To: "Health Freedom, Codex Issues
Subject: IAHF Salutes The Island Nation of New Zealand #1 Health Freedom Fighters in the World Today! ALL NEW INFO ON CODEX BATTLE! IADSA EXPOSED! EU Directive to Go Thru in March? Codex to Follow? NZ to fall to Australia? NOT IF WE CAN HELP IT!!!
From: "I A H F"
Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2002 15:34:18 -0500

IAHF List: This is the most comprehensive email I have ever put together exposing the Pharma Cartel's Takeover campaign of the dietary supplement industry. Much new information never before presented is contained herein, so please peruse it very carefully and please reflect on it, give me feedback on it, and forward it widely.

To: New Zealand Charter of Alternative Health Practitioners

From: International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd, Virginia, USA
540-763-3051 h&w
800-333-2553 N.America

Fellow health freedom fighters down under and all over the world:

IAHF is of the belief that the #1 health freedom fighter in the world today is Ron Law of New Zealand, and vitamin consumers world wide must rally behind him at the present time for the very important reasons discussed herein as we come down to CRUNCH time.

I just went on the New Zealand Charter of Alternative Health Practitioners website and am saddened to see that they do not have INFORMATION on ACTION STEPS that people in New Zealand can take to assist you in combatting trans Tasman harmonization efforts as Australia seeks to kick their collective asses and force their dietary supplement laws to comform with mindlessly restritive TGA dictates of the Australian fascists across the Tasman Sea. Australia is just as dangerous as Germany as an enclave of the Pharma Cartel with designs on the global dietary supplement market: they want to impose their regulatory model on the world.

Moreover, IAHF urges the New Zealand Charter to make web links to health freedom groups around the world such as La Leva Di Archimede at whose petition against the EU Vitamin Directive and Codex I encourage everyone in New Zealand to sign, even as I simultaneously urge you to start a similar petition for people especially in New Zealand, but also world wide to sign against Australia's efforts to force NZ to harmonize to the TGA.

You can find numerous links to health freedom organizations world wide at in the links section and I urge you to link to many of them and to request reciprocal links. You will see that IAHF already has a link to your site, and I would appreciate one in return as one hand washes the other in cyberspace.


Ron Law, Executive Director of NNFA New Zealand has been communicating with vitamin consumers world wide about this ongoing battle in New Zealand, and we've also been comparing notes on the wider International Battle which IADSA purports to be "helping" us with at Codex, while EHPM (European Health Product Manufacturers Assoc) purports to be "helping" us with the European Vitamin Directive.

Ron has been helping to expose IADSA for the fraudulent organization that it in fact is, its actually nothing more than a thoroughly bogus controlled opposition group, "led" by Randy Dennin, (employee of Pfizer) who recently had the NERVE to be CRITICAL of Ron Law for trying to get IADSA to issue a press release in defense of Kava Kava, which came under surrulous attack in the mass media right before the vote in the EU Parliament's Environmental Committee on the horribly restrictive EU Vitamin Directive.

While Ron (backed by vitamin consumers world wide) is still hoping IADSA will do the right thing by generating a press release defending Kava utilizing expert and very solid risk assessment criteria that Ron went to a great deal of time and trouble to hand them on a silver platter for this purpose, IAHF doubts very much that IADSA will issue the BADLY NEEDED press release defending Kava because IAHF believes that IADSA's real agenda all along has been to serve only the interests of pharmaceutical companies that are attempting to TAKE OVER the dietary supplement industry, while CONNING vitamin companies into BELIEVING IADSA is "defending their interests" while in REALITY, all it is, and all it has EVER been is a controlled opposition group.... (IAHF would love it if IADSA proved IAHF wrong on this score by generating a press release in defense of Kava Kava, and by openly declaring all current conflict of interest problems vis a vis EAS so as to root the painfully apparent CORRUPTION out of its organization, if IADSA would merely do that, IAHF could work with them, but as they are now, IAHF can only CONDEMN them.)

If we could have gotten 50% of the Parlimentarians on the EU's Environmental Committee to oppose the Directive by voting in favor of amendment one which would have killed the Directive, we'd all be out of the woods right now, world wide, due to how the EU Vitamin Directive threatens to impact CODEX.....

(Sadly, due in no small measure to EHPM's total unwillingness to oppose the EU Vitamin Directive due to their being dominated by pharmaceutical companies, and due to IADSA's total unwillingness to issue a press release defending Kava prior to the vote that just took place in the EU Environment Committee, we just got HAMMERED and it will be VERY VERY HARD to pull off a come from behind, "hail mary" upset against the Pharma Cartel in the imminently CORRUPT EU Parliament on March 14 when the full Parliament votes on the EU Vitamin Directive.

