To: IAHF List
Subject: Why No Vitamin Consumer Can Trust IADSA (Intn'l Alliance Dietary Supplement Trade Assns)
From: John Hammell
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 17:07:04 -0500

IAHF List:

What follows is an in depth expose of a controlled opposition group which poses as a health freedom organization but which in fact is doing the bidding of the Drug Cartel, and is assisting them in their Codex campaign to ban consumer access to safe vitamins and minerals. The entity in question? IADSA-International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Trade Associations

IADSA should seek a dialogue with IAHF, but no doubt never will given that we consumers regard them to be enemies of the people and tools of the Drug Cartel. (It isn't possible to be a UN/WHO recognized NGO organization unless you kow tow to the despicable will of the globalists, and lend credence to their illigitimate Codex meetings- meetings which IAHF openly condemn as despicable shell games put on for public consumption without even a shred of fairness, honesty, respect for national sovereignty, or scientific integrity.

Germany became the host country for the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods For Special Dietary Use due to lobbying from Hoechst, Bayer, and BASF- which owned Helmut Kohl while he was Chancellor and they viewed Codex as a long range mechanism for controlling consumer access to vitamins, which they correctly view as an economic threat to the sale of patented prescription drugs. (JAMA states that the sale of pharmaceutical drugs currently is the fourth leading cause of death in the world-(JAMA April 15, 1998) the cartel has created an epidemic, but thats good for business, and they don't need vitamins interfering- they don't WANT us to be healthy!

The Codex Commission has one goal: dictatorial control of the world's food supply, including vitamins and minerals and this is part of the genocidal policy of the WHO which is nothing more than an arm of the same IG Farben Cartel that fueled Hitler's war machine during WW2, ran Auchwitz and the other concentration camps, and which was never truly disbanded by the Nuremberg war trials, which were show trials put on for public consumption, and which ALSO lacked any credability. In 1999 it was made public that the Deutch Bank was the bank of IG Farben during WW2 and is STILL the bank today of Hoechst, Bayer and BASF. Bayer and BASF belong to CRN and to IADSA via CRN, while Rhone Poulenc which belonged to NNFA in 1998 according to their membership directory just merged with Hoechst. The Deutch bank recently merged with Bankers Trust in the USA to become the world's biggest bank, a merger that never should have been allowed.(Scroll down to see complete list of CRN's pharmaceutical members)

So, all of Hitler's former IG Farben Cartel currently belongs to IADSA via CRN and NNFA, and they can't sue me for libel when I am stating a FACT! (At we find this note: "Due to the merger between Hoechst and Rhone Poulenc, a new website has been established:" See and for more information, and the complete list below of CRN's membership, with drug companies listed in red.

I am emailing this to the Secretary of IADSA in case they disagree with any of my statements and would like a chance to rebut any of them. I am also emailing this to member associations of IADSA as listed in their website, and to everyone on the IAHF distribution list in case anyone has any thoughts at all about any of the things I'm saying here.

IAHF will never be accepted for NGO status by the UN Codex Commisson because we openly call for the complete destruction of the UN, we openly mock and ridicule the Codex Commission and are open supporters of the US 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms. Also, we openly call for people world wide to arm themselves against unelected bureaucrats and the tyrannical whores who are trying to force us into a world government, especially the Drug Cartel, which via Codex is trying to rob us of our access to vitamins and minerals.)

Due to concern over IAHF's grass roots success in knocking the draft proposal for vitamins backwards at Codex from step 5 to step 3 in Geneva in '97, the pharmaceutical companies that manipulate the world's dietary supplement trade associations decided they had to create a counter force to IAHF- so the established IADSA- the International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Trade Associations

Thus far, they have succeeded in helping the drug cartel advance the dangerous Codex vitamin proposal from step 3 back to step 5 (after we'd previously had them on the ropes), and they have assisted the Cartel in greasing the skids so that they could move BEYOND the consumer generated impasse, to a hoped for COMPLETION of their efforts to burn the world either this June 19th-23rd in Berlin at the meeting of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use, or at the meeting shortly after that in Geneva in July.

This is off the IADSA website:

IADSA Positions

Supplements should be internationally recognised as foods.

Upper Safe Levels should be established where required.

A flexible negative nutrients list should be set up.

No other ingredients should be excluded.

