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Subject: CODEX: 6 Hard Hitting Points to Make to Neighsayers......What to Say To Those Who Tell Us "It Could NEVER Happen HERE"
Date: 21 Sep 2004 04:47:03 -0000

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IAHF List: I generated this alert due to a call from a vitamin company owner in the USA who is very concerned about the CODEX threat to crush the American dietary supplement industry. He requested I put together a response to naysayers.... to those in denial who have their heads in the sand and who say "That could never happen here."

Much of what I have to say here applies world wide, but this is mostly written for an American audience. Since the USA is the world's biggest manufacturer of dietary supplements, and Americans stand to lose the most if this criminal Codex agenda isn't stopped, if you live outside the USA, please forward this to anyone in America whom you know.

If you are an American, it is very important that you help IAHF get this to as many vitamin companies and health food stores as well as vitamin consumers as possible. The supplement industry has been set up for destruction from within.....


In 1994, the US Congress was flooded with the largest volume of mail ever sent on a single issue during the campaign to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. Many CEO'S of vitamin companies and owners of health food stores in the USA, (as well as many consumers), are burying their HEADS in the SAND when told CODEX is at step 7, and that it could be driven through to completion at step 8 on November 1 at the Codex meeting in Germany.

They just don't think our Con-gress would ever get away with harmonizing our vitamin laws to a grossly restrictive international standard, and people often ask me what we should say to these people.


1. Globalization- the push to world government is happening with increased speed: the EU is on the verge of ratifying a Constitution, and once that's done, the move to OBLITERATE its member nations will accelerate. (1)

2. President Bush announced in 2002 in a speech before the Organization of American States that the timetable for finalizing the negotiations to create the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) is January 2005. Inform the head-in-the-sander that the FTAA would be a carbon copy of the EU dictatorship in our hemisphere. Its purpose is to destroy the sovereignty of every nation in our hemisphere just as is happening to Britain and all other member nations of the EU. Just as the EU has the Euro as its currency, the FTAA intends to usher in the "Amero" as our currency (2)

3. In Britain, the ruling Labour Party of Tony Blair totally IGNORED over a million English vitamin consumers when they signed petitions in English health food stores totally opposing Britain's harmonizing their vitamin laws to the mindlessly restrictive EU Food Supplement Directive, and the EU Parliament totally ignored millions of emails sent to them on the day of the vote demanding that they not pass the FSD into law. When Matthias Rath, MD attempted to enter the European Parliament building on the day of the vote in a last ditch effort to educate the Parliamentarians, he was barred from entering by armed guards who told him they regarded him to be a "terrorist" for encouraging people to complain by email. (3)

4. Treaties take precedence over domestic law, and by signing the NAFTA, and GATT trade agreements and the WTO, the US has agreed to enter into a constant process of harmonization of all of its laws- we're literally being ripped off our constitutional moorings via treasonous acts being committed by a Congress which is largely owned lock, stock and barrel by multinational corporate interests who control them via PAC donations without which they have difficulty running for re-election. (4)

5. The population of the world is 6,392,358,690 (at 8:39 PM on September 20, 2004). Check it again when you get this message and see how much its increased since I checked. There are very powerful people who pull strings from behind the scenes who want to reduce world population. They have a EUGENICS agenda, and have had one for many centuries. (5)

6. The same exact thing thats going on in the EU is going to happen right here in America (and world wide) unless people take the action steps recommended on the IAHF website under the emergency flashing banner at


(1) The New American- Special Issue- September 6, 2004 ERASING AMERICA: SAVE OUR COUNTRY- HELP STOP THE FTAA also see these websites Speech by President Bush January 16, 2002

(2) The New American- Special Issue- September 6, 2004 ERASING AMERICA: SAVE OUR COUNTRY- HELP STOP THE FTAA also see these websites FAQ: WHAT IS THE TIMETABLE OF THE FTAA? Announces timetable for FTAA to be January 2005... Website of the Summit of the Americas--- announces timetable for FTAA to be January 2005....

(3) The Shocking Inside Story on How Britain Was "Harm"onized to the EU Food Supplement Directive- Could Happen to ANY Nation... See Details of EU Food Supplement Directive Article in Life Extension Magazine by John Hammell about global importance of ANH Lawsuit to Overturn EU Food Supplement Directive Interview With John Hammell by Greg Ciola in The Health Crusader Magazine about how the American supplement industry has been set up for destruction from within

(4) US Congress Bows to WTO Mandate- Commentary By Congressman Ron Paul October 30, 2000 Alert- US Sovereignty or World Trade Organization? Dear Colleague Letter from Ron Paul to US Congress re need to pass House Joint Resolution 90 to get US out of WTO. Measure went down to defeat due to Congress being controlled by multinational corporate interests- see WTO Demands US Change Tax Laws- By Congressman Ron Paul January 23, 2002 Speech "A Wise Constituency" by Congressman Ron Paul before US House of Representatives, February 11, 2004
See Section on Free Trade Fraud,ron+Paul&hl=en
What You Should Know About Globalization and the World Trade Organization- Paper by Alan V. Deardorff and Robert M. Stern- The University of Michigan
The New American- Special Issue- September 6, 2004 ERASING AMERICA: SAVE OUR COUNTRY- HELP STOP THE FTAA

(5) EUGENICS AGENDA Eugenics Watch Website
Eugenics Societies in America
Eugenics Societies in Britain
Funding Eugenics
The History of Eugenics
Race Hygiene- Three Bush Family Alliances- (Chapter 3 From the Unauthorized Biography of George Bush


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