To: Nichole Hastings
Subject: The (Inconvenient) Truth! NPICenter = Pharma Cartel Massive Conflict of Interest Documented and Exposed Next Codex Meeting re: Vitamins June 19 in Berlin
From: John Hammell
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 03:50:48 -0500

Everyone: It is of critical importance that you forward this widely.

The next Codex meeting re vitamins starts June 19 in Berlin.

The FDA has greased the skids to push the Codex vitamin proposal through to completion this summer over our objections. The rampant conflict of interest within NPICenter and throughout the supplement industry explains why you never heard any of this before from anywhere but IAHF and allied groups. Forward widely/read carefully!

NPICenter Sponsored by Warner Lambert, http://NPICENTER.COM/newsletter/index.html

NPICenter sponsors of CRN and NNFA (Scroll to
bottom of site)

CRN's members include pharmaceutical giants Bayer, BASF,Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, AHP, Hoffman La Roche, Daiichi Fine Chemical, Warner Lambert, Lanier, Smithkline Beecham

The TRUTH, Nichole- Sure is INCONVENIENT, eh?

Many details of pharmaceutical take over plan revealed below.

(NPICenter will sure never tell you any of this, and now you know WHY they attack me with ad hominem attacks and don't respond to the substance of my message....they CAN'T !)


A few days ago, in an effort to communicate regarding the Codex problem, I sent an email to Nichole Hastings of NPICenter (http://www.NPICENTER.COM) not fully realizing that NPICENTER itself is mired in a hopeless conflict of interest, which is why Hastings just engaged in an ad hominem attack against me, (see way below) and is clearly the reason she has no interest in examining the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom. If she did, she'd be fired from NPICenter(!)

Warner Lambert (Capsugel div.) sponsors the news section of NPICenter's website and has an ad there. See (Explaining why it doesn't bother Nichole at all that an employee of Warner Lambert chairs NNFA's International Committee, which determined NNFA's pro pharmaceutical, pro FDA position on Codex in which they endorse the unscientific and fraudulent paper titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients" (more on this later)

Moreover, NPICenter are "proud sponsors of the Council for Responsible Nutrition" (Scroll down to the bottom of NPICenter's website) Then when we go on the website of CRN at ...and just exactly _WHO_ do we FIND?

How about Bayer, BASF, Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, AHP, Hoffman La Roche, Daiichi Fine Chemicals, Warner Lambert, Lanier, SmithKline Beecham.... THE PROBLEM... is INESCAPABLE!

No WONDER Nichole Hastings isn't interested in doing anything to try to EXPOSE conflict of interest inside NNFA, CRN, or Citizens for Health, (the treasurer of which is also an employee of Warner LAmbert, corporate sponsors of NPICenter. This all may seem bad enough, but it gets WORSE:

MUCH WORSE- The skids have been greased at Codex which meets next on June 19th, and NPICenter, (along with CRN, NNFA, and CfH) are doing nothing to try to stop it:

To understand FULLY why the drug cartel is pushing so hard to infiltrate and control the supplement industry, see what Dr.Matthias Rath has to say at Rath and Pauling discovered a nutritional cure for the worlds #1 killer: cardiovascular disease. Heart drugs constitute the largest sector of pharmaceutical profits, and Pauling and Rath's discovery threatens their whole industry in an unprecedented way, so they are pulling out ALL the stops in an effort to DESTROY the your access to high potency vitamins (except by prescription)- and they're VERY close to succeeding- the next Codex meeting of the Committee on Nutrition begins June 19th- and due to the tactics exposed herein, they have greased the skids and are poised to drive the vitamin proposal through to completion.

On his website, Rath states that he was attacked by name in the British Medical Journal, and that BMJ massively attacked one of his nutritional formulas (designed to prevent heart disease) and the fact that he was allegedly making "false claims" in his website. So BMJ called for massive restrictions to be placed on internet websites in order to block claims such as Rath's from being made.

