraging me to get in touch with you after the meeting.

Next day in the hall, Alex wanted to MAKE SURE I worked with you instead of with Birckhead, so he beckons me over "John- meet my friend Dag. Dag, meet John- Dag, John has never met Ron Birckhead in person but you have and you used to work with him, so Dag, why don't you tell John what you think of Ron."

(You then said "Well, I'm not a psychiatrist, but in my opinion, Ron is very paranoid, and none of the things he's telling you about whats going on in Norway are true, and Ron has burned his bridges with everyone all over Europe."

Alex then says "You see, John, I told you Dag understands whats going on over here in Europe, you really should listen to Dag. Ron thinks that just because he's an American, he has the right to break Norwegian law...." (If you recall- at that point I cut Alex off and told him to shut up. I told him that Ron was doing everything in his power to defend health freedom in Norway, because the so called "law" was morally wrong. I told him that Ron had spent a lot of his savings in winning the two successful lawsuits that are the only reason why Norwegians still have access to vitamin C and E POWDER, but that everything is being restricted to obscenely low potencies, and a lot of products that USED to be available, no longer are. In short- I told Alex that I consider Ron to be a morally upright individual who truly was fighting for health freedom, not someone only going through the MOTIONS.

Alex has always had his own agenda, which is to put Alex first. A company that was one of Citizens for Health's largest donors (Citizens for Health) is a member of the EAPC, the European American Phytomedicines Coalition. I have copies of all their correspondence with the FDA because its all on public file. They have been lobbying for years to get herbs regulated as "drugs" in the USA and Canada-- which herbs are NOT! (They're FOODS, not "drugs".) The EAPC's effort is quite consistent with what the UN/WHO/ESCOP/and BIOMED have also been trying to do. This move through the herbal door is a major part of the Drug Cartel's effort to make their move on this industry, and they can't succeed without double agents working from within the supplement industry, often as people pretending to defend health freedom. IAHF can document a pattern of phony health freedom groups and vitamin trade associations dominated by pharmaceutical interests operating all over the world, but the grass roots is able to see through this facade with increasing regularity.

In that meeting in the hall, Alex was DESPERATE to get me to interract with YOU instead of with Ron, and when I turned my back on him in complete disgust and started to walk away, he actually stuck his face 2 inches from my face and snarled at me "John! If You don't GET AWAY from Ron Birckhead, I am going to have to END YOUR CAREER!"

I thought that was pretty arrogant of Alex to say that to me, I really do, don't you? I also couldn't help but notice that in the long report he put out there after the Bonn meeting, there was a conspicuous absence of any discussion of the most significant thing that happened at the Bonn meeting- which was what Dr.Cheney of Canada did, and what Dr.Yetley later did. Here is the play by play: Canada had a negative or "no trade" list for herbs on the table, but due to my lobbying in Canada, the Canadian people flooded Ottawa with protests against this demanding that Canada back off from that negative list for herbs.

Before the Codex meeting in '96, I tried to call Dr.Cheney in Canada to see if she was going to back off in deference to the will of the Canadian people, but I didn't get her on the line, I got her underling, Mr.Burke. Burke is a real spin doctor. He said to me in answer to my question (in a mock serious exasperated tone) "Yes Mr Hammell, here at the HPB we are VERY concerned with the will of the Canadian people, so Mr.Hammell, when you are in Bonn, with YOUR OWN TWO EYES Mr.Hammell, you will SEE Dr.Cheney BACK OFF from the negative list for herbs! (then in the same breath) "But wouldn't you agree Mr. Hammell that many of these herbs are DANGEROUS and the public must be PROTECTED FROM THEM?" (To which I replied "Mr.Burke, I assure you that when I am in Bonn, I will see whatever Dr.Cheney does or doesn't do, and I will see whatever she says or doesn't say, and you can rest assured Mr.Burke, that whatever she says of doesn't say, and whatever she does or doesn't do, I will report back to not only the Canadian people, but to people all over the world!"

So.... what happened in Bonn...Cheney gets up, very unconvincing body language, announces perfunctorily that in deference to the will of the Canadian people, Canada was "backing away" from the negative list for herbs and that they were withdrawing the motion from the table.

So..... when I tried approaching Cheney during coffee breaks and lunches she steadfastly avoided me like the plague, and I KNEW something was up, I could FEEL IT in my BONES! Sure enough, the ol' one two shuffle came next, because at the end of the meeting she stood up AGAIN and this time she said something like this "I've been rethinking this negative list for herbs matter, and I've come to the conclusion that there really isn't sufficient time or expertise within this committee to properly address the matter, therefor I make a motion that a special panel be formed at WHO for the purpose of addressing it."

THEN- you could see the EYEBALLS of the German, Swiss, French, Italian, and Norwegian delegates, including YOURS, Dag, riveted expectantly on one Beth Yetley of the Fraud and Drudge Administration, as she, quite blithely, with ZERO consultation with ANY of us on the US delegation, and in total violation of current US law, RAISED HER HAND to second the motion...

