To: IAHF List
Subject: Today's Radio Show With Dr.Taams Was Explosive - Please Listen to the Archive & Forward This Info
Date: 14 May 2004 01:35:04 -0000

IAHF List:

I'd like to welcome the large number of new subscribers to the IAHF list who learned of our work from Robin Falkov's presentation on Coast to Coast AM last night with George Noory.
With your help we've gone over and beyond the 2,000 mark- we now have 2035 subscribers, up by about 100- so lets keep this snowball rolling and get the 100th monkey syndrome kicking in regarding the Codex vitamin issue. With your help we can make it a household term and get every vitamin consumer on earth fighting back.

Today I was the guest of Pieter C. Taams, MD, ND on "Update on Health". Dr.Taams is originally from Holland, and he has a European's perspective on the emerging New World Disorder which we must all unite in opposition to.

If you happened to miss today's show, Dr.Taams and I provided a lot of valuable detailed information that was not brought out on the George Noory show last night, and I urge you to listen to it and forward this link to more people so they too can become involved in the fight back: ARCHIVED SHOW

I've been invited back on to Dr.Taams show next week where Dr.Taams will have a naturopathic physician on with me as part of an effort to awaken a largely sleeping alternative medical community and their patients so that more people will donate to the ANH lawsuit via

For those of you who need assistance in "connecting the dots" on this complex issue, please read Greg Ciola's excellent interview, cover story of me in the December/January issue of The Health Crusader Magazine at

Please call Crusader Enterprises at 800-593-6273 for a free hard copy of this article that you can take to your local health food stores in an effort to awaken them.

Keep in mind that over 4,000 copies of this article were sent by Greg to American health food stores, but it only resulted in 70 calls to Greg, and just one to me because people are largely in denial on this issue. The main reason for this denial is that pharmaceutical interests are dominating the vitamin trade associations that these stores belong to, and the stores are being lied to and kept in the dark on this issue.

Despite this, ANH is chugging right along picking up support and momentum with each passing day. All of us owe a debt of gratitude to Dr.Rob Verkerk, and David Hinde, Solicitor, the Director and Legal Director respectively of the Alliance for Natural Health- they're providing tremendous leadership.

Rob and David recently returned from another successful fund raising trip to Ireland and Spain as people across Europe and the World rally to the cause.

Having witnessed the Alliance's law firm (Brick Court Chambers) in action on January 30th in the High Court of Justice in London, UK, I can honestly tell you they are a superb lawfirm and I have full confidence in their ability to win at the European Court of Justice in Luxemborg (the equivalent to the US Supreme Court.)

Although this may seem like an impossible battle to win at times, please know that our grass roots movement is only just beginning, and in the end, we WILL PREVAIL!!!

Please keep the snowball growing by forwarding this to all of your friends and family so that they too will sign onto the IAHF email distribution list at and make a donation to the Alliance for Natural Health via

If you happen to have a solid connection with the ceo of a vitamin company, a health food store, or a busy alternative practitioner and can do a conference call with me and someone who could really do a lot to help, please call me at 800-333-2553 (N.America toll free) or 360-945-0352 World.

Never forget the most important thing: our Creator gave us the vitamin and herbs for our use, and no man or country or New World Disorder has the RIGHT to take them away.

They were given to us by our Creator for our use, and we are not alone in this battle, so if you feel depressed thinking about the uphill climb before us- please don't be! Just ponder this truth- and feel ENERGIZED- then go tell 10 more people!

Thanks for your help!!

John Hammell------ PS if you haven't read my personal story- you'll find it at I owe my life to the healing power of vitamins, and no one is going to take them away from me, or from you- but we can't let any grass grow under our feet- we must stay in MOTION against the elements of coersion!

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
800-333-2553 N.America
360-945-0352 World