Subject: Astroturf - Chilean style: Chilean Health Freedom Fighters Identify Pattern of Pharmaceutical Control of Vitamin Trade Association That We're Seeing World Wide.
From: John Hammell
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 23:45:27 -0500


Please read this report from the Chilean health freedom group Salud Natural carefully.

The pattern that Ron Modra, Matthew Pinkerton and the others in Salud Natural have uncovered in Chile re pharmaceutical interests controlling the vitamin trade association there is identical to what we have found here in the states, Canada, S.Africa, Norway, and other countries. Note that Modra relocated to Chile from Australia after pharmaceutical interests drove him out of the vitamin manufacturing business there, and now he's facing the same attack in Chile.

When are people going to wake up??? The proof is overwhelming, yet too often people are blind to what is happening right under their noses. THIS shows how CODEX is being rammed down our throats. World wide pharmaceutical interests are controlling the vitamins trade associations, which is why we in the grass roots must work VERY HARD to offset their influence.

To: John Hammell
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 09:59:16 -0800
From: Matthew Pinkerton

The first rule of any fight (if you want to win) is to know and understand the nature of your enemy. Its no good jumping into the ring ready to crack some heads when you have a bag over your head. Nor are you an asset in a fight if you think you can rely on your enemy for support.

This last statement seems a stupid thing to say a first, after all what football team depends on another's defensive. Well, I don't know of many footy teams who think this way but I sure do know a lot of would be successful health food freedom fighters who do not seem to able to learn the simple ability to recognise something for what it is.

To successfully find subversive enemies you must study your turf analytically, without emotion or regard to personal prejudices and stick to the facts. This is difficult to do because it usually means a cost, be it at a personal or a business level.

The best description of our enemy is provided by Dr Matthias Rath, a brilliant orthomolecular physician who was the late Dr. Linus Pauling's partner. His website exposes in detail the true nature and motivations of the pharmaceutical cartels.

He proves pharmaceutical companies are only interested in selling patented pharmaceutical drugs and that these drugs only sell in the presence of disease. The eradication of diseases inevitably destroys a multi billion dollar market of drugs as a source of revenue. This is a basic economic reality.

An example that comes to mind are those who would take money from pharmaceutical sources in order to fight them, apparently. Their reasoning? Without the money they would not survive ... there is that basic economic reality again.

Like the pharmaceutical companies their philosophy is money first.

Dr Rath shows how this overriding economic interest is the main reason why no medical breakthrough has been made for the control of the most common diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

For the same economic reason, the pharmaceutical lobbyists are employed to influence legislation, control regulatory agencies and manipulate medical research, education and health food trade/consumer organisations. Expensive advertising campaigns and PR agencies are also used to deceive the public.

The end result is a blatant conflict of interests between the departments/companies/organisations concern for freedom of health foods and the pharmaceutical interests whose money controls the executive level of these groups. A typical example of this is the Chilean organisation PRODALIN and its relationship with the pharmaceutical organisation Recalcine.

Astroturf - Chilean Style

PRODALIN presents itself to be a health food trade organisation concerned about the present attack on the freedom of health food supplements in Chile .In reality they are an organisation controlled by pharmaceutical interests via very slick twists of secret share holdings.

Two major members in PRODALIN are Garden House (a large multinational health food distributor in Latin America) and Nutraceutico (are large distributor of nutraceutical products).

Great effort has gone into hiding the fact Garden House and Nutraceutico are owned by Recalcine, a large Latin American pharmaceutical company which owns various pharmaceutical chains.

So how does the owner of Recalcine, Don Alejandro Weinstein, hide his controlling interests in Garden House?

Well, he buys a Swedish company which he uses in turn to buy Garden House. On the surface it looks like a foreign company is expanding its interests into Latin America but in reality a large home grown pharmaceutical company is infiltrating the Chilean health food market. Very sneaky.

It is interesting to note that while the Swedish company goes unnamed, Garden House has become in recent times the distributors of the Swedish Herbal Institute.

It is also very interesting to note that the Swedish Herbal Institute chooses to register its products as drugs, opting for an ISP number on its packaging as opposed to the norm for herbal products, a SESMA registration number.

In Chile all substances that enter the human digestive system are regulated by the Ministerio de Salud (MINSAL) [Ministry of Health]. Foods and drugs are regulated by separate MINSAL sub departments; the Insitute de Salud Publica (ISP) [Institute of Public Health] regulates pharmaceutical drugs while the Servicio de Salud Metropolitana Ambiente (SESMA) [Service of Metropolitan Health Environment] regulates foods.

