Subject: Codex Anti Vitamin "System" About to be Enforced in Chile. Salud Natural informing the uninformed- Seeks Investigation Will Chilean AND American Vitamin Manufacturers, Health Food Stores, and consumers world wide Please WAKE UP!
From: John Hammell
Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 16:28:45 -0400

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Everyone: [See mssg from Salud Natural, Chilean health freedom group
below my comments.]

Ron Modra and Matthew Pinkerton are the leaders of Salud Natural, a true grass roots health freedom coalition in Chile who've been doing their best to stop the CODEX vitamin proposal from being shoved down their throats there. Modra owns a vitamin company in Chile called "Los Vitamigos" and is originally from Australia, which is how he speaks English. As you can see from this, well in advance of anything being finalized at Codex, the restrictive measures are already being put in place in Chile, catching most Chileans totally off guard. The repressive measures are being railroaded upon them despite Salud Natural's best efforts to fight back. Sound familiar?

IAHF will continue to support Salud Natural's efforts to get an investigation in Chile, but at the same time we seek to wake up sleeping American consumers, health food store owners, and vitamin manufacturers who continue to be lied to about Codex by CRN and NNFA which are being dominated by their pharmaceutical members.

Today I discussed the myopia with someone on the IAHF list who is accutely aware of it within his own company, a prominent American vitamin manufacturer which has a one of its top people being totally asleep at the switch despite my friend's best efforts to try to awaken him. This individual seems to attach some feeling of self importance to representing his company at both "Citizens for Health" (controlled opposition group that is not truly fighting for health freedom) and NNFA, which as we've demonstrated is clearly being controlled by its pharmaceutical members.

This myopic individual seems to fall into a class of industry execs who we classify as basically lazy, with a cushy job, wherein he just isn't prone to making waves- so he doesn't even WANT to LOOK at the things we're trying to say to warn him! He LIKES being his companies Citizens for Health and NNFA rep- gives him a feeling of prestige. He doesn't WANT to look at what we are saying. Result? His company is in serious jeopardy of being driven out of business and they don't even know it. Most of the American supplement industry, indeed, most of the industry world wide is in this situation and doesn't even know it. Sad. Many people are at risk of losing their lives and health due to this situation. I would like to tell you the name of the company in question, but can't. Many of you buy vitamins from them from health food stores nationwide. I am deeply saddened and angered by what I see happening.

To: "John Hammell"
Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 12:07:50 -0700
From: "Matthew Pinkerton"
Subject: Salud Natural informing the uninformed

Everybody is getting ready for the worst as the Codex system of suppressed health information and lower nutritional levels is about to be enforced in Chile.

This caught the people of Chile by surprised as almost no one knew very much about it until it was here.

The Salud Natural AG fought it and gained an extra 6 months, before it is suppossed to be enforced on July 30th 2000.

However the work of Dr Matthias Rath has been of immense help as his research is now being circulated. The government depts knew nothing of the relationship between big bussiness and Codex so for them it is a shock.

Those depts that did know are denying any input by Codex even though Codex papers are quote as sources in legislation guidelines, and what is being implemented here is identical to the Codex program.

An investigation is being called for by Salud Natural and several other bodies who have sinced learnt this was never a health issue. It is a giant marketing scam by the big vested interests in cooperation with people who should know better.

Ron Modra