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Subject: Solemn Warning From Australia to the World.... Codex: Its Not Over Til the Fat Lady Sings...
Date: 18 Nov 2003 23:27:02 -0000

IAHF List: Mike Bending in Australia has a solid health freedom website that people world wide, especially in Australia and New Zealand should tune into.

I decided to pass along the solid report from him below.

The only things I'd like to add to what Mike says here is I just want to remind you all that Australia has been tapped by Codex to generate a biased, pharmaceutically funded white paper on supposed "scientific risk assessment" prior to next years Codex meeting in Germany.

Dovetail that with the fact that the EU gets full status at Codex for the first time next year and we have a recipe for disaster brewing which makes it imperative that we all adopt the age old adage "The price of FREEDOM is ETERNAL VIGILANCE."

Gary Null apparently has been considering announcing a "Codex Victory" as a result of the move away from RDAs to so called "scientific risk assessment" at Codex. He's apparently been considering making this announcement on a basis of having communicated with the FDA regarding thousands of collated, cross references studies that he has in his extensive files which document the extreme safety and efficacy of the use of dietary supplements for use in the treatment of a slew of different medical conditions.

While I give Gary infinite credit for compiling this vast body of information, and for letting the FDA know about it, I would urge Null and others to exercise extreme caution about prematurely announcing any "victories"- especially given the fact that the Pharma Cartel's takeover of the natural products industry has been meticulously designed via in depth Think Tank sessions involving the best and brightest PR minds in the world, and it simply aint over "til the fat lady sings."

Null needs to take especial note of the fact that Australia, which just yanked 1600 totally safe supplement products off the market via the Pan recall has been assigned the task by Herr Grossklaus at Codex of generating a pharmaceutically funded, biased so called "white paper" on "scientific risk assessment" re vitamins for next years meeting.

He also needs to take especial note of the fact that while the Aussie Pharmawhores at TGA are busy engaging in this scam, IADSA is very busy getting Canada and South America to harmonize to Australian law, and he shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the EU gets full status for the first time at next year's Codex meeting.... see

He best not lose sight of the fact that as goes the EU, so goes the world due to how global harmonization has been set up with the EU being the global blueprint. See my article at also in the July issue of LE Mag at

Any announcement of Codex "Victory" right now would go directly against the best interests of the health freedom movement on a whole and could kill the Alliance for Natural Health's ongoing efforts to raise money for the lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive that we just barely got filed in the nick of time.

After you read Bendings report below, I urge you to do a few things:

1. Make a donation to the ANH lawsuit at (If you've already donated, please donate some more and urge your friends to- its the only way to arrest the global falling of the dominoes which threaten to destroy the supplement industry world wide.)

2. Forward this email to more people and urge them to sign on to the IAHF email distribution list at In the near future Candace and I will be turning IAHF into a membership organization, and we plan on establishing chapters world wide.

3. Send an email to Gary Null c/o his producer, Paul DeRienzo urging him to not prematurely announce a "victory" that hasn't in fact occurred. (Null was considering sending out such an announcement. I recently attempted indirectly to dissuade him from doing so, but am not certain what his response has been because my contact who was speaking with me about this has not yet gotten back to me.

To prematurely announce a "Codex victory" would grossly hamper our ongoing efforts to help people connect all the dots, and it would hurt our efforts to generate badly needed donations for the ANH lawsuit, which has huge global importance. Unless we overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, we won't be able to kill the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive, or the Pharmaceuticals Directive. Hopefully Null can grasp the importance of this having interviewed Rob Verkerk from ANH not long ago.

Perhaps Null should read this article from the Guardian newspaper in the UK so that the full import of the European situation will sink more deeply into his mind,3605,790733,00.html

To remind you, the EU's Pharmaceutical Directive turns anything with any physiologic effect in the body into a drug. Also to remind you, the globalists intend to create a carbon copy of the EU in our hemisphere called the FTAA, Free Trade Area of the Americas. Furthermore, a tactic the Cartel is using is to send out press releases via pharma controlled CRN announcing a "victory" that they want us to all buy into, totally ignoring the fact that the so called "scientific risk assessment" interjected into Codex in '98 illegally by the FDA in complete violation of US law was actually very bad science... and it was funded by pharmaceutical interests via the National Academy of Science.

Null seems to have forgotten all of this. He should re-read the NAS Risk Assessment paper and Dr.Rick Malter's rebuttal to it. Both can be seen at under NAS and Rebuttal. Malter's rebuttal was published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, Second Quarter, 2000, Vol 15, Number 2.

Please urge Null to send all his collated studies to Dr.Rob Verkerk at ANH for use in the ANH lawsuit, that would be the best possible thing he could do right now for the cause, but if he announces "Codex Victory"- he'll be playing right into the Cartel's hands, and I'm sure he doesn't want to do that.

DeRienzo's email address is: Please read Bendings report below from Australia:

From: "Paradigm Changes"
To: distribution list
Subject: The future of Australian health freedom - see Eve Hillary's article
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 12:40:32 +1100

Dear Fellow Concerned Health Advocate,

For those of you attending the Melbourne Health Forum (The future of complementary Medicine) organised by the Australian Democrat's (Senator Lyn Allison), then the information below will provide food for thought with regards to this forum. If you are not attending then this information is still imperitive.

