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Subject: UN Rule Imminent in Australia? Expose on NWO Push to Subjugate Australia
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 10:31:38 -0500

IAHF List: See the urgent article below my comments about whats happening in Australia vis a vis a huge push to usher in UN control of the country. In 1996 when I attended my first UN Codex vitamin meeting of the CCNFSDU in Bonn, Germany, it was my first eyewitness glimpse of the grossly undemocratic totalitarian attitude of the United Nations, of the outrageous attitude of the ruling elite who would have us believe that our rights are properly "represented" at these UN Codex meetings by unelected bureaucrats from the FDA and their international counterparts (the only people allowed to vote in these UN vitamin meetings.)

The ruling elite like to use isolated countries such as Australia, and S.Africa as "testing grounds" for their global takeover agenda due to their geographical remoteness. Judging from the report below, a highly organized move is afoot in Australia through an organization called "The Institute of Taxation Research" to engage in subterfuge intended to force the sheeplike masses in Australia to accept UN rule in the very near future while a patriot group there called United People Power seeks to expose the plot, calling for countermeasures to defend the God given rights of all Australians, including the right to ingest whatever they wish into their own bodies which THEY (not the STATE) are sovereign over.

Why am I sending this to people world wide? To grasp the Codex vitamin issue, you must see a bigger picture that goes beyond the vitamin issue. We're witnessing the end stage of a centuries old push towards a global totalitarian state, but people such as the UPP in Australia, the APFN Network in the USA, the Canadian Action Party, IAHF and allied pro vitamin access, libertarian groups world wide are sharing information to expose and counter this agenda to "harmonize" the laws world wide to suit the greed driven genocidal actions of the ruling elite, the UN and the multinational corporations that control the UN. Please see the recommended reading section at and especially take notice of the last book listed: MASS CONTROL Engineering Human Consciousness by Jim Keith which I strongly encourage people world wide to read. Get it from An effort is being made to force us into a psychocivilized society under mind control, and the ruling elite is already using ELF waves to mould and shape public perceptions. HAARP in Gokona, Alaska is being used for this purpose. High Altitude Auroral Research Project. People world wide need to wake up, join the IAHF list via and pass the world. There is a need to build Farraday cages pronto, and start sharing information on protection against microwave manipulation. The effort to block access to micronutrients isn't JUST due to pharmaceutical greed, we need these nutrients to protect against microwave manipulation, efforts to make us docile via fluoridation, chemtrails, the genocidal vaccination agenda and other highly orchestrated control agendas designed to dumb us down and turn us into unhealthy non thinking robots who die on cue, marching in lockstep towards the cliff.

(Public notice, as published nation wide in the Australian Financial Review on Monday 16 October 2000.)


I Joseph Richard Bryant attended a public meeting held at the Burwood RSL Club on Sunday 8 October 2000.

The meeting was called by The Institute of Taxation Research (ITR) and was addressed by a Mr John Lamont (M.D.) an Mr Wayne Levick (lawyer).

The speakers announced that:

The ITR and its co-organisation The Institution for Constitutional
Education and Research has invited the United Nations into Australia to:
* Establish an interim military government in Australia.
* Install an interim Constitution filed with the UN by the ITR.
* Abolish the existing Federal, State and Local governments.
* Abolish all foundation and existing law.
* To give Australia a totally new start.
* That copies of the interim constitution filed with the UN are not available.
* That the speakers had not seen the interim constitution.
* That this was too be the last ITR public meeting due to the fact that they would be completely tied up with UN procedures from this point of time.
* That they expect the UN to take control within weeks.
* Two books of papers said to be the UN application were on display.
* On sale a book containing the papers as filed with the UN (not including the filed constitution) to bring about the above actions.

This is the first time I have been made aware of the proposal. I spoke against it at the meeting. The proposal is an act of treason of the highest order.

Joseph Richard Bryant. 418 Roper Road St Marys NSW 2760. Ph: 02-9826-1337.

END publication.

A letter was faxed to the UN on the 11 October requesting confirmation or denial of the first 9 points of the above public notice, no reply received to date 25-10-2000.

ITR are attracting a support based on avoiding taxation and using this support and the funds it generates to bring about a UN take over of Australia.

