Subject: Dr.Rolf Grossklaus - Chair-Codex Committee on Nutrition & Foods for Special Dietary Use: WHY the LACK OF TRANSPARENCY??? GESUNDHEIT IST EIN MENSCHENRECHT! (HEALTH IS A HUMAN RIGHT!)
From: John Hammell
Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2000 15:16:18 -0400

If you are a CODEX delegate and feel annoyed about receiving this, don't bitch to me, you need to ask some fundamental questions about the CODEX process in general since it excludes the voice of consumers who have no voting power in the "process" and who for the most part are excluded from the decision making process.Moreover, the Vitamin issue must be killed entirely at CODEX per the wishes of consumers as clearly expressed in '97 in Geneva. Rather than remove vitamins and minerals from the agenda entirely, as should have occurred, you are continuing against our will. It is necessary for all Codex delegates to go to and to inform Dr.Rath in writing that you totally oppose the Codex Vitamin Proposal and wish it to be removed from the table, otherwise you will be charged as an accomplice to commit Genocide.

Do you DISPUTE our contention that we are SOVEREIGN over our own bodies and that we have a God given unalienable absolute total RIGHT to consume vitamins and minerals as well as herbs and other natural substances in whatever dose and quantity we WANT, WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, in order to bring about HEALING so that we aren't forced to be slaves to the pharma cartel and their toxic, expensive, ineffective DRUGS?

Do you actually BELIEVE that you have the RIGHT to tell us what we can or cannot INGEST?

B: Here, he may say that they do not DISPUTE that we, the consumers are SOVEREIGN and that the CODEX does not direct its rules toward consumers (one can never expect them to admit what they are up to). Not directly, it doesn't. But the indirect result of the proposed rules would be a practical prohibition.

One may consider adding the following to make your statement still more clear:

- remind them that we, who oppose the CODEX understand that they are trying to introduce rules that will result in nothing else but a worldwide prohibition, etc.