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Subject: New Zealand's McIver Blows Lid of Cartel's Effort to CRUSH Health Freedom in New Zealand - Hear Radio Show Archive
Date: 5 Jun 2004 03:11:09 -0000

IAHF List:

Please go to and listen to the archived June 1 show. Fast Forward to 17:24 and listen to the last half of the show when Dr.Taams interviewed Dr.Ken McIver from the New Zealand Charter of Alternative Health Practitioners.

Vitamin consumers world wide must take NOTICE of the health freedom war raging in New Zealand, because this is a microcosm of what the whole WORLD faces due to CODEX, and it SHOULD serve as a WAKE UP CALL to spur more people in the USA especially to pay attention to IAHF's and ANH's message.


Totally against the wishes of the New Zealand people, Health Minister Annette King signed the Joint Therapeutic Treaty (JTA) with Australia which would create a joint regulatory authority over dietary supplements in both countries.

The New Zealand Parliament could vote on ratifying this TREATY at ANY TIME, and New Zealanders are buy sending emails, faxes, and letters in to MPs from the ruling Labor Party to let them know that if they vote to ratify JTA that they'll be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE.

[New Zealanders: Utilize this ACTION PLAN to FIGHT BACK:


Under JTA- Any substance, with any physiologic effect in the body would be regulated as a "medicine" (harmonizing New Zealand's liberal food based supplement regs with Australia's mindless regulatory regime.)

During the first 9 years of the Australian TGA's existence- only 2 new dietary supplement products were approved by the TGA for public consumption, and in the past 3 years, the TGA has only approved 6 more products. Registration and Compliance fees can go as high as $50,000. per product.

Under the JTA- most American supplement manufacturers would be shut completely out of the New Zealand market, and the only companies allowed to do business there would be the 6-10 companies currently registered with the Australian TGA.

If ratified, the JTA Treaty will put 96,000 New Zealanders currently employed in the dietary supplement industry and as naturopaths out of business.

It will cause 6,000 safe dietary supplement products to be BANNED.

Under the terms of the Treaty, New Zealand would be obligated to pay 30% of the costs associated with the running of this Joint Regulatory Body (even though New Zealand has only 20% of the population of Australia.)

When queried by Dr.Taams as to what this situation represents- McIver stated that it is a full scale ATTACK against the naturopathic profession, and against consumer rights to access the dietary supplement of their choice.

When asked if he thinks the New Zealand situation should serve as a WAKE UP CALL to America and the rest of the world- McIver said "Most definitely" and stated that unless people pull their heads out of the sand regarding the CODEX issue, we're all going to have one very draconian set of supplement regulations emanating from the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission.


Currently, over 50% of the traffic to the Alliance for Natural Health's website is Americans, but ANH has only received 2% of their total donations from America.

This indicates to me that most Americans are either totally ASLEEP on this issue, or they're in DENIAL and are taking the view that whats happening in New Zealand and in Europe "couldn't happen here."

Not only is this FALSE, but the FDA has ALREADY SET US UP for harmonization to a MINDLESSLY RESTRICTIVE emerging global trade standard which the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission could finalize this coming November.

The Congressional Oversight hearing that I pushed for for 5 years was WHITEWASHED on March 20, 2001. I and my witnesses were not allowed to speak. The only person who WAS allowed to speak lied under oath and regurgitated what he was told to say Randy Dennin, an employee of Pfizer, who is adroitly leading the American supplement industry to the CLIFF via IADSA, a controlled opposition group. [ see

This week I just sent an alert to hundreds of alternative practitioners belonging to ICIM, International Council of Integrative Medicine, but still have not heard back from their President and only 3 members of this organization have communicated with me wanting to help.

This is indicative of how asleep the American people regarding the fact that the FDA has set us up to lose in a WTO Trade Dispute via which our supplement laws WILL be harmonized to an emerging Codex standard that threatens to be every bit as mindless as the hammer thats coming down on New Zealand.

I need everyone on this list to actively download these two articles and to get them out to every health food store, alternative practitioner, and supplement manufacturer you can:

These articles will help more people connect the dots on this incremental stealth agenda.

The only way we can monkeywrench what is unfolding is to support the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive. The articles above fully explain why.

We CAN win this battle. We MUST- if you read this report DEATH BY MEDICINE you will see that the LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH in America today is the use of prescription drugs.

We're up against a GENOCIDE AGENDA, and far too many people think that just because they can go into a health food store now and buy anything they want, that it will always be this way.

People BETTER AWAKEN to the fact that the USA now belongs to the WTO, and the WTO has a new International Court called the Dispute Settlement Body which is a mickey mouse court which has ALREADY FORCED the US Congress to change our laws, under the threat of imposing massive trade sanctions against broad sectors of our society.

In the articles above, you will see exactly HOW the FDA has set the USA up for the COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of our vitamin laws.

You will see that my biggest opponents in bringing this information out has been the Pharma Dominated vitamin trade associations- especially IADSA, a controlled opposition group.

This is a TRUE grass roots campaign. I need to know what YOU are doing to help, so please let me know. Let me KNOW if you have the EAR of any vitamin companies, health food stores, or alternative practitioners.

I would be GLAD to do a conference call with you and anyone helpful that you can put me in touch with.

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