To: IAHF List
Subject: ANH Lawsuit To Be Discussed on Coast to Coast AM With George Noory (Wednesday) & On "Updates on Health" With Dr.Taams on Thursday- Both Are Web Based
Date: 10 May 2004 19:50:06 -0000

IAHF List:

On WEDNESDAY May 12th, Dr.Robin Falkov, LAc from the IAHF Speakers Bureau will be the guest of George Noory on Coast to Coast AM where she will be discussing the extreme GLOBAL importance of supporting the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.

If you need assistence in connecting the dots on this issue, please read

Donations to the ANH lawsuit can be made at

You can listen live or via the archived show which airs at 10PM PST, 11 PM CST, Midnight EST; 5 AM UK, 6 AM Europe

Coast to Coast AM is one of the biggest radio shows in the US, alternatively hosted by Art Bell and George Noory.

On THURSDAY May 13th John Hammell of IAHF will be the guest of Pieter Taams, MD, ND on the "Updates on Health" show which is web based at at 5:00 PM PST (6PM CST, 7PM EST) (1AM UK, 2 AM Europe)

You will need Real Player installed on your computer to hear either show. Real Player is a free download from

Dr.Taams show will also be archived at Archived Shows

I will also be discussing the extreme global importance of the ANH lawsuit, with a complete discussion on why you aren't learning about this at your local health food store.

Dr.Taams is well known in alternative medical circles, and is a member of the Health Action Network Society in BC Canada. We're hoping he can assist us in getting the attention of more orthomolecular MDs and NDs who thus far have not been paying proper attention to this issue.

It is IMPERATIVE that you assist IAHF in alerting more people to this issue because the vitamin trade associations are being controlled from the top-down, world wide, by pharmaceutical interests and the Alliance for Natural Health badly needs grass roots donations to keep their legal effort going.

As goes the EU, so goes the WORLD due to how globalization and harmonization have been structured. ANH CAN WIN in court, they have the best lawfirm in Europe in their corner, and fortunately for us, the EU Food Supplement Directive is on very shaky legal ground because the bureaucrats who drafted it have a poor knowledge of EU law---- which they are heavily violating.


Yesterday I ordered a large quantity of BUMPER STICKERS to call more widespread attention to this issue, and am working out the details to turn IAHF into a membership organization in order to more rapidly get the word out on this issue.

The 3 line bumper stickers read
The words "STOP GENOCIDE" are in the MIDDLE LINE in larger type in red letters surrounded by a black background. The body of the bumper sticker is white, and the other lettering is in black.

To give an idea of just how ASLEEP American health food stores are on what is going on, Greg Ciola, publisher of The Health Crusader Magazine sent over 4,000 copies of the December/January issue with the cover story interview he did with me on this issue out to the stores- offering them a free year's subscription, but only 70 stores got back to him, and I have had a grand total of only ONE phone call from these stores due to this mailing.

The reality of the implications of our having joined the WTO clearly hasn't sunken in yet with most Americans, and the FDA is playing us for fools. They have very slickly set us up to lose in a future WTO Trade Dispute over vitamins by creating FALSE DEFINITIONS of supplement safety (with a little help from the pharma dominated National Academy of Sciences)

Most Americans still fail to grasp that a trade dispute against us would not be adjudicated in a US Court using our rules of evidence- it would be heard BEHIND CLOSED DOORS in a rigged star chamber proceeding conducted by a new international court called the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO. Every ruling this mickey mouse court has made has gone against the environment, against the public health, against human rights, against labor rights, against all the intangibles that go into the makeup of any democratic nations laws.

No private citizen has standing to appear before this "court". We would be "represented" by unelected bureaucrats from the FDA- (by the very same people who have set us up to LOSE in a trade dispute in the first place): Dr.Beth Yetley, US Codex Delegate to the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses; and Dr.Barbara Schneeman, her assistant delegate who was just hired by the FDA to run CFSAN's office of dietary supplements after she chaired a NAS committee that generated a bogus 400 page book (on commission from the FDA) titled "Dietary Supplements: A Framework to Evaluate Safety"

In a past email I provided documentation from UC Davis that Schneeman had a grant for nearly $40,000. from ILSI (International Life Sciences Institute) whose membership reads like a "Who's Who" of multinational drug companies prior to being hired by the FDA.

I also documented that her predecessor at FDA, Dr.Christine Lewis, has moved from FDA's Office of Dietary Supplements to the (so called) "World Health Organization" (which along with FAO jointly administers Codex.)

So..... there you have it sportsfans...... the play by play on the nice cozy little incestuous scenario we can ONLY monkeywrench by providing ANH with the support they need to carry on with their legal efforts. The EU FSD is the weakspot on the cartel's wall- and THAT is where we MUST focus our energies.

Please forward this like your LIFE depends on it, because quite frankly, if you have a genetic need for the supplements you take (as I do) it DOES.

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
800-333-2553 N.America
360-945-0352 World