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Subject: Alternative Antibiotics for Anthrax: Special Report by Bill Sardi
From: John Hammell
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 05:11:33 -0400

IAHF List: Very solid and timely info here: recommend everyone download Sardi's special report- see url at end of this press release. Recommend everyone stock up on the natural substances he mentions here: garlic, oregano oil. In addition, recommend Thyme essential oil, Thieves essential oil blend (Young Living), Natural Immunology Colloidal Silver, Beta Glucan and for antibiotics- get from animal feed stores, also from offshore sources without an Rx- contact LEF for info 800-841-LIFE. Please forward widely and rapidly.

This CIA Psyop we're up against is insidious. Go to ACLU website for organized opposition to all civil liberty destroying legislation they're trying to ram down our throats They have eforms that go right to your Senators and Congressmen. Very important we join forces to kill all this nonsense. The biggest terrorist on the face of the earth is not Osama bin Laden, its Uncle Sam and the Shadow Gummint that are trying to impose the Global Totalitarian State in the name of "saving us from terrorists"- the sick thing is that the moronic lemmings are falling for this garbage- being mind controlled via trauma based mind control psyop- classic "psychic driving". Velcome to 1984 a few years late.

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For Immediate Release 10/6/2001 Contact: Bill Sardi


There is little chance that antibiotics will be available in a panic situation following a deliberate release of anthrax and the public may have to abandon reliance upon conventional health services and opt for alternative sources of antibiotics, says Bill Sardi, president of Knowledge of Health, Inc., a California health consumer advocacy agency.

Sardi says government-supplied stocks of antibiotics would ware thin in days if not hours after people began exhibiting symptoms of anthrax and that panic, lack of telephone service, a cordoning off of hospitals and health clinics by police, and lack of mobility by older Americans, may impair delivery of needed antibiotics. "Even if most infected people can get to the antibiotics, in a mass casualty situation they would have to return home to care for themselves since medical facilities, even quickly assembled field hospitals, would likely be overwhelmed. The public needs a fallback plan," says Sardi.

Hospitals unprepared

According to a report published in the Los Angeles Times, a survey of 186 hospitals in four Northwestern states this year found only 20 percent had plans for biological or chemical weapons incidents.

The Doctors For Disaster Preparedness Newsletter says: "In a mass casualty event, supplies will quickly be depleted. And in a major terrorist threat, mass distribution channels could either break down or be shut down in an attempt to prevent wider dissemination of toxic agents. Any centralized response system is very likely to fail."

Speaking out in the science journal New Scientist in 1998, Ken Alibek of the Batelle Institute says vaccines are of limited value in an attack and says efforts should be concentrated on how to treat victims of biological weapons.

Suspicious death

The death of a south Florida man to anthrax on October 5 is of concern since his death was caused by inhalational anthrax, so rare a form of anthrax that it hasn't occurred in the US since 1974. It takes about 3000 spores of anthrax to fill the lungs and cause lethal exposure. The Florida man lived within 10 miles of where Islamic terrorists resided in Florida and within 40 miles of the crop dusting planes they visited earlier in the year. Most cases of anthrax occur thru skin lesions in agricultural or animal workers, whereas the south Florida victim had a desk job.

How deadly is anthrax?

Anthrax is 100,000 times more deadly than the most toxic chemical warfare agent. On a clear night, a light plane equipped with a sprayer flying over a major city carrying 100 kilograms (about 220 lbs) of anthrax spores, could deliver a fatal dose of anthrax to up to 3 million people, says a 1996 report in New Scientist. Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta have created a model which estimates $26 billion of economic damage from the exposure of just 100,000 persons to anthrax. Anthrax kills about 80 percent of untreated victims and nearly all who inhale it as an airborne powder.

Anthrax is a silent, invisible killer that takes 1-6 days to incubate before flu-like symptoms occur along with a fever, cough, fatigue and skin rashes. Shortness of breath, low blood pressure and hemorrhage occur in advanced stages of infection. Antibiotic therapy should begin prior to any symptoms being noted.

Natural antibiotics

"When conventional antibiotics aren't available, the public may be surprised to hear that garlic and oil of oregano are potent natural antibiotics that have proven to be active against anthrax and many other pathogenic bacteria," says Sardi. Some studies show garlic and oil of oregano, a concentrated form of oregano available in health food stores and not to be confused with oregano in the kitchen cupboard, kill E. coli, Streptococcus and Giardia and may be more effective than penicillin, ampicillin, doxycycline, streptomycin and other antibiotics commonly used to treat anthrax.

Sardi says studies indicate freshly-cut garlic cloves, or garlic capsules that are rich in allicin content, can be utilized in an emergency. The Journal of Food Protection earlier this year published a report showing oil of oregano completely kills of 25 different strains of bacteria. Just one drop of oil of oregano in a container of 4000 drops of sewage water would kill all the bugs, says Sardi.

"The worst that these natural antibiotics could do is buy an infected individual some time until they could access needed treatment, and in some cases they may even save lives," says Sardi.

Sardi says anthrax kills by destroying macrophages, blood cells which are part of the immune system. They do this by depleting levels of glutathione, a major antioxidant in the body. Sardi says glutathione can be purchased as a food supplement in health food stores and should be consumed prophylactically along with garlic or oil of oregano, should an athrax attack occur and conventional antibiotics are not accessible. Other sulfur-bearing food supplements widely available in natural product stores, such as alpha lipoic acid and N-acetyl cysteine, also help to boost glutathione levels, says Sardi.

"Every home in America ought to have a biological response kit," says Sardi. "The antibiotics need to be in the home and workplace. By the time an emergency health care system can get antibiotics to the public, it may be too late." Sardi says he has called Senator Bill Frist's office in Washington DC along with contacting Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health and Human Services, to advise them that there are drawbacks to the current biological readiness system and that fallback systems, such as natural antibiotics, may be appropriate in an emergency. Sardi says a complete report on natural antidotes to biological attack is available at his website,

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