From: John Hammell
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 01:30:32 -0500

IAHF LIST: I urge you all to check out Will Thomas's latest well written expose, "PROBING THE CHEMTRAIL CONUNDRUM" about the biowar we're all being exposed to right now via chem-trails from planes as the New World Order seeks to weaken our immune systems so that y2k can come in behind them and kill a lot of us off. [See Description of Will's lastest shocking expose below my comments. Will deserves all of our support, for he has worked tirelessly in support of all of us, and at great risk to his life. Please buy a copy of his latest expose to support his fine work.

I hope all of you are stocking up on vitamins and other dietary supplements right now, prior to y2k in order to be as strong as possible so as not to be weakened by the Chem-trails before TSHTF. This is not hype: did you see Congressman Horn's final y2k government report card? (IRS is TOAST, (bye bye IRS refund checks), Treasury Dept is in trouble (Could be end of Social Security, Treasury prints the checks), Dept of Health and Human Services is in real trouble (Could be end of FDA, but also end of Food Stamps- think of implications, especially if you live in the city--- (can you spell R-I-O-T-S? Can you spell M-A-R-T-I-A-L L-A-W?)

Stock up on Vitamins via the Life Extension Foundation 800-841-LIFE, which is currently holding its annaul "Super Sale". Please tell LEF you heard about them from John Hammell, and check out my health freedom articles in their website. I just placed a huge pre y2k order with them, and strongly endorse their products due to uncompromised quality control as well as the great job the Foundation has been doing over the years of defending our health freedom.

From: "William Thomas"
To: "John Hammell"
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 17:36:25 -0800

Now Available:


From the author of Scorched Earth and Bringing The War Home, the complete compendium detailing 10-months' Chemtrails research with my colleague, health writer and researcher Erminia Cassani is about to be placed in your hands.

Inform your friends. Answer critics.

Forewarned is forearmed!

Order your copy today and learn the latest on Chemtrails. as well as the US military's relentless research into biological and electromagnetic warfare, weather modification and electronic mind control programs - and how these officially documented projects relate to you, the person paying the tab in more than hard-earned cash.

Plagued by inexplicable illness? Learn about Chemtrail symptoms, the Stealth virus and prion disease from the experts. Then discover how you can heal and protect your family from chemtrail-related sickness and other biowarfare lab releases.

Just off the press, the complete 75-page edition of "PROBING THE CHEMTRAIL CONUNDRUM" will be sent to you via Air Mail for any donation above $25.95.

Your contribution will pay printing and postage, while helping support additional laboratory sample testing and other costs of our publicly-funded chemtrails investigation.

Thank you!

Please send your check or money order to:

William Thomas
S-27 C-52
Gabriola Island, BC CANADA V0R 1X0

Along with your mailing address, be sure to include an email address for free updates.

Topics discussed in "PROBING THE CHEMTRAIL CONUNDRUM" include:

Download 15-page excerpt at:


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Ask why they don't kick Warner Lambert and the rest of the drug cartel OUT of NNFA!

Ask Why they endorse the NAS paper "A Risk Assessment Model For Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients" when it is being used illegally by the FDA to break past the consumer generated impasse at Codex. [See Codex Oversight Section]