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Subject: IAHF on Web Based Radio Tomorrow (Thursday May 20) 5-6 PM Pacific Time
Date: 19 May 2004 21:54:03 -0000

IAHF List:

Tomorrow (May 20th) I'll be on the air on "Updates on Health" hosted by Pieter Taams, MD, ND from 5-6 PM Pacific Time (6-7 PM Mountain Time, 7-8PM Central, 8-9 PM Eastern, 1-2 AM UK, 2-3 AM European) The show will also be archived at

To listen live: I'll be discussing the extreme global importance of the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive as a pivotal means of monkeywrenching the Pharma Cartel's efforts through Codex to force global "harm"onization to an emerging, draconian vitamin trade standard.

Dr. Kelly Farnsworth, a Board Member of the College of Naturopathic Physicians in British Columbia, Canada will also be a guest on the show. Naturopathy is under full scale attack from the BC provencial government, but unless we all join together to defend consumer access to dietary supplements, Naturopathy and orthomolecular medicine will be stamped out globally.

Today I made contact with the local Food Coop in my county in an effort to do some more public speaking and to form a local group to hold periodic meetings for the purpose of catalyzing more rapid national and international awareness of this issue.

A national listing of all food coops in the USA can be found at
A national listing of health food stores in the USA can be found at

As discussed previously, those health food stores that are members of NNFA have been actively misled on this issue due to pharmaceutical interests controlling the supplement industry from the top-down via the trade associations.

The "Find a Health Store" website was created by Citizens for Health, a controlled opposition group that should be supporting the ANH lawsuit, but isn't despite exhaustive efforts to communicate with them on the issue. CFH is receiving donations from NOW Foods, which is mindlessly supporting NAHS/HFMA, a controlled opposition group in the UK that is trying to derail ANH's GENUINE effort to overturn the EU FSD.

NAHS/HFMA's motives are made transparent through this letter ANH sent to HFMA Chair Peter Aldis (Aldis has not and will not respond)

Aldis is ceo of Holland and Barrett, the largest chain of health food stores in the UK which is owned by Nature's Bounty, the largest supplement company in the world. Nature's Bounty, a publicly traded company, would not benefit from overturning the EU Food Supplement Directive, because it helps them grab increased marketshare throughout Europe, at the expense of consumers.

Keep in mind what the EU FSD does: While is SLAMS what can be sold in England, Ireland, Holland and Sweden (the 4 countries where consumers enjoy the greatest degree of access to supplements in Europe) it simultaneously slightly INCREASES what can be sold throughout the other 21 countries in Europe, (while simultaneously slamming the door on the black market products being sold in these countries coming out of England, and setting the WORLD up via the impact it threatens to have at CODEX.)

The FSD also forces the supplement industry into a regulatory straightjacket by banning 300 ingredients, forcing some 5000 products to be watered down to the point of ineffectiveness, and it would later be EXPANDED on to ban still MORE products.

The FSD specifically targets the 20% of the supplement industry which manufactures the most INNOVATIVE products. It is a full scale nuclear attack on the supplement industry, but its complexity, and the incremental nature of the entire Codex issue causes it to slip under too many people's radar.

For help connecting the dots, please read these articles and forward this to more people- encourage them to sign onto the IAHF email distribution list at

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