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Subject: BBC "News Article" Exposed as Fraudulent Pro Pharma Spin: LDL does NOT CAUSE Heart Disease----- Lp(a) DOES
Date: 8 May 2004 20:14:10 -0000

IAHF List: The BBC has just published an easily shot down "news" story which condemns the use of vitamin C, E, etc..... see the url of this article below my comments- the "news" article is based on a FALSE ASSERTION (that LDL CHOLESTEROL is the "cause" of heart disease when it is NOT!!!)

The spin BBC is sending out is a sleazy attempt to portray safe vitamins as "dangerous" and in need of "controlled clinical trials for safety evaluation".

The FDA has set the USA up to lose in a future WTO Trade dispute on the Codex vitamin issue. They've done this in conjunction with the pharma dominated National Academy of Science by creating FALSE DEFINITIONS of vitamin safety..... the only way we can counter what is going on is by supporting the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive. As goes the EU, so goes the WORLD due to how globalization and harmonization have been structured. Make a donation to ANH via

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With regards to the "news article" below:

Who CARES if vitamins increase cholesterol, that is a NON ISSUE (!!!)

In 1989 it was proven that Lp(a) (Lipoprotein A) binds to form plaque, NOT LDL cholesterol.
Ordinary cholesterol cannot and DOES NOT cause heart disease.
See Artificial statin drugs increase Lp(A) (Lipoprotein A) and lower Co Q10 causing myopathies.

Follow the money trail- the so called "researchers" responsible for generating this spin are no doubt in the hip pocket of drug manufacturers manufacturing so called "heart drugs" that are based on biased, incorrect dogma and the drugs they're promoting are KILLING PEOPLE in RECORD NUMBERS.

What these people are AFRAID of is more people reading Rath's book "Why Animals Don't Have Heart Attacks, But People Do" because they don't WANT people to be able to PREVENT heart disease via adequate vitamin c, lysine, and proline intake.

Read Rath and Paulings article re the Prevention of Human Cardiovascular Disease in JOM.

See this article by Owen Fonorow- The Cure For Heart Disease: History, Theory, and Treatment

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I don't know. I'll ask someone with a knowledge of biochemistry.

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Dear Larry,

I'm confused about the article below. My first impression was that the pharmaceutical companies funded this study.

Long before I had heard how dangerous the synthetic form of vitamin A could be in excessive doses, and I recall studies that showed that smokers with a high intake of beta-carotene are at greater risk of developing lung cancer.


Vitamins could actually increase levels of "bad cholesterol", researchers have suggested.
It had been thought that vitamins could protect the heart. But New York University researchers found vitamins including E, C and beta carotene stop the liver breaking down an early form of bad cholesterol.

Writing in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, the researchers say their findings mean they cannot recommend that people use the vitamins.

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