IAHF is of the belief that Ron Law has correctly identified IADSA as a controlled opposition group, while simultaneously exposing EAS as a corrupt lobbying firm representing many pharmaceutical interests in GERMANY while refusing to answer Law's questions as pertains to conflict of interest

[See articles about FRAUD in the EU Parliament at

BE SURE TO SEE THE LIST BELOW THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE OF THE PEOPLE ON THE HIGHLY SUSPECT "TABD" (Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue) a UN NGO Group that has the ear of the US Dept of Commerce and which seeks to harmonize the USA to the horribly restrictive EU Vitamin Directive and Codex rather than harmonize the EU to DSHEA, which is what SHOULD Happen!!! (TABD is dominated by multinational pharmaceutical interests intent on screwing consumers, unfortunately, and the same is true of the so called "TACD" (Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue) see and


(See the excellent article about this very REAL threat by Suzanne Harris, JD from the Law Loft about the most recent Codex meeting in Berlin last November, and her quite accurate assessment of how dangerously Codex will be impacted by the EU Vitamin Directive- the EU clearly has plenty of clout to ram the EU Directive down the throats of people all over the world at CODEX. (article follows).

Harris, JD, The Law Loft, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

The European Union is positioned to get there first. That's spells trouble for the dietary supplement industry and for consumers

The Codex Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Uses started out with a bang this year. Demonstrators congregated outside as delegates tried to make their way inside past guards armed with submachine guns and at border crossings that looked like they were taken right out of an old World War II movie. While what happened outside the meeting may be good for us in the sense that it drew attention to consumer concerns about Codex, what happened inside was bad news indeed.

Why it's too early to uncork that champagne:

At first blush the result at Codex looks like a good deal. There was so much disagreement about where to go from here on the revised German proposal that the entire proposal got downgraded from Step 4 to Step 3 where it will remain until the next meeting of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Uses until next year.

That's good news, right? After all we didn't't want that nasty German proposal making its way through Codex to the Commission level where it could be adopted and then influence and ultimately overcome US and Canadian law.

While all of these statements are true, the conclusion that we are now better off isn't. Here is why:

Everything that's traded is subject to international jurisdiction one way or another:

Unless the current international trading system is torn out by the roots and replaced with something else, everything that is traded is subject to international jurisdiction one way or another. Dietary supplements are going to be regulated at the international level either as foods or as drugs. If classified as foods they will end up under Codex jurisdiction. If classified as drugs, they will end up under World Health Organization jurisdiction. While Codex may be bad, the WHO is worse. When viewed in comparison to other international organizations, Codex is a pretty open place that is showing early signs of opening up even more in the future. Codex meetings until this one where the Germans were frightened by e-mails that they read as a threat to the meeting, have been open to the press and open to the public. Some international NGO's that appear to be consumer based are certified as observers at Codex. And this meeting saw a shift in the composition of several country's delegations from lobbyists toward increasing the present of genuine consumer groups. While these are small steps, many other important international meetings have been closed to both the public and the press. So while not a good place to be, given the available international choices, Codex is the best choice available.

The first issue on the table is whether dietary supplements will be traded as food or as drugs:

When Agenda Item 5, dietary supplements came up for discussion, the first question on the table was whether dietary supplements should be discussed at all. Several delegations spoke out strongly that dietary supplements are drugs and not food and therefore are outside Codex jurisdiction all together.

A majority lead by the United States, Germany,the EU, the Netherlands, South Africa and others argued successfully that dietary supplements should be regulated as foods by Codex.

Bangkok made a difference:

More good news came as a result of the influence of the FAO/WHO expert consultation in Bangkok in 1998. The Law Loft argued at Codex as early as 1995 that it is wrong to assume that today's ordinary diets necessarily contain enough essential nutrients. Since the Bangkok expert consultation made the same point in 1998, it was easier for the US and Canada achieve a consensus to revise the preamble to the proposed Codex guideline to reflect the fact that ordinary diets may not always contain enough essential nutrients. That's an important point because it supports the view that dietary supplements should be available to consumers in international commerce as foods.

Now for the bad news: Upper Limits:

But bad news quickly followed. Nations could not agree on how to establish upper limits for dietary supplements. No nation took the position that we don't need upper limits on dietary supplements. Instead the conflict was between those who believed that upper limits should be set based on risk assessment (which would establish the highest levels for upper limits) and those who believed that upper limits should be established based on multiples of RDI's (reference daily values.) Even within the RDI position there was lots of disagreement. Some countries believe that upper limits should be set at 100 per cent of RDI's (which would limit dietary supplements to very low potency levels.)

It was in part due to this disagreement that the decision was taken to set the dietary supplement proposal back to Step 3.

Still more bad news, the EU will get there first:

The above wouldn't't be such bad news if the European Union weren't't poised to get their first. As things now stand, it is almost a certainty that the European Union will approve a new directive on dietary supplements before Codex writes an international guideline. That's really bad news.

