Subject: Ron Birckhead in Norway Responds to WHO Codex Delegate James Akre Sent Your OWN Email to Akre, and Forward it to All Codex Delegates, See List Below
From: John Hammell
Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000 23:38:38 -0500

All Webmasters: Please Post.

Everyone: Please Forward Widely and Send Your Own Email, See Below for Details.

IAHF LIST and Codex Delegates to the CCNFSDU

The message below is an email from James Akre of WHO complaining about our emails, and a response from Ron Birckhead, a health freedom activist in Norway who observed the complete destruction of health Freedom in Norway when that country harmonized its laws to ulta restrictive WHO guidelines for dietary supplements.

Ron sounded the initial alarm regarding the Codex international threat to health freedom, a threat which he knows only too well. He was a vitamin distributor in Norway, until he was forced out of business a few years ago in a country where you can go to jail for selling vitamin C above 200 mg.

Codex delegates- don't be offended by these emails, learn from them. They represent the voices of real people who are being totally SHUT OUT of your meetings, which truly are not open, or transparent. I am providing all of your email addresses below this mssg in the hope that more people will also email you to let you know how THEY feel about this grossly undemocratic effort to railroad the supplements they need off the market.

If you are angered by the volume of email, ask yourself the following question: What would YOU do if YOUR life was up against the wall? There is no room at Codex meetings for the voice of the people to be aired. We are being shut out. We aren't allowed to speak or vote, only to be present as non voting observers... and thats IF we can raise the money to get to Germany, and IF our countries will allow us to be on their delegations... which are topheavy with drug cartel shills. In the meantime we are being "represented" by unelected bureaucrats from the FDA and their international counterparts? I don't think so....

The Voice of the People was ignored in Geneva in '97 when we demanded that the Codex Vitamin Proposal be COMPLETELY WITHDRAWN from the table. It was only knocked back from step 5 to step 3. It is INTOLERABLE to us that it wasn't WITHDRAWN COMPLETELY. We will bring SEATTLE STYLE PROTESTS to BERLIN. WE HAVE _HAD IT_ WITH THE INSOLENT ATTITUDE OF PEOPLE SUCH AS AKRE. THE PEOPLE- UNITED- WILL NEVER BE DIVIDED! THE UN/WTO/CODEX COMMISSION MUST BE DISBANDED!


Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000 19:25:34 -0500
From: Ron Birckhead
To: akrej@WHO.CH
CC: John Hammell
Subject: Re: CODEX DELEGATE FROM W.H.O. GETS ANGRY!! SEE HIS LETTER AND 3RESPONSES... From Croft Woodruff & Lou Ann Chamberlin, as well as myresponse... You may even want to add your own- Guys name is JamesAkre - He's at W.H.O. & Has a Real Snotty Attitude. It is _NOT_ a Great Idea to Piss off the MASSES.

My reply to your message follows BELOW. First....You wrote this email:

Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000 10:45:36 +0200
To: Croft Woodruff

I have thus far received the identical message to yours 136 times in the last 5 days from almost as many different e-mail correspondents. In addition to clogging our server here at the World Health Organization, this sort of cyber harassment is presumably counterproductive, where you and your colleagues are concerned, in terms of communicating your disapproving message.

I know for cetain that one of my colleagues has also received this message multiple times during the same period. If this is the case for all of the persons listed in the attendance list for the September 1998 session of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses, then I suggest that you might be creating something of a problem for yourselves where the medium, quite literally, has become the message.

I am copying this message to my colleagues on the Codex Secretariat in Rome and Germany, as well as to our office e-mail administrator, to alert them to the difficulties I am facing. Meanwhile, anything that you can do to put an end to this multiple message dispatch would be greatly appreciated.

From Ron Birckhead to James Akre

You may not appreciate receiving "or being bombarded" with duplicate e-mail from concerned individuals who, not being as articulate as Dr. Rath, but I sir do not appreciate you trying to tell me or any other human on the face of this earth what Dietary Supplements we will have access to. You sir are simply a wanna be. A tool of the Rich Families who run an elitist club made up of the oligarchies in each country which has as its PRIMARY purpose to continue to exploit the people and God given natural resources of the world for their own greedy economic interest!!!! Such is the United Nations which runs the World Health Organization

WHO's current head....Secretary General is simply another Rich Family representative. Her name is Gro Harlem Brutland a sleazy female (I cant call her a woman cause she is not on the level of a real woman). She is known around the world as perhaps the worlds biggest environmental traitor. This Judas of a female...IS THE SINGLE PERSON THAT GAVE THE ORDER IN 1994 TO RE-START WHALING. She is responsible now for the death of 700 whales each year by the Norwegian whalers.

You sir are serving under a FEMALE with the blood of thousands of whales on her PAWS. At the same time your betraying the masses of humanity. We sending you these e-mail are I believe the VANGUARD of a movement of which the world has never seen the likes of in past history. Because we are politically astute, and further ahead in our mental maturity than you ever will be we are in the forefront of a new world movement that you will see sweeping you and other puny political puppets out with the trash.

The citizens of this world are getting WISER and soon will be more educated...via these emails and the internet and really are not going to be dictated to anymore by you or anyone trying to run our lives. We are NOT going to have to do what you or your Rich Families want so they can get richer through selling us herbs, vitamins and supplements as sir we will just ignore your UN and your WTO and our WHO...cause if we all consider you irrelevant and continue to do what WE want to...we make the decisions...not you or others like you. You know your sounding just like a little stupid a puppet as in Clarabell or Kermit for your Rich Masters at the UN/WHO....cause they can not run our lives without you DICTATING for them....well you look like a clown to me and you really are pretty FUNNY!!!!! Especially with some of those lines you used in your message !!!!! Here's to you!!!! You GOTTA be the most uncool dude in the UNIVERSE...!!!!

Brown Nosing Bafoons should have a hall of fame and I think as soon as it opens I will nominate you for to be placed there ...your the biggest Square of all time I think....your so selfcentered and selfish you probably think Im writing this about YOU! Cause you obviously never had what the rest of us call a REALLY GOOD TIME....!!!!! hehee

Keep your hat on ...and maybe some of that money will grease your palms under the table like it has for nearly all the European Health Ministers from the Drug companies (soo sorry so many of them got caught, but we know you wont get caught...simply because THERE IS NO LAW AGAINST YOU TAKING BRIBES OR BEING CORRUPT CAUSE THE UN AND THE WHO DONT HAVE LAWS AT ALL!!!!!!) Now we know why your there!!! Geee did I let the cat out of the bag....sorry, did not mean to spoil your lavish lifestyle ....I could go on forever jsut about with all the rampant corruption in the WHO but I better finish up now...and take your vitamins really sound like you are starting to be stressed and seem to need to take more you know!!! But we all understand how corruption in BEAURCRATS always make them such sour pusses!!!

Ron Birckhead

Founder: Norwegian Health Institute

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