To: IAHF List
Subject: "Quackbusters" Block Access to Anti Codex Petition by Spamming Website: Open Letter to Stephen Barrett
From: "International Advocates for Health Freedom"
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 14:44:45 -0500

All Webmasters: Especially Alice/Dayna Please post.

IAHF List:

See my complaint to Stephen Barrett below.

A message was posted to Stephen Barrett's Anti Health Freedom, Anti Vitamin e-list encouraging members to keep trying The Lever of Archimedes Website in order to lock it up, (to try to BLOCK health freedom fighters world wide from signing the Petition Against the EU Vitamin Directive and Codex)

Its not legal for anyone on Barrett's elist to make this recommendation to spam a website with the intent to block access. IAHF suspected this might be going on at the time that we couldn't get into the site. IAHF recommends that Josef emply the use of multiple servers in order to allow for extra traffic to the petition at and if you havent' signed, please do, and also sign the Codex Oversight petition that you can jump to from

Health Freedom fighters can get onto Barrett's elist in order to monitor it by signing up at Recommend logging on to it via a free email account as it generates a lot of mssgs daily. They're monitoring all of our traffic, so we are doing the same thing back.

Here is the message that we found on Barrett's list. It is not legal for Barrett (or anyone on his listserve) to advocate blocking access to a website this way, but it does show how DESPERATE the Pharma Cartel is to destroy the dietary supplement industry, and to try to INTERFERE with our efforts to express our views to members of the European Parliament or to Congress.

Below my open letter to Barrett, you will see the intercepted message posted to his e-list, encouraging so called "quackbusters" to log onto the site in order to disrupt it.


To: Stephen Barrett, "Quackwatch"


See the message below from Harriett on your listserve. You are responsible for her illegal actions. I am alerting Gary Null so he can announce this on the air, along with thousands of health freedom fighters world wide, including many with websites and radio shows.

You and your ilk have reached a new low, but we are watching your every stupid move.Your people and the Pharma Cartel are so DESPERATE to stop the proliferating use of dietary supplements world wide that people such as Harriett on your listserve have taken to attacking health freedom websites containing health freedom petitions en masse to try to lock up the site in order to block us from getting on so we can't sign the Anti Codex petition. There are currently over 11,000 signatures on this petition at, and by the time we're done we'll have several million signatures, enough to bury your pathetic efforts to block us from signing.

It is not legal for anyone on your listserve to advocate the spamming of websites this way. As you are responsible for the actions of all the people on your listserve, I would like to know whether or not you have removed the person below who made this illegal request? This is what Harriett said on your listserve. She has just very stupidly provided me with this opportunity to use her dumb statement in order to rally millions more people world wide to sign the petition. Do you condone her illegal actions? Why do your people engage in these sort of tactics?

It would appear that you all are very desperate, VERY DESPERATE to try to STOP THE PARADIGM SHIFT away from toxic, ineffective pharmaceutical drugs to safe, highly effective vitamins which keep us healthy so we don't need drugs or visits to doctors. Face it Barrett, you can't stop the paradigm shift. We have too many people for you to be able to stop us and we have the truth on our side. You might as well crawl into a hole in the ground and have Harriett shovel the dirt in on top of you!!

Harriett's mindless actions are encouraging people to send donations to IAHF POB 625 Floyd VA 24091 USA, so that we can spread our health freedom message so tell her THANK YOU !!!

John C.Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom



Look what I got this morning! If the site is jammed that surely means they can't be adding names to this petition, which would be good news. Day claims to send his e-letter to over 70k ..... in a population of about 60 million - that's not very many.
So, keep on jammin' those lines



Dear EClub Subscriber

Further to our EClub mail blast that went out on Friday asking subscribers to consider signing the CODEX petition, some of you may have been experiencing problems accessing the site and its features, due to the inordinately high traffic the site has been experiencing. EClub alone reaches an estimated 70,000 people, once it has completed replicating, so this alone would have created problems for folks accessing the site we recommended.

Please do not give up, but try to access the site to sign the petition if you are able. It IS important that your voices are heard on this vital issue. In fact, try clicking right now to see if the site is free:

Many thanks!