A quick look at the background behind the EU's decision to write a new dietary supplement directive:

The European Union has sustained several shocks in recent years. The European public is now deeply concerned about food safety. The first scare was Mad Cow Disease but contamination scares and dioxin scares followed in rapid succession. European regulators got another shock at Codex where the US and Canada outmaneuvered them and passed a pro-beef hormone guideline and then took the Europeans to court at the WTO based on that guideline and won again.

It became clear to European Union that to prevail at Codex and at WTO it was going to have to revise its food laws to make them harmonious, consistent, streamlined and more science based. The EU began this process with a green paper (discussion paper on food law) in April of 1997. It quickly followed with another white paper (discussion paper on dietary supplements.)1 Since that time we have all been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

On May 8, 2000. the Commission of the European Union issued a new proposed directive in food supplements. And it's bad news indeed.

What the proposed European Union directive says:

While it's hard to read and contains lots of rather obscure references, and this reading isn't the final one, we can say that the preliminary reading of the proposed directive on dietary supplements is dangerous and very bad news. Here's part of what we have deciphered so far:

While purporting to take dietary supplements out of the straight jacket imposed by the definition of medicinal products contained in 65/65 EEC, the proposed directive would create restrictions that are almost as bad.

Under current EU law as stated in 65/65 EEC and as defined by the European Court of Justice, dietary supplements can be classified as drugs ("medicinal products") based on either their presentation (looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck,therefore is a duck) or upon functional criteria. The exact language of 65/65 EEC says that products may be classified as drugs if they "may be administered to human beings to restore or correct physiological functions." Since even a glass of water fits that text, some truly absurd and restrictive case law has been generated. For example, an herbal tea with no medicinal claims was classified as a drug because it invited consumers to contact a third party which made claims.2

The one good thing about 65/65 EEC was that it was interpreted and applied differently in different member countries of the EU. But by 1997, even that was changing as more liberal countries like the UK started moving toward the more restrictive interpretations.

The proposed directive states that neither labeling, nor presentation, nor advertising of a dietary supplement can claim 'the property of preventing, treating, or curing a human disease' either expressly or by implication.

While the sophisticated consumer may not care much about claims, manufacturers do because claims are linked to sales. The proposed limitations would severely restrict both direct and indirect forms of advertising and label claims. While its an improvement over 65/65 EEC, that improvement is slight.

The proposed directive is limited to vitamins and minerals and to combinations of those vitamins and minerals.

While the preamble to the proposed directive suggests that herbs and other products may be treated under a food directive in the future, for now the directive is limited to vitamins and minerals. Thus there is no relief on the near horizon for amino acids or herbal products.

The proposed directive creates a positive list of vitamins and minerals. The list is restrictive, that is, no vitamin or mineral not on the list may be traded under this directive.

Not only does the EU list, list fluoride as a proper dietary supplement ingredient but more importantly, the list is proscriptive. No vitamin or mineral not on the list can be sold as food without passing through a pre-approval process at the EU commission level.

The proposed directive sets out a list of approved chemical formulations for dietary supplements. Only those formulations can be traded as food supplements.

This could be good if it kept genetically modified dietary supplements off the market. The trouble is it may not. The EU is considering another directive to allow labeling of GMO free foods.

The proposed directive will set upper limits and minimum content for dietary supplements through an administrative process with 'mixed signals' as to how to make those determinations.

Under the Proposed Directive the European Commission with the assistance of the Standing Committee for Foodstuffs will set upper limits and minimum content. Setting minimum content is probably a good idea. Who wants to buy an empty tablet? Setting maximum levels, upper limits, is a problem. In making its decisions the Commission is to be guided by three factors:

1) safe upper levels established by scientific risk assessment

2) safe upper levels set through reference intakes where reference intakes are close to safe upper limits

3) and by reference to intakes of vitamins and minerals from other dietary sources.

Point one in this formula taken alone is probably the best we could get given the political picture as demonstrated at the meeting in Berlin. Point two, multiples of reference intakes in close cases where toxic effects occur at fairly low doses might be ok depending on how toxic effects are defined. But, point three 'intakes from other dietary sources' opens the door even wider to scientific chicanery. In fact, there is little reliable data on what people really eat and its nutritional content. The studies necessary to make those determinations are costly and won't be done in the near future. Just setting upper limits based on theoretical dietary intakes coupled with an undefined basis for setting toxic effect levels could be a recipe for disaster.

Mandatory labeling: labels must contain a warning against exceeding recommended intakes. Labels must say that dietary supplements are not a substitute for a diversified diet. Labels must say "This is not a medicinal product" where the presentation [packaging] is similar to a pharmaceutical form.

Cautionary labeling won't deter long time users but in many parts of Europe, dietary supplements sold as foods will be new to the consumer.

