To: "Health Freedom, Codex Issues
Subject: Careenin' Towards T-Day on a Half Vast Fast
From: John Hammell
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 08:03:13 -0500

IAHF Webmaster: Breaking News, Walking in Balance

IAHF List: Acetone, Mineral Spirits, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Oil Based Stain, Varnish residues, remnants of thorazine, haldol, imipramine, stellazine, nardil, parnate, elavil, red dye #2, and God only knows what other sort of toxic garbage thats taken the past 44 years to pile up in my intestines is finally having the chance to exit, aided by cold pressed virgin olive oil, epsom salts, lemons, grapefruits, oranges, pure water, a sauna, a freezing cold pond, and exercise.

As we all careen headlong toward T-Day, I'm movin' in the diametric opposite direction, takin that road less travelled because I'm a maverick and have to stay in practice.

Back in the mid '80s, a guy named Tom Bernardi once told me in Eastport Maine in his down east accent "Can't swim against the tide ALL yer life Hammell!"


He was right. I can't. I decided to give in, and do some house cleanin', both literal and figurative.

Why now?

Thats what I've been mulling over.

Part of it has to do with mom's death not long ago, and the fact that we're holding a second memorial service for her, this time up in Summit, New Jersey, where our family lived from 1947 until mom moved to Virginia in the early '90s in order to stop living out her life in exile in the north. (She was from Georgia.)

Part of it has to do with the need to gear up seriously to kick the FDA's ass and to beat the writers block thats been holding me back on the work on the Codex book, the book that hopefully will derail the Pharma Cartel's nefarious globalist plans to dork us all up the wazoo by robbing us of our access to high potency vitamins as part of the Illuminati's genocide and control agenda to wreck our immune systems.

Part of it is just because I feel like feeling better, with more energy, so I can sleep better at night, and not be so plaqued with anxiety and stress, to better cope with the vississitudes of life in Amerika as we plunge under the evil so called "leadership" of Herr Bush and the 4th Reich as the Illuminati spin machine goes into hyperdrive and the race to the bottom accelerates.

Ah yes, the immortal words of Tom Bernardi keep comin' back to me right now, and I wonder where that Bud guzzlin' pizza eatin twinkie consumin' character is now?

Probably down east, b Jesus, workin' someplace like Condordia, Henkley, or Sou'west Marine, gettin' in his wood fer wintah- spinnin' yarns round th' wood stove and huntin' wild turkey- but mebbe not- for all I know he mightve bought the farm by now, too many years of abusing his body being around acetone and other boat building solvents and from filling his lungs with tar, nicotine, and his stomach with pizza and beer. Ayuh b'Jesus, that shit'll catch up with ya! We got ta REPENT!!

All I know is that I'm on the 3rd day of a half vast fast. Why half vast? Dunno. Has something to do with the processing of all sorts of thoughts, some deep, some shallow, some in between somewhere.

Fer instance: why did Reidel lie under oath in the Codex oversight hearing on March 20th? Why did Burton turn into a gutless cartel lovin' swine and whitewash the hearing?

(Greed, and Cowardice)

Anyway, by now I figure ya'll figure I've seriously lost it and the men with the white coats could be comin' to scoop me up at any minute, but if thats what yer thinkin', it would be incorrect. Actually, I'm doin ok- I'm blastin out the armor plated mucous thats been lining my intestines for far too long, keeping me from properly digesting nutrients.

Did you know that milk and cheese and other dairy products have somethin' in 'em called cassein, which is used to make stuff like Elmer's glue and Epoxy?

'STRUTH!!" as mah Aussie friends would say!

When I was a kid, my favorite pasttime was to gorge myself on triscuit crackers and cracker barrel cheese, to say nothing of gallons and gallons and gallons of antibiotic, hormone, chemical laden cows milk!

What did that do to my intestines? It impacted 'em with an armor plating of encrusted scaley detritus that you'd be hard pressed to chip away using a chisel, or jackhammer, so here I am attempting to do the job using a juice fast, to be followed by a maple syrup and water fast, to be followed by another fast specifically designed to kill parasites.

The purpose of this madness?

The purpose is to get the energy I need to overcome inertia, so I can get this damn anti Codex book done.

The purpose is to get the energy needed to go to bed late and wake up early so I need less sleep.

The purpose is to get the energy necessary to overcome inertia so I can keep this joint uncluttered, spic and span, til I have achieved my objective: the complete destruction of the United States Food and Drug Administration, the United Nations, and the Illuminati.

Why do the Illuminati bastards piss me off?

Dunno exactly, but it might have something to do with the collosal gall it took to do the 911 CIA psyop against America, and against the people of the world.

Yeah. That might have JUST A LITTLE BIT to do with it. Oil. We don't NEED no stinkin' oil!!

In the face of this stuff, we all need to put on the spiritual armor and get right with our creator, with the dude who invented our intestines and all.

I know, I know, you all think I'm just a couple pieces short of a loaf, and you might be right, but then again, you might be wrong!

So- when T-day comes, and ya'll are stuffin' yer gullets with pounds and pounds of white meat and dark meat and stuffing and mashed potatos with gravy and turnips and all that other shit that people typically gorge on like bears about to hibernate, just remember one thing: heart disease is the world's largest cause of death, and many of ya'll are going to get your butts whipped by it, so this is just food for thought, or....... roto rooter for thought, because in this dumbed down, numbed down society where people are generally brainwashed by the blue glow from their TV sets, I invite you to unplug, to go to some really quiet place deep in the woods, high in the mountains, or overlooking the horizon of an ocean or lake someplace and just think....

just think......

Thanks. And if you have anything to share with the new Walking in Balance section of the IAHF website, please do, Offshore Dave's wife Shari just sent something which will be posted soon, and I know theres a lot more info of this kind out there. I thought it might be a good idea to create this section of the site so that the site would not be so damn painful. Having this section adds a useful and needed element to the site, one that will help us roll this boulder uphill.

John Hammell-
Somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains
Monitorin' the Illuminati Swine- cause SOMEONE has to!