So... just like THAT, herbs, which would at least be considered FOODS under Codex, were shifted over to a secret committee at WHO, where they are considered "drugs" and to which we have even LESS ACCESS than we do with CODEX! (As in ZERO access to WHO, and NEXT TO ZERO access to Codex.

So, the question must be ASKED Dag.... just exactly WHY didn't Alex report any of THIS in his otherwise voluminous report? I think its because his report was calculated spin control to HELP certain companies that are trying to get herbs regulated as "drugs". There are companies that wouldn't mind a move to full HACCP GMPs because they can afford the red tape involved while their smaller competitors CAN'T.

This isn't just a process of business roll up, either. The pharmaceutical industry has been buying up German phytopharmaceutical companies right and left and even Jorg Grunwald documents this trend in some articles of his that I have.

In my opinion,judging from things Ron Birckhead told me about your interraction with him, I think you and Alex have been actively working as change agents, as double agents, as people PRETENDING to fight for health freedom, while in REALITY, I think you've been doing things to help foster a pharmaceutical takeover of the industry, and I think you've been making money doing this.

I think THIS is why Alex was so DESPERATE to get me away from Ron Birckhead, and to try to get me INSTEAD to interract with YOU!

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you REALLY DO believe strongly in the cause of health freedom. I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. If you do, surely you don't dispute the fact that Matthias Rath, MD is correct in his assertion that the pharmaceutical companies that are obviously manipulating the Codex process are in fact attempting to massively suppress consumer access to these substances as they have in Norway and a number of other countries?

Surely you don't dispute his contention that their efforts actively threaten the lives of millions of people?

Surely, if you are in FACT on our side, as you claim to be, you will have no problem signing a statement on Rath's website wherein you agree that his concerns are quite valid? Ron has told me that through your actions as a consultant to NONA, you helped get their bylaws changed to allow for voting by mail, and according to Ron, that allowed the Supply side to get control away from the retailers which proceeded to keep the retailers in the dark while they proceeded to make their sell out deals. I'm certainly seeing that exact same thing happening right now in the USA, and in other countries... just as Ron first started telling me it did in Norway years ago.

Isn't it true, Dag, that you've been hooking up certain Dr.s and companies with pharmaceutical interests? There is not one doubt in my mind that you believe in the healing power of nutrients, I just question whether or not you've been GENUINELY trying to defend widespread consumer ACCESS to these substances?

Ron Birckhead, who you sought to disparage in front of me in the hope that I would no longer trust him, feels that you are a TRAITOR who has sold out the Norwegian people, as well as consumers all over the world due to your own greedy self interest.

Please respond, in detail to what I'm saying here.I'm asking you these questions publicly because I think the Norwegian people have an absolute right to look very carefully at this and so do consumers from all over the world. I'm especially curious to know if you endorse the scientifically fraudulent paper generated by pharmaceutical money titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients"? Some of the companies that helped fund this biased paper were busted by the US Dept of Justice last year for engaging in illegal price fixing in the sale of vitamin raw materials. Hoffman La Roche was fined $500,000,000. and BASF was fined $250,000,000. Rhone Poulenc only got off because they assisted the investigation.

Daiichi Fine Chemical and Takeda were also fined heavily. Some of these companies helped fund the very biased NAS paper. Do you dispute any of this? Do you dispute the fact that the paper is being positioned to be considered the "Gold Standard" on vitamin safety by the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO? Do you dispute the fact that the FDA violated current US law when they put it on the table over the written objection of 5 members of the US Congeress? (see gif files of Congressional requests to FDA that went ignored by FDA on my website under "Letters from Congress") at

Clearly the FDA thinks it is above the law. Clearly, this is not the case!

Do you think the FDA is above our law?

Don't you think consumers world wide should have unfettered access to dietary supplements as we do in this country? From what I can see, you helped engineer the pharmaceutical takeover in Norway.

I would really appreciate it if you would please respond to these specific points, in detail. If I am in fact incorrect about any of this, I will have no problem publicly apologizing to you.

Seems to me that the Codex process is so corrupt that the best way to handle it is via a Seattle style street protest in order to block delegates from being able to even get TO the meeting! Don't you think so? Why should consumers have any faith in a "system" wherein the only people with voting power are unelected bureaucrats from the FDA and their international equivalents? Seems to me that thats one HELL of a stacked deck! Seems to me that when NGO's participate in such a "System" that all they are doing is providing it with an undeserved cloak of respectability, especially when they're not even allowed to vote, and when the UN only grants NGO status to groups that endorse the UN/WTO and thinks these groups have some moral right to make the effort that they're making to dismantle the sovereign laws of nations in an effort to force us into a world government which they desire to run...

Your views Mr. Poleszynski ? Please take the time to respond in sufficient detail if you feel that I am incorrect about ANY of this. Any absence of response we'll have no choice but to interpret to mean that you CANNOT dispute what I'm saying and THAT would truly speak volumes, so please..... RESPOND in detail, and if you think I am wrong here, I am not mean spirited, I just care about defending my access and that of my fellow consumers! If I am wrong here, I will gladly publicly apologize to you and to anyone who you think I may have wronged.

For Health Freedom,

John C. Hammell, President

International Advocates for Health Freedom