To: IAHF List
Subject: Overcoming the Cartel Whores.... Don't get MAD- Get EVEN!!! Christine Lewis Taylor XPOSED!!
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 08:53:01 +0100

IAHF List: Don't get mad, get EVEN!!!! The information presented below will make your blood boil. Do not read it if you are in any jeopardy of having a heart attack or stroke.

Although it will anger and frustrate you------ AT THE END I provide a PLAN OF ACTION to help you GET EVEN!!!

Here is the AWFUL LOW DOWN on how the Cartel is Trying to Screw Us- I'm namin' the names' and lettin' you know who these whores REALLY are....

Christine Lewis Taylor is "on loan" from the US FDA to the so called "World Health Organization" where she is spearheading that genocidal bodies effort to murder large numbers of people world wide by blocking consumer access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range.

She is in charge of their "Nutrient Risk Assessment" Project which is filling in the blanks on allowable potency levels of vitamins and minerals at CODEX.


She recently told one of us who called her in Geneva Switzerland that she will be selecting "just 12" people from the more than 600 MDs and PhDs who applied to be part of WHO's all expenses paid "workshop" in May where they'll be filling in the blanks on allowable potency levels at CODEX.

The National Health Federation is urging people to write letters to WHO demanding "transparency" in this vast unfolding screwing, but I submit to you all, that this sort of pleading is about as senseless in this situation as it would be to write letters to the MAFIA pleading with some MAFIA DON not to continue engaging in murder, racketeering, loan sharking, narcotics trafficking, armed robbery, prostitution, and extortion. We have about as much leverage over the World Health Organization as we do over the Mafia when it comes to "writing letters and sending email." I will not hold out this sort of false hope, I am only giving you REAL solutions below...... so read on.....


I was on the US Codex Delegation to the Committee on Nutrition in '96 and in '98 (and was then kicked off as a whistleblower prior to the 2000 Codex meeting in Berlin for attempting to get congressional oversight on Dr.Yetley's illegal actions at Codex. On March 20, 2001 the Congressional Oversight hearing on Codex that I'd pushed for for 5 years was whitewashed. I was barred from testifying as were all of my witnesses. NNFA, a pharma dominated vitamin trade association played a major role in the whitewashing of the hearing as did an employee of Pfizer in their midst....

I had DEATH THREATS, and an FBI visit for pushing for this hearing, and was also placed on the Watch list of the Washington Capital Police. Milt Copulous was fired from Congressman Burton's staff for trying to help me get this hearing, and he was replaced by a pharmaceutical plant who was also instrumental in the whitewashing.)

When I was on the US Delegation, Christine Lewis was Yetley's understudy in crime as Assistant US Delegate.

Christine Lewis Taylor, PhD is a Dietician. Do you know what that means? It means she's an expert in how to open a #10 can of creamed corn. It means she's qualified to plan those awful meals they foist off on people in hospitals in order to make you sicker. It means she's been brainwashed with mainstream dogma nutrition where the conventional wisdom is that you get all the nutrients you need from your food and any amount over the RDA of any nutrient merely enriches the urine. The American Dietetics Assn is a criminal body fueled by huge grants from such alleged bastions of wellness as Coca Cola, McDonalds, Kraft Foods, General Mills, Quaker Foods...

[ See LIFTING THE VEIL OF SECRECY: Corporate Support for Health and Environmental Professional Associations, Charities and Industry Front Groups,financial+backers&hl=en

When I was on the US Delegation to Codex, Yetley (and Taylor) arrogantly ignored numerous letters from congress telling them not to put a scientifically fraudulent, pharma funded paper on the table at Codex titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Upper Levels for Nutrients"

This paper never underwent a public comments period. FDA tried to sneak it past me when I was on the US Codex Delegation. When I saw it referenced in the draft US comments, and noticed that FDA hadn't bothered to send me a copy, I called Dr.Yetley to ask where I could download it. She pretended not to know. So I asked her to email it. She pretended not to have it in electronic form. So I asked her to overnight it to me by mail saying I needed time to read it, the Codex meeting in Germany was coming up in just 2 weeks, and I needed time to get it out to other people to see if they agreed with it or not.