This is great that they think supplements should be recognized internationally as foods, but the drug cartel thinks otherwise, and IADSA clearly hasn't been doing anything to try to stop their agenda in any of the countries where dietary supplements are currently regulated as DRUGS such as Canada, Australia, or South Africa.

(In fact, in such countries as South Africa, the Health Products Association (member of IADSA) worked hand in glove with the South African Medicines Control Council (S.African FDA) to assist them in creating the highly draconian "listings system" via which supplements are heavily restricted as "drugs" in S.Africa, and which the World Health Organization is attempting to force the rest of the world to "harmonize" to. (Although this has been pointed out to IADSA in the past, they have not kicked the HPA out of IADSA, so they clearly don't care about what the HPA has done to screw the people of S.Africa. See for proof of this fact.)

Anyone can corroborate the truth of what I'm saying here about the HPA with just a quick perusal of PHARMAPACT's website in S.Africa at PHARMAPACT has documented that biopirate and genocidal killer Prof.Peter Folb, Chair of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Drug Policy, had a lot to do with the illegal imposition of the listings system in S.Africa, they have proof that the HPA collaborated with him, and that via his position at WHO, he has been doing some globetrotting in an effort to try to get other countries to adopt the highly draconian listings system, all of which harmonizes with the pending Codex vitamin proposal- especially with the restrictive so called "safe Upper Limits".

(How can IADSA claim to want vitamins regulated as foods at Codex when they allow the HPA to be one of their members, and when they endorse the pharmaceutically funded NAS Risk Assessment paper titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Vitamins" (See

PHARMAPACT has documented the fact that Folb is a biopirate as well as a genocidal killer, and when they went public with these facts they made him an embarrassment to the Drug Cartel who were forced to remove him from his former position as Chairman of the Medicines Control Council (S.African FDA). This is all documented on the PHARMAPACT website, along with the fact that Folb is a biopirate, who has been stealing the indigenous knowledge of the dirt poor African tribal medicine men and he's been putting it into a database at the University of Capetown, to facilitate pharmaceutical companies efforts to steal the herbs and turn them into patented "drugs."

PHARMAPACT has documented evidence that while engaging in this open and brazen theft, Folb's MCC was (and still is) impounding safe dietary supplements manufactured outside S.Africa at the airports and ocean ports in an effort to block them from entering the country, and the only companies that got their stuff back from them were the ones that would agree to sell out and cooperate with their devious effort to impose the highly restrictive listing system. (Sell out companies included all members of the HPA, which belongs to IADSA.) Moreover, his MCC has conducted many Gestapo like raids on health food stores in an effort to ban numerous safe dietary supplements from consumer use in order to keep people sick, and assist the Drug Cartel's monopoly- and the HPA did nothing to try to stop these raids.

While engaging in these criminal activities, and banning such safe N.American herbs as echinacea from entering S.Africa, Folb did nothing to try to regulate the open air herb markets in such large cities as Durban, where unpackaged raw herbs are sold from sidewalk stands on sidewalks covered with animal and human waste and urine with flies buzzing around and exhaust fumes from passing cars is spraying all over the unpackaged, exposed herbs!

Folb knew full well that the largest cause of accidental death amongst the indigenous population was directly caused by certain African herbs which he fully knows are dangerous (because he's studied them intensely and has them in his database and even authored medical journal articles discussing their toxicity), but because he is a racist throwback to the Apartheid era, he couldn't care less if black people die, so he never made any effort to put out any public alerts, nor has the MCC ever raided these sidewalk herb stands to confiscate any of the more dangerous herbs- some of which truly ARE dangerous- and they've never sought to protect consumers from the grossly unhygienic conditions at these open air inner city sidewalk markets.

Folb engaged in this double standard for three reasons: he couldn't afford politically to anger the largest ethnic group in South Africa because they might try to stop the listings sytem that he and the MCC imposed, he doesn't care if black people die, and he doesn't want to possibly jeopardize his efforts to turn any of the herbs, including the toxic killer herbs, into pharmaceutical "drugs". PHARMAPACT has documented evidence that Folb KNOWS some of the African herbs are highly toxic, because he has published studies in medical journals attesting to this. So while doing nothing about these herbs- he was busy impounding very safe American and European herbs such as echinacea in order to help the Drug Cartel.