I have also attached a 22 page Adobe Acrobat file (pdf).This file contains the research of one of Australia's more articulate and well versed health writers, Eve Hillary. Eve has an incredible ability, being able to drill into the heart of matters, she finds the connections that most overlook. If any of our associations read Eve Hillary's article yet still remain inert with regards to representing the future of Australian natural health then I can only suggest organisational change or new associations that truly
represent members. In this article Eve clearly spells out the future dangers faced by the natural health industry in Australia, yes our problems have only just begun!

It isn't full of painted sunrises and flower soaked meadows as our associations would have us believe. I would like to thank Eve for her tireless work! I would suggest our associations put their full support behind a practitioner called Jenny Bourke else in the
future they will have very few members to represent!

It seems that there are also initiatives born to overturn Canada's restrictive if not criminal health legislation, recently modelled around Australian legislation (last June).

Please see: Dr.James Lunney, the member of the Canadian Parliament who sponsored this recent bill C-420. and
also Dr.James Lunney's speech explaining the need for C-420 which repeals Canadian harmonization to Australia's outrageous supplement laws.

Australians should consider a similar bill which would then place natural elements in a regulatory subclass of food rather than regulated as a drug as they are now. All regulation and safety controls would still be in place however millions of dollars of research and cost prohibitive trials would not restrict consumer access.

It is interesting to note that Val Johanson, of ex-government, TGA employ, now executive of the Australian Complementary Health Council seems to be quietly jet setting around the world advising governments to harmonise with Australian legislation. Johanson was instrumental in expelling the New Zealand health body NNFA from the "IADSA" (International Alliance of
Dietary Supplement Associations) after the NNFA raised questions with regards to conflict of interest. The executive of the IADSA is chaired by a Pfizer pharmaceutical company adviser and ex-employee, Randy Dennin. Val Johanson seems to be complicit and aligned with this Mr
Dennin. For more:
also Note that Dennin attempted to blast this info out of cyberspace prior to the Expo East vitamin trade show in September, forcing us to post it anew in multiple locations on the web as Pfizer attempts to "cover its tracks."

It is noteworthy that, presently in Canada, if a natural element displays health providing properties it is required to be removed from sale until many years and millions of dollars worth of pharmaceutical drug trials are implemented. Is this the long term vision Val Johanson
has for Australia?

Val Johanson of the Australian Complementary Healthcare Council (CHC) was in Rio at the recent IADSA conference where she seemed to misrepresented herself as a rep of the Australian government, she is trying to get the South American governments to harmonize to Australia, just as she is trying to get Canada to do.

I reiterate that if we leave these issues to our natural health associations then we can expect the same lack of leadership and political foresight that has allowed this issue to become the monster it is today!

If you are a practitioner within Australia you will notice that many of our associations believe this regulation is good for the industry, some even champion it! At this same time our associations tell us this has no connection with regards to international pharmaceutical
influence, agendas, and EU/WTO Codex legislation.
Please see for more info.

I believe our associations in Australia need a shake up, are too naive, too tired, too complacent, self absorbed or have other agendas (like the CHC). Most of all they no longer seem to represent the natural health practitioners best interests here in Australia.

Yours sincerely

Michael Bending

PO Box 583 Balgowlah
2093 NSW Australia
Ph: 61 2-80808251
Fx: 61 2-80808251
Mb: 0403761010

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Canada's C-420 Bill. Initiatives to repeal Canada's restrictive harmonization to Australia's model.

Tony Stephan sent out a message of exuberance when C-420 passed Second Reading. He was exuberant because its very rare for a private members bill (that is a bill not introduced by one of the major parties) gets as far as second reading, and that in and of itself is a victory of sorts, it seems.

It turns out that C-420 must now go for a Third Reading, and it must get past the unelected Canadian Senate which is heavily controlled by Special Interests, and it also turns out that Prime Minister Chretien is resigning, there is going to be an election in February, and this current Parliament could be dissolved before they can even hold a third reading, and if that happens, we're back to "square one" and would have to get the bill reintroduced all over again.....

Seems I have a lot more to learn about Canadian politics than I realized, but I'll get there with help from Croft Woodruff and Peter Helgason both of whom I spoke with about this this morning.

They're very excited about the new Canadian vitamin trade asociation they're busy forming to counter the pharma dominated CHFA which just tried to pour cold water all over C-420 via a very expensive legal analysis they just wasted money on in an attempt to stop this bill which they don't want to see pass because it would undo Herringer's nefarious efforts to herd the supplement industry to the cliff on behalf of her Pharmaceutical Masters.

There is still a need regardless for people in the Australian Senate to communicate about bill C-420 with Canadian MP Lunney who introduced the bill because the Australian system is no good and must be changed in the aftermath of the mindless Pan recall.

Val Johanson of the Australian vitamin trade association was in Rio at the recent IADSA conference where she misrepresented herself as a rep of the Australian government, and she is trying to get the South American governments to harmonize to Australia, just as she is trying to get Canada to do.

So we're by no means out of the woods yet, but in due time, we'll get there. Stay tuned and sorry about any confusion I may have caused with my previous message.

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