To: IAHF List
Subject: UN/Fed Scam to Ban Hipotency Vitamins Xposed: Help Needed to Get OVERSIGHT
From: John Hammell
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 15:58:32 -0500

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To: Everyone who signed the Modern American Declaration of Liberty (I am signer #1295) and the IAHF Distribution List (if you haven't yet signed the Declaration, please do!)

Please Send In Health Freedom Form Letter at end of this article to protect access to vitamins which the U.N. is trying to CONTROL!! We MUST get an Oversight Hearing on this not ONLY to protect access to vitamins: but because this case EXPOSES THE ENTIRE U.N. AGENDA to enslave us and can be used as a basis to get FAR MORE SUPPORT for Congressman Paul's American Sovereignty Restoration Act which REMOVES US FROM THE UN!

Its maddening to witness and videotape a crime committed by an unelected government bureaucrat at a U.N. meeting outside our borders, and then be blocked from getting an Oversight Hearing due to corruption in our American government, but this is what I have run into--- and I need your help-this issue has very broad ramifications- its not just about vitamins, its about defending American sovereignty!

It doesn't even seem to matter that I VIDEOTAPED unelected bureaucrat Beth Yetley of the FDA as she broke the law while (allegedly) "representing" us, or that this videotaped footage has been uploaded to the Life Extension Foundation's website, or that Congressman Burton received THOUSANDS of letters REQUESTING an oversight hearing---- and he doesn't even seem to care that the bureaucrat in question, Dr.Elizabeth Yetley of the FDA IGNORED a letter from him which told her NOT to do what she went ahead and did ANYWAY!!! (To see what IS motivating this PERVERSE behavior of Burton's causing him to reneg on his promise to help us, go to and check out the donations he has received from pharmaceutical PACS. Burton signed his letter to the FDA on September 21,1998, and it will be uploaded soon to as PROOF!)


The World Trade Organization is being used by the UN and the multinationals to dismantle our democratically enacted laws as they seek to force us into a world government. As proof of this please see the Global Trade Watch website under "harmonization alerts" at


They're making a serious run at our dietary supplement laws because they interfere with the UN's genocide agenda, and because the sale of natural, unpatentable vitamins and minerals (sold in health food stores) interferes with the sale of patented prescription drugs (sold by prescription, through a pharmacy.)

In 1997 I slowed this agenda down by leading a national grass roots drive to amend the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act by getting dietary supplements specifically exempted from the so called "harmonization" language of the bill. This "harmonization" language "harmonizes" the whole rest of the Food, Drug,and Cosmetic Act to emerging international law--- but vitamins were spared, at least TEMPORARILY. (See

Currently, through an illegal action that I need your help to expose, the FDA is attempting to make an END RUN around our dietary supplement laws, and UNLESS YOU HELP ME EXPOSE THIS- THEY WILL SUCCEED, and the lives of millions of people, world wide, including my own, will be threatened. I have a genetic need for the high potency vitamins I take, and if I lose my access to them, it is a death sentence- so I humbly appeal to you all for help. There is a form letter at the end of this article. Please use it! Please tell more people! Please Post this on your website!


The crime occurred in Berlin Germany in September of 1998 at a meeting of the US Delegation to the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission's Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use. I was on the US Delegation, but had no voting power. Only Dr.Yetley, an UNELECTED bureaucrat from the FDA was allowed to vote or speak "for" us.

Two weeks prior to going to Germany to be on the US Delegation, I received a copy of the US Draft Comments to be used at the meeting. I noticed that the first paragraph of the two paragraph US comment on vitamins and minerals was consistent with current US law, but that the second paragraph CONTRADICTED the first, AND introduced a paper to the table which had a very suspicious sounding title, and which FDA had never bothered to send me for my review (!) The paper was generated by the pharmaceutically dominated "National Academy of Science" and is titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients" (See it at

Given that Section 411 of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, (the Proxmire Act) forbids the FDA from banning consumer access to high potency vitamins, given that the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 builds on Proxmire and represents MILLIONS of Americans who flooded Congress with the largest volume of mail they've ever seen on ANY issue, and given that I spearheaded the lobbying campaign in '97 that got dietary supplements exempted from the harmonization language of the FDA Modernization Act (which makes it ILLEGAL for FDA to take ANY action that threatens to harmonize our dietary supplement laws to a more restrictive international standard, it became PAINFULLY apparent to me that the FDA is attempting to make an END RUN around current US law, and to set us up to be SCREWED by the Pharma Cartel...