PHARMAPACT has not only documented the HPA's collusion with Folb and the MCC, but they have also documented the fact that the S.African health care system is controlled by the multinational pharmaceutical industry via the Health Systems Trust, which is funded by the Kaiser Family Foundation in Los Angeles. Go on the Kaiser website and you find a link to another site called the "African Affinity Trust" and there you find the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Dupont's, the Ford Foundation, Coca Cola, etc, etc, etc... so we see who's running the MCC, and we see the collusion between the MCC and the HPA and we see that the HPA is a member of IADSA... (nice, eh?)

(Thus we see that IADSA's oily efforts to assist the Cartel impose "UL"s on safe vitamins and minerals and to assist the Cartel create "negative lists" which would ban the international sale of many safe products that the Cartel wants banned, stands in marked contrast to IAHF and allied groups in these countries who are working VERY HARD in defense of consumers, while IADSA, and its member vitamin trade associations, have consistently worked AGAINST us!

IADSA openly endorses the fraudulent, unscientific paper generated by the pharmaceutically funded National Academy of Sciences titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients", which you can now view in full on the IAHF website at (we made this NAS paper available on the IAHF site since the FDA deliberately made it hard for people to download, because they don't want people to read it.)

The reason IADSA endorses the NAS paper is because John Hathcock,(formerly of the FDA) of the (so called) Council of Responsible Nutrition had an indirect hand in writing the paper in that the pharmaceutically funded authors from NAS utilized a slew of toxicology acronyms and formulas, that Hathcock developed largely while working at the FDA, which are inappropriately being used to evaluate safe nutrients, when these formulas and acronyms were designed to evaluate highly toxic pharmaceutical drugs- drugs which have, according to JAMA April 15, 1998, become the 4th leading cause of death in the world- a epidemic created by the drug cartel, which Hathcock, FDA, CRN, NNFA, and IADSA seem very intent on trying to defend and protect from "incursions" by the dietary supplement industry. (To see an expose of Hathcock's unscientific methods, and bogus toxicology acronyms see the article "The ABC's of Confusion as a Weapon" by Brian Leibovitz,PhD at

(The NAS does not take biochemical individuality or chaos theory into consideration as their goal is to assist the drug cartel which pays them to ban the sale of safe vitamins and minerals via arbitrary, unscientific means.)

For these reason IADSA endorses the NAS paper which calls for an Upper limit of 35 mg to be placed on niacin, despite the fact that there is nothing dangerous about niacin at even MEGA doses, in the hundreds of milligrams per day, such as I've been taking for the past 20 years. When I called the NAS about this, they told me they thought I should have to have a Dr.s prescription for the high potency niacin I take, and they told me that they consider the niacin flush, which some sensitive people experience at even such low doses as 35 mg, to be a "drug" side effect-when in fact its just a sign that the niacin is working- all it is is a tingling sensation caused by blood rushing to the surface of the skin as niacin helps improve a person's circulation. Some people enjoy the niacin flush, taking it prior to having sex in order to enhance their orgasms, and there is certainly nothing dangerous about doing this, or about improving one's circulation in general.

However, IADSA has never spoken out against this mindless "UL" concept, despite the fact that it is an obvious control mechanism intended to restrict consumer access to high potency vitamins except by prescription, and they are fully aware that Germany became the host country of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use due to the lobbying power of Hoechst, Bayer, and BASF. They have been fully apprised by IAHF that these companies comprised IG Farben- the cartel that fueled both Hitler's rise to power, as well as former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl's rise to power. (It came out this year that while he was chancellor, Kohl was receiving a lot of money from undisclosed sources which Kohl steadfastly refuses at the present time to identify...but given that Kohl was a lobbyist for the cartel prior to becoming Chancellor, its not too hard to figure out where this money was coming from.)Kohl had much to do with the Codex effort to destroy consumer access to vitamins and minerals, but IADSA has never sought to expose any of this.

It is noteworthy that some members of the cartel belong to CRN, NNFA, and therefor IADSA- so they are helping to pay the salaries of people such as John Hathcock who is CRN's Director of Scientific Affairs, and IADSA's Scientific Task Force chair. This is readily discernable from a quick perusal of CRN's website where in the member section at

Voting Members include: (see red for drug cartel)
(40 0ut of 96 members, and all the largest members- if I missed any let me know.)

