To: "Health Freedom, Codex Issues
Subject: CDC Identifies First Case of Anthrax in FL - IAHF Calls CDC-Mssg Board For Post 911 Health Concerns
From: John Hammell
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 12:27:13 -0400

IAHF List: See news stories below. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has conformed the first case of Anthrax in Florida. Have we been hit with biowar? Did the guy just get anthrax by eating raw meat? Is this another low life CIA psyop, or all of the above? See the article below my comments. I just called the CDC to get some answers and spoke with Elizabeth Bell at 404-639-3311. CDC has a website at that bears close scrutiny. Fox News had this report on the FL Anthrax case,2933,35779,00.html and see the Newsmax story below my comments.


Right now Elizabeth Bell at CDC tells me that the case of anthrax in Florida was determined to be pulmonary (in the lungs) rather than intestinal (from eating raw meat). The victim was a hunter, and the FBI is trying to retrace his steps, although he is unconcious and they can't interview him. It is possible that he may have contracted anthrax by kicking up dust someplace, it can live in the soil. All of this could also be a CIA psyop, and for all we know, this alleged "hunter" might be an MKULTRA plant. Elizabeth Bell tells me that the CDC " has stockpiled antibiotics and vaccines nationwide, and that in the event of biowar, the public would be advised what to do."

On the CDC's website at you can find lots of info in pdf files, and we all need to be looking closely at this and asking questions of our Senators and Congressmen, and we need to make clear to them that none of us trust the CDC, the FBI, or any OTHER branch of the stinkin' duplicitous liars in gummint.

I don't trust ANY vaccines CDC might make available. The vaccines would probably be more dangerous than the Anthrax. I trust the CDC and Herr Bush about as much as I would trust Josef Mengele or the low life so called "World Health Organization" or the Federal Death Administration or the so called "UN". I urge people to not ever trust anything coming from the gummint or shadow gummint. Get your own vaccines and beta glucan, your own gas masks,guns, gold, and groceries. Get clear of the cities and into the country and start growin' food. Ask your OWN questions and never trust ANYTHING coming from the mass media, they may just be trying to manufacture consent for Con-gress to ram a so called "anti terrorist" bill down our throats that would strip us of all civil liberties- I'm monitoring that closely, VERY closely- "Office of Homeland Security"? Yeah, RIGHT! My ASS! As in, "Sieg Heil!" We don't need no stinkin' SS!

See the world population clock at The ruling elite are trying to do in us "useless eaters." Get armed in case these bastards are trying to make their move on us, and get to know your neighbors if you don't already. We the people, will prevail against the genocidal statist whores from hell, the low life maggots who think they can lord it over us. If you live outside America, please pray for us, we are the world's first line of defense against the 4th Reich: Our Government & their shadow government handlers. Read the book Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America by Alex Constantine WW2 did not ever end and the Nazis weren't stopped. Project Paperclip brought the Nazis here to Amerika, and Herr Bush is one of them- he is trying to manufacture consent for WW3, its all about oil, and about wanting to force us into a global totalitarian dictatorship: they must destroy America and collapse the dollar to push a hemispheric wide currency on us via the FTAA.

NEW MESSAGE BOARD TO HELP US DEAL WITH PHYSICAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL AFTERMATH OF 911 was put up as a public service by Karen Horbatt and Ralph Fucetola to help those with health concerns stemming from the 911 Attack. If you have any personal physical or psychological health concerns stemming from the attack, or seek general information about alternative medicine/holistic health, this is an excellent resource through which to communicate with people all over America. IAHF encourages people world wide to collaborate via this website.

For those of you who don't know him, Ralph Fucetola is an attorney with many years of experience defending alternative medical practitioners and vitamin companies. He and his wife started a metaphysical church many years ago called the Life Spirit Center, and they're both very knowledgable regarding all forms of alternative medicine and healing. See Ralph's website at Karen Horbatt is a long time friend living in the town where I was born, Summit, NJ, where she owns the Green Turtle Bay Vitamin company.

I just posted a message on at to alert people about the CDC identifying anthrax in Florida. Lets all ask more questions about this, eh?

The CDC has identified the first case of anthrax in Florida. Can we trust the CDC to accurately inform us is another story, as this may or may not be true- it might be just more CIA inspired horse hockey designed to "manufacture consent" for the destruction of our civil liberties via Herr Bush and his Mongoloid Horde. It could also be that the guy in Florida got anthrax by eating raw meat- but, quien sabe? El mundo es como un gran montona de basura! Es muy loco! Caramba! Very UNHoly SHIT!

If I lived in Florida, I'd be doin' some antibiotics right now, or at least Beta Glucan/Colloidal Silver/Mega Doses of C. If you want some Beta Glucan, or mebbe offshore sources of antibiotics that you don't need a prescription for call the Life Extension Foundation 800-841-LIFE, your LIFE may LITERALLY DEPEND ON IT! Please forward this to more people! Anyone can be on the IAHF list- sign up at

Anthrax Case Confirmed in Florida Wires
Thursday, October 04, 2001

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A 63-year-old Florida man has been hospitalized with anthrax, a deadly but rare bacterial infection, public health authorities said Thursday.

Although authorities are concerned that anthrax might be used in a terrorist strike at the United States, Timothy O'Connor, spokesman for the Palm Beach County Health Department, said, "Right now we believe this is an isolated case and not, in any way connected to terrorist activity."

The man, an employee of American Media in Boca Raton, Fla., is being treated at John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Atlantis, Fla., a community adjacent to Lantana. He was identified by The Miami Herald as Robert Stevens; the identity was confirmed by other, non-hospital sources.

"The Lantana resident arrived at the hospital about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday," O'Connor told United Press International. "He was vomiting, had high fever, was delirious and was suffering from seizures."

O'Connor said the hospital's infectious disease specialist, fearing meningitis, took spinal fluid samples. When analyzed, the specialist noted rod-shaped bacilli, bacteria similar to anthrax.

Because of fears of terrorist activity, including the possibility that anthrax might be a method of poisoning large populations, O'Connor said the health department had earlier issued heightened awareness circulars to hospitals and health departments.

He said the hospital doctor sent samples to the State of Florida laboratory in Jacksonville where the sample was preliminarily determined to be Bacillus anthracis - commonly known as anthrax.

The state lab sent samples to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Ga., where the anthrax confirmation was confirmed Thursday, O'Connor said.

He said the man's condition has deteriorated.

"He is not conscious. This disease - pulmonary anthrax - is 90 percent fatal. As of now, we do not know how he contracted the disease."

He is being kept in isolation at the hospital, but O'Connor said anthrax is not a contagious disease. The staff attending the patient wear standard hospital dress, he said.

O'Connor said there were no plans at present to vaccinate co-workers, neighbors or family members with anthrax vaccine. O'Connor said anthrax has an incubation period that can be as long as 60 days, but more often, symptoms occur within one to six days after contact.

Anthrax, he said, can occur from eating meat that is not well cooked. It can also be contracted through the air, O'Connor said, but it requires inhaling a large amount of the bacteria to develop the infection.

"It is not the type of infection caused by casual encounters," he said.

The patient had visited North Carolina in the week before being ill, but O'Connor said investigators believe that it is more likely the infection was picked up in Florida. Anthrax lives in the soil and can be ingested by goats, sheep and cattle when the bacteria is kicked up and settles on grasses.

Lantana and Atlantis are located in central Palm Beach County, about seven miles south of West Palm Beach. The hospital is located across the street from a local airport that is believed to have been used as a training facility by the terrorists who hijacked the airliners that were crashed into the World Trade Center towers Sept. 11. They resided in Delray Beach, about 5 miles to the south.