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Subject: Martial Law to Be Triggered in US Prior to Election? Massive Food For Thought Helps Connect the Dots - WHAT TO DO & WHY NOT TO FEEL ANY FEAR
Date: 22 Jul 2004 01:00:07 -0000

IAHF List:

Bush has established guidelines for "suspending" the election in the event of a "terrorist attack"

Credible evidence exists to indicate that Bush himself is the terrorist

At the end of this article are a large number of links showing details of the shadow government's intentions to trigger war on US Soil and to incarcerate dissidents in concentration camps a la Guantanamo. Included in these links is a detailed US Army Field Manual showing specifics pertaining to the Civilian Interment (concentration camps) Bush intends to put us in if we attempt to oppose the New World Order.

Lest you scoff and attempt to say this could "never happen" on US soil, I solemnly remind you that it already HAS and IS happening..... it happened during the Civil War with huge numbers of Union Troops being housed in Confederate Army concentration camps, it happened again during WW2 with huge numbers of innocent Japanese civilians on US soil, and its happening right now at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and in prisons in the US where many alleged "terrorists" are being held without trials in total violation of their due process rights.


On June 19, 2004 the British Medical Journal has documented Bush's plan to screen the entire US population for mental illness

This is confirmed by World Net Daily

Both articles heavily document Bush connections with prominent psychiatric drug manufacturer Eli Lilly which contributed heavily to Bush's campaigns both as governor of Texas and in his run for Presidential office.

If you missed my detailed ACTION ALERT on how to communicate with Congress about this it is archived at

A handful of voicers sent me a few highly emotional, and irrational responses to this factual information despite the fact that I don't endorse Kerry over Bush, I don't recommend that people vote for either one because they're both Skull and Bones and because the election is rigged anyway-'sBlackBox.htm

Chapter 3 of the Unauthorized Biography of George Bush is titled: Race Hygiene- Three Bush Family Alliances It heavily documents the Bush family's decades old standing in the global eugenics movement and ties the Bush family directly in with the shadow governments efforts to install Adolph Hitler into power.

Those who do not learn from history are often doomed to REPEAT history. G.Edward Griffin's Issues Section is the best website I've seen in many years when it comes to providing an impeccably documented comprehesive overview of why none of us can trust either the Republicans or Democrats, clearly delineating the exact means by which the shadow government is attempting to manipulate us:

DOCUMENTATION ON PLANNED GENOCIDE IN THE USA (What do Do at END) US Army Field Manual Dated August 2001 Showing Details for Civilian Interment Camps (concentration camps) to be run by FEMA if Martial Law is declared..... Information was originally located on Army website at but the Army has since concealed this information from view. FEMA Camps, Martial Law, Indefinite Detention Without Trial--- Most Succinct Site on the Issue Showing the Best Documentation Legal Matters from 1948 to present (Homeland Security Act) Pertaining to American Concentration Camps Red and Blue Lists (Anti Government Dissidents to Be Executed (Red list) Imprisoned (Blue list) Red and Blue Lists Operation Garden Plot Operation Cable Splicer Rex 84, Operation Garden Plot, Operation Cable Splicer, Photos of Concentration Camps in USA Concentration Camps in USA Concentration camps in USA- To Those Who Say "It Couldn't Happen Here" It Already HAS- During WW2- Interment Camps for Japanese Americans...., Confederate Army Ran Prison Camps stuffed full of Union Soldiers During Civil War, Guantanamo Bay following 9/11--- Statements of Ashcroft calling for detention of ANYONE labelled "Enemy Combatant" Numerous innocent people have been locked up with no trial for months and they were TOTALLY INNOCENT Concentration Camps on US Soil- Letter dated 1997 on Congressional letterhead from Congressman Bill Hefner of North Carolina confirming the existence of Army run concentration camps on US soil to a constituent. Photos of temporary prefab concrete jail cells on railroad sidings, photos of concentration camps on US soil Prison Boxcars Painted White With Shackles inside for holding prisoners seen on US and Canadian soil. Large Number of UN Vehicles including busses, ambulances, missile launchers on US Soil Offloaded from Ships in Beaumont Texas- Numerous Photos shot from all angles, Also East German military vehicles on US Soil


See the WALKING IN BALANCE Section at We're going to be expanding it very soon with many uplifting photos and articles.

I stay balanced by doing a huge amount of swimming, bicycling, hiking,gardening, and praying. It helps a lot to develop a network of close friends who you can discuss these current events with in order to develop prudent contingency plans should a need ever arise.
I am growing vegetables and herbs. Prior to moving from Viriginia to Washington State I was off the grid using solar and wind power, and will be setting those systems back up again should the need for them ever arise. It pays in any case to be as self sufficient as possible because we live in a very unsettled world.

Firstly: Do not feel ANY Fear.
A good book that would help anyone to connect with the infinite spirit of our Creator is Dr.Dyer's "The Power of Intention"

WHY NO ONE SHOULD FEEL FEAR: Our Creator sees everything that is going on, all the time. This battle between good and evil that we're seeing unfold around us has been in the works now for thousands of years and death is mostly an illusion, its not what people THINK it is, so there is no reason to FEAR it----


I know this because when I was 16 years old I was killed when a tree fell on me during a tornado in the Adirondak Mountains of upstate, New York. The year was 1972, and I was on a YMCA canoe trip through the Fulton Chain of Lakes.

