Pincer Movement Squeezes Biopirates- S.Africa Wrap-Up Report

After 10 days of fomenting revolution in S.Africa I managed to elude the clutches of the Illuminati and am back in Florida relieved not to have been perforated. Only a few months ago the post apartheid Nazis fired shots through the roof of Stuart Thomson's house out in the veld, and I stayed there for most of the trip. Biopirate Folb denied us access to the TRAMED database at University of Capetown-- just as we expected he would- as he doesn't want the world to know of his devious efforts to put dietary supplements into a global regulatory straightjacket via the Australian listings system via his post as Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Drug Policy.

I got a good copy of the "Options" tv program, the South African Broadcasting System health freedom program which Stuart, Anthony and I were on-- the first time the international scam has been exposed on a TV show, and footage from it will be incorporated into the video I'm making now, Pharma Natura's strident threats to sue us all notwithstanding. Simon Mills and the other stooges at ESCOP can take a long walk off a short pier...they can run, but they can't HIDE.

The S.African health freedom battle is pivotal. A good portion of the International Health Freedom Video that I am making will focus on it because if you want to truly see how the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fit together-- it is ESSENTIAL to be able to grasp the strategic importance of what is going on there, and how we are turning the tide despite the best efforts by the wire services to cover up the TRUE story of how Folb was fired due to Thomson's expose of genocide and biopiracy! Some of what follows is repeated from that message I sent you from South Africa last week, but I've added some new information too. Please forward this to more people. It MUST sink in to the point where each of you can really EXPLAIN what is really going on behind the scenes to more people!

Folb, Director of the WHO's Collaborating Centre on Drug Policy, (and former Chairman of the S.African FDA (MCC) has made a SERIOUS miscalculation in his devious efforts to usher in a global pharmaceutical takeover of the natural products industry: he has greatly offended the INDIGENOUS HEALERS of South Africa, in particular Sindephi Spogter, an articulate man of marked leadership ability who clearly sees the unfolding scam...and vows to STOP it!(It is important to understand that 80% of the people of S.Africa use Traditional Herbal Medicine and that in S.Africa, unlike N.America, the indigenous people far outnumber people of European descent (40,000,000 to 5,000,000.)

Spogter, a traditional African healer, is the Secretary of the ICCTMP (Interim Co-ordinating Committee of Traditional Medical Practitioners of S.Africa), which represents over 200,000 indigenous healers, and he is also one of the chief spokespersons of COSATU: Confederation of South African Trade Unions- which played a big role in breaking the despicable chains of Apardheit, to bring Mandela out of exile. South Africa is a nation with a strong thirst for freedom, and the freedom fighters there are SERIOUS, _VERY_ SERIOUS, with an immensely gratifying, all encompassing distrust of the oily maneuverings of multinational corporations. The Illuminati have exerted a very noticable presence in S.Africa due to the nation's isolation, and their unique combo of first world infrastructure within a third world population- but they have seriously miscalculated...

I met Sindephi at the health freedom Indaba organized by Stuart Thomson of PHARMAPACT, and have just returned to Florida after 10 days in S.Africa. Through Thomson's coordinating efforts I was also able to be on three South African radio shows and do several interviews with print media, as well as gather footage for the International Health Freedom Video that I am making. If you haven't yet visited the PHARMAPACT website, I strongly urge you to do so at (PHARMAPACT= People's Health Alliance Rejecting Medical Authoritarianism Prejudice and Conspiratorial Tyranny)

My mission in S.Africa was twofold: to catalyze political action in a country where the new world order has just disbanded their drug regulatory body, the MCC, in an effort to more rapidly force global pharmaceutical dominance upon the dietary supplement industry, and to gather footage for the international health freedom video that I am making.

I was invited to S.Africa by Stuart Thomson of the Gaia Research Institute in Knysna, a small manufacturer who has exposed the rampant corruption in South Africa's Health Products Association, and created PHARMAPACT as a true grass roots measure to offset the trade association's efforts to sell out to pharmaceutical interests. Thomson's primary products are Super Oxygenated Bottled Rainwater, Chinese Green Tea, Colloidal Silver Generators and some of the finest personal care products I've ever tried. Thomson is a true gung-ho maverick who rallies the troops from his book filled office, far off the beaten path in the Garden of Eden, an unspoiled forested area which closely resembles coastal Maine-- along the Indian Ocean, 4 hours east of Capetown.

The S.African battle is pivotal due to the fact that Professor Folb, Director of the TRAMED biopiracy program at University of Capetown, doubles as Chair of the World Health Organization's Collaborating Centre on Drug Policy, which is intent on ushering in pharmaceutical dominance of the dietary supplement industry by engineering implementation of the Australian listings system world wide via global "harmonization" of food and drug laws.

