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Subject: Chaos Theory and Trace Mineral Analysis - Solid Food For Thought on What is Wrong with the NAS Risk Assessment Paper
From: John Hammell
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2000 14:50:42 -0500

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The NAS paper titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Intake Levels for Nutrients" totally ignores bioechemical individuality, and employs a rigid, linear approach to understanding human nutrition that is not consistent with the truth of how complex dynaamic natural systems, such as our bodies, actually work. It attempts to force us all into the same mold, ignoring our many biochemical differences and individual needs.

Dr.Malter on the IAHF list sent me this excellent article, Chaos Theory and Trace Mineral Analysis which I encourage all of you to read. I have asked Dr.Malter to consider critically examining the NAS paper in light of his views on Chaos Theory, and I hope he will, because I need this sort of expose to bring to Congress- I need some more of you with science backgrounds to take the time to download and critically review the NAS paper which is being positioned at Codex as "The Gold Standard" on vitamin safety.

The DSB of the WTO will use it to force the USA to harmonize our dietary supplement laws to the emerging Codex standard, unless we can expose the NAS paper as scientifically fraudulent. You can download the NAS paper from or view it at the NAS Paper section of this website.

Please help me do this work - I can't do it alone, I don't have a science background - I can see the truth of whats going on, but I need some of you with scientific credentials to help me with solid ammunition or my hands are tied. We've been blocked from the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee from getting an oversight hearing on the Codex vitamin issue, but there are still some other possible doors to knock on, but I need better ammunition- I need you guys to help, so please do- this is a true grass roots effort! Please forward this to more people- if anyone doesn't grasp whats going on, please go to the Codex oversight section at or call me at 800-333-2553!

Chaos Theory and Trace Mineral Analysis

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Since I wrote my article on "Trace Mineral Analysis and Psychoneuroimmunology" a few years ago, I have had an opportunity to read James Gleick's excellent book on Chaos theory (Chaos: Making a New Science) and John Briggs' Fractals: the Patterns of Chaos. Chaos theory was a very exciting discovery for me because I believe it is highly relevant to research and clinical applications of Trace Mineral Analysis (TMA). Chaos theory is based on non-linear mathematical models which are better suited to pattern analysis of complex dynamic natural systems operating over time. Chaotic dynamic systems are subject to feedback. "Systems that change radically through their feedback are called 'non-linear' ". "In non-linear systems…, the folding and refolding of feedback quickly magnifies small changes so that the effect…seems all out of proportion to the cause. Non-linear systems behave non-linearly because they are so webbed with positive feedback that the slightest twitch anywhere may become amplified into an unexpected convulsion or transformation" (p. 19). As Peter Oppenheimer notes, "one of the messages of chaos theory is that no matter how good a scientific model or formula, there is always a fundamental unpredictability and uncertainty driving dynamic systems" (p. 90).

Virtually all medical and psychological research is based on linear models involving simple cause and effect relationships, usually reflected in correlations which are analyzed and interpreted statistically. Even in research utilizing multivariate analysis, the underlying mathematical models are still linear. Chaos theory is based on non-linear mathematical models which are better suited to pattern analysis of dynamic natural systems operating over time. TMA data and the profiles generated from them reflect one such dynamic natural system, namely the psycho-physiological system whose primary mechanism is the stress response. Nutrient minerals play a major role in the stress response. Minerals contribute to the regulation of the stress response and they are also affected by this response mechanism.

The unique characteristic of TMA is that the measured nutrient minerals, when reported in a certain organized manner, reflect psycho-physiological patterns showing the interrelationships between these minerals and the metabolic functions which they regulate. The pioneering TMA work of Drs. David Watts and Paul Eck resulted in their discovery of distinct nutrient mineral patterns which are parallel to the pattern discoveries of Mandelbrot in his research on natural phenomena that have chaos within the pattern. One of Mandelbrot's discoveries was that natural patterns are the same regardless of the magnitude of the particular scale used to measure the phenomenon.