ITR base their information on factual evidence, in the most part identical to that of UPP, but the ITR solution is the direct opposite to that of UPP.

ITR have invited the UN to take control of Australia, whereas UPP invite the Australian people to take control of Australia via a fresh Constitution.


Please make yourself familiar with the content and keep handy for quick reference at all times. You will be looking for this document in the near future.

United People Power Inc. Constitutional objectives.
* To involve the interests of all Australians in our Constitutional situation.
* To put in place a fresh Commonwealth of Australia Constitution via a referendum of all citizens who choose to vote at the referendum.
* The fresh Constitution is based on our inherited Constitutional Law including the system established by the 1901 Constitution.
* This fresh Constitution shall be drafted by the people, as opposed to an elite group consisting mainly of legally trained politicians.The objective is to re-establish what has been lost by the way of checks and balance in our governmental system, and
* To undeniably establish in the fresh Constitution the immutable principle whereby the people are sovereign and hold all political power, some only of which they delegate to others via the fresh Constitution, and
* To include in the fresh Constitution a method whereby all government officials swear allegiance to the Australian people and the constitution under sufferance of penalty.
* Include a responsible method by which the people can propose amendments to the Constitution and amend it by referendum, and
* Include a responsible method whereby the people can readily without personal expense enforce the Constitutional rules, and
* Include a responsible method by which the people can over-ride the parliament via referendum, to initiate an action or to veto an action or to recall any employee of government from duty, and
* To make, parliament, ministers and all other government positions responsible to the people for their actions
* To properly and responsibly limit the power of government and in so doing guarantee the peoples fundamental rights.

All this we undertake to accomplish with the help of active citizens.

Joe Bryant for United People Power Inc and the Alternative Three (A3) project.

For further information please contact United People Power Inc.

PO Box 270 St Marys NSW 2760. PH: 02-9826-1337 FX: 02-9826-1670

Web: and check out the links.

THE OPTIONS Which one will you take, when will you take it?

Option one: Go along with the totally corrupt existing system.

Option two: Keep telling yourself it will all be OK when we have returned to us what the establishment has take away.

Option three: Keep talking about the problems and hope the people who created the problems will fix them.

Option four: Elect a fresh bunch of incompetent self-seekers.

Option five: Wait until the UN installs a military dictatorship.

Option six: Pray.

Option seven: Grasp the nettle and install a fresh Constitutional system.

Option seven is the only solution. It s simple, decisive and achievable and we can have it all in place within months with little to no disruption to everyday living.

Do you have a better option that you are keeping a secret? If not what are you waiting for. Is it the permission of that somebody who makes your decisions?

You have been released from your obligations under the existing Constitution as section 5 no longer applies it was abandon with the preamble and sections 1 to 8 by you in the referendum on the 6th November 1999.

United People Power are well on the way with option seven. The time has arrived for you to declare your final position, is it to be coward, confused, or just plain stupid, or will it be for a fresh start based on what we know works in the peoples best interests.

I am asking you to make a decision, the result of which will become public knowledge, is it to be coward, traitor or patriot, it s your decision.

Cowards will opt to do nothing except maybe to attack the messenger.

Traitors will opt to let somebody else such as the UN do it for them.

Patriots will opt for the fresh Constitution based on the system we inherited. A fresh system, totally within the control of the Australian people.

The choice is urgent and it remains yours at this point of time, but not for long. Joe Bryant, Alternative Three. PO Box 270 St Marys NSW 2760.

The four pages attached set out what is in store and the way ahead.


The year 2000 Alternative Three Constitutional Convention will be held at the Hellenic Club 3rd Floor 251 Elizabeth Street Sydney on Saturday-Sunday 11-12 November 2000,- use the Museum railway stations, directly opposite the War Memorial, Hyde Park.

Year 2000 will be the fifth annual A3 Constitutional Convention. The purpose of the Conventions is to hammer into shape the Alternative Three (A3) Draft Fresh Constitution, this is done by considering all written submissions received before the convention.