 It should thus come as no surprise that the Clinton Administration plans on giving FDA $10 Million in the Fiscal Year 2001 Budget to target websites. See the announcment about this on FDA's website at Http:// and call your Congressman at 202-225-3121 to request that the money NOT be budgeted to the FDA for the purpose of regulating the web. The FDA doesn't say they will attack vitamin companies- they say the purpose is to attack illegal pharamceutical websites selling prescription drugs like viagra, but they have a tendency to abuse their power and we know they'll attack vitamin companies, especially given the BMJ article against Rath.

The FDA has just announced their most recent assault on the first amendment at where they have issued a comments period on their "Guidance for Industry: Significant Scientific Agreement in the Review of Health Claims for Conventional Foods and Dietary Supplements.

The Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO can then FORCE any nation to conform to the Codex vitamin standard by threatening to impose massive trade sanctions if they DON'T. The WTO has already forced many changes to US law in this way, and are consistently forcing changes to any laws, world wide that interfere with corporate profits.

Getting DEEPER into this FETID CESSPOOL we find that John Hathcock, CRN's Vice President of Nutritional & Regulatory Science, (and one of their reps at CODEX meetings) used to work directly with Beth Yetley at FDA (Yetley is the sole member of the US Codex delegation to the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use with any VOTING POWER at Codex meetings.) Is it any surprise to learn that Hathcock is a staunch supporter of Yetleys position on the Codex Vitamin Issue? Is it any surprise that Hathcock is the originator of the fraudulent, unscientific "risk assessment" methods contained within the National Academy of Science paper titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients" ( Is it any surprise that the FDA put this paper on the table at Codex in an effort to help pharmaceutical interests move beyond the consumer generated impasse which threatened to block their takeover plans?

Is it any surprise that this paper advocates the use of fluoride and that it calls for mindless, unwarranted, unecessary "UPPER LIMITS" to be set on allowable vitamin potencies, or that it advocates that children 9 years and older consume a maximum level of 10 mg /day of the highly toxic poison FLUORIDE, which FDA has never approved for human consumption, but which they are currently advocating be consumed by people all over the world?

Isn't it INTERESTING how the drug cartel is controlling the vitamin trade associations all over the world? Isn't it also PREDICTABLE? And isn't it PREDICTABLE that they'd establish fake grass roots controlled opposition groups such as Citizens for Health in the USA and the Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom in Canada all over the world in order to CON consumers into participating in their own destruction? WAS DSHEA indeed a "victory"? Upon close inspection we find that it established a 3rd category "neither foods, nor drugs" as an INTERIM step to COMPLETE pharmaceutical regulation as drugs.

The drug cartel couldn't take IMMEDIATE control of the supplement industry in America in one fell swoop- they had to move towards this control by DEGREES, gradually inching towards the control they want til they can SPRINT for the finish line, without be EXPOSED!

Ron Birckhead tried to warn us about this process years ago from Norway where he used to be a vitamin distributor til he was driven out of business. Ron was the first to expose the pharmaceutical takeover pattern. Interestingly, when he first started seeing Norway change their laws to make them more restrictive, he approached Alex Schauss asking Alex to help him start a CHAPTER of Citizens for Health in Norway. He asked Alex if he could put him in touch with someone there in Norway who could help him start his chapter. Alex put him in touch with a guy named Dag Viljen Poleszynski, a doctoral candidate in nutrition at the University of Oslo who knew all about the vitamin issue.

At first, Ron thought Dag was a great helper, but over time he found that his most sensitive strategies were being LEAKED over to the Norwegian FDA before he could even BEGIN to make his moves. He was dumbfounded and at first couldn't figure out where the leak was coming from, but then he realized it had to be Dag, because some of the things he'd only TOLD to Dag, falsely believing that he could TRUST Dag. Once he realized that Dag was a plant, he looked into his background and discovered that Dag was a consultant to NONA the Norwegian Vitamin Trade Association. He learned that Dag had strongly advocated a change in the bylaws which allowed for voting by mail. This change enabled the supply side to get control away from the health food stores, which they kept in the dark while they proceeded to sell out to the highest bidder as pharmaceutical companies moved in to BUY UP up the manufacturers.

