by John Hammell


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I have been networking with a number of key Canadians who are frantically trying to galvanize the health movement there before Codex harmonization reaches the point where consumers will lost access to affordable, natural, dietary supplements.

This problem was discussed in the February 4, 1997 issue of the Calgary Herald in an article titled "Ottawa Gets Tough on Diet Aids." The article states "Health Canada is shaping tough new controls on health food stores and other businesses selling popular dietary supplements - including proposed restrictions on more than 60 herbs and plants. "Any business that makes, packages, or imports supplements must now pay licensing and drug-licensing fees under new federal laws, said Jim Sloboda, drug inspection supervisor for Health Canada's Health Protection Branch." The article goes on to quote Debbie Anderson, BC Chapter coordinator of Freedom of Choice in Health Care who has a cable TV show called "Its Your Health": "It would put many health food stores, small vitamin manufacturers, alternative physicians and naturopaths out of business. We must all stand on principle and FIGHT for our freedom. The way forward is clear: we must all press on to sue the HPB and pressure parliament to passing the Foods are Not Drugs Amendment. The so called 'Third Category' is not an option, because it doesn't address the current HPB threat at all, and the bureaucracy caused by it would just drive small manufacturers out of business. That is what it was designed to do, and its proponents have not been able to answer any of our questions regarding its fiscal impact on the industry or on consumers."

The Canadian Health Protection Branch (HPB) is about to begin instituting a "cost recovery" program where they will be forcing vitamin manufacturers to pay HUGE FEES for periodic HPB "inspections" of their plants. These costs will drive a lot of manufacturers under, allowing companies such as Quest, which is a division of Boehringer Ingleheim, one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, to dominate the Canadian market, much as companies like Nature's Way (affiliated with Madaus AG of Cologne, Germany) appear poised to sweep their American competition off a cliff.) Quest's affiliation with Boehringer Ingleheim is listed on their letterhead. Nature's Way's affiliation with Madaus AG is discussed in their website.

Reports from Canada indicate greatly increased efforts by Nature's Way (a powerful American company) to enter the Canadian market. According to my confidential source, Nature's Way's presence was greatly felt at the fall CFHA tradeshow in Toronto, at which the powerful American company helped underwrite the cost of the name tags used at the show and had their name stamped on them for advertising purposes as part of a major bid to enter the Canadian market where supplements are being regulated as DRUGS. Would Quest, Nature's Way, and other large supplement companies which have affiliations with pharmaceutical companies like to dominate the market world wide at the expense of consumers and of the public health? Read on:

In Canada, DIN (Drug Identification Numbers are being forced on any dietary supplement on which even a SHREAD of a claim is made, and Americans had better wake up - because via "harmonization" they pharmaceutical industry will attempt the same thing here. DIN numbers cost up to $720. apiece, and up to $500./ year to keep current. (If this process were exported to the US, you can be certain that these DIN fees would be MUCH higher due to the much larger size of the vitamin market here. The HPB is deliberately not assigning HPB numbers to many products that they want to ban access to! Forced registration fees for DIN numbers will make it very hard for many small Canadian vitamin companies to remain in business, and some have already been driven under. The HPB states that any food can be classified as a "drug" if it meets one or more of the following very loose criteria:

(1) It has a claimed health benefit.
(2) It is packaged in tablets or capsules.
(3) It has a medicinal effect on the body.

As an example, the HPB can say that an orange becomes a drug the moment you make the claim that eating oranges prevents scurvy. Cayenne pepper becomes a drug the moment you put it into capsules. Prunes have an obvious medicinal effect.

The HPB has just banned DHEA. A year ago they banned melatonin and chromium picolinate. Now they are going after herbs on a grand scale. Despite REPEATED calls from my office, the HPB REFUSES to send ANY documentation to back up these bans (!!!) Moreover, they hypocritically tell Canadians that these natural products are dangerous, then allow them to import them "for their own use" from the United States! HPB's agenda is CLEAR. They are NOT performing their mandate to protect public health under the Canadian Charter. They are acting as a TRADE ASSOCIATION for big drug companies which want to TAKE OVER the supplement market so they can jack the costs up by 500%. PharmaPrint, Inc. of Irvine California announced the world's first patent on a complex herbal molecule just before Christmas. (US PATENT # 5,547,674. Date of Patent August 20,1996. PharmaPrint, Inc. intends to go right down the list of the most popular herbs, patent them, run them through very expensive controlled clinical trials, then sweep the natural products off the shelves to make way for a MONOPOLY. They intend to LICENSE other pharmaceutical companies to use their TECHNOLOGY. (See attached file with PharmaPrint article, there isn't a moment to lose!