My suspicions were FURTHER confirmed when I called the FDA to find out where I could download the NAS paper, and they PRETENDED NOT TO KNOW! So I demanded that they send it by overnight mail so I could have a chance to read the 70 page document prior to the meeting, but they sent it by first class mail so it took forever to get here, leaving me ALMOST NO TIME to do anything about it.

I feverishly read it, could readily see that it was PSEUDOSCIENCE with an AGENDA to RAILROAD high potency vitamins off the market, and I quickly called a lot of scientists and alternative physicians who I know to be on our side and asked them for their reviews. I got them and feverishly called several members of Congress to explain the situation and to ask for URGENT HELP!

I got Congressmen Burton, Paul, De Fazio, Stump, and Cook (bipartisan support) to sign letters to the FDA to tell them NOT to put the unscientific, very biased National Academy of Sciences "Risk Assessment" paper on the table at Codex since its not consistent with the will of the American people, or the Congress, and to REMOVE the second paragraph from the US comments on vitamins since they CONTRADICTED the first paragraph and are ILLEGAL under US law which forbids FDA from taking ANY action that threatens HARMONIZATION to an emerging very restrictive international standard that would ban access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range, except by prescription.

I feverishly raised donations from the grass roots via my email distribution list and just barely had the money needed to get over to Germany as a member of the US delegation (the government doesn't pay the way of anyone on these delegations except for Yetley of FDA and other government officials). I rushed through customs desperate to get to the pre meeting of our Delegation which took place the day before the Codex meeting began. It was my only chance to ambush Yetley on camera, since I was SURE she intended to BREAK THE LAW, and sure enough SHE DID!

I got to the meeting late, just 5 minutes before she was going to address the vitamin issue, and I pointed my camcorder at this Federal Criminal and proceeded to shoot as I asked her these questions:

"Dr.Yetley: did you receive this letter signed by 5 members of Congress including Chairman Burton of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee?" (She nods her head yes,and acknowledges that those were "among the letters we received.) So I said "Good, then you DO AGREE to obey the law by REMOVING that second paragraph from our comments and you AGREE to NOT PUT the pharmaceutically biased NAS so called "Risk Assessment" paper on the table since it never underwent any sort of public comments period, since you never sent copies to members of the US delegation prior to the meeting (except to me after I DEMANDED it) and since the paper CLEARLY is unscientific, inappropriately uses toxicology formulas designed to evaluate highly toxic pharmaceuticals when vitamins are very safe, and comes to unjustified, biased conclusions."

Yetley smirked as I said all of this, and so did John Hathcock,PhD of Council for Responsible Nutrition who used to work alongside Yetley at FDA and whose methodology was used by NAS when they wrote their biased paper. Yetley insisted that I was "wrong" and said "the paper isn't being used the way you think". (yeah, right) She went on to COMPLETELY IGNORE the will of Congress and the will of the American people. This UNELECTED BUREAUCRAT cannot legally represent us, and the Codex process is RIGGED anyway so that we CAN'T WIN because its one country, one vote-- any little tiny country has a vote that counts as much as ours, regardless of how small their population is compared to ours and regardless of whether or not they even MANUFACTURE vitamins or not!

Ultimately, there is NO WAY the US can win at Codex on the vitamin issue, because only 7 countries oppose the vitamin proposal and more than 10 are in favor of it. Since the proposal would give MORE freedom to consumers in every country in Europe except for the UK and Holland, there is no political opposition to it in most of Europe.(We can only DERAIL the process with help from Congress which although very corrupt we at least still have SOME influence over, which is why I'm appealing to you for HELP!)

So the Codex vitamin proposal WILL PASS at Codex. Then, some pharmaceutical company wanting to sell high potency vitamins by prescription in the USA will go before the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO (mickey mouse court that disallows any individual or NGO testimony and ONLY allows testimony from government reps such as Yetley who are bought and paid for) and they will make a ruling AGAINST the United States, threatening to impose TRADE SANCTIONS against broad segments of our economy unless we CHANGE OUR VITAMIN LAWS by "harmonizing" them to the very restrictive Codex standard which disallows consumer access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range...