Before Ron distanced himself from Dag, Citizens for Health published a one paragraph blurb in their newsletter stating that health freedom was under unprecedented attack in Norway, but "never fear- CfH has a chapter there..." I saw this, called CfH wanting to know more so I could write a longer article about whatever was happening in Norway so that we could all learn from it. Alex Schauss refused to put me in tough with the guy in Norway (who I later learned by contacting him on line was Ron Birckhead, and I learned that the REASON Alex wouldn't put me in touch with Ron is because Ron had DITCHED dag the plant, so Alex couldn't put me in touch with Ron because Ron "knew too much" - and had exposed Dag as a plant.

When Alex refused to put me in touch with the guy in Norway, that was the third red flag I'd seen in which CfH's actions just weren't consistent with their stated PURPOSE (to defend health freedom) so I angrily informed Schauss of this and QUIT the organization, whereupon he picked up the phone and tried to get me FIRED from my job at Life Extension Foundation (!)

I didn't speak with Alex again after that til I found myself face to face with him at a Codex meeting in Bonn in '96 when we were both on the US Codex delegation. Alex feigned friendliness, and said "John, good ta see ya again, old buddy! I tell ya what: I'm gonna due ya a real favor. You'd have no way of knowing this if I didn't tell ya, but you've really got ta get AWAY from Ron Birckhead! He doesn't understand the way things are done here in Europe, and he's burned all his bridges over here. By associating with him, you're destroying your credibility, so I tell you what, I'm going to do you a REAL FAVOR! Theres someone here I'd like you to meet... he's right here on the Norwegian delegation. I want you to work with him instead of Ron. His name is Dag. You're gonna meet Dag and you're gonna like him too!" I played dumb, and pretended to not know that Dag was a drug cartel plant. I feigned interest, wanting to see what would happen next...

The next day a stranger approached during a coffee break from the Norwegian delegation, and started shmoozing me, started saying everything he thought I'd want to hear, rather like a used car salesman- it was that thick and heavy. All the while that he was talking, I could see Dag peering out from the sides of his glasses at me as he scrutinized my face, trying to read my body language, trying to gauge how I was reacting to his words. So I again feigned interest, shook his hand, took his business card, and promised to get in touch with him by email after the meeting.

The next day at another coffee break, Alex was talking with Dag, probably to see how it had gone with me when he saw me come up. I intentionally approached to see what might happen. Alex says with phony enthusiasm, "John, come on over hee I want you to meet my friend Dag! Dag, meet John, John you've never met Ron Birckhead, but Dag has and Dag knows what Ron is like, so Dag, why dontcha tell John what ya think of Ron!" (Taking his cue, and their acting was terrible and totally unbelievable) Dag chimes in with "I'm not a psychiatrist, but in my opinion, Ron is very paranoid. None of the things he's saying about what is going on here in Europe or in Norway are true! He just doesn't understand the way things are done over here!" At which point Alex interjects with "See, John?!?!?! I TOLD you you should listen to Dag! You stick with Dag, and you won't go wrong again!

(Gauging my reaction and seeing me unmoved Alex starts looking WORRIED and ANXIOUS at this point, so he then says "John, Ron thinks that just because he's American, he thinks he has the RIGHT to break Norwegian law and to sell high potency vitamins that are ILLEGAL THERE, so Ron is a CRIMINAL! Why are you associating with a CRIMINAL???"

