To: IAHF List
Subject: Planting Seeds of Hope For Future Generations: How We CAN Derail the CODEX Juggernaut
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 00:17:08 +0200

IAHF List: IAHF, The National Health Federation, & The Alliance for Natural Health teamed up at Expo West to make two very solid presentations before concerned supplement industry people who turned out to hear our presentations on the Codex issue.


Most of the vitamin companies in the US and Canada have been conned by their pharma dominated trade associations into believing that the "UL"s are the FINAL STEP in the so called "scientific" Risk Assessment, but the aforementioned TABLE shows the awful TRUTH...

The TRUTH is that only the German Federal Institute of Risk Assessment has moved to the SECOND TIER in the "risk assessment process" after WATERING DOWN the so called "Safe Upper Levels" by factoring in grossly unscientific so called "Nutrient Risk Factors" to arrive at Maximum Permitted Levels (MPL)s.

As you can see from the tables, the MPLs are in some cases even LOWER than RDAs.....

Does THAT make your BLOOD BOIL?


Actress/Stuntwoman Spice Williams Crosby was one of the people who attended our meetings at Expo West and its great to have help from this Hollywood celebrity especially because she is also a graduate of the Clayton School of Natural Healing and is in our industry as a vegan bodybuilder who has written numerous articles in fitness magazines, who sells her own line of meatless jerky, and who has the ability to assist us in reaching out to millions of people.

Spice is married to the oldest grandson of Bing Crosby, the famous entertainer, and she's a dynamic person- she's put her life on the line doing some of the most dangerous stunts in movies that you can imagine, and she's worked with a lot of well known actors and actresses over the course of her long career including John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and many others.

She used to be on the Mannatech speakers bureau and toured the world as a spokeswoman for that company and today she is helping numerous Mannatech Presidential level distributors to see THROUGH the LIES being disseminated by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) which has conned Mannatech's ceo Sam Caster into believing that Codex is a "non issue."

As the Revolt spreads through the ranks of the network marketing world through the forwarding of this url: THE TABLE TO SHOW THE VITAMIN COMPANIES, HEALTH FOOD STORES, AND ANY SKEPTICS WHO STILL THINK CODEX IS A "NON ISSUE":

the WORD on CODEX is spreading way faster than the Cartel can contain it via sleazy spin such as THIS: "Consumers to Benefit As UN Body Successfully Moves Scientifically Grounded Vitamin and Mineral Guidelines Through to Completion"


Today Candace and I planted an apple tree, a cherry tree, and a pear tree in the yard and
I thought I'd mention it because the act of planting these trees really helped me to feel hope. Without hope, and without vision, its all too easy to seize up and feel paralyzed like a deer on the tracks, mesmerized by the headlights of the onrushing Codex Train.

The reason I didn't get right back to you about Expo West is that Candace and I took a couple of days off to decompress and we went over to the west coast of Vancouver island to go hiking.

Now I'm back in the saddle, and the Cartel's days are NUMBERED:


1 A: Forward this URL around the world with a full explanation of its significance: it totally blows past the SPIN inherent in this sort of GARBAGE: and it helps members of CRN, NNFA, AHPA, and IADSA to GRASP that they've been LIED TO.

They see the "UL"s they've been shown and they think THAT is the "FINAL STEP" for so called "Scientific Risk Assessment" and they say "we can live with those numbers....."

Show 'em this: and watch the STUNNED EXPRESSIONS on their faces as the full extent of the LIE they've been told sinks in.....

1. If you have had a positive experience with dietary supplements and or with any suppressed alternative treatment mode, please BUILD A WEBSITE in order to TELL THE WORLD about your experience! We're up against a controlled mainstream media, but a growing number of people are SIDE STEPPING it by dumping their TVs into the nearest garbage dump, and they're getting their information now off the web via a variety of sources that can't be controlled, including the IAHF site where I have my OWN story of recovery at

2. Once you build a website, boost it on the search engines by submitting it to all the big ones and if you can afford it, hire a company such as which guarantees to boost sites into the top positions on the major search engines under your key words (metatags) and this really works, I've done it.

3. Start doing radio shows to tell the world about how vitamins helped you to get MORE people using them, if you need help connecting with radio shows to go on, I can help, I've done hundreds of them and will be doing a lot more in the coming months as our campaign goes into higher and higher gear.

4. Get articles published in your local paper, bigger papers, and in magazines about your healing experience- we don't have to take all this junk science coming out in places like JAMA laying down- for every action there is an exact and opposite REACTION.

5. AMERICANS, CANADIANS, MEXICANS, People in Central and South America:

We must LEARN from the experience vitamin consumers had in England when the ruling Labor government IGNORED the signatures of over a MILLION vitamin consumers who opposed harmonizing English vitamin laws to the eugenics oriented EU Food Supplement Directive.

The Labor Party told the people of England to go to hell. They said "Sorry. We don't care if every single person in England signs your petition, England is a member of the EU, and we're going to harmonize to EU law, whether you like it OR NOT!!!"