Along with Sindephi I also met one of his mentors, Phillip Kubukeli, a prominent Xhosa medicine man and a true elder statesman- a regal sort of guy who dresses in traditional African garb and who is widely revered for his immense knowledge of African herbs and healing. Kubekeli is also the leader of another huge association of African healers.

Before we made him aware of the listings system scam, Folb picked Kubukeli's brain over a period of years in order to learn as much as possible about the indigenous herbs so that he could learn to identify them and learn what they are used for so that he could then start growing them in order to isolate the active ingredients so as to make drugs out of them. Kubukeli did not realize at first that he was being used. The German pharmaceutical giant Hoechst, via Norriston Laboratories, is indirectly involved with Folb's biopiracy operation called TRAMED which is being run out of the Pharmacology Department of the University of Capetown.

Kubukeli and Spogter is incensed by the ethnopirates, who are attempting to pharmaceuticalize the use of the natural herbs which they are able to use in an unfettered manner to treat third world people who cannot afford to purchase expensive pharmaceutical drugs. The ethopirates have even had the temerity to attempt to market a line of products called "Healers Choice"...which the indigenous healers have NEVER, in fact...CHOSEN...

Folb is working in conjunction with erstwhile senior MCC staff member, Rene Doms, who is on the technical committee of the "Complementary Medicines Committee" (a behind the scenes committee which is making all the decisions and is cutting all the deals with the MCC while the CMC proper is a front group, of stooges, mostly imagine that they are acting in the best interests of the public, while actually holding no real power. Doms is a pharmacist, and a lawyer. He used to be the head of the MCC Inspectorate (which has been embargoing literally TONS of dietary supplements, which are detained at the airport in Capetown.) Doms is now the Managing Director of Pharma Natura (the German connection within the Health Products Assn.) (Wertheim Aymes is the Executive Chairman of Pharma Natura, and is a known Nazi sympathizer.

Americans had better not rest easy because the FDA is currently attempting to come after all products based on intended use and we must bombard them with comments by August 27, while simultaneously asking Congress to cosponsor HR 2868, the Consumer Health Free Speech Act, (even though it will have to be reintroduced in the next session of Congress) Inform your health food store owner that he or she should QUIT NNFA if they don't get behind HR 2868! I URGENTLY need your help to mass disseminate this information: Multilevels: Please Get this to Your TOP People and out to all the big downlines- the summer is the HARDEST time of year for me to generate grass roots political action because people spend a lot more time in leisure pursuits outdoors and on vacations.

- John Hammell, June 1, 1998



We are currently doing a lot of revamping on the website in preparation to show it off at the Total Health '98 show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where I have been invited to speak on a special panel discussion regarding international health freedom issues. Anyone wishing to attend may wish to know that it will he held March 6-8 in the Toronto Convention Center. The event is being sponsored by the Consumer Health Organization of Canada. We thank the Life Extension Foundation and Dr.Julian Whitaker, our clients, as well as all of you who have generously contributed to IAHF for making this trip possible. We remind all of you that IAHF receives commissions when you join Life Extension Foundation and when you purchase their fine products- just tell them you heard about them from IAHF. They can be reached via 800-841-LIFE, or

For more information about Total Health '98 in Toronto please call Libby Gordon at 416-490-0986,or go to The Consumer Health Organization of Canada is the Canadian sister organization to the National Health Federation in America. PHARMAPACT is a health freedom group in S.Africa which IAHF has been working very closely with for over a year. They are led by an intrepid man named Stuart Thompson, whose house has been shot at by drug company goons due to his effective and courageous efforts in that country thus far to try to monkeywrench the takeover campaign there.

PHARMAPACT is on the verge of opening a website, and I look forward to alerting all of you the moment it becomes available, because to see what is going on in S.Africa is to better understand what is going on in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and all over the world. Anyone (such as the fake grass roots ASTROTURF organization "Citizens for Health" which attempts to assert that I am paranoid and that there "isn't any conspiracy" as I claim, will find it very difficult indeed to make these false statements when the PHARMAPACT site goes on line. PHARMAPACT is a cool acronym which stands for People's Health Alliance Rejecting Medical Authority, Prejudice, and Conspiratorial Tyranny. Their mission statement reads as follows: THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW: The Public's fundamental right to natural health care via vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, functional foods, bio cosmetics and various natural healing modalities are constantly under threat from a biased regulatory system clearly historically allied to interests financially vested in suppression of optimal natural health."