At THIS point, I got angry, VERY angry and I said "Alex, I have a LOT of respect for Ron Birchead, he is risking EVERYTHING in an effort to help suffering people who really NEED high potency vitamins in Norway, people with cancer and other serious illnesses who could DIE if he weren't helping them. Ron has spent his LIFE'S SAVINGS on a successful lawsuit which is the ONLY REASON Norwegians haven't lost access to Vitamin C and Vitamin E POWDER!!! So, Alex, save your BREATH! I KNOW who YOU are! I KNOW who DAG is! I KNOW WHY you didn't want to put me in touch with Ron back in the states when I asked you for his number! I KNOW that CfH is a FRONT GROUP, Alex, and I intend to TELL people about it!" I then pointedly TURNED MY BACK on him, took 2 steps in the OPPOSITE direction, he grabbed my shoulder to get me to turn and face him, and he stuck his FACE one INCH from mine as he SCOWLED at me and he SNARLED in a VERY LOUD but theatrically subdued voice "John- If you don't GET AWAY from Ron Birckhead and LISTEN to what I'm saying, I AM GONNA HAVE TO _END_ YOUR CAREER!"

I got VERY angry at this point and said "Alex, you can KISS MY ASS!" and I walked away.

Well a very interesting thing happened at that meeting and Alex figured prominently in trying to suppress it on behalf of his German pharmaceutical clients. Prior to the meeting, a Canadian motion had been put on the Codex table of the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use at the previous meeting of the Committee in Vancouver. The Canadian motion was to create a "negative" or "no trade" list for herbs, in order to BAN the sale of numerous safe and effective herbs from international commerce so that they couldn't compete with prescription drugs and so that drug companies could begin monopolizing their sale as "drugs".

Prior to the meeting, I knew this motion would come up in Bonn, so I went up to Canada and stirred everyone up. I TOLD the Canadians about it, and discussed it in an article in Life Extension Magazine, urging everyone, world wide, to tell their Codex delegates they OPPOSED this motion. I ESPECIALLY exhorted Canadians to complain to their members of Parliament in Ottawa about this, which they DID, in DROVES. So, before the meeting in Bonn, before I left the states, I called the Canadian HPB (FDA) wanting to talk with Margaret Cheney, their Codex rep, to see if she intended to BACK OFF from the negative list proposal for herbs.

Well I didn't get her on the phone, I got her underling, Ron Burke, a real spin master. I asked him what Cheney intended to do given that Canadians were complaining in large numbers about this to their MPS, and Burke said mockingly "Yes, Mr. Hammell, we at the HPB are VERY responsive to the will of the Canadian people, and so Mr. Hammell, when you are in Bonn, with YOUR OWN TWO EYES Mr. Hammell, you will SEE Dr.Cheney BACK OFF from the negative list proposal for herbs, but wouldn't you agree Mr. Hammell, that many of these herbs are DANGEROUS, and that the public must be protected from them?" I replied "Mr. Burke, you are talking out of two sides of your mouth, you speak with forked tongue, so I tell you what: When I am in Bonn, I will see whatever Dr.Cheney does or doesn't do, and I will see what she says or doesn't say, and WHATEVER she says or doesn't say, or does or doesn't do, REST ASSURED that I will report back to not only the CANADIAN people, but to vitamin and herb consumers WORLD WIDE!"

So, I go to Bonn. Much to my surprise, Alex Schauss of CfH is there on the US delegation trying to shmooze me, trying to get me away from an American who had moved to Norway to set up a vitamin distribution business only to run headlong into a pharmaceutical takeover campaign that had almost driven him from business. So Dr.Cheney stands of at the beginning of the meeting and announces curtly that Canada was backing off from the negative list for herbs motion in deference to the will of the Canadian people. She then sat back down, and judging from her body language, she hadn't meant a word she'd just said, and had more up her sleeve... turned out I was right. At the end of the meeting, days later, she stands again and says "I've been thinking about the negative list proposal for herbs and have decided that there really isn't enough time or expertise within this committee to properly address the matter, which WHO is really better equipped for, so I hereby make a motion to shift herbs OUT of Codex and over to WHO so they can address this issue!"

