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Subject: Health Freedom D-Day Coming SOON in New Zealand -- Member of NZ Parliament Response to IAHF
Date: 11 Aug 2004 13:16:07 -0000

IAHF List: I just received the response below from Barbara Stewart, a member of the New Zealand Parliament, and Health Spokesman for the New Zealand First political party.

From the string of messages below, you can see the sort of networking IAHF does, connecting health freedom fighters world wide for mutual support and encouragement.

As you can see from her message, Barbara expects the vote to come down VERY SOON in New Zealand on the legislation that threatens to implement the Trans Tasman Treaty with Australia which would seal New Zealand Vitamin consumers fate, robbing them of their access to healing nutrients and putting thousands of people out of work.

There will only be about 3 days advance notice. As you can see, the moment Barbara gets wind that the vote is expected, she will get word out to the leaders of the New Zealand health freedom movement.

I am sending this out to urge the people of New Zealand to BE READY!!

The MOMENT you get word that the vote is expected, you MUST spring into action and POUND the Labor Party especially, to let them know that you WILL DRIVE THEM FROM OFFICE if they vote to pass this legislation which would give the Trans Tasman Treaty the force of law in New Zealand, thus stripping New Zealand of its sovereignty when it comes to regulating safe dietary supplements in the way the New Zealand PEOPLE want.


New Zealand is a New World Order test country. We're witnessing a TEST in a geographically isolated part of the world, where the Pharma Cartel which dominates much larger Australia, is attempting to FORCE ITS WILL on neighboring New Zealand in order to CRUSH consumer access to healing nutrients there as part of their global eugenics agenda.

This is a MICROCOSM of what we're seeing unfold via CODEX, and via the EU Food Supplements Directive. I am sending this by way of ILLUSTRATION, as part of an ongoing effort to awaken sleeping people world wide.


The single most important thing American consumers (and consumers world wide) can do is to support the health freedom groups in your respective countries (including IAHF) and to donate to the Alliance for Natural Health in the UK via because their lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive is PIVOTAL in our efforts to monkeywrench CODEX.

For help in fully connecting the DOTS, please read this interview which Greg Ciola did with me in THE HEALTH CRUSADER MAGAZINE: and see this article of mine in Life Extension Magazine:

See the thread below if you are interested....

At 12:53 AM 8/11/04, Barbara Steward, member of the New Zealand Parliament wrote:
Dear John,
Thank you for your E-mail. There will be some advance notice of the legislation but only about 3 days when we see it placed at the end of the Parliamentary Order Paper. At this point in time, there is not even a whisper as to when this is likely to occur - but we believe that it must be soon.

I will keep your E-mail with the 2 contacts you mentioned - Amy came to see me earlier in the year.
Barbara Stewart MP
New Zealand First - Health Spokesperson
Parliament Buildings

[Barbara Stewart]

I deeply appreciate this Barbara. It is refreshing to interract with members of a nation's Parliament who actually take the time that you have to communicate the way you are here. This causes me to have the absolute highest regard for the island nation of New Zealand and it also gives me a feeling of HOPE when I ponder the situation all of you are confronted with there as you attempt to STOP the ruling Labor Party from committing genocide by destroying consumer access to healing nutrients.

When I was younger I spent some time as a professional sailor, delivering yachts up and down the eastern seaboard of the USA and all over the Carribean. The best shipmates I ever had when I did that work were sailors from New Zealand. Knowing them, and knowing people like you makes me want to visit New Zealand some day if I ever have the chance.

I love your country because I grew up in North Jersey where as a kid I learned to sail at a very modest member run club called the Monmouth Boat Club, and I never liked the New York Yacht Club, which I have always regarded to be a bastion of pretentious blue blood snobs from hell who richly deserve to get their asses kicked at all times, by anyone.

I cheered when you guys took the America's cup away from them.

You won it fair and square, and in so doing, injected the true spirit of sportsmanship back into that tired, boring contest- once again creating a feeling of excitement in the sport I love.

When I think of New Zealand, I think of a proud nation that refuses to take any crap from Australia, and I like that because I've been the underdog all my life, and have always rooted for those who have always had a fierce spirit of independence and who stand up to the elements of coersion, never letting themselves be pushed around.

Part of that for me, I think, is a sense of honoring my own ancestors, who immigrated to what became America, from Scotland, in the 1500s, in search of FREEDOM. They risked their lives to cross the Atlantic, and if not for the Narragansett indian tribe who they intermarried with in Rhode Island, they never would have survived.

This thing called FREEDOM is often elusive, but it is ALWAYS well worth fighting for, because in doing so, we connect with our highest ideals, we connect with our Creator who gave us these vitamins and herbs for OUR use, and no man, or government, has the right to EVER take them away.

