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To: "Health Freedom, Codex Issues
Subject: MASTER CLEANSE AND LIVER FLUSH INSTRUCTIONS: Battling Codex Requires Us All To Stay Strong & Healthy, Good in ANY Case!!
From: John Hammell
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 00:51:39 -0500

IAHF List: Ruth James has a wealth of valuable information here re cleansing. [see below my comments] I intend to try some of her ideas myself having personally experienced the value of cleansing through a week long fast that I did in November. To successfully combat the Codex International Threat to health freedom, and also the rest of the Illuminati's control freak agenda, it is incumbent upon each of us to make use of information such as this in order to remain as strong and as healthy as possible!! The only way to keep a smile on your face in the face of the CIA shitstorm we're seeing unfold globally is to do stuff like this, but its worth it to do in ANY case!!

On New Years Day I rejoined the Polar Bear Club by taking a long sauna, then jumped through a hole in the ice of the pond- will upload photos to the website soon. It may seem crazy, but the water didn't even seem cold for the first 30 seconds I was in it due to raising my bodies core temp so high first in the sauna. Had to smash an inch worth of skim ice that had formed over the hole just prior to being able to immerse myself. Prior to going in the sauna, I drank several tall glasses of fresh squeezed lemon with cayenne pepper, honey and garlic in a glass of hot spring water. I also had 2 pickled eggs for yang energy. Cayenne really helps your circulation and digestion. Lemon helps to alkalinize your body. Cancer can't live in an alkaline environment, and it also can't live if you pump oxygen to all of your cells regularly- so exercise your ass off in the coming year, cleanse, fast, and flip the bird to the dog assed pharma cartel by staying off all their toxic drugs, out of all their hospitals and away from all their money grubbing doctors!!

The guy who first got me into jumping through a hole in the ice after taking a sauna is from Finland, but lives in Vermont where I met him in the late '80s. He's in his late 90s today and still makes good use of a sauna, and in winter he always jumps through a hole in the ice, and not just on New Years day, but several times during the course of the winter, its a very healthy thing to do- really gets your circulation pumping hard to blow out all the garbage and toss it into your lymph from which is is removed from your body. Helps get a ton of oxygen to your brain to jump into freezing cold water after doing a sauna. The info below on cleansing from Ruth James is very solid. Ruth has some serious health concerns of her own that led her to studying all of this, and I encourage anyone seeking more advice about cleansing to get in touch with her, because if she can't answer your questions, she can lead you to people who can.

Please join me in making use of it. Much of the info IAHF sends out is depressing, and some of it is even frightening. The only way anyone can effectively combat what we are facing today is to really work hard at maintaining their own health by really trying hard to achieve that often elusive balance. Some of you have thanked me for this information and is is encouraging to me when IAHF has been able to disseminate not only solid info on the battle for health freedom, but also info of this sort to help us all be strong and happy even in the face of the most depressing news imaginable!! Hopefully, this sort of info will help to balance some of the stuff I've felt compelled to send to lately. With cancer and other autoimmune diseases running rampant in our junk food society, all of us owe it to ourselves to make the effort to keep up our own health.

Anyone can join the IAHF list at or via after my story. Please forward this widely, and have a healthy, happy, productive, ass kicking new year as we join forces to drive the Illuminati scum the hell away from us.

Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 17:0:39 -0800
From: Ruth James
To: ""


Here's the instructions for the Master Cleanse and more. My other email is not working, so I have to use this one for a while. I'm not sure how much of this you'll want to put up on your website. The part in real question is the beginning "Essential Oils and Supplements that Assist Detox During the Cleanse" and the 'ParaFree Implant' info. The FDA could have a field day with that. So could all those other essential oil so-called 'experts' out there that don't believe in taking oils internally. Do what you think is best, just put my name on it.