Following is a PARTIAL list of products banned in Canada, and this are only just beginning - while most Paracelsus list readers and other consumers are blissfully unaware:

(1) l-arginine (amino acid) supports the cardiovascular system.
(2) l-carnitine (amino acid) combats heart disease
(3) Chaparral (herb) antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
(4) chromium picolinate (mineral compound) - improves glucose tolerance.
(5) Cramp bark (herb) - relieves menstrual cramps.
(6) EPA (fish oil extract) - improves circulation
(7) eyebright (herb) soothes irritated eyes.
(8) Germanium (trace element) - improves immunity.
(9) Glucomannan (vegetable fibre) - for treating obesity
(10) Goldenseal (herb) treats cold and flu symptoms.
(11) Gotu Kola (herb) promotes relaxation, improves memory.
(12) Hawthorne berries (herb) a heart tonic (also makes a tasty jam)
(13) Horsetail (herb) a source of silica.
(14) Melatonin (hormone) for insomnia and jet lag.
(15) Octasanol (extract of wheat) - counteracts fatigue.
(16) Pau d'arco (herb) has antifungal properties.
(17) DL- phenylalanine (amino acid) a natural painkiller.
(18) St.John's Wort (herb) a mild tranquilizer.
(19) l-tyrosine (amino acid) - a natural antidepressant.
(20) Yellow dock root (herb and salad green) an astringent

I emphasize EMPHATICALLY to Paracelsus readers and others on my mailing list that this PARTIAL list of banned products in Canada represents ongoing CODEX HARMONIZATION - Canada and South Africa are HARMONIZING their laws with the Nordic countries, while Australia and New Zealand are HARMONIZING their laws with Canada's. There is a need for CONSUMERS in Canada to unite and file a LAWSUIT against the Health Protection Branch for engaging in ILLEGAL RESTRAINT OF TRADE.

The United States is going to become ISOLATED, and the grand plan of the multinational pharmaceutical industry is to HARMONIZE our laws with the rest of the world. Is this happening? Please: I implore everyone: Take a look at what is happening RIGHT NOW in the United States with the Presedentially Appointed Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels. They are trying to create a NEW REGULATORY CATEGORY for HERBS. They will be coming out with a REPORT in April for this purpose. They are taking us all down a very slippery slope here. They are trying to rig the system against the small supplement and herbal product manufacturers enabling the BIG players in the game to build MONOPOLIES as the expense of consumers. Quest Vitamins, the biggest vitamin company in Canada is a division of German Drug Giant Boehringer Ingleheim. Nature's Way, one of the biggest vitamin companies in the United States is a division of German Drug Giant Madaus AG of Cologne, Germany.

They are working hand in glove with the HPB in Canada, and the FDA in the US to sweep the rest of the industry off a CLIFF, and this will be to the DETRIMENT of consumers. It will KILL PEOPLE. Now you understand the REASON why I am sometimes ANGRY and why there is a HEAVY BAG hanging from a TREE in my yard. Canadians wishing to preserve health freedom should call:

A) Your Codex Delegate (Because She Is a Devious Liar): Dr. Mary Cheney, Chief, Nutrition Evaluation Division, Food Directorate, Health Protection Branch, Tunney's Pasture, Postal Locator: 2203A, Ottawa, Ontario, K1AOL2, Tel. 613-957-0352. FAX 613-941-6636. At the meeting in Bonn, Cheney first claimed to be backing away from the Canadian proposal to create a negative list for herbs to ban their sale from international commerce. She claimed to be backing off from this proposal which was originally proposed 2 years ago at a Codex meeting in Vancouver of North America and the Southwest Pacific. She claimed to be backing off from the negative list proposal due to "A LARGE VOLUME OF CALLS RECEIVED IN OTTAWA FROM CONCERNED CANADIANS." At the 5 day meeting, towards the end, she REVERSED her position on this issue, calling for an "Expert Panel" to be formed amongst FAO/WHO for the purpose of creating this negative list for herbs. This is part of a shellgame in progress...

B) The American Codex Delegate: (Because she is a devious liar working hand in glove with Cheney of the HPB) Dr. Elizabeth Yetley, Director, Office of Special Nutritionals, HFS-45, US Food and Drug Administration, 200 C St. S.W., Washington, DC 20204, 202-205-4168, FAX 202-205-5295. WHAT SHE DID: Allegedly the US delegation was a "working group." Allegedly Yetley, (our only voting delegate), was supposed to be concerned with the views of the people on the delegation. However, she never asked ANYONE if she should SECOND Dr. Cheney's proposal to create a negative list for herbs. Consumers worldwide are being SET UP and RAILROADED!