She sat back down. Immediately I could see the members of the German, French, Swiss, and Italian delegatios literally swivel in their chairs and peer expectantly in the direction of the US delegation and all eyes in the room were then fixed on Dr.Beth Yetley of the US FDA, the only one on our delegation with voting power. As if on cue, Yetley stands and SECONDS the motion, followed in quick succession by Germany,France, Switzerland, and Italy who all raised THEIR hands.

The whole thing had very clearly been orchestrated, and didn't surprise me at all, especially when Cheney and Yetley had been studiously avoiding me during coffee breaks and lunch during the week long meeting when I tried to approach in order to talk with them.

The significance of the motion to shift herbs away from Codex to WHO is that under Codex they would at least have status as FOODS, while WHO regards herbs to be "drugs". Moreover, consumers have at least SOME access to Codex in that we can at least ATTEND their meetings (even if it means crossing the ocean which most can't afford, and even though we can't VOTE at the meetings, or even be called on to say a few words! The shift to WHO for herbs was an effort to STEAL the herbs. The effort to STEAL the herbs and turn them into "drugs" is ongoing as biopirates, such as S.Africa's Peter Folb, have contracts with pharmaceutical companies to pick the brains of African medicine men and to turn the herbs into drugs which can be patented and sold for huge profits, while doing nothing to compensate the African healers whose brains they picked for knowledge that they've had for thousands of years.

The interesting thing was this: After the meeting, Schauss knew that I would be writing an article about what happened, and he knew he had to counter it with spin. So he wrote a 14 page article, filled with copious detail, telling EVERYTHING that happened at the meeting except for ONE THING! (You guessed it, he said NOTHING about what took place re the negative list proposal for herbs, because his CLIENTS clearly wouldn't WANT him too!

Some more light was shed on this when I went to the FDA and on public file I found correspondence between the European American Phytomedicines Coalition and the FDA urging them to regulate herbs as drugs so that they could make claims like in Germany, and I found letters from the German and French embassies making the same request of FDA, on behalf of the EAPC, which consists of some American and Canadian herb companies, including Nature's Way, that are teamed up with pharmaceutical companies, such as Madaus and Schwabe, Nature's Ways German partners....

(See letter from German embassy to FDA asking that herbs be regulated as "drugs". The letter was written on behalf of the EAPC.

(See list of companies in the EAPC

Nature's Way is licensed by FDA as an OTC drug manufacturer and state this in their website. Most American herb companies aren't. If FDA had granted the EAPC's wish, Nature's Way would have been in position to dominate the industry and drive most of their smaller competitors out of business because they wouldn't be able to afford the expense involved to pass an FDA HACCP inspection on their plant.

(Jorg Grunwald has documented the fact that many German phytopharmaceutical companies have sold out to large pharmaceutical companies, and discusses this trend in an article titled "The European Phytomedicines Market: Figures, Trends, Analyses by Jörg Grünwald, Ph.D. Director, Medical-Scientific Department, Lichtwer Pharma GmbH Berlin, Germany

Grunwald also discusses this in "Germany Moves to the Forefront of the European Herbal Medicines Industry" at

I stated previously that in Norway, Dag Poleszynski, the plant that Alex Schauss sent to Ron Birckhead who undermined Ron's health freedom effort there by engineering the pharmaceutical takeover of NONA the vitamin trade association there by encouraging a change in the bylaw to allow for voting by mail. This enabled the supply side to get control away from the health food stores enabling them to sell out to pharmaceutical companies while keeping the health food stores and the public in the dark. Health freedom has since been destroyed in Norway where it is illegal to buy more than 200 mg of vitamin C in a capsule and all other vitamins are also heavily restricted.

Is the same thing happening now in the USA? At NNFA's trade show last summer in Las Vegas, they held a business meeting in part to address a proposed change to the bylaws. The change was to allow for voting by mail. Some NNFA member clients of mine wanted me to represent them at this business meeting in order to speak out against this bylaw by discussing what it led to in Norway.