Essential Oils and Supplements that Assist Detox During the Cleanse:

The Young Life Research clinic is able to tell people what they specifically need. But if you want to support your body in detoxing on your own, here's some suggestions of what you can start with. Take as much or as little as you think is necessary for you:

20 drops of Longevity oil in a veg cap, 2 or 3X a day
10 drops Juvaflex with 5 drops Helichrysum in a veg cap, 2 or 3X a day
3 Master His (if male) or Master Hers (if female) 2 or 3X a day
2 JuvaTone tablets, 2 or 3X a day
2 Detoxzyme, 2 or3X a day
2 Vitagreen, 2 times a day
2 droppers of Mineral Essence, 2X a day
1 -2 tsps or more Sulfurzyme, 2X a day
Regenelone Cream, 2X a day

You may also need Thyromin to support the thyroid (helps lose weight) 2 before bed and 2 in the morning for first few months, then just 2 at night. To know if you need support for the Thyroid gland, check temperature every morning under armpit.

After 6 weeks to a few months, lower the doses to maintenance doses.

Young Life Research Clinic Info on KIDNEY, LIVER AND GALL BLADDER

Major cause of illness is liver and colon congestion. Every organ in the body gets its nutrients from the liver. The body cannot work well without a liver that works well! For most people the primary reason the liver functions at less than optimum is a buildup of gallstones in the gallbladder and in the 50,000 gall ducts. These gallstones consist almost entirely of cholesterol, which the liver has filtered out of the blood and put on hold in the gallbladder, awaiting the proper dump time, when food is introduced into the stomach.

This cholesterol is formed into small waxy balls by the liver, and will be dumped into the small intestine along with the bile, when the body is functioning properly. If they stay in the gallbladder too long, they harden into stones that cause severe pain by their cutting or bulging action. Long before gall stone congestion has reached the pain point, they have diminished the very important flow of bile, both through the tiny bile ducts from the liver to gallbladder, and from gallbladder into the duodenum (the beginning of the small intestine just below the stomach) pours its acidic contents. The stomach is built to handle strong digestive acids, but the intestines cannot handle it, so for proper digestion, enough highly alkaline bile must be poured into the stomach's acidic flow to neutralize it for the intestines.

Perhaps worst of all, gallstones stop the liver from filtering excess cholesterol from the blood. This and other factors caused by poor diets and eating habits, causes the colon to suffer. The colon can bulge like a balloon filled with water, holding bowel wastes in pockets. Toxins are absorbed from these pockets and we become sick. A toxic colon may be a factor in the cause of colon cancer. A healthy colon should weigh about 5-6 pounds, the average colon weight at death for Americans is 35 pounds.

The Clinic suggests 7-10 days on the Master Cleanse, followed by a Liver Cleanse. On the last two days of the lemonade fast, drink organic apple juice alternating with the lemonade (to soften gall stones). Before bed, drink 1/2 cup fresh- squeezed lemon juice with 1/2 cup olive oil. Next morning, have a colonic.

Note that this is different from Hulda Clark's instructions. Those instructions are below the Master Cleanse instructions.



Excerpt from "Healing for the Age of Enlightenment" by Stanley Burroughs available through Essential Science Publishing

For more information go to: Tom Woloshyn website:

LEMON DRINK for Master Cleanse

You'll need:

2 TBsp lemon or lime juice (approx. 1/2 lemon)
2 TBsp genuine organic maple syrup, Grade B (the darker the better)
1/10 Tsp cayenne pepper, gradually increase (the more BTUs the better)
10-14 oz pure water

Combine juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper with water. Drink every 1 to 2 hours. Take no other food, but do drink lots of water in between lemonade drinks.

Use fresh lemons or limes only, never canned or frozen lemon juice. Use organic and vine ripened when possible. Also, Mix your lemonade fresh just before drinking. Don't mix it up in the morning for the whole day. You can, however, squeeze your lemons in the morning and measure out the 2 Tbls when needed.

Burroughs recommends a minimum of 10 days on this. You can do 40 days safely and more.