1) Life Extension Foundation - PEOPLE WORLDWIDE MUST JOIN: 800-841-LIFE, 954-766-8433, FAX 954-761-9199, email reach me at LEF is spearheading the campaign to create an international coalition to monkeywrench the German and Canadian Codex proposals. LEF first generated an awareness of the Codex problem to Canadians via assistance from Alive Magazine, and we've been assisting all Canadian health freedom groups to become better organized in the face of this threat. Everyone in Canada, and all over the world should join us to assist us in this work. We have contacts and members all over the world, but will need more if we are to succeed in our efforts to defend health freedom. FREE copies of Life Extension Magazine with my Codex articles to anyone requesting them. If enough of you join me, I can get a full time helper. Be sure to visit our website at and download my Codex Report from Bonn to learn what the Medical Industrial Complex has in mind for North America, and the rest of the world...

2) Marilyn Nelson: Freedom of Choice in Healthcare: 416-282-6496, FAX 416-282-2434

3) Health Action Network Society: 604-435-0512 FAX: 604-435-1561

4) Natural Health Products Report: Karin Schultz 905-639-8332 FAX: 905-639-6971, email

5) Alive Magazine - Jason Sebeslev 604-435-1919, FAX 604-435-4888, email

6) Health Naturally Magazine - Zoltan Rona, MD - 905-940-0200, FAX 905-940-0204.

Canadians must make their voice heard on this issue. The only way to stop an out of control bureaucrat is to appeal to a higher power. Write or phone your MP to make him/her aware of this situation and how you feel about it. If you don't know who your MP is call 800-363-1363 (in Quebec), 800-282-8060 (in Manitoba), or 800-667-3355 everywhere else in Canada. No postage is necessary to send mail to MPs while parliament is in session. You voted them INTO OFFICE, YOU CAN VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!!!

Also be sure to express your views to David Dingwall, Minister of Health, Health Canada, Brooke Claxson Bldg. Rm 091-6A, Tunney's Pasture, Ottawa K1A 0K9. Do it NOW! Unless people all over the world who care about health freedom unite, we will see its complete destruction.

I must emphasize strongly that the EXACT SAME PATTERN which has ALREADY OCCURRED in NORWAY and the other NORDIC countries WILL REPEAT in CANADA unless WE stop it!! The Codex Commission is being used as a vehicle to try to control the world's food supply for population control purposes. This isn't just an effort by the pharmaceutical companies to control the dietary supplement industry, although thats bad enough by itself! Are you prepared to live under New World Order tyranny? Are you prepared to be a SLAVE on the GLOBAL PLANTATION ruled by the multinational corporations? I'm not. I spit in their faces.

Get and read the book "Emerging Viruses, AIDS and Ebola - Nature, Accident, or Intentional" by Leonard G. Horowitz D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., with a forward by W.John Martin, M.D.,Ph.D. Garth L.Nicholson,Ph.D., Professor and Chair in Cancer Research, University of Texas had THIS to say about this book: "Health professional, scientist or lay citizen, one cannot fail to grasp the explosive significance of this book and its main thesis - that biological weapons programs developed and field tested immune-system destroying agents that now cannot be contained....A cogent and readable, yet carefully documented book."

Or, from Gary Null, Ph.D.: "Presents alarming documents, all for the first time in one compendium, that causes us to pause, ask questions, and challenges the scientific community for a fair minded, critical reevaluation of the causes of AIDS and its origin. These questions are long overdue."

You can get this book from Life Extension Foundation:, or 800-841-LIFE. You can also get it from the publisher at 800-336-9266, or by visiting the publisher's website at

If you have not yet joined the Life Extension Foundation to SUPPORT our efforts to catalyze the formation of an INTERNATIONAL COALITION to SAVE HEALTH FREEDOM in the face of the CODEX INTERNATIONAL THREAT TO HEALTH FREEDOM, please email your street address to and request free copies of our magazine with my Codex articles, as well as complete information on how you can join us. You can also call us at 800-841-LIFE (number can be called from Canada, too.) If you are outside the US and Canada you can call our main office at 954-766-8433, or fax our main office at 954-761-9199. Its very important for you all to realize that the only way we can STOP the German Codex proposal, which threatens to DESTROY health freedom is if we all band together NOW! I need donations in order to carry this public health message to the world. On an immediate basis, I need donations in order to travel to some Canadian cities in order to work with health freedom activists there. I will also need to travel to several other countries and its expensive.

Unless enough people join due to the Codex issue, my employer won't allow me to have the full time assistant that I need, and I am snowed from overwork in my efforts to get this message to the world. If you can send a donation to help with our work, please send your most generous check or money order made out to Life Extension Foundation to LEF - c/o Kim, PO Box 229120 Hollywood, Florida Republic, 33022-9120 America. Thanking you in advance for your help and generosity. We must hang together - or we shall hang separately.

For Freedom,

John Hammell
5 February 1997

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