I have every confidence that SOMEHOW, SOME WAY, all of you in New Zealand are going to SUCCEED in overcoming this evil.

I just wanted to take a minute to THANK you for the superb work you are doing.

The moment you get word that this thing is coming down, I know you will alert Ken and Amy, and I know they will have their troops PRIMED and READY to POUND those who NEED MOST to be POUNDED.

Keep up the great work!!

John Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts, WA 98281 USA-
see National Geographic Article About Point Roberts "Almost Heaven- Almost Canada"

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From: John Hammell []
Sent: Wednesday, 11 August 2004 10:51 a.m.
To: Barbara Stewart
Cc: Dr Kenneth V. McIver; Amy Adams
Subject: Barbara- Added Insight, and Also a Request from IAHF RE: Please oppose the Joint Trans Tasman agency to Regulate Natural Health Products
Importance: High

At 02:11 AM 8/10/04, you wrote:
Dear John,
Thank you for your E-mail, which I read with interest. I agree totally with your concerns. New Zealand First will not be supporting any legislation to enact this Treaty. We recommended that the Treaty not be ratified.
In addition to the reasons that you listed, New Zealand First believes that this is also a sovereignty question - we do not believe that Australia's rigid regulatory regime needs to be imposed on New Zealand and have our decision making reduced to that of an Australian state. We are capable of designing and administering our own regulatory regime here in New Zealand.

New Zealand First will not be supporting this Treaty in any way. We find it incongruous that given the Health Select Committees complete rejection of the of the proposed rejection of this Agency in September 2003, that this same Committee would even consider the legislation supporting the Treaty which would bring such a body into force.

New Zealand First questions the motives of the Government agreeing to a Treaty, which has no tangible benefits for New Zealand.

Barbara Stewart MP
New Zealand First - Health Spokesperson
Parliament Buildings

Thanks for this Barbara. I appreciate the time you took to respond, and will forward your response to some of my contacts in New Zealand so that they will continue working with you closely on this important matter. Please let me know if you have any idea of when this will come up for a vote, or if you aren't sure, please let me know if you expect to have any advance warning.

If you think you will get some advance warning, could you please alert the following people in New Zealand so that they can rally the troops there in order to engage in a last ditch alert so as to get as many people as possible making phone calls, and sending emails with regards to this?

Ken McIver of the New Zealand Charter of Alternative Health Practitioners "Dr Kenneth V. McIver"
Amy Adams of New Zealand Health Trust "Amy Adams"

The reason I am so concerned is that I have been seeing the exact same sort of moves playing out in other countries, and I know how DESPERATE the Pharma Cartel is to suppress consumer access to dietary supplements. For example, in England last year, we lobbied the Standing Committee on Health very heavily against their passing implementing legislation that would harmonize English dietary supplement laws to the horribly draconian EU Food Supplement Directive and we swayed 5 Labor MPs to our side, but when we DID this, the ruling Labor Party there YANKED those 5 people THE DAY BEFORE THE VOTE and stacked the committee with YES men who voted PARTY LINE and the vitamin consumers of England were thereby SCREWED. The ruling Labor Party TOTALLY IGNORED over one million signatures gathered on petitions in English health food stores against harmonization to the EU Food Supplement Directive (!!)

All of this resulted in the Alliance for Natural Health filing a lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive. I was in London in January when they won a historic referrel to the European Court of Justice, where they recently filed another lawsuit, but have yet to receive a court date.

Please also be aware that in Canada, a group called Freedom of Choice in Health Care has filed a lawsuit to overturn illegal regulations made last summer when Health Canada illegally harmonized Canada to Australian law, and in South Africa, a group called PHARMAPACT (People's Health Alliance Rejecting Medical Authoritarianism Prejudice and Conspiratorial Tyranny) is once again having to go into high gear to oppose current rule making efforts by the South African Medicine's Control Council to attack consumer access to dietary supplements, and at the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission they could finalize a horribly draconian global trade standard for vitamins and minerals at their next meeting in November in Germany.

In the USA, Senator Durbin has introduced legislation that would have the effect of GUTTING our Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 which was passed in direct response to an FDA rulemaking effort in the early 90s that would have destroyed consumer access to supplements here in America. Although Durbin's legislation has been stonewalled, I am aware that the Pharma Cartel intends to take the USA LAST via a process of harmonization within the FTAA trading block or perhaps via forced harmonization to a finalized Codex vitamin standard. I am aware that unless ANH prevails with their law suit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, massive political pressure will be brought to bear in the USA to harmonize our laws to the EUs, and ironically, much of this pressure will come from the bigger vitamin companies who only care about getting a leg up on their smaller competition, even if this comes at the expense of consumer choice.