YL Clinic says you can use Agave instead of the maple syrup. Tom Woloshyn (who studied with Stanley Burroughs himself) disagrees. Clinic says if you have diabetes or hypoglycemia, use molasses. If you feel weak or have a sugar imbalance you can add a scoop of Power Meal. Or you can try Master Amino Acid Profile (MAP) for protein without any residuals or strain on the body more info here: http:/

NOTE: Be sure to drink plenty of purified water in addition to the lemon juice.


First Day: Start with 4 oz. fresh squeezed orange juice mixed with 4 oz. water. If it goes well, drink several more 8 oz. glasses of fresh orange juice during the day. Sip slowly. Dilute with water if needed.

Second Day: Drink several 8 oz. glasses of orange juice during the day -- with extra water, if needed.

In the evening make a vegetable broth (no canned soup). Use seasonal leafy and root vegetables such as: beets and beet tops, turnips and turnip greens, kale, carrots, onions, parsley, celery, potatoes, okra, one or two inds of legumes, squash, beans, a little salt, cayenne pepper and dehydrated vegetables or veg. powder may be added for flavor (no MSG or hydrolyzed protein).

Cook lightly. Drink the broth, eating only a few bites of the vegetables.

Third Day: Orange juice in the morning. At noon have some more soup with some of the vegetables. No meat, fish, eggs, bread, pastries, tea, milk, or coffee. For Dinner, have the vegetables in the soup.

Fourth Day: Orange juice or lemon and maple syrup in the morning. Fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts for lunch. Salad or fruit for dinner.

Fifth Day: Eat normally but no junk food, dairy, tea, coffee, white flour or white rice, heavy animal proteins. If, after eating is resumed, distress or gas occurs, go back to the lemonade diet for a few days until the system is ready for food.


Start each morning with 1 quart of water and 2 tsp. sea salt (NOT iodized salt). Mix well and chug down. It's nice to massage the colon as well. This will clean your colon well. Or get a colonic every day. Or drink a laxative herbal tea the night before, such as Senna (if you know you can't do the salt water the next morning). Don't take any supplements until the salt water is out of your stomach -- about 1 1/2 hours.

Excerpt from, THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASES by Hulda Clark


You'll need:

4 TBls Epsom salts Fresh pink grapefruit
1 large or 2 small Large plastic straw to help drink potion
Pint jar with lid to shake it up in Optional:
4 - 8 Ornithine pills, to help you sleep (I don't use this and have had no trouble sleeping)

Choose a day like Saturday for the cleanse, since you will able to rest the next day.

Take no medicines, vitamins or pills that you can do without; they could prevent success. Stop the parasite program kidney herbs, too, the day before.

Eat a no-fat breakfast and lunch such as cooked cereal with fruit, fruit juice, bread and preserves or honey (no butter or milk), baked potato or other vegetables with salt only. This allows the bile to build up and develop pressure in the liver. Higher pressure pushes out more stones.

2:00 PM. Do not eat or drink after 2 o'clock. If you break this rule you could feel quite ill later.

Get your Epsom salts ready. Mix 4 tbs. in 3 cups water and pour this into a jar. This makes four servings, 3/4 cup each. Set the jar in the refrigerator to get ice cold (this is for convenience and taste only). Note: don't be fooled, nothing improves the taste!

6:00 PM. Drink one serving (3/4 cup) of the ice cold Epsom salts. If you did not prepare this ahead of time, mix 1 tbs. in 3/4 cup water now. You may add 1/8 tsp. vitamin C powder to improve the taste. You may also drink a few mouthfuls of water afterwards or rinse your mouth.

Get the olive oil and grapefruit out to warm up.

8:00 PM. Repeat by drinking another 3/4 cup of Epsom salts. You haven't eaten since two o'clock, but you won't feel hungry. Get your bedtime chores done. The timing is critical for success; don't be more than 10 minutes early or late.

9:45 PM. Pour 1/2 cup (measured) olive oil into the pint jar. Squeeze the grapefruit by hand into the measuring cup. Remove pulp with fork. You should have at least 1/2 cup, more (up to 3/4 cup) is best. You may top it up with lemonade. Add this to the olive oil. Close the jar tightly with the lid and shake hard until watery (only fresh grapefruit juice does this).