I speed read it, saw it was bull, faxed all 44 pages to several orthomolecular physicians who pronounced it pseudoscience, and got several members of Congress (including Burton, Paul, and De Fazio) to write letters to Yetley and Lewis telling them not to put it on the table at Codex------- but they arrogantly ignored them. You can see the paper in question at and Dr.Malter's rebuttal to it at

It was not legal for Yetley and Lewis to put this paper on the table at Codex because by doing so they were attempting to set us up for harmonization to a grossly restrictive emerging international standard in an effort to make an END RUN around the will of the people and the will of Congress.


Answer, she is one as cited above, and she married another one - she married Michael Taylor who went from Monsanto, over to FDA, where he was responsible for the fraudulent approval of Bovine Growth Hormone and for not allowing products containing it to be labelled. This triggered a huge furor and an investigation by Congressman Saunders, I- Vermont. In the ensuing scandal over this conflict of interest, Taylor was merely shifted from FDA over to USDA where he just keeps helping Monsanto in OTHER WAYS:



Don't get MAD, get EVEN- here is HOW:

You can become a CHANGE AGENT to help IAHF usher in the new paradigm of health and wellness by getting a copy of the Emergency Health Freedom Mtg DVD which you can show to large groups of people in your area by reserving the community room at your public library, by showing it to groups in your living room, by getting copies to every health food store within a 50 mile radius of your house.

I just shipped off the first 200 copies, and by monday will have another 200 ready to ship out as ammunition to help us combat these whores!!

By showing the DVD of our emergency meeting, you can help trigger a REVOLT against the Pharma Dominated vitamin trade associations, especially CRN and NNFA which are leading many vitamin companies, health food stores, alternative practitioners and consumers to a LARGELY UNSEEN CLIFF.

IAHF's DVD "PUSH BACK FROM CODEX CLIFF" helps bring this complex issue into focus. You will watch presentations by Jonathan Wright, MD; Suzanne Harris, JD; Robert Verkerk, PhD; and myself. Through them, you will feel empowered! You will go tell as many people as humanly possible and you will also urge them to view the DVD on the web on streaming video at

You will help to trigger a GLOBAL REVOLT against the whores of the pharma cartel, and we will catch them with their pants down, because the last thing they'll expect is this sort of resistance.

I'll be in Luxembourg on January 25th to watch ANH achieve a HISTORIC LEGAL VICTORY over the Pharma Cartel when they OVERTURN the EU Food Supplement Directive. Once they knock the door down, WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO COME BURSTING THROUGH THE OPEN DOOR TO SECURE HEALTH FREEDOM!!

The Law Loft and I need your help to make this possible. We need funds to be able to put into motion PRONG 2 of our counterattack.

PRONG 2 involves the following things outlined on our DVD:

1. Convening a group of international trade attorneys to conduct a TEST CASE against DSHEA (the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994)
Suzanne Harris feels that it would not withstand a WTO Trade Dispute, due to vulnerability inherent in the Grandfather clause which disallows product ingredients if they were marketed after the date in '94 when DSHEA passed into law (unless pre-approved by FDA).

2. Get a legal opinion on the viability of a lawsuit against the FDA to stop them from ratifying Codex in July.

3. Trigger a major PR campaign in the third world, especially Africa against Codex Ratification with help from South Africa, our staunchest ally.

4. Continue reaching out to Vitamin companies and health food stores all over the USA that have fallen prey to spin against our message. We're already reaching out more and more to these companies and stores, and we're going to have ultimate success because the Cartel can't fool such a large group of people indefinitely when there are so many of us determined to wake them up!!!! Your donations help us do emergency public speaking on this issue to wake up still MORE PEOPLE!!

With your help, IAHF CAN OVERCOME the treacherous spin piece against our message that was published in the December issue of NNFA Today by their Pharma Dominated law firm: Sidley, Austin, Wood, and Brown.

Lets keep the ball rolling!!! Please snowball this alert, and urge everyone you know to watch the Emergency Health Freedom Anti Codex DVD at and to get copies of it to educate everyone in your community with!! I don't mind at all if you burn extra copies!!

PUSH BACK FROM CODEX CLIFF--- Emergency Health Freedom Mtg DVD---- $15.(US), $25 (Outside US) Additional donations badly needed:
IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA or via paypal at paypal button is on top of scrollbar once you're inside the website.


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