A.M. Todd Botanicals
A commercial manufacturer of standardized and concentrated herbal extracts and specialized herbal formulas Eugene, OR

Accucaps Industries Limited
Manufacturer of soft gelatin capsules on contract basis including dietary supplement products

American Home Products Corporation
Marketer and manufacturer of nutritional supplements and over-the-counter drugs Madison, NJ

American Laboratories, Inc.
Bulk processor of pancreatin and pepsin enzymes, glandulars, ox bile, and peptones for further manufacturing use
Omaha, NE

Anabolic Laboratories, Inc.
Wholesaler of food supplements and orthopedic supports to doctors
Irvine, CA

Archer Daniels Midland Company
Supplier/Producer of B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, as well as specialty food products from fermentation
Decatur, IL

B&D Nutritional Ingredients, Inc.
Raw material distributor, representing Eastman Chemical Company, Carotech, Kyowa Hakko, etc.
Carlsbad, CA

Banner Pharmacaps
Manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, and vitamins in soft gelatin capsules or softlets High Point, NC

BASF Corporation
Supplier of nutritional products
Mount Olive, NJ

Bayer Corporation
Multi-vitamin manufacturer
Morristown, NJ

Bio San Laboratories Inc.
Vitamin, mineral, and food supplement manufacturer and marketer
Derry, NH

BioSint U.S.A.
Supplier of L-Carnitine
Larchmont, NY

Biotron Laboratories, Inc.
Custom formulator and manufacturer of nutritional supplements, specializing in amino acid chelates and complexes with of without vitamins. Tableting, capsuling, and complete packaging capabilities
Centerville, UT

A division of Warner-Lambert and the world's largest producer of hard shell gelatin capsules
Greenwood, SC

Cargill, Inc.
International supplier, processor, and distributor of agricultural, food, financial and industrial products
Minneapolis, MN

Celestial Seasonings, Inc.
Researches, develops, manufactures, and markets herbal supplements as capsules and teas.
Boulder, CO

Chris Hansen Ingredient Technology Corporation
Manufacturer of excipients, coatings, and colors for the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement markets
Mahwah, NJ

Multi-national company which designs and manufactures advanced coating systems for the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries
West Point, PA

Daiichi Fine Chemicals, Inc.
Supplier, sales & distribution of vitamins and fine chemical ingredients to the dietary supplement industry
Lincolnshire, IL

Draco Natural Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of herbal extract products called "Full Spectrum Standardized Herbal Extracts"
San Jose, CA

E.T. Horn Company
Supplier and distributor of chemicals for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries
La Mirada, CA

Eastman Chemical Company
Supplier of bulk natural source vitamin E, nutrient tocotrienols and formulation excipients
Kingsport, TN

Eisai U.S.A., Inc.
Supplier of a variety of vitamin E products in North and South America
Teaneck, NJ

EM Industries, Inc.
food additives An Associate of Merck Fine Chemicals and supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials,
Hawthorne, NY

Euromed USA
Raw material supplier, manufacturer of standardized plant and herb extracts for use in nutritional supplements
Pittsburgh, PA

ExtractsPlus Incorporated
Carlsbad, CA

Feeling Fine Company
Marketer and manufacturer of accurate, timely, and easy-to-understand consumer healthcare products and information
Marina del Rey, CA

Fortitech Inc.
Custom designers and manufacturers of nutrient premixes, including vitamins, minerals, and ultra trace minerals
Schenectady, NY

Industries, Inc.
Importer and distributor of food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic ingredients
Carle Place, NY

General Nutrition
Products, Inc. (Bought out by Numico Inc.)
Retailer and manufacturer of nutritionals and over-the-counter softgels and powders
Greenville, SC

GNLD International
Marketer and manufacturer of food supplements and protein
Fremont, CA

H. Reisman Corporation
Bulk nutritional supplier
Orange, NJ

Hauser, Inc.
Developer, manufacturer, and marketer of bulk herbal extracts to the dietary supplements industry
Boulder, CO

Health for Life Brands, Inc.
Marketer of Health for Life brand vitamins and nutri-supplements
Syracuse, NY

HealthComm International, Inc.
Nutrition and health information and research company; markets medical foods under the UltraBalance brand
Gig Harbor, WA

Henkel Nutrition and Health Group
Supplier of natural vitamin E, Betatene, natural beta carotene and mixed carotenoids; Lipoel, Alpha-Lipoic Acid; Pycnogenol, pine bark extract
LaGrange, IL

Herbalife International
International direct manufacturers and sellers of weight management, nutritional, and personal care products
Century City, CA

Indena USA
Leading raw material supplier of plant derived active principles including standardized herbal extracts and isolated pure compounds serving the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and cosmetic industries
Seattle, WA

Inter-Cal Corporation
Manufactures Ester-C® Nutritional Products, including patented Vitamin C product, Ester-C® Ascorbate
Prescott, AZ

Jamieson Laboratories Ltd.
Manufactures Ester-C® Nutritional Products, including patented Vitamin C product, Ester-C® Ascorbate

Kemin Foods, L.C.
Ingredient manufacturer for purified lutein, natural stabilizers, trace minerals, enzyme blends, and mold inhibitors
Des Moines, IA

Leiner Health Products Inc.
Manufacturer and marketer of packaged nutritional supplements, over-the-counter drugs and skin and health care
Carson, CA

Manufacturer of specialty lipids and lipid based phytonutrients
Glen Ellyn, IL

Lonza Inc.
Suppliers of vitamins, niacin USP, niacinamide USP, L-carnitine USP, L-carnitine, L-tartrate; L-carnitine magnesium citrate; acetyl-L-carnitine
Fair Lawn, NJ

Mary Kay Holding Corporation
Manufacturer and distributor of facial skin care and color cosmetics, including nail care, hair care, and nutritional supplement products
Dallas, TX

Monsanto Life Sciences Company
A unit of Monsanto, producer and supplier of food, pharmaceutical and personal care ingredients
Chicago, IL

NBTY, Inc.
Manufacturer and marketer of nutritional supplements
Bohemia, NY

Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Irvine, CA

Novogen Inc.
Importer, manufacturer, and distributors of dietary supplements
Stamford, CT

Nutraceutical Corporation
Manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements to health food stores in the U.S.
Park City, UT

Nutrilite Division/Amway Corporation
Manufacturer and packager of dietary supplements, herbals, drink mixes, food, and granola bars, premixes, and bulk granulations
Buena Park, CA

Nutrition 21/AMBI, Inc.
Supplier of raw materials-primarily essential trace minerals to vitamin/mineral manufacturers
San Diego, CA

Omya (CA), Inc.
Manufacturer of natural ground USP and FCC calcium carbonate and natural ground FCC limestone
Lucerne Valley, CA

Supplier; Phamaceutical excipient company
Patterson, NY

Perrigo Company
Manufacturer and packager of extensive drug, vitamin, and cosmetic products; also contract manufacturing and packaging of custom formulas for national brands
Allegan, MI

Pharmanex, Inc.
A global R&D based company that markets, manufactures, and sells natural and nutraceutical products
Simi Valley, CA

Pharmaton Natural Health Products
Ridgefield, CT

Pharmavite Corporation
Manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements and health beauty products
Mission Hills, CA

Pronova Biocare, a.s.
Manufacturer of omega-3 fatty acids

Quest International
Producer and supplier of flavors and ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industries
Hoffman Estates, IL

R.P. Scherer Corporation
Manufacturer of soft gelatin nutritional supplements
St. Petersburg, FL

Rexall Sundown, Inc. (Tied in With Organized Crime and with Hoechst- see
Manufacturer of vitamins, nutritional products, and over-the-counter drugs
Boca Raton, FL

Rhodia, Inc.
Producer and supplier of ethical pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, and nutritional products
Cranbury, NJ

Roche Vitamins, Inc. (div Hoffman La Roche)
Bulk supplier of vitamins, carotenoids and citric acid
Paramus, NJ

Shaklee Corporation
Manufacturer and direct selling distributor of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutritional products, as well as personal care, household and water treatment products
San Francisco, CA

SKW Chemicals
SKW Biosystems' gelatin and specialties business unit is the world's largest manufacturer of gelatins for the food, pharmaceutical and photographic industries
Langhorne, PA

SmithKline Beecham
SmithKline Beecham – one of the world's leading health care companies-discovers, develops, manufacturers, and markets pharmaceuticals, vaccines, over-the-counter medicines and health-related consumer products (including dietary supplements)
Pittsburgh, PA

Specialty Minerals, Inc.
Manufacturer of USP and FCC grades of precipitated calcium carbonate, FCC grades of limestone, and USP grades of talc
Bethlehem, PA

Stauber Performance Ingredients
Ingredients manufacturer and distributor
Brea, CA

Takeda Vitamin and Food U.S.A., Inc.
Pharmaceutical manufacturer
Saddlebrook, NJ

USA NutraSource, Inc.
Raw material manufacturer specializing in standardized herbal extracts and other dietary supplements
San Carlos, CA

