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Subject: IAHF on Air Tomorrow (Tues) Also Dr.Corsello's Codex Red Alert #3.....
Date: 15 Jun 2004 01:10:06 -0000

IAHF List: John Hammell of IAHF will be on the air tomorrow, Tuesday June 15th on "Update on Health" with Pieter C. Taams, MD, ND- the show is web based on and can be heard from 7-8 AM Pacific time, 8-9 am Mountain, 9-10 Central, 10-11 am Eastern, 3-4 PM UK, 4-5 PM European time.
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We'll be discussing Dr.Corsello's CODEX RED ALERT #3, (below) as well as the letter I just sent to US Codex Chair Dr.Ed Scarbrough to demand the firing of the two US Codex Delegates who violated US law by not backing up the South African proposal to allow for truthful health claims to be made on dietary supplements at CODEX. The FDA's criminal agenda to set the USA up to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute is painfully apparent from the actions of these two US Codex Delegates. (See the previous email I sent to the list today.)

John Hammell will be out of his office til Friday and will be visiting Dr.Taams for the sake of brainstorming ideas to help us all fight back. Please actively participate in the IAHF Community Bulletin Board at where you can communicate with others on the IAHF list about what you are doing to fight back. See Dr.Corsello's Codex Red Alert #3 below, and please forward this to more people.

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The Brits Are mounting A Defense Against the German Codex Blitz

This is the latest report on the war against our supplements:

In 2003 approximately 80 % of the supplements were lifted from the shelves of Australian health food stores. This was done in spite of tremendous public opposition.

Last year Canada harmonized its supplement laws with Australiaís.
Canadians are now forced to go through an avalanche of red tape. This will result in the smaller and more creative manufacturing companies being forced out of business. The Canadians are rebelling, but you can imagine how difficult it is to do so after the fact!

New Zealand is next on the slaughter list. Their Minister of Health: "has been convinced" to harmonize with Australiaís restrictive supplement regulations. Currently New Zealandís consumers are going through hell in trying to prevent ratification of the Joint Therapeutic Treaty with Australia (JTA).

The European Congress (EU) is totally in the hands of the Pharmaceutical Cartel and has been reducing the number of supplements available and wants to go even further. This in effect will preclude the ability of Orthomolecular Physicians to use natural medicine instead of drugs.

As you know what goes on in Europe goes on in America since we have signed the Global Agreement on Trade and Tariff ("GATT") and its enforcement arm the World Trade Organization ("WTO").

The maneuver of the Pharmaceutical Cartel is to shut down everybody around us, (see Australia, Canada and New Zealand) and then take us in one swift scoop. see

My dear friends,

The time has come to realize we live in a global village and it is much better to join force with our friends abroad and avoid slaughter in our soil.

It took Woodrow Wilson a great deal of convincing to make America join the European allies in the First World War and it took Pearl Harbor to allow Roosevelt to finally join the Brits in Europe to fight Hitler.

History seems to repeat itself. The belligerent German war machine, via their pharmaceutical cartel, is again leading the way to take control of the natural field of medicine. They kill first and then set their rules and prices.

Germany is the host country of the UN Codex Alimentarius Commission's Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses which could finalize a global trade standard for vitamins and minerals in November 2004. The USA has already been set up to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute on the Codex vitamin issue via a whitewashed congressional oversight hearing on March 20, 2001.

It was not too long ago when the German Jews refused to see their life at risk in Nazi Germany! We are now all at risk.

The alternative medical Pearl Harbor has already taken place. (See Australia, Canada, New Zealand)

I strongly recommend we again join force with the Brits. (Alliance for Natural Health) and let them fight for us. While 50% of you have visited their web site only 2% have thus far made donations.

I believe one reason is the confusion created by so many issues. You might have been asked to focus on the Durbin proposed legislation. That is a waste of human resources. The Durbin Bill is going nowhere (only 4 cosponsors, most recent was 7 months ago) and in fact his multiple attempts to find more cosponsors have failed. There are only 100 members in our Senate and they are well aware of the fact that there are over 139 million of us that use supplements.

We can therefore put this issue to rest and focus on the immediate danger, that of the passage by the European congress of the very restrictive supplements regulations, which unless overturned in court will be transposed into the Global Trade Standard at Codex.

Letís make a wise use of our money by joining our allies in the imminent fight in the European courts.

The ANH ( is very effectively working in this arena.

Letís have our D-DAY there rather than here.

For more detail, read the other CODEX RED ALERTS on this page and sign up for updates on this issue at

In the spirit of Freedom,

Serafina Corsello, MD
President of ARM2004
(Alliance for Reform of Medicine)

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
800-333-2553 N.America
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