Why do we care? Count the votes!

We in North America care about what happens in Europe. Given the new state of international politics, what happens to them heavily influences what happens to us. If the parliament and council of the EU adopt this proposed directive, EU member states will come to Codex with one voice and many votes. Let's count the votes.

The EU has 15 votes. When the European Union joins Codex in its own right which it plans on doing next year that adds another vote for a total of 16.

The EU will control the votes of the 3 EU candidate countries because they won't want to vote against a system that's part of their accession package.

The EU will control 9 more votes of the candidate in waiting countries.

The EU will effectively control many more votes in the form of former colonies of member states in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean who enjoy trade preferences granted to their products at the EU and still more votes in the Maghreb and along the Mediterranean due to the new EU-Mediterranean free trade zone set to be established in 2010.

When you consider that under Rule 6, Codex votes can be taken on guidelines based on a majority of those present at a meeting, its easy to see the EU winning, forcing a variation on its directive on the entire Codex membership.3

We are in trouble here, what do we do?

The European Union has announced the opening of its decision making processes to more foreign and grassroots in-put. That means:

We can force Canada and the US to lobby directly at the EU for a more health freedom oriented directive

We can make our opposition to the proposed EU directive known to candidates for parliament and for Congress. This is an election year.

We can present our positions directly at the EU through international grassroots groups now being formed and through continued presentation of position papers at the EU.

We can and should support efforts by Europeans to establish genuine grassroots groups within their own countries

How long have we got?

Although the final effect on us isn't close, in every war there are significant battles that turn the tide. The battle at the EU is one of these battles. If the EU stays on schedule, the European Parliament and Council will approve the proposed directive by March 2001. We haven't got that long to get organized here. If we wait the key battle will be over before we even get started.

AMERICA is being set up for harmonization to the EU Vitamin Directive and Codex by the following highly suspect individuals in the equally highly suspect so called


Gale Bensussen
President , Leiner Health Products, Inc.

Paul Bolar
Vice President, Regulatory and Legal Affairs
Pharmavite Corporation

Johannes Burges
CEO Hermes Arzeimittel

Janet Collins, Ph.D.
Manager, Applied Nutrition
Monsanto Company

John Cordaro
President and CEO
Council for Responsible Nutrition

Hubertus Cranz
AESGP, Association of the European
Self-Medication Inducstry

Annette Dickinson
Vice President, Scientific and
Regulatory Affairs
Council for Responsible Nutrition

Sonnich Fryland
CEO Ferrosan A/S

John Hathcock
Vice President, Nutritional and
Regulatory Science
Council for Responsible Nutrition

Peter Heer
Deputy Director
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

Loren Israelsen
Executive Director
Utah Natural Products Alliance

Byron Johnson
Industry Relations Director
Access Business Group

Harvey Kamil
NBTY, Inc.

Benedicte Lange
Corporate Development Director
Ferrosan A/S

Mark LeDoux
Chairman and CEO
Natural Alternatives International

Michael McGuffin
American Herbal Products Association

Simon Pettman
European Advisory Services

Karl Riedel
Chief Operations Officer
Nature's Life

Leoniek Robroch
Public Affairs & Regulatory Issues
Royal Numico N.V.

David Seckman
CEO and Executive Director

Fred Shinnick
Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Manager
Health and Food Technologies

Jaap Schrijver, Ph.D.
Manager Corporate Regulatory
Royal Numico N.V.

Lisa Schroeter
Executive Director
TABD Washington Office

David Spangler
Vice President International and
Assistant General Counsel
Consumer Healthcare Products Association

Stephan van Geenen
Head Metabolism
Global Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

Penny Viner

Joerg Von Manger-Koenig
Head of Regulatory Affairs
Roche Vitamins Ltd

Jeffrey Werner
U.S. Director
TABD Washington Office

QUESTIONS: When Kava Kava came under attack in the mass media just before the EU Parliament's recent vote in which we only got 40% of the Committee to vote in favor of KILLING the Directive (when we needed 50%) why didn't ANY of these people listed join Ron Law in DEMANDING that Simon Petman of IADSA issue a PRESS RELEASE defending Kava Kava??

WHY is Simon Petman CONTINUING to ignore Ron Law's simple request that he issue a press release defending KAVA? Could it possibly be that European Advisory Services (Simon's lobbying firm in Brussels) may ALSO be representing some GERMAN PHARMACEUTICAL INTERESTS that don't WANT Kava to be freely available because it cuts into the sale of their patented pharmaceutical DRUGS???