Vitaline Corporation
Manufacturer and distributor of medical food products, over-the-counter drugs, pharmaceutical products, medicinal herb products, and dietary supplements
Ashland, OR

VitaTech International, Inc.
Private label manufacturer and packager of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals
Tustin, CA

Wakunaga of America Company, Ltd.
Manufacturer of dietary supplements
Mission Viejo, CA

Warner Lambert Company
Morris Plains, NJ

Watson Foods Co., Inc.
Contract manufacturer of premixes including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals. Specialty micro encapsulations and triturations along with directly compressible powders also are produced
West Haven, CT

Associate Members:

Adams, Harkness & Hill, Inc.
Investment Bank
Boston, MA

Chicago Center for Clinical Research
Chicago, IL

Covance Laboratories Inc.
Food and Pharmaceutical testing laboratory
Madison, WI

Franklin Publications, Inc.
Publishers of Let's Live, Let's Live Nutrition Insights, Let's Live UK, Great Life and Great Life Fax Alert
Stamford, CT

Gail Becker Associates of Florida, Inc.
Public relations firm specializing in food, nutrition, health communications, telecommunications (toll-free numbers) and consumer affairs
Sarasota, FL

LDI Group
Dietary supplement
Salt Lake City, UT

Nutritional Outlook
Nutritional Outlook magazine is devoted to writing about the issues that affect the manufacturing and distribution of dietary and nutritional supplements
Paoli, PA

PhytoChem Technologies
A scientific research and analytical resource company providing scientific consulting and analytical services to the botanical herbal supplement, food, and pharmaceutical markets
Chelmsford, MA

Manufacturer of high quality plastic containers for vitamins, drugs, and pharmaceuticals
Anaheim, CA

Shuster Laboratories, Inc.
A research and development laboratory offering full analytical and microbiological services, USP testing and validation, methods development, stability programs, plant audits, and good manufacturing practices consultation for nutritional supplements
Quincy, MA

The Weinberg Group
Scientific consulting firm resolving complex issues posed by the combination of science, management, law and regulation, providing innovative solutions to critical operational issues on products and services in crisis
NewYork, NY

International/Correspondant Members:

Ferrosan A/S
Personal care products.

Japan Health Summit, Inc.
Manufacturer and direct selling distributor of chitin, chitosan, chitin oligosaccharide and chitosan oligosaccharide based nutritional supplements and personal care products


Kenko Sangyo Shinbun
Publisher of Health Industry News, Up-to-Date Food Processing and Stone Age. Hold three shows and dozens of lectures related to publications


Natural Life, S.A.
Distributor of Nature's Bounty product in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay and Peru


PhytoPharm Consulting GmbH
Consulting services to the pharmaceutical and herbal industries, physicians, pharmacists and consumers.

Seven Seas Limited
Health and nutrition products

Vitamex AB

Affiliate Members:

Ross Products
Columbus, OH

The Procter & Gamble Company
Mason, OH

Tom' of Maine
Kennebunk, ME

Next Codex Mtgs Re Vitamin Issue
CCNFSDU in Berlin
June 19- June 23, 2000
47th Session of Codex Executive
June 28-June 30, 2000 in Geneva

What to Do:
Contact Your Countries Delegate to the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use
(Beth Yetley in USA, Margaret Cheney in Canada)
Tell Them To Oppose the Draft Guidelines for Vitamins and Minerals & That the Paper Titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients" Is Unscientific, Biased Against Vitamin Use, Was Paid for by Pharmaceutical Interests, Is Anti Consumer, And a Complete Expose Is Available at
International Advocates for Health Freedom is a true grass roots, decentralized movement of vitamin consumers world wide opposed to the pharmaceutically rigged Codex Shell Game, to the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and to all Statist Elements of Coersion, Wherever they may be found, anywhere in the world. As Free people, we are Sovereign over our own BODIES, With a God Given Unalienable Right to Ingest Any Substance of Our Choosing, (Especially Vitamins and Minerals) Into OUR BODIES As We See Fit.

We hereby put all unelected CODEX bureaucrats,UN and WTO Supporters World Wide,Employees of the FDA, HPB, MCA, MCC and similar drug cartel stooges on NOTICE that We Believe Strongly in the American Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms As Well as in the Right to Freedom of Speech & In All Unalienable God Given Rights, Both Numerated and Unenumerated, As Set Forth in the 9th Amendment to the United States Constitutition.

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