At THAT point, lobbyists from all the industries that would be threatened by trade sanctions will be crawling all over Capital Hill like ANTS, just like when they passed NAFTA and GATT, and they will TWIST THE ARMS of enough members of this sell out Congress to get EVERYTHING THEY WANT!

Hell, not even Congressman BURTON's hands are clean as you can see from the Federal Election Commission's website at He's taking money from a LOT of pharmaceutical companies and from mainstream medical PACS, and he NEEDS that money to run for reelection.... so he has held OTHER, less IMPORTANT oversight hearings on vitamin issues which gives the APPEARANCE that he is doing what he should, but the CODEX line is one that he clearly DOESN'T WANT TO CROSS because he fear losing the support of the multinationals!!!

Why won't he cross it? Simple: the pharamceutical industry has heavily penetrated the vitamin trade associations Council for Responsible Nutrition ( AND National Nutritional Foods Assn. The Chair of NNFA's International Committee which determined their pro FDA position on the Codex vitamin issue is an employee of Warner Lambert, which has since been bought out by Pfizer (both multinational pharmaceutical companies.)

When challenged by Dr.Gary Null to debate me on the air, this individual as well as OTHER NNFA officials REFUSED, because they KNOW they can't beat me in a debate. "To Your Health" a magazine in NYC received an article from me exposing all of this, but their lawyer advised them not to run it without first offering CRN and NNFA equal time to rebut my assertions. They badmouthed me, but made no effort to rebut anything I said, because they CAN'T!

They're hoping this will just go away!
They're gambling that they've succeeded in SMEARING me enough via the ANONYMOUS website that they had up for several years for the sole purpose of LIBELING ME that no one in the supplement industry will believe me, and that has ALMOST completely succeeded for them. I have had VERY LITTLE support from the industry because of this libel and because the CEOs of companies and owners of health food stores are TOO BUSY to pay attention to what is happening. They pay big dues to CRN and NNFA and just GO BY WHAT THEY SAY- paying no attention to the corruption in their midst because they just don't SEE it. (The website that was libeling me was put up in '97 specifically to try to KEEP me from succeeding in my campaign to get supplements exempted from the harmonization language of the FDA Modernization Act.)

So, a VERY BAD situation is brewing here if we can't get Burton to hold an Oversight Hearing which would give us a chance to bring forth expert witnesses for the sake of EXPOSING all of this. Burton is being pressured by the PHARMA CARTEL and no doubt by the UN NOT to hold this hearing because it not ONLY exposes CODEX as running diametrically opposite our whole system of representative government, but it exposes the UNITED NATIONS WHOLE AGENDA to force us under world government and would generate a LOT of SUPPORT for Ron Paul's bill that gets us OUT of the UN: "The American Sovereignty Restoration Act"!!

Perhaps THIS is why I had an FBI visit in '97 after I sent an angry email to the HQ of the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission in which I warned them that "Blood would flow in the streets if the German Codex Vitamin Proposal were shoved down the throats of the American people."

Perhaps THIS is why I was awakened at dawn a year ago by a black, unmarked helicopter hovering so close to the top of my house in Florida that the whole house shook and the windows were rattling so hard I thought they'd BREAK! I stepped outside and looked up and could see their faces clearly looking DOWN at me as they did their infrared scan to see what interesting metallic objects I might have in my house that could be used in a REVOLUTION and I got the hell out of there that same week.

Sure, I'm taking a risk that they'll relocate me and come for me AGAIN, but thats a risk we ALL accept by signing the Declaration of Independence. If they come for me, I will do WHAT I HAVE TO DO to defend myself, but I need YOUR HELP- I'm hoping that we can still avert the need for an armed revolution:

Please send a letter (or the form letter below) to your Congressman and Senators telling them that you INSIST that an OVERSIGHT hearing be held on the Codex Vitamin Issue, and that they communicate this wish to Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) Chair of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee.

He promised to hold this hearing, but has since RENEGED on his promise, due to PRESSURE from the pharmaceutically dominated vitamin trade associations- which DO NOT represent the will of the American People!

Reach Burton through Beth Clay, House Government Reform and Oversight Committee 202-225-5074, fax 202-225-3974, email and write to him at The Honorable Dan Burton 2185 RHOB Washington DC 20515 (Form letter below but better to write your own!)