WHY did Randy Dennin, Chair of IADSA, CENSURE Ron Law for raising questions of conflict of interest about IADSA when Ron raised the following points:

1) That IADSA is favoring Australian TGA efforts to dominate the supplement industry in New Zealand, and 2) That EAS appears to be in a serious conflict of interest, representing DRUG companies at the SAME TIME as PURPORTING to represent the interest of VITAMIN and HERB companies and maybe THAT is why IADSA has FAILED to issue a PRESS RELEASE defending KAVA, especially at a CRITICAL MOMENT, right BEFORE the EU Committee vote on the Vitamin Directive.....

FURTHERMORE On WHAT LEGITIMATE BASIS are Dennin/Reidel (NNFA USA's INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE CO-CHAIRS) telling CONGRESS that American dietary supplement laws "AREN'T" subject to Codex harmonization when CLEARLY an effort is underway via TABD, TACD, the EU Directive, the trans Tasman harmonization of New Zealand's laws to Australia's, and CODEX to isolate the USA in the world even as FDA/NNFA/CRN set us UP to lose in a WTO Trade Dispute by FALSELY DEFINING vitamin safety through the BIASED, PHARMACEUTICALLY FUNDED paper titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Safe Upper Levels for Nutrients" ???

Could it BE that the pharmaceutical industry only has to control a few KEY PEOPLE in the supplement industry in order to control the ENTIRE industry?

What would happen to an NNFA manufacturing member if they bought their Vegicaps from CAPSUGEL and they TRIED to echo IAHF's concern that Randy Dennin of Pfizer (Capugel is a subsidiary of Pfizer) can't be trusted and that NNFA should be enforcing their conflict of interest bylaw???

(Could it BE that some CEOs of vitamin companies might FEAR possibly ALIENATING Dennin, for fear he might seek to RETALIATE somehow, like maybe by jacking up their PRICING, giving an edge in the marketplace to their COMPETITION?

Given the way Dennin has been CENSURING Ron Law of NNFA New Zealand for so much as RAISING THE POSSIBILITY that EAS and IADSA might have a problem due to CONFLICTS OF INTEREST and that perhaps THIS is why no press release has been issued by IADSA in defense of KAVA it causes IAHF to distrust him ENTIRELY, especially when IAHF has been having these PRECISE DOUBTS since IADSA was FIRST FORMED a few years ago....

IADSA MEETING IN LAS VEGAS IN '99 ATTENDED AND MONITORED BY IAHF, WHY IAHF HAS ZERO TRUST IN IADSA While IAHF has been issuing memos like this to GENUNINE health freedom groups world wide such as the New Zealand Charter for Alternative Health Practitioners, La Leva Di Archimede, Mayday, PHARMAPACT, Salud Natural, Citizens Voice for Health Rights, The National Health Federation, American Holistic Health Assn, and other GENUINE health freedom groups what has IADSA actually been doing to defend health freedom world wide?

Has IADSA made any effort to communicate with the New Zealand Charter or ANY of these other grass roots groups in an effort to help CONSUMERS defend access to dietary supplements world wide?


PROOF: In '99 I attended the NNFA meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Prior to that meeting, Gary Null challenged Randy Dennin and Karl Reidel of NNFA to debate me on the air on these issues. They refused. Null challenged them to prove to his satisfaction that they were IN FACT making GENUINE efforts to defend health freedom and to explain why consumers should TRUST the presence of an employee of PFIZER as co chair of NNFA's International Committee, or as Chair of IADSA, when it is not too hard to FIGURE OUT that the large drug companies don't LIKE the competition caused to their very expensive, patented prescription drugs by natural unpatentable vitamins, or that these large drug companies don't WANT people to be well and healthy because that keeps people out of hospitals, away from doctors, and out of pharmacies so the dietary supplement industry is CLEARLY their enemy, and they have EVERY REASON to send in change agents to try to assist them in TAKING OVER the supplement industry.

Neither Dennin or Reidel would come on the air to debate me when Null challenged them to. Be sure to go to to the Media Section to listen to all audio files from Anti Codex Radio Shows with Gary Null interviewing true grass roots health freedom fighters from all over the world. IAHF produced these shows, and if you haven't heard them, you should listen today!

Just 2 weeks after the Codex Oversight hearing on March 20, 2001 was whitewashed and Reidel PRETENDED American dietary supplements aren't subject to Codex harmonization, his co chair on NNFA's International Committee, DENNIN, was the KEYNOTE SPEAKER at an IADSA MEETING in CAPETOWN SOUTH AFRICA titled "Toward a Global Regulatory Model".....

So..... if American dietary supplement laws ARE NOT to be harmonized to an international standard, if this is just some figment of my allegedly "paranoid" imagination, then what the hell did Dennin bother getting on a jet and flying all the way to CAPETOWN for?