I am telling you all of this in order to provide you with the necessary frame of reference to fully understand why I am paying so much attention to your health freedom battle in New Zealand. The New World Order is attempting to use your country as a TEST COUNTRY on this issue. It would not surprise me at all if the Labor Party was working overtime right now to try to bribe members of the opposition parties to switch their positions on this issue in order to side with them. I am sure they are trying every crooked tactic imaginable right now to swing things in the direction the Pharma Cartel wants to see them go in.

So, if you have any advance notice at all of an impending VOTE on this issue, please alert Dr.Ken McIver of the New Zealand Charter of Alternative Health Practitioners, "Dr Kenneth V. McIver" and to Amy Adams of the New Zealand Health Trust "Amy Adams" so they can rally the troops to keep the pressure on.

I deeply appreciate your vigilance on this matter. I care a lot because my life was saved over 20 years ago via a suppressed alternative treatment mode involving the use of dietary supplements. For insight into what helped me, please visit this website and see my story at All I want is for people world wide to have the same chance to heal that I had, and for no one to lose their access to healing nutrients. We're up against a Eugenics agenda, an effort to weaken our immune systems, so as to cull our numbers so we won't hit the (bankrupt) entitlement programs "too hard." The solution to this "problem" is simply to encourage good health. The Pharma Cartel has a business with disease- its not in their best interests that people be heal thy, and the high cost of so called "health care" is bankrupting nations world wide. The only rational solution is to promote wellness and prevention.

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts, WA 98281 USA

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Sent: Saturday, 7 August 2004 06:52 a.m.
Subject: Please oppose the Joint Trans Tasman agency to Regulate Natural
Health Products

Sender Details

Firstname: John
Lastname: Hammell
Email address:
Contact phone: 360-945-0352 USA
Physical address: International Advocates for Health Freedom 556 Boundary Bay Rd. Point Roberts, WA 98281 USA


Dear Member of Parliament

I am writing to let you know that I am strongly opposed to the establishment of a Joint Trans Tasman agency to regulate natural Health Products along with pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

I believe that Natural Health Products need to be regulated as a stand alone industry and that regulation must be based in New Zealand.

I oppose the Joint Agency for the following reasons:

* It will lead to higher prices and less choice for consumers

* It will mean NZ businesses losing out to their Australian rivals

* Natural Health Products should not be controlled in the same way and by the same people as pharmaceutical products.

I am the President of International Advocates for Health Freedom which is based in the USA, but which has members world wide including many in New Zealand. Our website is We are spearheading grass roots opposition to harmonization efforts of this sort world wide, and would like all members of the New Zealand Parliament to be mindful of the fact that if you favor harmonization of New Zealand's vitamin laws to Australia's harsh regulations, not only will you be selling out the people of New Zealand, but you will also be bucking a global paradigm shift AWAY from expensive, ineffective drug based allopathic medicine to a far more fiscally sane PREVENTIVE approach which truly fosters improved HEALTH across the board.

IAHF strongly encourages members of the NZ Parliament to read this thought provoking, heavily DOCUMENTED article: DEATH BY MEDICINE: which documents that physician prescribed prescription drugs are currently the leading cause of death in the world.

In stark CONSTRAST to dangerous prescription drugs, dietary supplements are quite SAFE: see this comparative table which assessing the relative danger of using dietary supplements with other threats in our presence including presecription drugs, lightening strikes, bee stings,etc: This table was created by Ron Law in New Zealand so it uses NZ data:

As a person whose life was saved by a suppressed alternative treatment mode involving the use of dietary supplements (orthomolecular medicine) I URGE YOU to vote against the implementation of the Joint Agency.

You can learn more about the mode of treatment that saved my life after mainstream medicine almost killed me at and at You can read my personal story of recovery at

I would like the people of New Zealand, as well as people world wide, to have the same chance I had to heal from a life threatening illness, people in New Zealand would be denied that chance if you pass implementing legislation which would give the JTA Treaty the force of law.

Please listen to the people of New Zealand, not to the voices of the multinational pharmaceutical industry. By signing the JTA Treaty, Annette King has grossly violated the trust of every vitamin consumer in New Zealand. Her actions are highly questionable, and do not reflect well on the ruling Labor Party. If you are in the Labor Party, you'd better ask some very hard questions about this, or frankly, you run the very real risk of being driven from public office.

Yours sincerely,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts, 98281 USA
800-333-2553 toll free N.America
360-945-0352 World
John Hammell