So, we have a current of money that flows from the pharmaceutical company Recalcine to an unnamed Swedish company (Swedish Herbal Institute?) to Garden House to PRODALIN.

In the past Recalcine directly owned another "health food" company called Nutraceuitco. In recent years however it has decided to own it at "arms length" via the company Andronicus.

The reason for this move is apparent when it is realised Nutraceutico is also a major member of the astroturf organisation PRODALIN.

The man who supplied us with the majority of the company cross over information has experience in both the pharmaceutical and health food industries in Chile. He assured us that while what he was telling us was confidential information, this method was not unusual for Recalcine and other companies that wish to buy into opposing industries but wished to maintain the "clean image" of that bought company.

The triangle of financial intrigue is completed when we discovered that Garden House buys its raw material almost exclusively from Recalcine, and Garden House makes and packages Neutraceutico's products.

When asked to explain this obvious attempt to hide controlling interests Don Pablo Rodriguez, Chief Medical Officer of Laboratorios Recalcine, at first denied the relationship between the companies. By the end of the interview he had been reduce to admitting that, yes there was a relationship but only for commercial reasons ... well that makes all the difference doesn't it boys and girls.

So here we have a cash flow of pharmaceutical money within the share holding twists and financial turns of "health food" companies who are major members of an organisation (PRODALIN) which claims to have the interests of health food products as it top priority.

We were asked to believe that the financial connection has no bearing on the policies of the companies and organisation involved. So we decided to ignore the fact that they had gone to great pains to hide these "inconsequential" financial dealings and to test them on their past record.

Track record of PRODALIN

Two years ago Don Ronald Modra, General manager and owner of AMINAS (manufacture/distributor of health foods) decided he would join the ranks of PRODALIN.

Upon applying he went to an interview with PRODALIN's directors. During the conversation it became apparent that the goals of PRODALIN and Don Ronald were radically different.

Don Marcelo Navarro (a director of PRODALIN and General Manager of Garden House) had a "go with the flow" approach. He believed that it will always be possible to sell health foods so long as we (health food traders) conform to the correct procedures, laws and regulations laid down by the government. Codex is not an issue.

Don Ronald considered the exposure of pharmaceutical activities within the Chilean health food trade to be of top priority. His reasoning was (and still is),if you want to kill a weed you have to get at the roots, otherwise your looking at fighting the weed again next year with its root system more entrenched then before.

Don Ronald has since founded Salud Natural [Natural Health], a grassroots organisation that represents its members (health food manufacturers, retail outlets and consumers) at court in the defence of health food freedoms.

Until late last year PRODALIN was successfully keeping its genuine health food members in check. They had been assured that PRODALIN had guaranteed the creation of a new type of pharmaceutical retail outlet that would be used to sell health food supplements.

The genuine health food traders had been sold on the idea that the new category would kill off the smaller health food stores through the economic hurdles necessary to obtain registration to this category, thus giving them a larger market.

By the time the details of the new regulations came out it was obvious what Salud Natural had been saying for a year was true. There was never a new pharmaceutical retail category to accommodate health food organisations.

It became apparent that the executives of PRODALIN had presented the idea to the Health Ministry who said they would consider it. That consideration was then presented as a sure fact to its unaware members who swallowed it hook line and sinker.

Since this discovery PRODALIN has put in an application to halt the present change, too little too late. It no doubt will be enough to fool PRODALIN's members who are not noted for their insight.

Recalcine stands to make a considerable gain if natural products are sold as drugs in its pharmacies. It has bought the larger natural health food companies in Chile which will insure its products dominate the Chilean market.

Recacine's attempts to hide its control in Garden House and Nutraceutico shows they are aware of the conflict of interests between the two industries.

PRODALIN is largely supported by companies own by Recalcine and is control by executives of those companies. PRODALIN does not have the health food industry interests as top priority. PRODALIN has proven by its actions that it has other interests and the company crossovers show us what those intersts are pharmaceutical.

Business is the movement of money from A to B. In order for B to receive money from A it must give something in exchange which A considers to be of equal value. It is as simple as that.

If pharmaceutical interests are giving a health food organisation you belong to money its because they are receiving your help to control the health food industry whether you know/like/care or not.

They are not charity organisations, they are out to make money, no matter what the cost to you.

Matthew Pinkerton


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