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I am driving a 6 hour round trip from BC Canada today to Seattle for an emergency meeting with Jonathan Wright, MD in an effort to spur direly needed donations to the Alliance for Natural Health in the UK so that they can file an ALL IMPORTANT LAWSUIT no later than JULY to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.

I urgently need your assistence to spread the word about this: please see my article at it includes photos and a table. I made a trip to the UK in march to generate it, where I spoke at the Vitality Vitamin Trade Show in London before a large group of alternative medical practitioners, vitamin companies, health food stores and consumers pledging IAHF's support for ANH's legal effort due to its extreme global importance.

An editted version of my article will appear in the next issue of Life Extension Magazine. Unfortunately, it has been watered down and I fear that the urgency in my message was removed via the editting process which was overly fraught with "political correctness" stemming from an ignorant editor who has never worked in our industry before and doesn't understand the issues. (See their version at

The EU is expanding by 10 new countries next year.

All will politically allign with Germany and France, because they politically dominate the EU- (proof is in my article.)

One year ago a draconian EU Food Supplements Directive was passed into EU law, and England and all other EU member states have a deadline of July to harmonize their domestic law to it. Alliance for Natural Health is a very solid organization established by all the alternative medical organizations in England as a last ditch effort there to defend consumer access to supplements, not only in England, but globally due to how events in the EU will impact Codex and WTO trade disputes in this area.

They have the best law firm in England working with them, one of the few firms that has ever succeeded in overturning an EU Directive, and we CAN win in court to monkeywrench the Cartel's global juggernaut, but NOT WITHOUT URGENT DONATIONS to ANH that can be made via credit card via their website at

My reason for going to Dr.Wright today is simple:

The FDA raid against his Tahoma Clinic in the early 90s helped catalyze the drive to pass DSHEA, and now we have no choice but to do our damndest to get the rest of the world to harmonize to DSHEA, or the consequence will be that WE will continue to be set up for harmonization to a grossly restrictive unfolding international standard.

I need Wright to help me reach out to vitamin companies which have been LIED TO on this issue by IADSA, a controlled opposition group which I have exposed at IADSA is "led" by Randy Dennin, an employee of Pfizer, the largest drug company in the world, and his goal is NOT to "protect" us, it is to DESTROY us, while only going through the MOTIONS of "protecting" us. The smoking gun is shown on the IADSA exposed site where you can see that IADSA kicked NNFA New Zealand out of their umbrella group for asking "too many questions" about gross conflicts of interest, and ESPECIALLY for calling IADSA to task for doing NOTHING to protect New Zealand's very liberal food based regulations from harmonization to Australia's overly stringent, pharmaceuticalized regs.

Since building the IADSA exposed site last fall, you should be aware that in Australia the TGA (their FDA) has just engaged in a fraudulent recall of over 1300 dietary supplement products which were yanked from the shelves without a SHRED OF EVIDENCE that they were in any way "contaminated."

Ron Law, former exec dir of NNFA New Zealand, the man who sent me the documentation used in the IADSA EXPOSED website had an article titled Natural Justice? published in The Independent, New Zealand's largest business newspaper to condemn and expose as fraudulent this TGA recall, and also to expose lies from New Zealand's health minister, Anette King, who wrongly extended the recall to Pan's dietary supplement products sold in New Zealand based strictly on HEARSAY EVIDENCE from TGA that the recall was "necessary." (See that article at

Canada is in the process right now of being harmonized to Australia, and IAHF ally Friends of Freedom in Ontario will attempt to get an injunction in court this month to stop the scheduled June 4th gazetting of new regulations that totally slam the Canadian industry, opening them up for exactly the same kind of attack via manufacturing site licenses (which can be pulled on a whim) by regulators as illustrated by the Pan recall in Austrlalia. FoF is also attempting to get Bill C-420 through the Canadian Parliament in a last ditch effort to protect consumer access to supplements north of the 49th parallel.

Canada is our northern flank. Efforts are already underway to form a carbon copy of the EU Dictatorship in our hemisphere to be called the "Free Trade Area of the Americas" and all of this is discussed in my article.

The Cartel's takeover of our industry is deliberately INCREMENTAL, long and drawn out, HOWEVER, if we fail to act at KEY MOMENTS to COUNTER their agenda of globalization and harmonization of the laws world wide, we WON'T BE ABLE to defend DSHEA.

Keep in mind that the FIX is ALREADY IN: On March 20, 2001, Congress WHITEWASHED an oversight hearing on the Codex vitamin issue, and the truth did not come out about how the FDA is setting us up for the harmonization of our laws to a grossly restrictive international standard.

NNFA's pharmaceutically dominated DC lobbying firm Parry, Romani, DeConcini and Symms (which has numerous multinational pharmaceutical clients including Pfizer) played a major role in the WHITEWASHING of that hearing, mostly via the instigation of Pfizer, the largest drug company in the world.

They wouldn't let me testify, or any of my witnesses including Richard Malter, PhD. Malter wrote a scholarly rebuttal to a paper which FDA had the pharmaceutically dominated National Academy of Science generate titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing the Safety of Dietary Supplements" Malter's rebuttal was published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.

The FDA is setting us up to lose in a WTO trade dispute by generating a false definition of vitamin safety. The only legal means by which we can keep our domestic law from being harmonized to a highly draconian international standard is on a basis of safety, and FDA is setting us up so we won't be able to defend ourselves in a WTO Trade Dispute, which would be settled in an international court that does not follow US rules of evidence: the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body. The DSB is a mickey mouse court which rubber stamps the greed driven agendas of the multinational corporations. Every decision they have made has gone against the public health, against the environment, against human rights, against labor rights, against all the intangibles that go into the making of a nation's laws.

Please see my article at and help generate donations to ANH by the July deadline so they can file suit in the European Court of Justice to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive. If this Directive is not overturned, there will be NO WAY TO STOP a grossly restrictive vitamin standard from being driven through at CODEX, and then EXPANDED at Codex to parallel the expansion of the EU Food Supplement Directive in a few years. This is one of those KEY MOMENTS during the Cartel's long drawn out takeover in which we MUST ACT. If they catch us napping now, we're done for down the road. This is our last chance to defend this industry from global destruction, the last chance to stop the unfolding of a slow motion train wreck. Please communicate with me about this. I need your active support to spread this alert rapidly.

John Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
in BC Canada until June 7th at 604-597-7821, thereafter in VA at 800-333-2553