The Tornado came out of a thunderstorm and a huge hemlock tree fell on me while I was in a tent camped for the night fracturing my hip and pelvis, popping my bladder which was full of urine, and ripping my urethra loose from my bladder.

I hurtled through space at a high rate of speed, crying over and over again "No!No!No!No!" because I was not ready to die. I came close to passing over to the other side and there were beings shining with white light on the other side. I felt a powerful pull to this place as a place of unconditional love, but was simply not ready to go.

Suddenly, I was snapped back as if attached to a bungee cord to a point about 30 feet above my body, and I could see the trail guide slit the downed tent open so the other two guys could climb out over me.

Then I saw him grab my arm and apply two fingers to my wrist to check for a pulse that I knew he was not going to find, because I was out of my body.

I tried to call out to him, but could not, not having any vocal cords, and THATS when it FULLY hit me that I was out of my body, and for the first time I felt FEAR because I did not know what to do, but was not ready to die.

Next thing I knew I was in the presence of God. Neither of us had a physical form, we were both in pure energy states. I was told it was totally up to me what I choose to do, I could go with Him or go back in my body.

THATS when I REALLY got scared, and I pleaded with God to give me some idea of what my life would be like if I choose to go back in my body.

All He would say was "Sorry. Can't answer that. If I did it could interfere with your free will."

Then I REALLY got scared, and I think I became a political lobbyist for the first time in that moment because I said "Come on! PLEASE give me SOMETHING, ANYTHING to go by, to base this decision on, I've never been IN a situation even REMOTELY like this before and I just DON'T KNOW what to do!"

I was told, "If I respond to your question I'll have to choose my words very carefully so as to not interfere with your free will, and you'll have to agree in advance to make a decision one way or the other immediately after what I'm going to say, is that acceptable?"

I agreed and was told: "All I can tell you is that if you choose to go back into your body, you will end up going through something FAR more painful than even recovering from this accident."

That was acceptable to me, and POOF! I was back in my body, and the trail guide was STUNNED because he'd been trying to do CPR on me for nearly an hour during which I was NOT BREATHING and had NO PULSE.

My eyes were open and I started advising him on how to rescue me. "Don't try to move me," I said "We don't know if my neck or back are broken and I don't want to be paralyzed, so only move me after strapping me onto a guerney, and don't try to transport me to the head of the lake in a canoe or runabout, the lake is all whipped up from the tornado, only get a very stable boat."

They got a motor catamaran from the Raquette Lake Rescue squad and loaded me onto a guerney which they carried down the hill to strap onto the deck of the boat.

They airlifted a team of surgeons by helicopter from NYC to Utica to do a 7 hour long emergency operation on me and I had to get 100 miles through the wilderness to the hospital by ambulance. My mother, hundreds of miles away woke bolt upright in bed the moment the tree fell on me and she woke up my dad informing him that something terrible had just happened to me.

A half hour later the Camp Director called telling my parents to go straight to the airport to fly to Utica because they weren't sure if I'd live or not.

I was in intensive care on life support in a body cast for a long time and spent months in a body cast. When I emerged, I was emaciated like a POW, all muscles had atrophied and I had to learn to walk again. I endured months of urethral sounding so the scar tissue would not close off my urethra which happened once and it was extremely painful not being able to urinate. I sustained massive internal bleeding when the tree hit.

God was right, I DID end up going through something a LOT more painful than even the tree accident because I was later to endure 4 years locked up in mainstream psychiatric hospitals before orthomolecular medicine with vitamins saved my life- but I feel certain that even THAT may not have been the MOST painful experience of my life, I think that is still AHEAD, but I am not afraid and none of you should be afraid either, because all death is is passing from one dimension into another, and after we die, we can't feel any more pain. We also get to hang out with our ancestors and ask lots of questions about stuff that makes no sense right now but will later, I feel CERTAIN of that.

You can scoff if you want, but I was led to do this work via a powerful experience I had while living on a remote island off the coast of Maine. I was in trade school studying boatbuilding, but was not cut out to see well in 3 dimensions and was in jeopardy of not graduating.

My girlfriend at the time was a Passamaquoddy Indian. She told me I should go up on some cliffs overlooking our cabin and pray for guidance. I scoffed at the time because I was very alienated from God due to feeling like Job. Seemed like nothing in my life went right, seemed like I was destined to fail at everything.

I did as she suggested anyway because she told me that for thousands of years whenever anyone from her tribe had gone up on those cliffs to pray they'd always received guidance, and that she herself had.

The full story is too long to relate here, but I was guided to tell people about what helped me, to tell people about the vitamins, and to tell people they were gifts to us from an all knowing, all loving Creator.

I don't have a crystal ball, and don't know how either this health freedom battle, or the even LARGER battle for OVERALL freedom will play out, but whatever happens, I'll always strive for balance in my life and urge you to do the same because theres no reason to fear anthing.

As soon as I hit the SEND key, I'm going to peddle my bike over to the pool to swim a mile and to ponder all that I just wrote as I swim because sometimes new ideas come to me that way. Am I saying we're definitly heading into martial law? No, because no one knows what will happen, but its is possible, and I want to send this out because I do think everyone should do their best to prepare for any eventuality just in case.

No one can argue with the solid documentation that Bush and Kerry are Skull and Bones, and both are evil. Neither has our best interests at heart at all and both are totally controlled by the Shadow Government which jerks their strings like marionettes from behind the scenes- see G. Edward Griffin's Issues Section for the best possible understanding of what is happening.

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