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Date: 6 Sep 2004 04:06:07 -0000

IAHF List: This alert [below my comments] just in from Mayday, an allied health freedom organization in Denmark. IAHF salutes Tamara Mosegaard, stalwart leader of Mayday, and in solidarity with her efforts we urge you to soberly take notice of Denmark's plight because where one of us is in chains, none of us is free. If you know anyone in Denmark, please forward Tamara's alert to help her out. Denmark is a fascist regime that is totally in bed with the cartel and Tamara's is a very stressful, very lonely battle.

I will bring Tamara's message with me to the Health Freedom Summit next week in Minnesota the better to alert the world.

A tiny number of you have pitched some very helpful donations our way, but more help is needed to offset expenses from this trip. Here at IAHF we're doing the almost impossible, too often for the ungrateful, with next to nothing. Our deepest gratitude to those of you who have pitched in. To the rest of you- please ask yourself where you think you'll be in a year or two vis a vis access to dietary supplements if we should get burned out and quit doing this work in disgust due to chronic lack of support.

Every time a donation comes in here its very uplifting for Candace and I. We're putting our hearts and souls, our blood sweat and tears into fighting this lonely, often thankless battle and we're doing it for you. Please do more if you can, to help:
IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd. Point Roberts WA 98281 USA via paypal at We're trying to cover nearly a thousand dollars shelled out for attending this conference in Minnesota and have received less than $100. in the past couple days in donations. See Tamara's mssg below and please forward it widely:


Another paternalistic assault on free choice and liberty using "consumer safety" as an excuse.

The Danish Veterinary and food Administration has sent out a Guidance on dietary supplements (and herbs) as a public hearing notice, in short stating that any substance with a physiological effect is to be regarded as a medicine in the future.

This means that the concept of "dietary supplements" will soon no longer exist and that a lot of widely used and harmless dietary supplements and herbs will be disappearing from Danish health shops shelves by November 2004. Gone is the freedom of choice for the many seeking to maintain and restore good health and life quality and prevent sickness.

Such nannyism is totally unacceptable!

MayDay has long been concerned that such legislative restrictions can be expected throughout EUrope in the time to come.

MayDay invites all health freedom loving people to support our work to inform about unjust measures from government authorities and ensure free personal choice in health matters.

Please go to MayDay's website: where it is possible to sign up to be a member and/or support the Alliance for Natural Health's legal challenge of the EU Food Supplements Directive.

Danes are requested to protest against these serious restrictions writing to their favorite newspaper and/or politician and/or the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries ( plus the Danish Veterinary and food Administration (

Kind regards,
Tamara Theresa

Tamara Theresa Mosegaard
MayDay, Civil Health Rights Movement
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