To: IAHF List
Subject: New Zealand Eugenics Agenda Exposed: Labour in Hip Pocket of Dow Chemical: Vitamin Consumers World Wide Take Notice and Fight Back
Date: 14 Aug 2004 22:13:03 -0000

IAHF List:
A vitamin consumer on the IAHF list who lives in New Plymouth New Zealand where the populace is dying like flies from Dioxin poisoning (Agent Orange) from Dow Chemical has just called to our attention the fact that the criminal Labour Party of New Zealand is firmly in the hip pocket of Dow Chemical and the Pharma Cartel. [See articles below re Dioxin poisoning running rampant in New Zealand]

As if its not outrageous enough that the corrupt Labour Party of New Zealand aren't doing a thing to help victims of dioxin poisoning in the New Plymouth area, with cancer running at epidemic rates all over New Zealand, they're trying to take consumers vitamins away via the Trans Tasman Treaty with Australia so that people won't have strong immune systems necessary to defend against the skyrocketing epidemic of cancer in New Zealand.

Naturally the government is attempting to do this under the guise of "consumer protection."

Please see my outraged response to a letter IAHF just received from New Zealand Health Minister Annette King who is attempting to railroad the vitamin consumers of New Zealand via a Treaty with Australia through which New Zealand's liberal, food based supplement regulations would be harmonized to Australia's mindless drug regulations.

New Zealand is clearly a New World Order Test Country where the world's ruling elite are attempting to experiment with their eugenics agenda in a remote part of the world, hoping the rest of us won't notice.

The effort to harmonize New Zealand's dietary supplement laws to Australia's mindless pharmaceutically based supplement regulations is a test to see how the ruling elite might attempt similar harmonization globally so none of us can ignore whats going on down under.

Please forward this, especially to more people in New Zealand, but also to anyone you know who might have friends in New Zealand.
New Zealand vitamin consumers MUST go to, sign the form letter, send it in, and personalize it by discussing this additional situation--- ASK the Labour government why they're not doing a THING to help the victims of dioxin poisoning in New Plymouth. Ask them how they justify banning consumer access to safe dietary supplements given that cancer rates in New Zealand are running at epidemic levels.

Consumers world wide should donate to the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive To connect the dots see


At 07:31 PM 8/12/04, a tool of New Zealand Criminal Annette King Wrote in Response to My Email Opposing the Trans Tasman Treaty- see my comments interspersed below:

Dear Correspondent,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding complementary medicines and the proposed joint therapeutics agency, which was forwarded to this office by the office of Hon Margaret Wilson.

(IAHF Response)With cancer rates skyrocketing in New Zealand due to the Labour goverrnment's total unwillingness to REIGN IN Dow Chemical (see numerous evidenciary articles below) and vast number of people dying like flies around New Plymouth from Dioxin, the Eugenics Proponents of the Labour Party, including Wilson are trying to kill even MORE people inside New Zealand by attempting to BLOCK their access to dietary supplements that people badly need to strengthen their immune systems.

(NZ Gov) On 10 December 2003 the Australian and NZ Governments signed an agreement (treaty) to establish a joint scheme for the regulation of therapeutic products in the two countries in order to manage the risks to public health and safety from avoidable harm.

(IAHF Response) You have a lot of NERVE putting this spin on the matter. You have no interest in protecting the public health as evidenced by your complete unwillingness to help the victims of Dioxin poisioning from Dow Chemical in New Plymouth. The Labour Party of New Zealand and the Australian government are acting as tools of the Pharma Cartel which has a vested interest in SUPPRESSING consumer access to dietary supplements because they have a business with disease. The Pan Recall is no legitimate excuse for the scam you are attempting to perpetrate. See to learn the TRUTH about the Pan Recall.

(NZ Gov) It is envisaged that the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia and Medsafe in NZ will be replaced by a single, bi-national agency, which will administer the joint regulatory scheme. The agency will be accountable to both the Australian and NZ Governments, and will safeguard public health and safety in both countries. It is expected to commence operation in mid 2005.

(IAHF Response) You can "envision" this all you want, but this isn't going to happen unless the Labour Party bribes and cons a lot of Opposition Party MPs and in so doing subverts the will of the people of New Zealand NOT to create this Joint Regulatory Body which in fact strips New Zealand of its sovereignty in this area. This situation is exposing New Zealand for what it REALLY IS: a New World Order TEST Country. It is my fervant wish as President of International Advocates for Health Freedom that numerous members of the NZ Labour Party get driven from office if they refuse to do the right thing and BACK OFF on this issue.

(NZ Gov) Legislation to implement the joint regulatory scheme is currently being developed and will go through the normal parliamentary processes, including consideration by the Health Select Committee, which will provide an opportunity for the public to make submissions. Consistent with the normal procedure for international treaties, the treaty will not be ratified until the implementing legislation is passed in both countries.

(IAHF Response) Obviously you are assuming that you will succeed in shoving this down the throats of the New Zealand people. I have been told by an MP from one of the Opposition Parties that there will only be 3 days notice before this corrupt legislation gets voted on, so who the hell are you trying to kid with all your pretensions???

(NZ Gov)This government supports the right of all consumers to choose to use complementary healthcare products and is committed to ensuring that the proposed joint regulatory scheme with Australia delivers the widest possible choice of products that are safe, effective and of good quality for the NZ public.

Yours sincerely

Hon Annette King

(IAHF Response)MP Sue Kedgely has amply documented the SCAM you are attempting to pull off here King:

This disgusting attempt at spin falls totally FLAT with me, and I am DEEPLY OFFENDED and ALIENATED by your attitude, so are vitamin consumers world wide who have learned about your criminal activities and who have been forwarding the alert sent by International Advocates for Health Freedom to vitamin consumers all over New Zealand and the world with instructions to forward it to more people inside COLLECTIVIST GULAG NEW ZEALAND,which is OBVIOUSLY a NEW WORLD DISORDER TEST COUNTRY with a EUGENICS AGENDA.

This eugenics agenda is plainly evident through the New Zealand government's total unwillingness to assist the victims of Dioxin (Agent Orange) poisoning stemming from the Dow Chemical plant in New Plymouth. The Nazi Labour Party of New Zealand is totally exposed via these articles:

THE POISONING OF NEW ZEALAND Dioxin Test Method Questioned Surge in Childhood Cancer Rates in New Zealand Dioxin Measures Don't Go Nearly Far Enough

Now you pawns of Dow Chemical and the Pharma Cartel are trying to BLOCK consumer access to the dietary supplements we need to protect ourselves from the effects of DIOXIN POISONING which the Labour government REFUSES to do anything about.

This response of mine to your contemptible SPIN is being sent to vitamin consumers all over the world including many in New Zealand, with instructions for people to forward it widely to MORE people in New Zealand so that they will RISE UP against the Corrupt Labour government via

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
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