The Draft is a substantial document building on the existing Commonwealth of Australia Constitution, placing proper limits on government and the means whereby the people can enforce the limits. It also introduces into the Constitution the instruments of historical importance that underpin and guarantee liberty and justice, such as Magna Carta.

All Australians are invited to attend and will be welcome to participate in the debate. The Debate process will be initiated by written submissions lodged with United People Power (UPP) before the end of October 2000.

Submissions are subject to the following formula. A submission must deal with a specific change to an existing section of the draft, either to expand, decrease, change or eliminate the section; or to introduce some entirely fresh item to the draft. Submissions that are not so directed cannot be dealt with at the November Convention.

All complying written submissions will be dealt with at the Convention. A report will follow to all who make submissions including people not in attendance at the Convention. It is not essential that the person making the submission be in attendance, but it is desirable.

A submission may well be better presented if the submitter is in attendance at the Convention if only to clear up any point raised in regard to the submission.

As a result of the above formula it is impossible to make an acceptable submission without having first studied the existing Draft. The Draft is available in a Constitution Kit of material, which includes, along with other important material, an easy-assessment sheet. The Kit is available for $20 posted from UPP, PO Box 270 St Marys NSW 2760.

I will take this opportunity to say that the existing Constitution is no more than a contract between six states to set up a central (federal) government in which the states transferred some only of their then existing powers to the new central government.

The peoples' freedom, liberty and justice were not a consideration in this contract, as these things pre-existed in state law and were not subject to negotiation or change.

The Australia Act(s) 1986 allows all Australian governments to pass new laws or amend existing laws ignoring the limits flowing from the Laws of England such as Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus etc. In effect they have purported to have cancelled all the historical instruments that guaranteed the peoples' freedoms. All government including the High Court accept this "cancellation".

The case now is that governments, Australia-wide, the courts, including the High Court, subscribe to the deception that the Commonwealth Constitution is the fountainhead of the peoples rights, where none in fact exist, except the few political rights that are necessary to make the federal system workable. ie: the right to vote. (That is if you comply with the electoral act.)

As a result, the High Court has been placed in a position, which it is more than willing to accept, where they are the sole determining authority, the "granter" of peoples' rights:- - in other words the High Court is now God, it either grants or removes peoples rights.

In NSW, the parliament has assumed the role of a minor god and proposes to write a BILL of Rights. (See submission by Australians for Constitutional Democracy) (part of UPP.)

A3 Conventions have been held, the first in Bathurst NSW on the anniversary of the 1896 convention held there, the second in Adelaide SA on a similar anniversary, in Brisbane QLD, Bendigo VIC, and now Sydney NSW in November 2000.

People interested in organising an A3 Constitutional Convention in the remaining states or major centres anywhere should contact the writer. May I suggest Jan 2001 to celebrate Federation? Followed by one a month, taking in major centres in all states and territories. Such a program would allow us to build up the credibility required to address the establishment-funded brainwashing by the popular media and the Constitutional Centenary Foundation, which have been distributing establishment propaganda as genuine constitutional information across Australia, including schools.

The time for talking about the problems has passed. The opportunity to solve the problems has arrived, and as a result of recent developments, such as ITR activities, is now urgent. The Alternative Three project sorts the doers from the talkers - the wheat from the chaff the traitors from the patriots.

Before concluding, a relevant quote from the American Declaration of Independence.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, -----------that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government". (emphasis added)

It is certainly our right to propose, draft and have a fresh constitution put to referendum. There can be no doubt that the so-called republicans will have another go just as soon as Labor is in power, which could be as sooner than later, or worse the UN is in control.

United People Power and Australians for Constitutional Democracy are a non-party, non-sectarian organisations devoted to Constitutional matters.

We look forward to your participation by way of submission and if possible your attendance at the 2000 Convention. Book your place early. Places are limited, costs $10 per day.

If you wish for Australia to consolidate its independence within the control of Australians you will have to make an effort to bring this about. Start by being at the Alternative Three Constitutional Convention on the 11th and/or 12th November. Experience the feel of freedom.

Regards, Joe Bryant. National Coordinator, Alternative Three.

For Additional information: UPP PO Box 270 St Marys NSW 2760. Ph: 02-9826-1337

Fax: 02-9826-1670. E-mail: