To: IAHF List
Subject: "Throw the Rascals Out" (???) Read My Response to Leigh Skinner - And Lets Use The Codex Vitamin Issue to Defeat the NWO Collectivist Swine
Date: 31 Jul 2004 15:49:05 -0000

IAHF List: Please read my response below to Leigh Skinner. Lee and a lot of other people are trapped in their thinking in some key respects that I'd like to call to more widespread attention.

Especially note G.Edward Griffin's fascinating analysis of Michael Moore's movie. Griffin's analysis will interest people regardless of their political affiliation or lack thereof and is titled "Fahrenheit 911- The Other Side of the Story"

His analysis is penetrating. It is neither pro Bush nor pro Kerry. He opposes BOTH men, as do I and for the same reasons. Ed and I hope to use the Codex vitamin issue as the tip of our spear to awaken a sleeping populace to some much larger issues.

I deeply respect Leigh and all of you on this list no matter where you stand in the so called "political spectrum" because all of us are deeply committed to preserving our access to dietary supplements.

I encourage a dialogue about this response of mine to Leigh, and am therefor also posting it on the IAHF Community Bulletin Board which you can see at If you email me your thoughts on what I am saying in response to Leigh, please also post your views on the Community Bulletin Board to share them with the rest of the people on the IAHF list. The purpose of this discussion is to open people's minds to what is REALLY going on around us in the world today where all of us, world wide, face the SAME threats to our most cherished basic freedoms.

The Codex vitamin issue is the BEST VEHICLE we have to awaken people world wide to the much LARGER globalist threat...

At 10:25 PM 7/30/04, Leigh Skinner wrote:
I commend you for trying to warn your members about the evil forces in this world. Your sincerely is admirable, but your practicality is lacking. Yes, educate your members, but please cut down on the drop out mentality.

I know because I have been fighting this new world order for 30 years, and defeating Bush will not bring you what you want. Yes, you are correct that voting for either political party will provide essentially the same results. However, there is a major difference between the two candidates.

I disagree with several things that Bush is supporting, such as the Medicare drug prescription plan and his immigration plan. However, at least with our current president, we know pretty closely what he believes in and how he will react to each situation that confronts this country.

With Kerry, who changes his position daily, one can't be sure later on what he will support, but I guarantee that he'll side with the FDA. Right now, I intend to vote for Bush because I don't want to hand this country over to the Kerry forces, and eventually the Hillary Clinton forces. She will be a president from hell if she is ever elected.

I recently sent another contribution to the ANH because I agree with you that their lawsuit must prevail.

Leigh Skinner
San Diego


What makes you assume I favor "defeating Bush"?

I have stated REPEATEDLY that I oppose KERRY AND BUSH because they are both Skull and Bones. Do you grasp FULLY what Skull and Bones is all about? Have you read Anthony Suttons book America's Secret Establisment: An Introduction to Skull and Bones ?

Bush and Kerry are both collectivists and globalists who are both deeply commited to ushering in a global totalitarian state. Their strings are pulled by exactly the same people behind the scenes in the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and CFR who REALLY run the country.

You don't understand something very important here: your vote does not mean a THING. Neither does ANYONE's.

I don't make this statement idly either Leigh. I realize what I am saying may seem outrageous on the surface, but you owe it to yourself to really try to UNDERSTAND what I AM saying and I'd like to discuss it with you by phone if you give me your number and a good time to call.

Every "President" since the end of WW2 has been inserted on us, EVERY SINGLE ONE: read this Pandora's Box- Did it Really Count Your Vote?'sBlackBox.htm and see this website which contains a free book that you can download which also totally exposes the most outrageous SCAM imaginable. Don't stick your head in the sand on this Leigh, read it. You will be STUNNED, FLABBERGASTED and you will never think the same way again (!!)

Then read G.Edward Griffin's incredibly astute analysis of Michael Moore's film. Griffin's expert analysis is titled Fahrenheit 911 The Other Half of the Story

What is your phone number? I'd really like to discuss this with you in some depth. I also deeply appreciate your ongoing support of the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive. You need to stop thinking in the terms that you are currently thinking in when it comes to the Democrat and Republican parties because they are both totally controlled by the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and CFR. You need to read the quote from Carroll Quigley in Ed Griffin's analysis of Moore's movie in order to really understand the scam being foisted off on the American public every 4 years when we "vote" to "throw the rascals out".

The sad reality is that we're not CHANGING ANYTHING when we vote one party as opposed to another because BOTH parties are totally controlled, you're just not seeing it, but you would if you read Griffin's website, especially his entire issues section at It took me 6 hours to read Griffin's entire issues section, but it was time very well spent.

Griffin's site is the best website I've been on in years and I've been having an excellent running dialogue with him by phone and email. We hope to do some public speaking together on the Codex issue which we both see as the BEST VEHICLE by which to awaken people to the globlists plans to enslave us world wide because so many people use vitamins.

What is your phone number? You can also always call me at 800-333-2553 and if I'm not here just let me know the best time to call back. I am bccing this to Ed Griffin because I don't have his permission to give out his email address.

John Hammell

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