Then when English health freedom fighters lobbied their Standing Committee on Health, and got 3 Labor MPs to switch to our side against ratifying the standing instrument that would harmonize England to the EU, the Labor Party yanked those people off the Committee and replaced them with "yes men" in order to stack the vote against us.

ANH did a superb job in the court room in Luxembourg on January 25th in a bid to turn this sorry situation around, but we won't have a verdict til June, and given the level of corruption inherent in the EU Dictatorship, we can't assume anything about the outcome, and we sure as HELL can't let a carbon copy of the EU to be foisted off on us in our hemisphere because it would DESTROY Canada, America, Mexico, and all the Central and South American countries who would be as much SUBSUMED by it as England is being SUBSUMED by the EU.


We MUST KILL the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas). Please see Someone in Canada MUST build a Canadian version of this website which is a US site. Which of you Canadians will step up to the plate and do it?

A Canadian version would assist people in contacting their MPs in order to put pressure on them against expanding NAFTA to our WHOLE HEMISPHERE.

It would be great if people in Mexico, Central and South America did the same. If anyone is aware of any Spanish or Portuguese language sites against FTAA please let me know.

In June, Bush will have Congress do a "fast track" vote on CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) which threatens to expand the gross dictatorial mindlessness of NAFTA beyond the US/Canada/Mexico to all the Central American countries as a PRELUDE to forcing FTAA through on us which would DESTROY WHATS LEFT OF AMERICA, setting us down the slippery slope to World Government....

Let me tell you people something: You haven't LIVED til you've sat through a few CODEX meetings in Germany where you would witness, as I have, the VAST SCREWING that unelected bureucrats representing the World's FDA's are in a process of trying to UNLEASH on us.

Trust me, these unelected bureaucrats aren't answerable to we the people of planet earth, they plainly don't give a Flying F what we want- most have the mindsets of Dieticians which is to say they have been solidly BRAINWASHED into believing fully that we get all the NUTRIENTS we NEED from our FOOD ALONE and that anything beyond the RDA's merely "enrich the urine."

I KNOW they think this way because I rubbed shoulders with them in '96 and in '98 before being kicked off the US Codex Delegation prior to the meeting in Berlin in 2000 due to my efforts as a whistleblower trying to put Dr.Yetley of FDA (US Codex Delegate to CCNFSDU) under congressional investigation.

We have ZERO CONTROL over what these UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS do at Codex, and between July 4-9 in Rome, barring a MIRACLE, delegates from 172 nations will in all likelihood RATIFY the Codex vitamin and mineral standard that was pushed through to step 8 last November. What they're going to ratify will only be a FRAMEWORK with the blanks on allowable potencies to be filled in AFTER THE FACT- they say this right on the WHO website

This devious maneuver is intended to help them side step opposition, and this sort of incrementalism has been the HALLMARK of how these oily bastards have been operating for many years and its how they intend to KEEP ON operating til they reach their goal of ENSLAVING all of us by making us SERFS on their GLOBAL PLANTATION.

Its been said that those who have never LOST their freedom don't even know what the word really means. As a person who was once locked up for 4 long years in the psychiatric gulag before vitamins sprung me from a prison of pain and totalitarian dictatorship, I believe this. To be locked up, and to gain your FREEDOM is to forever be pressing against unseen walls- or in my case- its to ALSO try to make the WALLS be more VISIBLE so that others can see them.



I am going to try to get the Utah language against FTAA passed in a Resolution that I'm going to try to get through the Washington State Legislature in Olympia. I'm also going to try to get friends in neighboring BC Canada to get a similar Resolution through their provencial government in Victoria.

I would like to see a showing of hands of people on this list who would like to help me, both in Washington State, BC Canada and in other US States and Canadian provinces...

For background on this, please read the following articles and please get back to me so we can all work together to DERAIL the FTAA because the LAST thing we need is a carbon copy of the EU DICTATORSHIP in our hemisphere:

EUROPE, and the WORLD : Please link up with and contribute to the Alliance for Natural Health because their NEXT legal challenge will be to OVERTURN the Mindless EU Pharmaceuticals Directive which turns ANY SUBSTANCE that has ANY therapeutic effect in the body into a "drug". It turns WATER into a "drug"


IAHF delivered as PROMISED in Anaheim at Expo West: We held two very valuable meetings on the Codex issue to generate far more widespread awareness. Rob Verkerk rocked the International Committee meeting of NNFA, AHPA and IADSA by laying this TABLE on 'em and you wouldn't BELIEVE what the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations plan on doing now in OPPOSITION TO THE TRUTH: They announced an intention to build a JOINT WEBSITE amongst NNFA, AHPA and IADSA as SPIN against our message!!!

Donations you made to IAHF helped us bring Rob Verkerk over from England, and helped to both house and feed him while he was here in Los Estados Unidos....

Your ONGOING DONATIONS will help me bring the IAHF show to YOUR STATE so I can help YOU organize against the Free Trade Area of the Americas and against CODEX.

Theres more than ONE way to skin a cat, sportsfans, and by the time we're done with the Pharma Cartel, they're gonna look like a Jigsaw Puzzle with MORE than a couplea pieces gone.

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John (LeRoy Brown) Hammell

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