Subject: Mssg From Martha Boufford of New Hampshire to CODEX REPS: 4 Year Olds Eyesight Was Restored Via Vitamins After Mainstream Methods FAILED!
From: John Hammell
Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000 23:58:53 -0500

All Webmasters: Please post.

Everyone: Forward Widely.

IAHF LIST: Please read this incredible story of healing- a 4 year old girl regained her eyesight due to dietary supplements. Please forward it to more people.

Please join us in sending your own stories directly to the Codex reps to the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use. (SEE LIST BELOW) The Codex Vitamin Proposal Must be REMOVED ENTIRELY from the Codex Agenda. We asked for this in Geneva in '97 and were IGNORED. There will be SEATTLE STYLE Street Protests in Berlin as a RESULT. We have HAD IT with this GARBAGE.

CODEX DELEGATES: If you don't wish to hear any more from us, the solution is SIMPLE: Go to the website of Matthias Rath, MD Study his site and email him to tell him in writing that you totally oppose the draft proposal for vitamins and will request its complete removal from the table at Codex. If you fail to do this, you run the risk of being criminally charged as an accomplice to genocide.

From: Martha Boufford
To: "Judd Gregg", "Charles Bass", "Bob Smith"

Cc: Charlene Rainey, Dr. Elizabeth A. Yetley, Dr. L. Kenneth Hiller, Karl Riedel, Ms. Ellen Y. Matten, Ms. Regina Hildwine, Rita P. Raman

Subject: Our USA Codex Reps, do NOT represent the views of the PEOPLE or the laws by Congress
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2000 17:58:57 -0500

Dear Congress & USA Codex representatives;

PLEASE, read, think, and listen to the people. Here is just ONE story, there are millions of us in the USA using and regaining our health with All Natural Supplements.

My 4 year old grand daughter lost her sight in one eye due to an accident and had a damaged optic nerve, paralyzed pupil, severely stained cornea, plus. Was hospitalized several times, 2 surgeries, 1 to remove the large amount of clots in the eye to reduce the high pressure, 1 to remove a small cataract. They wanted to do a cornea transplant, but due to the optic nerve damage that would have done no good. She was sent to the UCLA Stine Eye Clinic and they could do nothing, after a year, ALL doctors said she would NEVER see with that eye again.

Soon afterward we learned about several people who had regained eyesight from the use of natural supplements from retinopathy and macular degeneration. Both had been blind and now had eye sight and the diabetic had a drivers license again. The macular degeneration patient now lived on her own again. So we had nothing to lose and gave her large adult doses of 5 combinations.

In 3 months she could see about 3 feet, 8 months the cornea was COMPLETED CLEARED and vision was 20/400, in 24 months she had 20/25 vision. Three years later, with no supplements, her vision is back to 20/400. We have just started her again on the supplements. We fully expect that high doses will have her sight returning and back to 20/25 at least. Then she will continue taking a low maintenance dose of supplements.

We do NOT need CODEX rules in this world. We need less rules and good companies will prosper, because they have the best products that really work. The customer does not continue to buy products that do NOT work.

We the people in the United States of America will not stay at peace with these world rules. We fought for our freedom and will do so again, if forced to accept these rules. It just takes one too many rules and the American people will not take any more. This is one that will do it, as over half the population now realized how important these products are to your health now and in the future for ourselves and our families. We want our current access or better, nothing less.

Thank you for reading this and I sure hope you can understand the message we are sending.


Martha Boufford
New Hampshire where the state motto is - 'Live Free or Die'