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>Date:  Tue, 26 May 1998 10:46:24 +0200
>This is the first chance I've had to communicate since arriving here in
S.Africa. I am writing this from the Gaia Research Institute (the HQ of
PHARMAPACT) here in Knysna where Stuart Thomson and his wife have been kind
enough to put me up. Thus far, our mission to monkeywrench the Illuminati's
plans to impose the Australian listings system on the world have been
running smooth as silk, but we're BY NO MEANS out of the woods yet and
badly need all of your ongoing prayers and assistance.
>The main reason I came to S.Africa from a strategic standpoint is that
Professor Folb, who PHARMAPACT got fired from the Chairmanship of the MCC,
is a big man in the World Health Organization as Director of the WHO
Collaborating Centre on Drug Policy...This Center attempts to set WHO drug
policy for all WHO member nations around the world.
>Folb has been dividing his time between Capetown and Geneva, and he
figures prominently in the pharmaceutical scam to try to impose the
Australian listings system on the entire world. What I have been able to do
here is to assist Stuart Thomson and Anthony Rees of Pharmapact in
establishing a new, much more broadly based coalition called Health Freedom
South Africa, which is  now easily the most powerful health freedom in the
world due to the fact that it includes the Traditional Healers (200,000
African Healers).
>(It is important to understand that 80% of the people of S.Africa use
Traditional Herbal Medicine.) Its important to realize that in S.Africa,
unlike N.America, the indigenous people far outnumber people of European
descent (40,000,000 to 5,000,000.)
>Folb and his fellow Nazis at WHO alienated one two very powerful men, both
of whom attended the "Indaba" (gathering of the Chiefs), which we held on
Saturday at the Gaia Research Institute here in Knysna.
>Among those who Folb has unwisely angered is Sindephi Spogter, Secretary
of the Interim Co-ordinating Committee of Traditional Medical Practitioners
of S.Africa (representing over 200,000 African Traditional Healers) and the
man whose wisdom  Spogter respects, Phillip Kubukeli, a prominent Xhosa
medicine man and one of the most dignified elder statesmen imaginable- a
regal sort of guy who dresses in traditional African garb and who is widely
revered for his immense knowledge of African herbs and healing.
>Folb picked Kubukeli's brain over a period of years in order to learn as
much as possible about the indigenous herbs so that he could learn to
identify them and learn what they are used for so that he could then start
growing them in order to isolate the active ingredients so as to make drugs
out of them.  Kubukeli did not realize at first that he was being used. The
German pharmaceutical giant Hoechst, via Norriston Laboratories, is
indirectly involved with Folb's biopiracy operation called TRAMED which is
being run out of the Pharmacology Department of the University of Capetown.
Kubukeli and Spogter are incensed that they have been used and
disenfranchised by the ethnopirates, who are attempting to
pharmaceuticalize the use of the natural herbs which they are able to use
in an unfettered manner to treat third world people who cannot afford to
purchase expensive pharmaceutical drugs.
>Folb is working in conjunction with erstwhile senior MCC staff member,
Rene Doms, who is on the technical committee of the "Complementary
Medicines Committee" (a behind the scenes committee which is making all the
decisions and is cutting all the deals with the MCC while the CMC proper is
a front group, of stooges, mostly imagine that they are acting in the best
interests of the public, while actually holding no real power. Doms is a
pharmacist, and a lawyer. He used to be the head of the MCC Inspectorate
(which has been embargoing literally TONS of dietary supplements, which are
detained at the airport in Capetown.) Doms is now the Managing Director of
Pharma Natura (the German connection within the Health Products Assn.)
(Wertheim Aymes is the Executive Chairman of Pharma Natura, and is a known
Nazi sympathizer.
>What made the Indaba (gathering of the chiefs) a success was that we had
Philip Kubukeli, one of the prominent medicine men of the Xhosa Tribe, and
also the head of the Traditional Doctors, Herbalists and Spiritual Healers
Assn. Of the Western Cape Region; and also Sindephi Spogter, Secretary of
the Interim Co-ordinating Committee of the Traditional Medical
Practitioners of South Africa present at the meeting, which was held at the
Gaia Research Institute in Knysna.
>The Illuminati has been very active here due to the fact that S.Africa is
very isolated geographically, and due to the fact that they have a first
world infrastructure as a third world country. You will be glad to know
that PHARMAPACT and I have been giving the Illuminati serious problems, and
that we are actively monkeywrenching their world wide campaign to force the
Australian listing system on S.Africa.
>The battle here is real. Stuart Thomson has bullet holes in his roof from
when the Nazis shot at his house a few months ago.
>IAHF is making the world's first International Health Freedom Video in
order to assist people world wide to fully grasp the nature of the
pharmaceutical conspiracy to dominate and destroy the dietary supplement
industry. This video will include footage from the South African Indaba
described herein, which has just formed the most powerful health freedom
group in the world.
>The plan now is to make this a 2 tape set, with one tape having
documentary footage culled from a large number of international sources
shown on websites, WHO Documents, and on overhead projector transparencies
in order to lay to rest all spin controlled lies which assert that I am
nothing more than an "inaccurate alarmist."
>Americans had better not rest easy because the FDA is currently attempting
to come after all products based on intended use and we must bombard them
with comments by August 27, while simultaneously asking Congress to
cosponsor HR 2868, the Consumer Health Free Speech Act. If you haven't
already received the IAHF form letter to respond to FDA's comments period
re structure function claims, Jata will send it to you if you email him at (I am not writing to you from the office, but he is there.)
>Canadians must also not rest easy: you must push hard for the foods are
not drugs amendment, and the best way to do that is to push for Bill C-307
in order to send Chretien a message. He won't allow a Reform party bill to
go anywhere, but if enough people push it, he will have no choice but to
install the foods are not drugs amendment or else face David Rowland in court.
>People in the UK: Keep raising serious hell over B-6, and keep bombarding
Rooker's office with email which you will need to cc to your MP. We can't
let them limit access to B-6 in the UK to 10 mg. If that were to happen, it
would send a message to the EC that the UK is no longer blocking the path
to EU wide harmonization based on EEC 65/65.
>At the end of the Indaba, Kubukeli honored my participation in the meeting
by presenting me with a beaded necklace which had been handed down for many
generations in his family.
>I feel truly honored to receive this sort of gift, and only hope that
people reading this will recognize the grave responsibility to our Creator
which we have taken on, as guardians of the world's herbs. It is my hope
that everyone reading this will assist Philip Kubukeli and I as we seek to
destroy the evil plans of the Illuminati.
>Please forward this message to others, it could help keep me from getting
killed as the more people who know of our work, the more protection I will
have, especially if you all pray a lot, post this on websites, and publish
it in magazines and newsletters. Thomson and I are scheduled to be on
several radio shows before I leave South Africa. Please send a donation to
International Advocates for Health Freedom to assist us in our work.
Donations can be sent to: IAHF 2411 Monroe St. Hollywood, Florida, 33020
America. Your best DEFENSE is a good OFFENSE!!! For Health Freedom,
>John C. Hammell, legislative advocate Reporting Live from Knysna, South
>From: John Hammell <>