To: IAHF List
Subject: Anti Codex Update: ANH to Be in Court January 25th- DVD of San Diego MTG Still In Progress
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 01:59:01 +0100

IAHF List:

The UK Based Alliance for Natural Health has recently received a court date of January 25th. ANH will be appearing in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg in a bid to overturn the draconian EU Food Supplement Directive. See press release at

The EU Food Supplement Directive is serving as a Template for CODEX. As goes the EU, so goes the world. If you need help understanding whats going on, read Suzanne Harris's article:
DO THREE INTERLOCKING EVENTS IN NOVEMBER SIGNAL THE END OF HEALTH FREEDOM? Harris documents that the USA (and all WTO member nations) have indeed been set up for harmonization to Codex standards.

ANH received an extension for filing comments with the World Health Organization on Nutrient Risk Assessment til Monday December 13th. They have an immediate URGENT need for donations in order to conduct a PR media blitz supporting their WHO comments on Nutrient Risk Assessment, and for their lawsuit. WHO is filling in the blanks on allowable potencies at CODEX, and their scam MUST be exposed! ANH will submit very solid comments that they've had input on from world class orthomolecular practitioners and scientists on our side.

They're working with a top notch PR firm which in the past has been very effective about getting press releases into the mainstream media, but badly need donations to pay them.

Unless we get media exposure for ANH's comments, WHO will impose horribly low potency levels on us all with full backing of a large sector of the supplement industry which is attempting to sell us all out.

ANH urgently need immediate pledges of financial support on a regular (monthly) basis from vitamin companies.

Donations can be made via their secure server at

Larger donations should be made by wire transfer- see details at url above.

IAHF has been delayed in producing a DVD of the Emergency Health Freedom Meeting at the ACAM Conference in San Diego which we expected to have ready by now.

We've survived two computer crashes. This past week we met with some very capable people who have experience in video editting who will be helping us put the DVD together as rapidly as possible, and we have also lined up a firm that specializes in copying DVDs.

We shot some footage today literally on the edge of a 400 foot sheer cliff in order to preface the footage of the meeting in San Diego from November 18th. We did this to update our meeting footage with the latest news: that ANH has received their court date of January 25th- and to dramatically reinforce the fact that the dietary supplement industry is literally on the EDGE of a cliff that we hope to make far more VISIBLE.

Please assist us in bringing this urgent message to innovative vitamin companies especially- they're the most vulnerable, but the ENTIRE supplement industry is in serious jeopardy. Few realize how serious this situation is due to the wool being pulled over their eyes on this issue by pharma dominated vitamin trade associations and due to massive spin being done against IAHF and the Law Loft's message over the years.

Alternative practitioners must rapidly awaken to the REALITY of this situation, and must join forces with Dr.Jonathan Wright who MCed our emergency meeting in San Diego by donating to ANH, IAHF and the Law Loft and by getting their PATIENTS involved.

As soon as the DVD of the Emergency Health Freedom Meeting in San Diego has been editted and copied, we will be sending them out IMMEDIATELY for donations of $15.

In the mean time we must build a bigger coalition and we need donations not only for ANH but also for IAHF and the Law Loft which can be made c/o IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA or via paypal at IAHF.COM

If you have not yet read Harris's article DO THREE INTERLOCKING EVENTS IN NOVEMBER SIGNAL THE END OF HEALTH FREEDOM its is imperative that you do so immediately and forward this alert widely.

We need to get the funds to Harris to help her rapidly evaluate our legal options for suing the FDA to stop them from ratifying the CODEX vitamin standard in July- and she will need funds to hire a team of lawyers which she will manage. We are forced to fight on multiple fronts, but we can succeed if enough people pitch in.

Don't expect your neighbor to do your share for you, and don't expect to see lots of health food stores suddenly begin assisting us in sounding this alarm. Thats not likely to happen due to the vitamin trade associations being controlled from the top-down by pharma interests. All of us must redouble our efforts accordingly, and make this cause #1 on our priority lists.

Many people have asked if anything can be accomplished by signing petitions, and writing to congress as we did during the campaign to pass DSHEA. Unfortunately, the answer is NO. The world has changed an awful lot since the early 90s due to our membership in the WTO. This is the battle to defend DSHEA on the WORLD stage. Congress has demonstrated a total unwillingness to remove us from the UN and from the WTO and we have no choice but to live with our political reality. When Ron Paul introduced House Joint Resolution 90 in 2000 to get us out of the WTO, he hardly had any support from our Congress of Whores.

I need people willing to roll up their sleeves and help IAHF, ANH, and the Law Loft fight back. If you have solid contacts at the top of a vitamin company, let us know. If you have a solid contact with a big alternative medical practitioner, someone with deep pockets, let us know. This is for all the marbles, this is NOT a drill. We CAN win if enough people help!!

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
800-333-2553 N.America
360-945-0352 World