Subject: Biowar in NYC Examined in Light of Analysis of Gulf War Syndrome Paradigm From the Leading Edge Website
From: John Hammell
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 22:19:28 -0400


The NY Times just published an article exposing an experimental drug pyridostigmine bromide, or P.B. given to soldiers prior to going to the Gulf as a major cause of Gulf War Syndrome, (sharply contradicting 2 previous government reports.) PB was (ostensibly) given to "protect people from nerve gas exposure" (but that was just the NWO's cover story.)[See article NY Times 10/19/99 Survey Links Gulf War Syndrome to Nerve-Gas Antidote by Stephen Lee Myers- ]

The truly sick thing about this is that a deliberate campaign to destroy our military is being made in order to destroy our sovereignty as part of the effort to force us into a World Government.

The Leading Edge website's careful analysis of the Gulf War Syndrome situation sheds much light on the current biowar in NYC wherein Ticks infested with biowar agents have in fact caused an outbreak of encephalitis, which Mayor Giuliani and his NWO Nazi cohorts are currently using as an excuse to unleash Malathion. The big lie is that there were EVER any mosquitos carrying encephalitis-- its TICKS that are carrying it, and they've been unleashed on us by the Plum Island biowarfare lab.

Also you must take a minute to look at the Cobden Club memo which was passed out at the ECO conference in '91. It clearly points to the genocide agenda that we're seeing unfold now in NYC. (see that document by going to Some elements within the Green Party really need to wake up to how they are being used as part of a Nazi eugenics movement that never stopped with WW2. Many people are in denial regarding all of this and are emotionally blocked from seeing the truth of what is truly unfolding vis a vis y2k. I remind you that even President Roosevelt was in denial as to the truth of the actual reality of the Nazi holocaust until as late as 1941 because on an emotional level, he just couldn't accept the reality of the situation. Many people today living in NYC and other cities will read this and snap instantly into denial due to an inability to process it on an emotional level and to take action accordingly. Y2k Combined with unleashed biowar will radically reduce our numbers. Some Greens mistakenly believe that none of this is being orchestrated by human beings- they think it is merely "Gaia Striking Back".

Sadly, the Nazis are still very much with us today. Leading Edge's analysis below is very accurate. Please forward it to more people.

Our Analysis of the Gulf War Syndrome Paradigm ... Another Step from the Leading Edge Website

Go to Cobden Club Memo by globalist factions that have interpenetrated the United States Government over the last 30 years to:

Destroy the United States military forces in order to destroy national sovereignty of the United States.

Implement mass population destruction mandates in order to decrease population to controllable levels. For an example of a document pointing to this mandate, see the Cobden Club Document passed out at the ECO-Conference in 1991.

Now, if you study all the evidence, including all the reports available on the WWW, you will see that the main people in at least the last three presidential and military administrations are guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide against the human race. It has been documented that both the Bush and Clinton adminstrations are involved with this process. Examine the historically documented facts below, then add them up at the end.

Factions in the United States supplied all the biological, chemical and conventional weapons to Iraq to be used against our own troops. Weapons were provided by U.S. companies. President Bush, James Baker and others in the administration had stock in those companies. Now this deadly communicable syndrome has been deliberately given to 1 million military members, who will spread it to the general population. Now, they are injecting troops going to Bosnia, and Clinton has signed another executive order to beef up U.S. military presence in the Gulf. The British government is getting worried, because the syndrome is spreading like wildfire amongst British troops, their families and relatives.

Prescott Bush, George Bush's father, was involved in the financial dealings that financially supported Nazi Germany through Schroeder Bank in Germany at the start of the regime. The Rockefellers and Standard Oil were also heavily involved, and subsequently took over the U.S. medical system, which profits by treating disease intentionally given to the population. Other nations follow suit. This is all historically documented.

Factions in the United States, who created Nazi Germany, imported thousands of Nazi scientists back into the United States during a 30 year period after WWII under Operation Paperclip and Project 63. These scientists were involved with high technology, biological experiments on concentration camp victims, chemical behavior control experiments using fluoride compounds in prisoner water supplies(I.G. Farben), social control methodology and more. Subsequently, the CIA, the military and other agencies began programs of biological, chemical, pharmaceutical and electromagnetic manipulation in the United States and Canada to do covertly what had been done overty during the war.

Factions in the United States shipped tons of fluoride to the Soviet Union for use in prisoner water supplies in the 1940's and 1950's. In 1990, the World Health Organization (WHO) mandated worldwide fluoridation of water supplies by the year 2000.

The rise of Nazi Germany, an extreme form of National Socialism, and the rise of Communism, an extreme form of international socialism, were both supported and financed from the United States, in order to pave the way for installation of Global socialism, the kinder, gentler, New World Order.

Senator Howard Ambruster in 1947 wrote a book entitled "Treason's Peace" in which he documented through personal contact with certain factions over 30 years, how the U.S. Congress sold the U.S. out to I.G.Farben before World War II. Farben dominated control of all essential industries in the U.S, preventing adequate and timely challenge by the U.S. Military to the German threat.

President Reagan visited the SS cemetary during his presidency.

Evidence suggests that the United States supplied weapons to North Vietnam during the Vietnam war to use against our own troops.

President Bush brought former KGB member Gorbachev to the United States to live at the Presidio, at taxpayer expense, to plan U.S. military base closures. What is wrong with this picture?

President Clinton who, it is documented, hated the United States and its military when he was younger, spent a lot of time in the Soviet Union.

Both the U.S. and Iraq signed conventions never to use biological and chemical warfare, yet both have violated the convention.

The United States signed the International Genocide Treaty only under the proviso that no nation could sit in judgement of the United States.

The FDA in 1990 authorized the United States Department of Defense unrestricted authorization to conduct biological experiments, using experimental and untested vaccines, on U.S. military members, after being pressured by the DoD, who said they were going to do it anyway.

In 1990, a large group of doctors in the United States wrote a petition on U.S. Medical Genocide to the United Nations (published in the Leading Edge). It was ignored.

Do ya get it, yet? Do you see how things are adding up? Yet ... there is so much more the world of the 4th Reich. Never Again? It never stopped .....the same people are in control doing the same things...the paradigm has not changed....only some of the faces.

I feel like a broken record. Hopefully, the truth of what I've been trying to say has been percolating through to more of you on the IAHF List. If you haven't yet started your y2k prep, you'd better start right away. Do so by going to the website of the Cassandra Project for lists on what to stockpile and for overall awareness of what is going on, and and read their Feature Articles to show to your family members so they can grasp the reality of what is going on. Also go to the y2k section of the IAHF website at and download my white paper and Will Thomas white paper.


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