I never had the chance to tell anyone because I was removed from the business meeting by Security Guards before I had the chance. They also stopped me from distributing a 2 page flyer at the meeting by using security guards against me. They threatened to throw me off the premises entirely if they I didn't stop distributing my flyer which you can view below if you'd like to know what they're trying to CENSOR.

After the meeting, I submitted an article exposing all of this to "To Your Health" magazine in NYC. Their attorneys advised them not to publish it unless they first called NNFA to see if they wanted a chance to rebut my statements. NNFA badmouthed me, but had nothing to rebut me with, so "To Your Health" ran my article in their September issue.

Gary Null was outraged when I told him what was going on. He wanted me to go on his nationally syndicated radio show "Natural Living With Gary Null" to discuss it. He called Randy Dennin of Warner Lambert (Capsugel) Chair of NNFA's International Committee which backs the NAS Risk Assessment paper at Codex along with FDA's pro pharmaceutical position to try to get Dennin to debate me on the air. Dennin refused. So did other spokesmen for NNFA.

NOW Foods distributed a 2 page flyer of mine to a lot of health food stores to call attention to all of this. It contained no obscenity, just facts. NOW ran it past their legal staff to make sure it wasn't libelous. It wasn't. NNFA's reaction to this flyer was to use security guards against me to stop me from disseminating it at their meeting in Vegas.

NNFA and CRN told Congressman Burton that a hearing on the Codex vitamin issue "isn't necessary" (!)

Sure isn't, especially not when it would keep NNFA, and CRN's pharmaceutical members, and NPICenters pharmaceutical sponsors from being able to sell high potency vitamins as prescription drugs in the USA. Just curious, how much money has Bayer, BASF, Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, AHP, Hoffman La Roche, Daiichi Fine Chemicals, Warner Lambert, Lanier, SmithKline Beecham given to members of Congress, especially to members of the House Government Reform and Oversight Hearing? I intend to find out by calling the Federal Election Commission at 800-424-9530

The problem... is INESCAPABLE

John, et al.,

It was an error that you received my list -However I do appreciate you letting me know. You do not have a right to use it and to broadcast a personal conversation between you and I to the world. I have been compassionate towards your circumstances for many years. It is troubling that due to a disagreement between us you would send a private conversation between you and I to your list and my fellow colleagues. I don't know when you became vindictive but it is a very sad thing to see happen.

I see from your website that Capsugel(Warner Lambert) is one of your corporate sponsors, and that NPICenter is a proud sponsor of CRN.

And just who belongs to CRN?

I see Archers Daniel Midlands,AHP, BASF, Bayer, Cargill,Daiichi Fine Chemicals,Leiner, Roche, SmithKline Beecham, and on and on and on and on.


No wonder you're not interested in any of the facts I've been trying to call to your attention. It would be a direct conflict of interest. THIS is the problem. THIS sure does illustrate how health freedom is being destroyed, world wide. I would now like to THANK you for being so insulting, because if you HADN'T BEEN I wouldn't have taken this close a look at NPICenter or at you.

Try this on for size: "Stop whining John, grow some hair and be a man!"

As long as you are going to engage in statements like this, and make ad hominem attacks, while utterly ignoring factual evidence in websites such as the NAS paper that you've never read which is at a website I told you about, and as long as you fail to examine such things as the events in Seattle through an unbiased media source, it is most unwise to email your entire mailing list out into cyberspace by using "cc" instead of "bcc".

As for anything being "private" I consider it to be important for the consuming public to know the truth about how pharmaceutical interests have infiltrated and are in the process of taking over the dietary supplement industry, much as they appear to control NPICenter?

Its important for people to understand the dynamics through which the wool is being pulled over people's eyes, and its important for people to see the degree to which people who could do something to stop it won't because they can't admit to themselves that they've been unwitting pawns, or that they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction by refusing to examine the truth.