And what the hell is Reidel doing on the TRANS ATLANTIC BUSINESS DIALOGUE when we're not seeing ANY effort being made by IADSA or EHPM to get the EU to harmonize to DSHEA, all the harmonization is CLEARLY going in the WRONG DIRECTION with EHPM not doing a THING to oppose the EU Vitamin Directive, and IADSA only going through the MOTIONS of opposing Codex, with Petman not even being willing to issue a press release defending Kava on the eve of the all important EU Environment committee vote on the EU Vitamin Directive,and Dennin is apparently BACKING Petman over Ron Law who is asking a VERY valid series of QUESTIONS???


After Dennin, Reidel, and the last Michael Ford, former exec dir of NNFA USA all REFUSED to debate me on the air on these issues on the Gary Null radio show, I decided I had no choice but to go to the BELLY OF THE BEAST, the NNFA Meeting in Las Vegas to try to WARN the rank and file membership of NNFA to the outrageous way in which they are being SOLD OUT by their supposed "leadership".....

Here is the sad saga of THAT strange trip to Vegas....... FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS- HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS!!!

Prior to going to Vegas I had some T-shirts made up at Kinko Copyshop that Say "DRUG CARTEL OUT OF CRN, NNFA, AHPA, UNPA, CFH, IADSA" and in the middle of the shirt is a giant fist with the index finger extended in a gesture like "GET OUT, NOW!!" and at the bottom of the T shirt is says "NAS "UL" = B.S." More Info: 800-333-2553, N.America, 540-763-3051 World

And I went to VEGAS armed for BEAR with a Big Box of thousands of flyers that did nothing but ask the SAME EXACT KIND OF QUESTIONS THAT RON LAW IS ASKING NOW ABOUT CONFLICT OF INTEREST WITHIN THE SUPPLEMENT INDUSTRY SABOTAGING THE REAL EFFORTS TO STOP CODEX being made by groups such as IAHF, New Zealand Charter of Alternative Health Practitioners, PHARMAPACT (South Africa), Citizens Voice for Health Rights (Canada), Consumer Health Organization of Canada, Freedom of Choice in Health Care (Canada), Friends of Freedom, (Canada), National Health Federation (USA), Salud Natural (Chile), Heilsufrelsi (Iceland), Mayday (Denmark), La Leva Di Archimede (Italy), PHARMAPACT (South Africa), American Preventive Medical Assn (USA) and many others...


IAHF does not normally crash in posh digs like the Hilton Hotel, but in '99 a the NNFA meeting in Vegas I splurged, the better to do battle and DID stay at the Hilton because I wanted to be right there at the Convention Center and not have to waste a lot of valuable time walking from some far away hotel.

The first morning there I got up early intending to go to the NNFA business meeting to represent some of my clients who wanted me to represent them there due to some concerns that they and I had about a couple of proposed changes to NNFA's bylaws that we felt would allow the SUPPLY SIDE to get control AWAY FROM THE RETAILERS in NNFA enabling pharmaceutical interests to get control of the trade association, JUST AS HAPPENED IN NORWAY IN THE VITAMIN TRADE ASSOCIATION THERE JUST PRIOR TO THE DESTRUCTION OF HEALTH FREEDOM IN NORWAY IN THE EARLY 90s, as Norway was used as a Pharma Cartel TEST COUNTRY to help them fine tune their takeover tactics. (FTTT) The same pattern observed in Norway has since been followed with frightening cookie cutter precision world wide as controlled opposition groups and change agents have been PULLING THE WOOL over the eyes of the industry and consumers, not letting them SEE how this slick takeover is proceeding via a deliberately slow process of incrementalism, shell games, and marginalization of hard liners via plants, change agents, controlled opposition groups and bought off politicians.

So that first morning at the NNFA show in Vegas, I got up early to attend NNFA's business meeting, and as I exited my Hotel Room I observed a large pile of show related literature outside my hotel room door. GREAT, I thought. Now I know how to tell who is here in the hotel for the show!!!

I felt wonderful as I walked through the Hotel, adding my flyer to the pile of literature outside each of the doors of the show participants, til I rounded the corner and headed down the next corridor when SUDDENLY, I heard voices from the corridor I had just left.

"I found one!" I heard a voice exclaim loudly. "Come over here, this is what it looks like!" I heard the same voice exclaim again as I heard the sound of paper being ripped up. I came flying around the corner prepared to NUKE whatever SOB was messing with my flyers, and I confronted two beefy Hilton Hotel Security Staff, walkie talkies crackling on their belts as they methodically went from door to door for the EXPRESS PURPOSE of ripping up MY FLYERS!!

I was INCREDULOUS! All the Flyers did was ask QUESTIONS! The Flyer had been approved by the lawyer on the legal staff of NOW FOODS in Illinois which wanted the questions I was asking to be asked.

All they asked was questions about the OBVIOUS problem of CONFLICT OF INTEREST within NNFA and IADSA that I had been observing at CODEX meetings as a member of the US Delegation! They asked if NNFA shouldn't possibly actually ENFORCE their conflict of interest BYLAW!!!

