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Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 14:58:42 -0400
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IAHF List: S.Africans just had a stealth bill shoved down their throuts
with no hearing, and only a 2 week public comment period. Anthony Rees
reports here from S.Africa that the MCC just raided 7 health food stores in
Durban on October 4th, and that there was an announcement on National Radio
that a warrant has been put out for the arrest of Denise Maidment, the
S.African Solgar rep and that the police are looking for her. This adds
urgency to my efforts in the USA to get an oversight hearing in the next
Congress if we possibly can. If you live in S.Africa, please get in touch
with Anthony Rees to see what you can do there to help PHARMAPACT (now
renamed PHARMATTACK). Soon I will be uploading digitized footage shot from
inside the Codex meeting, til they made me turn my camera off. I also will
be uploading footage of FDA's Yetley lying and ignoring US law.

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Today (local time 2pm) I am going to be with a PHARMAPACT reaction unit at
Pretoria to take out those MCC / CMC criminals at a meeting called by the
CMC. There is big shit in town, as they say. The MCC raided seven health
stores in my city yesturday, and are confident that what they are doing is
right. I had a two hour meeting with the Chief Inspector of the MCC
yesturday, who put it bluntly that the Listing System will essentially be
the same as fulll pharmaceutical registration, and if not more stringent.
We are talking full pharmaceutical take-over, initiated by Folb, and the
evil bastards from the HPA.

They raided stores and conviscated tens of thousands of Rands worth of
stock. They harrassed staff. They tried to brake down doors. They entered
with police swat teams. This is tyranny. This kind of shit used to happen
during the apartheid era when the cops were looking for communist
sympathisers.  Last night the national radio station anounced that Denise
Maidment , Director Solgar SA, had a new warrent out for her arrest and
that the police are looking for her. It looks like all shit has hit the fan.

PHARMAPACT will now be initiating defcon 3 and imediatlty begin an attack
strategy. Us South Africans have been through too much shit in the past
with the old regiem. Some of our members are ex-rekkies (SA equivalent to
US Marines). PHARMAPACT will now assume it's militaristic role as
PHARMATTACK (Peoples Health Army Raising Militaristic Action Against
Traitors And Conspiratorial Killers).

This letter is an urgent anouncement to all health freedom groups accross
the planet. If your country is a member of CODEX, WHO, GATT, or World Bank,
the South African fight will be pivitol in the events of the future, as we
are the guinea pigs for Folb (WHO) etc, who want to harminise international
drug laws to make herbs into drugs.

Please remember to say a special prayer for us as we enter this holy battle
to protect that which we as humasns have as a birth-right. We need all the
help we can get. God Bless Africa !!!!