To: "Health Freedom, Codex Issues
Subject: IAHF Hangover Kure + Polar Bear Klub....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>~~~brrrrrrrr!!!!!! Any More Lunatics Out There??
From: John Hammell
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 03:58:55 -0500

IAHF List: HAPPY NUUUUUUUU YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Its 3:30 am, legs are dog tired from dancin' head z somewhat descompuesto, comprende?

So, just whipped up somethin' wanted to share it with ya'll. The IAHF Anti Alcohol Collosal Humongo World Beatin' Hangover Kure, (YEAH!)

Do up a kettle fulla boilin' water.

Squeeza da 2 full lemons in glass. Dump in 4 TBLSP honey, sqeeze in 4 clove garlic, some slippery elm herb, dash of grade B organic maple syrup, hot water: STIR!!
Swill down no less than 6 glasses, with ultra megadoses of Alacer lemon flavored buffered mineralized ascorbate powder that has a ton of other vitamins mixed in with it.
Do this stuff, then do up some GHB then crash.

Upon arisin' build fire in sauna by pond. Cut hole in ice with chainsaw. Use sauna, get body core temp up seriously high til can't stand sauna another second after bein' on top most level for max heat. Jump naked through hole in ice, stay dunked til feels cold, jump out, wrap up good with humongo turkish towel, then run like hell back to either sauna, stay a while longer, then dunk once more, then run like hell to warm cabin with wood stove crankin'. Drink huge bowl hot soup. Hot tea with lemon + honey.

Back to bed to crash few hours, then take hot bath with entire carton epsom salt dumped in with essential oils. Soak minimum of one full hour.

Anyone from the IAHF wanting to join me as a member of the Polar Bear Club, just let me know if you jump through a hole in the ice tomorrow, and yer IN!!! ;->

Digitized photo of mad man Johhny H jumpin thru hole in ice of frozen pond with hijacker mask on to be posted on IAHF website>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kindly forward this to more crazy folks world wide, anyone can be on de IAHF list or sign up at

The EU Vitamin Directive is going to be rammed through the EU this month, which will kill a lot of people in Europe who have a genetic need for vitamins. The Illuminati are makin' their move. Via Codex, in about 3- 5 years they plan on doin' us next here in N.America, via spin control and pharmaceutical domination of the vitamin trade associations. IAHF pledges to develop sufficient grass roots momentum in the coming year to blow this spin control wide open via several new alliances to be revealed soon!! Face it, most of ya'll been spongin' off me, and aint donated so much as a thin time this past year, but now ya'll can ATONE fo you sins! Yeah! Kindly be cool and slide a few simolians in to IAHF POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA or via paypal at and ya'll will be RICHLY BLESSED!!