We are currently working with a graphic artist to design a new website for IAHF which will be on an American server. John Lesso of New South Wales Australia will remain on as webmaster. The decision to make this move was predicated on the fact that the current server only offers minimal services, and it limits us too much. Soon we will be in position to do far more in cyberspace, but as always we strongly value the synergy we have enjoyed with all of you on the distribution list. IAHF remains a consulting firm, and we will soon be approaching several potential clients. Any small to mid sized supplement manufacturer should support our work because we are attempting to monkeywrench the "roll up" forces which currently threaten their business. (Please assist us in educating these manufacturers. It is sometimes difficult to educate people in the face of the collosal amount of money being spent by the European-American Phytomedicines Coalition on spin control against my message. They appear to be operating through a number of front organizations. I strongly suspect them to be working through Citizens for Health, Herb Research Foundation, and American Botanical Council. These are ALL industry groups, and NONE of them represents the grass roots.

If they wish to make THAT claim, they can face up to the truth and show their true colors by acknowledging what we find to be self evident: FOODS ARE NOT DRUGS! If they should fail, for any reason whatsoever to put their weight behind HR 2868, the Consumer Health Free Speech Act, in the face of the FDA's Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking from the July 7, 1997 Federal Register, Vol.62, #129 pp.36243-36248. In this ANPR, the FDA has blithely and matter of factly announced their intention to "harmonize" their regulations with emerging CODEX standards.

In her comments to the FDA, Suzanne Harris,JD of the Law Loft (which IAHF works closely with)Harris raised the point that the FDA should have requested declaratory relief from the appropriate Federal District Court: they should have asked for the court's guidance as to whether or not they should do ANYTHING relative to changing their regulations in accordance with CODEX standards, given the constitutional constraints imposed upon them, and given the FACT that their mission statement differs radically from that of the Codex Alimentarius Commission of the United Nations.

If we wish to remain a free and sovereign nation, and if we wish to maintain our access to dietary supplements, it is essential that we stand firm on the basic principle that FOODS ARE NOT DRUGS. The best way to do this is to get behind HR 2868, the Consumer Health Free Speech Act, and to keep sending your donations to IAHF in order to assist us in serving you better.

Jata and I wish to thank all of you who have been working with us up to this point. We are just two people, and we can't win this battle on our own. We wish to acknowledge the huge sacrifices made in the name of health freedom by some of our allies in other countries, most notably Debbie Anderson, of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, whose fine organization Citizens Voice for Health Rights has been providing admirable leadership north of the 49th parallel in the sovereign nation of Canada. We of IAHF wish to assist Canada in remaining a free nation, and we strongly oppose ALL multinational efforts to destroy Canada and to merge it with America.

Similarly, we strongly oppose all globalist efforts to disarm the people of the world, and we salute the fine work of many people in Australia, especially John Lesso of New South Wales who built the IAHF website, and who has been maintaining it at no charge, generously giving of himself for the cause of freedom. We wish to salute Joshua Shaw in Australia who is attempting to sue his government. (See the IAHF website, Australian section, for more information.) In New Zealand, we wish to extend greetings to Janice Ann Priest, Editor of Healthy Options magazine, as well as to Kathryn D. Atkinson of New Zealand Resource Networking. These women deserve special mention for they have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their efforts to monkeywrench the NWO campaign to enslave the island nation of New Zealand.

We wish to salute Einar Thorsteinn of the sovereign nation of Iceland, whose group "Heilsufrelsi" has been carrying the brightest health freedom torch in Scandinavia, where the NWO has wreaked their worst damage thus far in the nations of Finland and Norway. We wish to acknowledge the incomparable courage of Ron Birckhead of the Norwegian Health Institute of Bergen, Norway who was the first person to call the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom to the attention of the world. We wish to acknowledge the fine effort of Fermin Cabal in Spain, and soon we hope to open a Spanish section of the IAHF website, for both Spain, and Chile. In Sweden we owe thanks to the superb job being done by a number of people, most notably Boris Dragin and Per Dalen. Yesterday I borrowed from some information Per sent me which assisted us all in rebutting a number of horrendous AP Press releases. We may have just killed those stories because thus far they haven't run in any papers that we know of, and they are no longer on AP's list of top health stories. There are many other people around the world who I have not mentioned here for the sake of brevity.

We want our opponents to understand the fact that while they exist only on paper, we exist in REALITY. There is far more to IAHF than meets the eye. We are not an organization, we are a decentralized group of consumers all over the world. We are mad as hell, and we're not gonna take it anymore! So, if you are a consumer, please tell other consumers and snowball this message. Together, we will prevail. Enough is enough. Foods are not drugs! I'll see you in Toronto, and hope to see some Americans make the trip up from Buffalo, because we are all one in this-- it doesn't matter what country you live in: we are facing down a common enemy: the United Nations and the Multinational Drug Cartel which pulls the strings of politicians all over the world. Please forward this message far and wide, we're sending out an S.O.S., sending out an S.O.S. to the world.

For Freedom,

John C. Hammell and Jata M.Abdul Rahim
February 25, 1998