The truth is that:

1) NNFA is allowing an employee of Warner Lambert pharmaceutical company to chair its international committee.

2) Due to this conflict of interest, NNFA's International Committee is endorsing an unscientific paper called "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients" which FDA illegally put on the table at Codex.

3) I have a letter from Congressman Burton to the FDA telling then NOT to put that paper on the table at Codex, but Yetley ignored it. She clearly has nothing to fear from the Chairman of the House Government Reform Committee. She takes her marching orders from people whose names we don't even know and will likely never be able to even find out as the FDA is now, and has always been manipulated by pharmaceutical interests.

4) Burton was going to hold an oversight the Codex vitamin issue, but NNFA told them that a hearing "wasn't necessary". Is NNFA caught in a conflict of interest? Does NNFA's 1998 Membership Directory list BASF,Rhone Poulenc, and other pharmaceutical companies as members? Is an employee of Warner Lambert the Chair of NNFA's International Committee?

5) Is this same individual the current Treasurer of Citizens for Health?

6) Why did Citizens for Health attempt to stop me from getting the FDA Reform Bill amended in '97? They sent a fax to Congressman Paul's office urging Paul and his staff not to listen to me, and which diametrically opposed everything I was saying to Paul. Fortunately, Congressman Paul did not listen to what CfH attempted to say to him or we wouldn't have gotten the "Dear Colleague" letter out to every member of Congress in order to wake them up to the need to remove dietary supplements from the harmonization language in the FDA Reform Bill.

7) Many people in the supplement industry don't understand the concept of controlled opposition, and get sucked in by it. They don't understand how pharmaceutical interests create phony organizations which they control from the top down which APPEAR on the surface to "fight for health freedom" while in reality they're steering the masses in order to UNDERMINE health freedom.

I myself was once a member of CfH until I could see the truth.

We have seen the same sort of controlled opposition in several other countries.

When I first realized that I had been used, for a very long time by CfH, I felt angry!

For a while I had also been sucked in by another controlled opposition group in Canada, the Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom, but it too is a false front. Some true grass roots health freedom fighters in Canada helped me see through them eventually.

There are a large number of individuals who poured their blood, sweat & tears into DSHEA and there are a significant number of individuals who are working to keep it's provisions safe. Most do so in a manner that is different from yours. It is unfortunate that you are not able to appreciate the efforts of these individuals.

I was for DSHEA until the final weeks of its movement when far too many concessions were made at which time I did everything in my power to kill the bill.

In retrospect, I can see DSHEA for what it always was all along- the effort to create the third category, "neither foods nor drugs" is being made world wide as part of a pharmaceutical effort to undermine and eventually SUBSUME this industry. The truth of this is irrefutable, but you're so ensconce in your comfort zone that you just can't believe it, you don't WANT to believe it.

Without an awareness of what is happening in other countries, you wouldn't be able to see this. You lack the integrity necessary to examine the truth of what I'm saying because it appears to be psychologically impossible for you to consider the fact that you are being used, and that you have been an unwitting pawn for many years.

John, as you know, for almost a decade, I have made earnest attempts to communicate with you, listen to you and I have given you significant credit for the fact that you sincerely believe in what you are doing. However, this will be my last communication with you in any form at all. It is reprehensible for you to broadcast a private conversation between us, disseminate my e-mail address without my permission and begin bombarding my colleagues with unsolicited e-mail. I made an honest response to your email. I could have ignored you (which I now realize I should have done), however, I opted to answer you with sincerity. "With sincerity" (?) "Stop whining John, grow some hair and be a man!"

At any point have you ever READ the NAS paper which FDA illegally put on the table at Codex?

At any point have you ever examined the TRUTH of what I am saying about conflict of interest in this industry?

No,you prefer to go through life with blinders on. The truth is of no consequence to you. Its so much easier to believe in the big lie, especially when to confront it would mean accepting the fact that you've been used for many years and that you're STILL being used today.