Now visit the bathroom one or more times, even if it makes you late for your ten o'clock drink. Don't be more than 15 minutes late.

10:00 PM. Drink the potion you have mixed. Take 4 ornithine capsules with the first sips to make sure you will sleep through the night. Take 8 if you already suffer from insomnia. Drinking through a large plastic straw helps it go down easier. You may use ketchup, cinnamon, or brown sugar to chase it down between sips. Take it to your bedside if you want, but drink it standing up. Get it down within 5 minutes (fifteen minutes for very elderly or weak persons).

Lie down immediately. You might fail to get stones out if you don't. The sooner you lie down the more stones you will get out. Be ready for bed ahead of time. Don't clean up the kitchen. As soon as the drink is down walk to your bed and lie down flat on your back with your head up high on the pillow. Try to think about what is happening in the liver. Try to keep perfectly still for at least 20 minutes. You may feel a train of stones traveling along the bile ducts like marbles. There is no pain because the bile duct valves are open (thank you Epsom salts!). Go to sleep, you may fail to get stones out if you don't.

Next morning. Upon awakening take your third dose of Epsom salts. If you have indigestion or nausea wait until it is gone before drinking the Epsom salts. You may go back to bed. Don't take this potion before 6:00 am.

2 Hours Later. Take your fourth (the last) dose of Epsom salts. Drink 3/4 cup of the mixture. You may go back to bed.

After 2 More Hours you may eat. Start with fruit juice. Half an hour later eat fruit. One hour later you may eat regular food but keep it light. By supper you should feel recovered.

How well did you do?

Expect diarrhea in the morning. Use a flashlight to look for gallstones in the toilet with the bowel movement. Look for the green kind since this is proof that they are genuine gallstones, not food residue. Only bile from the liver is pea green. The bowel movement sinks but gallstones float because of the cholesterol inside. Count them all roughly, whether tan or green. You will need to total 2000 stones before the liver is clean enough to rid you of allergies or bursitis or upper back pains permanently. The first cleanse may rid you of them for a few days, but as the stones from the rear travel forward, they give you the same symptoms again. You may repeat cleanses at two week intervals. Never cleanse when you are ill.

Sometimes the bile ducts are full of cholesterol crystals that did not form into round stones. They appear as a "chaff' float-ing on top of the toilet bowl water. It may be tan colored, har-boring millions of tiny white crystals. Cleansing this chaff is just as important as purging stones.

How safe is the liver cleanse? It is very safe. My opinion, based on over 500 cases, including many persons in their seventies and eighties. None went to the hospital; none even reported pain. However it can make you feel quite ill for one or two days afterwards, although in every one of these cases the maintenance parasite program had been neglected. This is why the instructions direct you to complete the parasite and kidney rinse programs first."


My personal note: Use ParaFree before attempting this liver cleanse. Either use after meals for a few weeks, or if you are on the lemonade fast, the best way is to do it is with a few ParaFree implants.


You'll need a 2 oz. syringe and a 18 Ch/Fr Urological Catheter. Fill the syringe with 1 oz. ParaFree. You can also start with 1/2 oz ParaFree and 1/2 oz. V6 mixing oil.

Attach catheter to syringe. Put a little KY jelly on tip of catheter and insert in rectum. Feed it all the way up (up to 4 inches from end) and release the oil into colon (do this lying down). Lie on left side 3 min. On back 3 min. and on right side 3 min. and go to sleep.

Have a basin of water at the side of the bed to toss the syringe into until you can clean it in the morning.

In the morning, drink a quart of salt water or get a colonic to wash out the residue.

You can reuse the catheter and syringe if washed in hot soapy water. But never share with anyone else.

Alternate ParaFree Implants with Kefir Implants (use only LifeWay Brand Kefir - Plain). Use 1 oz. of Kefir in the syringe.