To: The Honorable Dan Burton
Chair, House Government Reform and Oversight Committee
Room 2157 RHOB
Washington DC 20515

Dear Congressman Burton,

On September 21, 1998 you sent a letter to the FDA relative to the Codex vitamin issue. You told the FDA to remove the second paragraph from their comments on vitamins because it was illegal under current US law which forbids FDA from taking ANY action that sets up the USA for "harmonization" to an emerging Codex standard. Additionally, you requested that the FDA not put the pharmaceutically biased paper generated by the National Academy of Sciences on the table at CODEX because it is unscientific, it never underwent any public comments period, and because it goes directly against the will of the American people as clearly expressed via the Proxmire Act of 1976, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, and most importantly, via the amendment to the FDA Modernization Act of 1997 which specifically EXEMPTS dietary supplements from the harmonization language in that bill which effects the whole REST of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

We gather that you were told by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and by the National Nutritional Foods Association (vitamin trade associations) that an oversight hearing on the Codex vitamin issue "isn't necessary". We strongly DISAGREE! (A quick perusal of the CRN website at shows in their membership section that nearly half of their members are multinational pharmaceutical companies, including two which helped fund the biased NAS paper that runs contrary to science, the will of Congress and the will of the American people as clearly expressed under our dietary supplement laws as stated above.) CRN members Hoffman La Roche and Daiichi Fine Chemical helped fund the NAS paper (as can be seen clearly at and these companies were criminally charged in 1999 by the US Dept of Justice for engaging in illegal price fixing in the sale of vitamin raw materials, thereby ripping off consumers and vitamin manufacturers for 10 years!

Hoffman La Roche was fined $500,000,000. for this crime, so this can't just be ignored! Would Hoffman La Roche, Daiichi Fine Chemicals and the other pharmaceutical members of CRN and NNFA WANT high potency vitamins regulated as prescription "DRUGS"? Obviously, they could make MORE money, from LESS product, DOWNSIZE their vitamins divisions, while ALSO decreasing COMPETITION from the sale of vitamins to the sale of their patented, highly toxic PHARMACEUTICALS. Unless you force the FDA to REMOVE this paper from Codex, it will be regarded by the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO to be the "gold standard" on vitamin safety- and they can FORCE the USA to harmonize its vitamin laws to the restrictive Codex standard because the DSB refuses to hear individual or NGO testimony, so we'd have NO CHANCE to context the NAS paper!

Several respected scientists and alternative MD's have reviewed the NAS paper and pronounced it "pseudoscience". They include Brian Leibovitz, PhD, former Editor of the Journal of Applied Nutrition, Gary Null,PhD, Rick Malter, PhD., Abram Hoffer, MD and many others. Do not deny them the chance to expose this unscientific paper which poses an immense threat to the public health world wide.

If you do not provide oversight and force the FDA to obey the law and REMOVE the NAS paper from the table at CODEX and replace it with a paper thats CONSISTENT with the will of the American people,and in the best interests of the public health world wide, it will be painfully obvious to us that you are NOT a man of the people, but represent the wishes of the multinationals who gave you PAC money as can be clearly seen at IF YOU IGNORE THIS, WE WILL CONSIDER YOU GUILTY OF TREASON AGAINST YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL OATH TO UPHOLD THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY!

Please do the right thing. Your constituents, the whole world, and our Creator are watching.



Address: _________________________________




(Info courtesy IAHF, John C. Hammell, legislative advocate

POB 625 Floyd, VIRGINIA, 24091 America 800-333-2553 )

Next Codex Mtgs Re Vitamin Issue
CCNFSDU in Berlin
June 19- June 23, 2000
47th Session of Codex Executive
June 28-June 30, 2000 in Geneva

What to Do:
Contact Your Countries Delegate to the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use
(Beth Yetley in USA, Margaret Cheney in Canada)
Tell Them To Oppose the Draft Guidelines for Vitamins and Minerals & That the Paper Titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients" Is Unscientific, Biased Against Vitamin Use, Was Paid for by Pharmaceutical Interests, Is Anti Consumer, And a Complete Expose Is Available at
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We hereby put all unelected CODEX bureaucrats,UN and WTO Supporters World Wide,Employees of the FDA, HPB, MCA, MCC and similar drug cartel stooges on NOTICE that We Believe Strongly in the American Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms As Well as in the Right to Freedom of Speech & In All Unalienable God Given Rights, Both Numerated and Unenumerated, As Set Forth in the 9th Amendment to the United States Constitutition.

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