Similarly, in a TMA, the patterns of fast and slow oxidation are clearly distinct from each other, but within each basic pattern, one can find variations in terms of degree of variation, but the configuration of the pattern is the same. For example, we find patterns of slightly slow oxidation, moderately slow oxidation, and very slow oxidation. But, the basic configuration of a slow oxidizer pattern is the same. This is clinically important because the same combination of nutrient supplements will generally be effective for any degree of slow oxidation because the pattern reflecting these metabolic dynamics is the same. The same principle applies to fast oxidizers.

Another way in which Chaos theory is helpful in understanding and clinically using TMA is that it provides a scientific foundation for dealing with both order and chaos within individual TMA patterns. For example, when there is "dumping" or elimination of one or more toxic metals from a person's system, a temporary chaotic pattern may appear in the TMA. Chaos theory helps to account for these temporary chaotic phases in an orderly pattern. The theory also informs us that, when dealing with complex natural systems such as the psycho-physiological system with all of its dynamic interacting neuro-endocrine, neuromuscular, immunological, and metabolic components, prediction will be greatly limited as to when chaos will occur. A good example has to do with the question of when a copper "dump" will occur in a particular individual. Sometimes, we see evidence that it occurs very quickly as in the case of the 9 year-old hyperactive boy described in my journal article. In other cases, copper dumping may not occur for several years. This was also described and illustrated at the end of the article.

Chaotic patterns may also be observed in the TMA patterns of some ADHD individuals in response to Ritalin. Drugs and medications often create chaos in the mineral pattern. This is why there may be very different TMA patterns of different individuals who are diagnosed ADHD and treated with Ritalin. If one understands the underlying principles and concepts of TMA, it is then possible to see the ordered pattern within what appears to be chaos. My hunch is that chaos in response to a drug or medication will usually be associated with (1) an unintended de-tox or elimination of a toxic metal or (2) a side effect involving a disruption of a critical mineral balance affecting psycho-physiological regulation.

I believe that one of the most common adverse effects of many different types of medications has to do with a significant loss of magnesium from tissue reserves. The magnesium loss is induced by the stimulant or diuretic effect of many different medications. The manner in which a magnesium loss appears in a TMA often reflects a chaotic deviation from a normal pattern. But, it may be highly significant clinically for a particular person. TMA data and the concepts related to them help us a great deal in making sense of the various types of drug side effects reported in the PDR. When we know whether a medication has primarily a sympathetic or para-sympathetic effect, then we can look for chaos in the nutrient mineral patterns of a TMA in order to see what specific nutrient minerals are also affected.

From a research standpoint, the application of chaos theory and the use of TMA can greatly empower a research design by helping to organize it according to oxidation type or subtypes. Examining several TMA patterns (for the same person) over time presents the researcher or clinician with a picture of metabolic order and chaos that reflect important dynamics of the natural psycho-physiological system. This paradigm may be used to explore the effects of vitamins, minerals, herbs, drugs, hormones, etc. With this approach, we give up the scientific illusion of control of isolated variables in order to see more clearly how a complex dynamic natural system really works with many different individual variations. This brings us back to some of the basic fundamental nutritional concepts of Dr. Roger Williams, especially his concept of biochemical individuality.

Related to the concept of biochemical individuality is a dynamic historical perspective of biochemical changes that are reflected in TMA data and patterns. This perspective is described in my brief article entitled Biochemistry and Psycho-diagnostics: A Historical Perspective. There is good reason to believe that, since the end of World War II, major changes have occurred in the underlying biochemistry of large numbers of people. These underlying biochemical changes have significant clinical implications in regard to health maintenance and prevention of disease as well as in the treatment of disease.

I strongly believe that one of the key factors in alternative approaches in the various health care fields involves the ability to make some important paradigm shifts. Having used TMA personally and clinically for the past 15 years, I am convinced that it can be a powerful clinical and research tool. But, new paradigms and concepts are required in order to understand its clinical value and applications. Many of the confusions and difficulties with this laboratory instrument are directly related to the application of linear-based scientific and clinical concepts that do not adequately fit the complex dynamic phenomena reflected in a TMA. Chaos theory and non-linear models are much more appropriate for understanding TMA data and patterns because their greatest value is in application to complex dynamic natural bio-psychological phenomena. With this perspective, it is possible to see much more clearly how the mind and body really interact. Many more adaptive mechanisms of the body are also evident when chaos theory is applied to the clinical perspective.

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