I firmly disagree with your tactics and the language you use to express your opinion. I firmly believe that what took place in Seattle was a travesty and much of the trouble was created by people who behaved very badly. However, I have never been vindictive towards you. I am truly saddened that this is how you have chosen to respond.

You have never attempted to learn what even HAPPENED in Seattle. Just as you obviously believe the network news reports, because you dislike me and regard me to be totally unreliable, you fail to examine an unbiased website which shows EXACTLY what happened, which shows what the networks selectively OMITTED from their reports in an effort to manipulate public opinion. You have never studied the World Trade Organization, you don't know how it works or why it poses a threat, so you have no yardstick by which to assess any of this. You weren't in Seattle as an eyewitness the way I was, but because you regard me to be a raving idiot, you discount everything I say. You say that you are "saddened" by how I have chosen to respond? You'd be even sadder than this if you were to examine the truth of what I'm saying, but the truth doesn't seem to be of any importance to you at all- its easier to engage in ad hominem attacks than it is to examine the substance of what I am saying.

The differences between people and our freedom to share those differences is what makes people unique among all living creatures. Sometimes we learn from differences of opinion, thought and approach. Sometimes we choose to attack them.

I wish you the best success in your efforts. I know, that even though we disagree, you have the best of intentions.

-Nichole Hastings

You have no basis for even KNOWING if you agree or disagree with what I'm saying, because you haven't even LOOKED at what I'm saying.

The National Academy of Sciences is supported by multi million dollar pharmaceutical grants.

Because they aren't part of the government, they aren't subject to FOIL. So we can't get their raw data or the COs of the authors of their paper "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients"

But you haven't read this paper, so you remain, by CHOICE at this point, blissfully unaware of its contents, or of the IMPLICATIONS of its being put on the table at Codex by the FDA.

Because you are a follower of the HERD, you don't QUESTION this paper at all. You ACCEPT it, sight unseen, because it is endorsed by NNFA and because you no doubt share the very prevalent view that Randy Dennin of Capsugel (Warner Lambert) is a "nice guy".

Clearly, pharmaceutical interests can come waltzing right smack dab into the middle of this industry, because they are "nice guys" and only a few of us are looking closely at what they are doing.

The truth of this situation is that members of NNFA are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

The same exact thing happened in Norway. You can ask Ron Birckhead. He tried to stop it there. It has also happened in Australia, South Africa, Canada, and its not by some mere "chance" that things are unfolding as they are.

When I tell you that the Ito has forced this country to start dismantling our laws, you don't examine the irrefutable truth of this because "you are busy".

Ah yes, so many people are marching in lockstep like sheep to the cliff.

Ignore me.

You're clearly not going to check out what I'm saying as long as you're in the comfort zone that you're in, but a time will come when you'll be driven out of business by what I've been bending over backwards to try to show you.

And then it will be too late. Too late for you, and too late for many others who are following you, sheeplike in blissful ignorance, too busy or lazy to remove the blinders from their eyes.


IAHF:(International Advocates for Health Freedom) PO Box 625 Floyd, Virginia,24091, USA 800-333-2553, overseas: 540-745-6534, 540-745-6535 fax, email:

Help Get a Codex Oversight Hearing:
Call Beth Clay at 202-225-5074

House Government Reform and Oversight Committee- See Codex Oversight Section of IAHF website for more info.

If You Belong to NNFA- Ask Them Why They Oppose Having a Codex Oversight Hearing, and Ask Why They Don't Enforce Article 14.3 in their Bylaws: (Conflict of Interest)

Ask why they don't kick Warner Lambert and the rest of the drug cartel OUT of NNFA!

Ask Why they endorse the NAS paper "A Risk Assessment Model For Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients" when it is being used illegally by the FDA to break past the consumer generated impasse at Codex. [See Codex Oversight Section]