I told the Security Guards to STOP destroying my property or I would call a cop and have them ARRESTED! They retorted that I did not have "PERMISSION" from Sheldon Metz, membership director of NNFA and the person in charge of running the show to pass out my flyer, of which he "DISAPPROVED" and that since the Hotel was run by a Union, "only the Bellhops are allowed to pass stuff like this out in the Hotel."

I informed them that I have an advanced blackbelt in Taekwondo, and that unless they wanted to using tweezers to pull bone fragments from their fractured jaws out of their assholes they'd best immediately STOP any further destruction of MY PROPERTY and at least give me a chance to RETRIEVE my flyers.

They then FOLLOWED ME and WATCHED as I removed every single flyer I had attempted to pass out in the Hotel.

I then went down to the room in the Hotel where the NNFA business meeting was to take place, wearing the special badge with my "registration sticker" on it as I had duly registered to participate in this meeting the day before. As I was eating my continental breakfast while waiting for the business meeting to begin, I was confronted by a security guard who looked at my badge, and said "Come with me please."

I looked up from my cereal and said "Excuse me? I can't go anywhere, I am waiting for a meeting to begin that I have to participate in to represent some of my clients." The security guard said robotically "You are not to be in this room, please come with me."

I glanced over at the doorway and saw 10 other security guards all waiting in the doorway, expectantly.

I should have just sat there and forced them to physically attempt to remove me from the room, whereupon I could have injured several of them seriously, but I saw no point in being arrested so I went with the guard, wondering where all this would lead.

He led me to the NNFA Show Office in the Convention Center where a group of people clad in Hawaiian Shirts manned telelphones and started vacantly at computer screens like so many zombies as they went about their business of putting on the trade show.

I was asked to "sit down" and "wait." Which I did for about 10 minutes til Sheldon Metz swaggered into the room as if he thought he were a Police Chief entering "HIS PRECINCT" and as if I were his "PRISONER".

He proceeded to say to me "Soooooooo, YOU are this guy John Hammell who has been causing me so much TROUBLE, eh?" I nodded, wondering where this bullshit was going to lead.

And he continued "Tell me, Mr.Hammell, are you an actual MEMBER of NNFA or are you only a CONSULTANT to some of our members?" I informed him that I was a consultant to some of his members, and he said as he sternly bore a hole through me with his eyes "Well, Mr.Hammell, I'm very sorry, but our BYLAWS do not allow you to participate in our business meetings if you're not a MEMBER of ours, and it doesn't MATTER if you are representing some of our MEMBERS, they should just be at the meeting THEMSELVES."

At that point I got ANGRY, and whipped out my copy of NNFA's membership directory and rattled off all the names of the pharmaceutical companies that were members of NNFA at that time. And I then quoted article 14.3 from NNFA's bylaws about Conflict of Interest, and I told him I thought it was MOST INTERESTING that he would SELECTIVELY enforce one of his APPARENT bylaws, while BLATANTLY IGNORING the one about conflict of interest, and by intentionally BLOCKING me from raising issues pertaining to this that some of his MEMBERS WANTED ME TO RAISE.

They ESPECIALLY wanted me to raise the issue of a proposed bylaw change that was up for discussion and a vote at the meeting: a change to allow for voting by mail.....

When this EXACT SAME bylaw change was strongly urged by a Norwegian change agent who had weasled himself into the Norwegian vitamin trade association, and the membership fell for it and voted it in, the immediate RESULT of this change was that it allowed the SUPPLY SIDE of the industry to get CONTROL of the trade association AWAY from the RETAILERS and small companies who had always been the HEART AND SOUL of the trade association previously, and to PULL THE WOOL OVER THEIR EYES while they proceeded to line up their sweetheart sell out deals with the Pharma Cartel in order to line their pockets at the expense of health food stores, small manufacturers and consumers.

THIS is why Metz wanted me removed from the business meeting. He did not want me to WARN anyone in NNFA of any of this....

So, after being thrown out of the business meeting, I attempted to go back down on the show floor to continue handing out my flyers as I had the previous day when I handed out hundreds of them, but I was IMMEDIATELY intercepted by the SECURITY GOONS who told me that unless I stopped, they were going to bring in the Las Vegas POLICE and have me ARRESTED....

I could go on with this sad saga, but see little point.

All I will say is this: Congressman Ron Paul and Congressman Peter De Fazio see the truth on this matter. They TRIED to warn Congressman Burton not to whitewash the Codex vitamin oversight hearing on March 20, 2001...... you can see the gif file of the letter of theirs on Congressional letterhead which Burton wrongly ignored at by clicking on the spinning green disk.

