To: IAHF List
Subject: New Zealand Government Responds to Health Select Committee - Tells Vitamin Consumers to Go to Hell
Date: 25 Aug 2004 22:55:11 -0000

IAHF List: No matter where you live in the world, please grasp that a New World Odor "Harm-onization" TEST is under way between Australia and New Zealand in the form of a huge tug of war over the issue of whether or not New Zealand may continue to regulate dietary supplements themselves, as foods, or if they are to yield sovereignty to an Australian run regulatory corporation which would be a law unto itself- not responsive to the will of people in either country- but solely to our would be pharmaceutical masters.

Grasp that ASEAN (Association of SouthEast Asian Nations) is an emerging totalitarian dictatorship similar to the European Union, and the Free Trade Area of the Americas, and that Australia is its "Engine."

Grasp that the New World Odor intends to use whatever they learn through trying to force harm-onization upon New Zealand in a similar effort to force harm-onization on the USA via the Free Trade Area of the Americas. Grasp that last summer, Canada illegally harmonized its dietary supplement laws to Australia's and the Cartel plans to try to take the USA next via regional harmonization, Memorandums of Understanding, and CODEX.

Take the time to visit and acquaint yourself with this THREAT to our most cherished freedoms-- we must all work together against globalization and harmonization, or we'll find ourselves living on board a PRISON PLANET.

I just received the email below from Sue Kedgely, a member of the New Zealand Parliament who is fighting on behalf of vitamin consumers who oppose harm-onization of New Zealand's liberal food based vitamin laws to Australian's mindlessly draconian regulatory system.

Please take a moment to read Kedgely's message, and to visit the link below which shows the New Zealand ruling Labour Parties outrageously arrogant response to the Health Select Committee which recommended strongly against harmonization with Australia.

If you live in New Zealand, it is imperative that you go to to sign their form letter which you should personalize before emailing to every member of Parliement.


Please find below the link to the Government's response to the Health Select Committee's report on the Proposal to establish a joint Therapeutic Goods agency with Australia. It is much as we expected.

It is

I believe it is scandalous that the Government is to completely ignore the findings of a Select Committee inquiry into how to regulate dietary supplements. The overwhelming majority of submitters, including from the dietary supplements industry, were totally opposed to the regulation of dietary supplements through a trans-Tasman agency, because of the higher compliance costs and loss of sovereignty that would inevitably result.

The Health Minister has effectively given Australia control of New Zealand's $200 million dietary supplements industry. Her unilateral decision to regulate the industry through an agency based in Australia, staffed primarily by Australians, governed by an Australian-dominated board and set up under Australian law, makes a travesty of New Zealand sovereignty.

The new agency would be an expanded version of an existing Australian agency. It will have far reaching powers, including the power of search and seizure, enforcement powers and the ability to make what are essentially policy decisions without recourse to the New Zealand parliament.

The Australian-based Managing Director of the Agency will have extraordinary powers, including the authority to make delegated legislation in the form of Rules and Orders, which will have a direct effect in New Zealand but will not to be incorporated into domestic legislation. These unprecedented powers are not found anywhere in the New Zealand public service and are probably unconstitutional.

I predict that the move will contravene the government's own commitment to reducing the compliance costs of small business by significantly increasing costs across the industry and inevitably forcing many small dietary supplements businesses to the wall.

I trust that this has made the Green party's stance very clear. We will continue to strongly oppose this move and we will not make any deals with the government over this issue.

Please inform me if you wish to go onto our database and receive further information on this and other Complementary Health issues.

Kind regards
Sue Kedgley

For Health Freedom,
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