To: IAHF List
From: "IAHF.COM"
Date: 24 Jun 2004 00:57:04 -0000

IAHF List:

Those of us who are participating on the IAHF Community Bulletin Board wish to extend an invitation to more of you to join us!

You will find the Bulletin Board at by scrolling down on the front page. Its a SNAP to create a username and password for yourself and to start messaging with others on the Board.

Have any thoughts on this health freedom battle we're all immersed in world wide? Please share them with the rest of us!

It often helps a lot to see the views of other health freedom fighters world wide as everyone has their own unique frame of reference and vantagepoint.

The Pharma Cartel may be the world's biggest investment industry with a massive pile of money to buy politicians with, but we have something far MORE POWERFUL!

What WE have going for us is PEOPLE POWER!

Estimates vary, but its been estimated that anywhere from between 48% to 70% of the American population uses dietary supplements regularly. Our numbers here in Los Estados Unidos are massive, and those of us here who have benefitted from the use of dietary supplements wish nothing more than to assist our friends world wide so that they too can enjoy the same freedom we enjoy in this regard.

Herr Bush may be a frightening dry drunk installed by the Illuminati swine who seek global domination, but he does not represent the average American who looks upon him and his ill conceived policies with increasing contempt- especially knowing that the Bush family played a role in ushering Adolph Hitler into power in Germany. Senator Prescott Bush, "W"s grandfather, was fined for violating the Trading With the Enemy Act during WW2.

As a veteran of the "Battle of Seattle" against the WTO where I helped fight the Illuminati swine in the streets of Seattle, I have no illusions about the nature of the battle we're fighting, but one thing will never leave my memory, and that is the recollection of the chanted refrain from Seattle:

"Aint NO POWER like the POWER of the PEOPLE and the power of the PEOPLE don't STOP!"

Today when I checked my email, health freedom allies in Canada and in France both forwarded an email to me from a guy from Alabama who is travelling in Peru.

The guy is telling us that Peru is under the gun now too, and I sent him an email (still awaiting his reply). He put us in touch with a Peruvian herb company that has an office in Miami, but when I tried calling it, the guy there only spoke Spanish, and my Spanish is muy horrible.

So I called Emma Holister from the IAHF list in France, because she's been translating our articles and information into German, French, and Spanish for web posting while also serving as a liason between IAHF and ANH and a number of French health freedom organizations.

Emma and I conference called the guy in Miami, and Emma got lots of interesting info that we're still following up.

My reason for telling you all of this is because it illutrates what IAHF is all about.

We're a decentralized wrecking ball that the Cartel can't infiltrate. We're like a heat seeking missile thats homing in on the corrupt bastards, and we're not going to stop til we've hammered them into the ground like the proverbial TENT PEG.

What GIVES us our collective STRENGTH is the LEADERSHIP of each and every one of you who jumps into the fray with both feet and carries our message to others, who in turn snowball it further.

As more and more people such as imminent alternative practitioner Serafina Corsello, MD; Pieter Taams, MD, ND; and Thomas Dorman, MD join our cause, it becomes easier to awaken still MORE folks.

I had a great conference call yesterday with David Hinde, Solicitor, and ANH's legal director and Diane Miller, JD, Legal Director of the National Health Freedom Coalition in Minnesota.

Diane is going to the Codex meeting in Geneva Switzerland (via grass roots donations) and she's going to be visiting with ANH when in England on her way back.

So the beat goes on, folks.

This is YOUR health freedom movement,and its only as STRONG as YOU want it to be!

I strongly encourage far more of you to get off the sidelines and into the starting line!

Its FUN! Its DYNAMIC! It sure beats gluing your eyeballs to a damn TV set or some OTHER boring pursuit, and theres few things more rewarding than helping yourself and your fellows all over the world. It gives one a good warm feeling deep down in side that helps to transcend the boring meaningless of the daily grind.

So, WELCOME to the IAHF Community Bulletin Board! Please see the message I just left on it for Sparksey by signing on at I think you'll feel uplifted by the message I sent to Sparksey in Australia, and I think once you start participating on the Board, it will help you to not feel like "the only one" fighting back!!

What I need all of you to do is to not only participate on the BBS (Bulletin Board System), but also to forward THIS RED ALERT on to more people and to copy it and put it on your OWN websites:

I'm going to be doing some more upcoming radio shows too, and I'll be letting you know the details soon. I had a very good talk today with another web based show, one I haven't been on before. The interviewer has had many people I know on her show and she's got lots of experience with our issues so it should be a good one!

I know it can be depressing to ponder what is arrayed against us, but theres no NEED to feel bummed out because we ARE kicking ass, even if it doesn't always SEEM that way! I wish all of you could hang out in my office on any given day to see all the behind the scenes activity- because if you could do that, you'd be AMAZED!

Well, you may not get that chance, but by participating on the BBS, its the next best thing!

WELCOME TO THE INNER SANCTUM OF THE IAHF GLOBAL CARTEL DESTROYING WRECKING BALL- WELCOME TO THE IAHF BBS at! Please register today, and help us kick some major cartel butt, cause we're not taking ANY prisoners! ;->

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
800-333-2553 N.America
360-945-0352 World