You can see the letter signed by Burton, Paul, De Fazio and several other members of congress telling FDA to not put the NAS Risk assessment paper on the table at Codex because it did not represent the will of the American people and is a pharmaceutically funded, non scientific false definition of vitamin safety intended to set us up to lose in a future WTO trade dispute intended to force the USA to harmonize its dietary supplement law to a grossly restrictive international standard. This letter is at under Letters from Congress.

You can see digitized video footage of Dr.Beth Yetley of the FDA at a pre meeting of the US Codex delegation in the bar of her hotel in Berlin the day before the Codex meeting began in '98 as she admitted having seen the letter from congress telling her not to put the NAS paper on the table at Codex because to do so would violate the express will of the people and the will of Congress as expressed via the amendment to the FDA Modernization Act of 1997 that I got specifically to stop the FDA from engaging in such harmonization efforts because they pose a threat to our domestic laws. On the videotape you can see Yetley REFUSE to obey the will of the people or the will of Congress, you can see her REFUSE to not put this unscientific paper on the table at Codex in footage in the media section at

In the Media Section of you can see digitized video footage of Herr Grossklaus, the German Chair of the Codex meeting FORCE me to turn my cam corder off, proving the non tranparency of these evil shell game "high dramas" that are put on for public consumption to try to give an "appearance" of fairness and scientific honesty, when in REALITY everything that takes place inside those meetings was decided well in ADVANCE of their actually even taking place.... as all CODEX is is a RAILROAD JOB FROM HELL!

So there you have it sportsfans..... welcome to REALITY.

Now you know why the shadow government is trying so damn hard to pass GUN CONTROL legislation in the USA. They're aware that in '94 the US Congress received more letters, faxes, and personal visits from vitamin consumers desiring passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 than they ever have in US History over ANY OTHER ISSUE. DSHEA set the all time RECORD for the most sacks of mail delivered by the Post Office to the US Congress.

And NOW, our Congress has blatantly LIED to us via the whitewashed oversight hearing of March 20, 2001 when they did NOT listen to the will of the American people who asked Congress for an amendment to the FDA Modernization Act of 1997 in order to STOP FDA from continuing to set us up for Codex harmonization.

Now Congress is LETTING the FDA set us up........

Believe me, the gun grabbers in Congress and their shadow government overseers in the UN, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Club of Rome, Masons, etc know all too well what the reaction of the American vitamin consumers will be once they realize how they've been LIED to on Codex, and this is one BIG reason why they're pulling out all the stops right now to try to DISARM US.

They know that a huge number of us see the truth about the healing power of dietary supplements, and they know that eventually, they're going to run out of room to keep pulling the wool over our eyes on this issue.

Therefor, in addition to making a donation to IAHF POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA or electronically using your credit or debit card via paypal at please join Gun Owners of America and their international equivalents, as in the not too distant future we're going to have a long list of sold out plants, change agents, and other traitorous whores in our midst who will need to be dealt with because our backs will be up against the wall- these greed driven idiots are on the verge of creating the biggest black market the world has ever seen..... for DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS, and that Black Market will only feed organized crime, and cause people to die from things like varnish being put inside fish oil capsules and vitamin E capsules and then and ONLY then will dietary supplements become "dangerous".

So...... Simon Petman....... traitor extraordinaire is REFUSING to generate a press release that DEFENDS KAVA and Pfizer employee Dennin, Chair of IADSA is backing the bastard up..... ask WHY, join IAHF in asking WHY.

Now you know why Dr.Scarbrough, Chair of the US Codex Office in Washington threw me off the US Codex delegation, and now you know why Jurgen Kundke, the Bgvv Press Officer refuses to allow to set foot inside any more Codex meetings, even though I'm a licensed member of the press as a member of the American Media Assn with a valid press credential.

Now you know why I had no choice but to join Matthias Rath, MD in the street in Berlin protesting the codex meeting with thousands of other vitamin consumers whose backs are up to the wall.

If you believe in the cause of health freedom, NOW is the time to take a STAND!

Later will be too late, it almost is ALREADY, but its never OVER til the fat lady sings.....and criminals such as Petman, Dennin, and others of their ilk who are trying to STEAL the vitamins are exposed for the cockroaches that they are. Please go to and sign our petition against the EU Vitamin Directive and Codex. Over 26,000 have signed from over 114 countries. IADSA has made ZERO effort to get ANYONE to sign this petition for the simple reason that they do not CARE about vitamin consumers. The same is true of every single vitamin trade association in the world today, with the only possible exception that I can see being NNFA New Zealand. God bless them and their effort to tell Australia to pound sand. God Bless New Zealand, the number one health freedom fighting nation on earth next to grass roots, heavily armed America!!

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 625 Floyd, Virginia, 24091 America
800-333-2553 N.America toll free
540-763-3051 International please donate via paypal electronically to assist in
the writing of the Codex Exposure Book